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#EndorseThis: Barack Obama Reads Mean Tweets And Drops The Mic

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#EndorseThis: Barack Obama Reads Mean Tweets And Drops The Mic

President Obama reading a mean tweet on Jimmy Kimmel Live

As Jimmy Kimmel discovered, mean tweets about President Obama are comedy gold — at least when he reads them. Grouchy citizens complain about every conceivable fault, and of course almost everything that goes wrong for them is his fault. The president, a cool comic who could perform stand-up in a post-presidential career, takes all the cranky comments in stride. Then he gets to a “mic drop” moment with an old (and current) nemesis. Just click.




  1. Anna Maria Yoakum October 25, 2016

    I don’t care what the Trumpets say, Obama was and is a good president. Had he had a congress and senate that worked along with him, instead of opposing him at every turn, perhaps together they could have done some truly great things for our nation. But, alas, that never happened.
    It is wonderful to have a president, that is intelligent, eloquent, witty and one that can laugh at himself . . . something that Trump would never be able to do since he thinks he is so superior to all other human beings and even the slightest gibe directed at him is taken as an affront to his almight supremacy.

    1. Jon October 25, 2016

      He has done a very good job under very difficult circumstances. Trump can’t hold a candle to him. The next time you hear Trump and his fellow Republicans trashing him, consider the source. President Obama is smarter than that whole bunch combined. How bad can you feel when thinking people praise you and morons malign you?

      1. dpaano October 26, 2016

        If Trump had even HALF the class that President Obama has, he might have won the presidency. As he doesn’t, he won’t!

        1. Jon October 26, 2016

          President Obama has more class in the tip of his little finger than Trump does in his whole body. It’s like comparing an intelligent mature adult with spoiled whiny toddler.

    2. dbtheonly October 25, 2016

      Yeah, but without the Republican obstruction, it coulda been so much more.

  2. dpaano October 26, 2016

    I LOVE IT!!! He’s got such a GREAT sense of humor and the last one about “at least I’ll go down as being president” is PRICELESS!!!!


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