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#EndorseThis: Seth Meyers Lambastes Trump Over Puerto Rico Crisis

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#EndorseThis: Seth Meyers Lambastes Trump Over Puerto Rico Crisis

Puerto Rico

Among the primary responsibilities of any American president is to reassure and comfort suffering citizens in time of disaster — a test that Donald Trump fails miserably, as when he tweeted a reminder to Puerto Rico that its government “owes money to Wall Street.”

Duly outraged by Trump’s dim response to the humanitarian crisis on the island, Seth Meyers has a few pertinent (and darkly amusing) remarks. “Hey! Weren’t you the guy who was going to put Americans before Wall Street?” he asks. “You couldn’t even do that in a tweet!”

Unfortunately Trump has to be reminded that Puerto Ricans are Americans — so Seth does that tartly, too.



  1. johninPCFL September 27, 2017

    Yes, but Puerto Ricans are brown. President Bannon and the Orange Resident will do nothing.

  2. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 27, 2017

    Donald Trump fails miserably, as when he tweeted a notice to Puerto Rico that their government “owes money to Wall Street.” / DUMPSTER DONNY YOU CLOWN IN THE HOUSE so PR owes money ok ! as much as you owed when to pulled your famous BULLSHIfT WITH YOU 5 OR 6 BANKRUPTS ? DUMP 45 YOU’RE THE SOB , POS THE RESULTS OF INBREEDING you’re a sit away from Satan’s sit in hell YOU BIG MOUTH BLOW HARD . the country should have a DUMPSTER DONNY DAY AND WILL BE THE BIGGEST PARTY OF ALL TIME THE DAY RIGHT AFTER SOME ONE POPS A COUPLE 9 MM CAPS IN YOUR ALL BUT EMPTY FOR THE PEE FOR BRAINS IN IT HEAD .

  3. dpaano September 28, 2017

    Unfortunately, although Trump had a golf course there, he probably doesn’t even know where Puerto Rico is located!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 2, 2017

      that just a golf course he can pull another bankrupt of and then rag on P. R. for owe more like $33 million more to their debt thanks to the DUMPSTER DONNY BULLSHIfT


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