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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah Goes Behind That Oval Office Meeting

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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah Goes Behind That Oval Office Meeting

Trevor Noah reviews Obama's Oval Office meeting with Trump
Like most of us, Trevor Noah is just not ready to see Donald Trump anywhere near the White House — let alone in the Oval Office, where he met yesterday with President Obama. The Daily Show host found it impossible not to imagine what both men were really thinking. And what might have been on the mind of the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. that loomed behind Trump’s chair. But with the president’s sterling performance at this awkward and deeply unfortunate event, Noah sees a fresh honor in his future.


  1. Box November 11, 2016

    “awkward and deeply unfortunate event.” Sure, for all the barbs traded during the campaign but otherwise, for whom? Not for a president-elect.

    “Like most of us, Trevor Noah is just not ready to see Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.” Again, for whom is this comment? Try telling that to Trump voters and see where it gets you.

    External fear and hate mongering, and self-deluding fantasies are going out of control. Liberals are so fond of repeating the lines against conservatives about the fantasies of the FEMA camps but when it came the liberals turn, they lost all sense and self-control far earlier than conservatives did, hence the constant lines, “Trump will exterminate all Muslims and Mexicans in gas chambers” and the like. In the same vein, please list out and prove Trump is a racist, bigot and misogynist, words repeated 24/7 and about which the masters must have been astonished when the labels didnt stick as widely as prayed for. Those words and concepts only stuck among the weakest.

    This is yet another brainwashing article, just like the new calls to kill Trump have replaced the keywords that didnt keep Trump out. The article says these things as facts to believe in instead of the editorial or fear-opinion that it is. Its time to wake up and get some strength against things you must decide are simply not true. Even from before the election, and now too, I get calls or emails from friends who are, for example, Muslim, and Im asked, “I have a ticket to US. Is it true that even if im allowed to land, i’ll be taken to an interrogation or extermination camp? I need to cancel, yes?” Huh? What kind of crazy talk is this? I try to calm that and ask, where did you get such information? Tell me I want to see it. “I dont know! I dont know! But is it true? Right now my family forbids me to go!”

    In such an example, the entire Clinton side might see victory against a weak mind in order to increase hatred against Trump as a person and change/reversal/reset as a concept but in the end when the weak wake up it will all backfire in those faces.

    For eight years progressives have had an easy time and someone to shield them and nurture their growth. They have become complacent and lax and as a result cant handle abrupt change like Trump may bring. Maybe now liberals can better appreciate the fears that conservatives rapidly developed when Obama was elected which they heartily laughed at. See its the same for everyone and the sooner people wake up and turn off the keyword brainwashing, like “white-lash” and others now, the sooner the work of the country can occur.

    Here is a video with absurd elements which now doubt similarly happened in 2008. Just absurd, and a product of the word-brainwashing. Most of these people dont even know what they are upset about because they never really knew the differences. I wonder how many of them even voted.


  2. Otto T. Goat November 12, 2016

    I hope Trump deports this mudhomo.

  3. sherry.caton November 19, 2016

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