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#EndorseThis: Why Trevor Noah Is So Angry At John Kelly

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#EndorseThis: Why Trevor Noah Is So Angry At John Kelly

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah never says so, but it is easy to imagine why John Kelly’s attack on Rep. Frederica Wilson pisses him off. What Kelly did by lying about Wilson — and presumably imagining he could get away with it — represented a textbook example of white male privilege inflicted on a black woman.

A retired Marine general and Gold Star father, now serving as White House chief of staff, Kelly no doubt believed he could utter any insult that popped into his head about that lady in the bedazzled cowboy hat. And everybody would believe him. Not her.

But appearances can be as deceptive as a Trump White House staffer. And fortunately for Rep. Wilson, and for America, there is videotape of the incident that Kelly mentioned to defame her.

The Daily Show makes the most of it.



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  1. Beethoven October 24, 2017

    I’m getting more and more of these #EndorseThis messages telling me to watch a segment of a show, but then I can’t watch it. I click on the link in the email, and it takes me to a web page that shows a still of the video, which contains control symbols for watching the video, but when I click on any part of it, it simply reopens the web page, and I never get to see the video. I even tried clicking on the #EndorseThis tag, which takes me to another web page showing this particular #EndorseThis video, but clicking on it there simply takes me back to the same web page I started with.


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