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#EndorseThis: Trump Admits To Using Fake Names, Including ‘John Barron’

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#EndorseThis: Trump Admits To Using Fake Names, Including ‘John Barron’

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A few weeks ago, The Washington Post published a history of Donald Trump’s use of fake names to plant stories about himself in the pages of tabloid magazines across the country.

The article highlighted one such call between Trump — going by the name “John Miller,” who said he was a representative of Trump’s — and Sue Carswell, a reporter at People magazine, in 1991. In it, Miller, who is obviously Trump, spends the call bragging about the number of celebrities who call wanting to date Trump, including Madonna, who “wanted to go out with him.”

The discovery of Trump’s fake names was good for a laugh in the newsroom: It wasn’t necessarily surprising that the tabloid star used to plant stories about himself, and common sense dictated that Trump would own up to the sophomoric PR strategy and move on.

But, of course, he didn’t. Trump maintained that he wasn’t the man behind John Miller — or John Barron, a name he used to intimidate a lawyer representing a group of unpaid, undocumented Polish workers Trump employed to build Trump Tower. For weeks, everyone affiliated with the Trump campaign had to lamely claim that they couldn’t quite tell whose voice that was in the recorded phone call. But certainly, they said, if Trump says it’s not him, then it’s not him.

Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Trump did away with all the lies.



  1. jmprint May 26, 2016

    Well I guess Trump just graduated to the name “lying Trump”. Or does he really have multiple personalities to go with his other mental disorders.

  2. RobertCHastings May 26, 2016

    Whose name will he use as president when he punches in the launch codes? Does he even know who he is?

  3. Kevin Glenn May 26, 2016

    How can anyone possibly take this guy seriously.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 26, 2016

    ‘Sophomoric’ is too kind a word to use for the deviant behavior that is in plentiful supply in “Lord Fautleroy” ‘s bag of tricks.

    Psychologists and social scientists will have a lot of data to pore over and sift through for years to come.

    The confluence of bad and/or lax parenting, being in the company of those with similar flaws all one’s life, a sheltered and pampered life, never having long-term and meaningful association with a diversity of races and cultures, a lack of good manners including courtesy and humility, are usually toxic alone. The extra element of “multiple-personality” tricks to sell one’s self by itself an indication of a deep-seated spiritual illness. Add too much money to the mix and the results can prove to be a permanent “disfigurement” of the inner self.

    Sadly, far too many Americans, and certain foreign personalities as well, feel comfortable having these same “disfigurements”.

    “O My Son! The company of the ungodly increaseth sorrow, whilst fellowship with the righteous cleanseth the rust from off the heart….” (A partial quote from “The Hidden Words”)

    1. Gerry Francis May 26, 2016

      sum a doze words is too big fer me. but me and my frens like the Donald uhcuse he iz edyoumuckatid.

  5. Floridatexan May 26, 2016

    Congratulations, GOP, You’ve finally passed the limit of decency…Oh, wait…that was in 1968.

  6. waggaze May 27, 2016

    Trump’s juvenile antics goes to prove once again how much of a phony he is. This does reflect on his supporters too.

  7. jakenhyde May 27, 2016

    Does this guy EVER tell the truth? He’s a sociopathic liar. Trouble is, he believes his own lies…..even when he gets called on them.
    One wonders why he would lie about such an obvious thing as using phony names. It was his voice without a doubt. Yet he felt it necessary to lie about it instead of simply owning up to is as a prank.
    This useless guy will stoop to any level to try to make himself look good. Trust me, folks….he ain’t all that. And if he happens to win the presidency, it will make Dubya’s time in the oval office look like prosperity.


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