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#EndorseThis: Trump’s Wingnuts Are Furious Over His ‘Bipartisan’ DACA Flip-Flop

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#EndorseThis: Trump’s Wingnuts Are Furious Over His ‘Bipartisan’ DACA Flip-Flop


Overnight, there is a shiny new “bipartisan” Donald Trump. In a series of stunning turnabouts, the president has switched positions on some signature issues. His latest tweets indignantly suggest that it would be crazy to expel those wonderful young Dreamers — the same policy he demanded for the past two years.

But he isn’t fooling Trevor Noah.

“What kind of psycho would want to kick everybody out?” cried The Daily Show host, mimicking Trump. “You, you gas-lighting shrimp tempura!”

Indeed, Trump’s own base is outraged over his flip-flop on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. And their expressions of fury, catalogued here,  are delightful to observe.



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 15, 2017

    Why the uproar? Trump is just doing what he was bred to do—To be inconsistent, doltish, and confused.So, get used to it Trumpsters. He’s everything he indicated he would be.
    Any Trumpster who couldn’t figure that out needs radical psychotherapy, and a new brain.

  2. apzzyk September 15, 2017

    Trumpmay have actually gotten an adviser who has told him that politics involves compromise. The threw out the bone of going back on DACA because he knew that all democrats would oppose that, but without some democrats, he could not get the funding of the wall and his tax cuts through Congress, but then he came out with something that seemed to go back on even that leaving us in the same position of uncertainty about everything, including the fact that without an increase in the National Debt soon the government really will run out of money, and even that increase may not attract enough votes in either house to pass. If we look back to pre-Reagan, there was no problem with increasing the Debt limit because we were constantly using the surplus from SS and Medicare to do this, but then the ‘tax and spend’ democrats were replaced with the ‘borrow and spend’ conservatives. The hard wall of reality which Reagan hit when Supply Side economics became apparent that it was not working. But his tax reform plan is simply more of that, with the same claims that if we cut taxes on the wealthy they will use this money to build new factories and hire more employees, which will be popular among the large contributors, but still not do anything to produce the deliverables which he and others have been promising for the past 37 years. With a little luck someone will finally learn that we cannot have our cake and eat it too, but the question is now whether it will be in time. President Norquist still has more influence in the GOP than any ever person not elected to anything, ever.

  3. Dapper Dan September 15, 2017

    I’m so confused ????‍♀️ Are we all on the same page with Ann Coulter that Trump should be impeached ? Altogether now as the Nazis and Klan clasp hands with Black Lives Matter and Antifa and sing kumbaya ????


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