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#EndorseThis: After Twitter War, Jimmy Kimmel Flattens Roy Moore

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#EndorseThis: After Twitter War, Jimmy Kimmel Flattens Roy Moore


Jimmy Kimmel is the most dangerous comedian in America today, as Roy Moore just learned to his everlasting embarrassment. Their brief Twitter beef — which began with the Alabama Republican challenging Kimmel to meet him “man to man” — concluded with a devastating monologue on ABC last night.

Suffice to say that Kimmel didn’t appreciate Moore’s accusation that he had “mocked our Christian values.” (He’s a former altar boy whose middle name is Christian. No kidding.)

As for that pugnacious challenge, Jimmy accepted — with certain conditions.

You will laugh and laugh. Unless your name is Roy Moore.



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  1. johninPCFL December 1, 2017

    The GOP “Plan B” in force now has Moore elected, the GOP Senate expel him (and so taking the moral “high ground”), then the GOP Alabama governor appoint another GOP pedophile to take his place, thereby preserving their huge 2-Senator advantage.


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