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#EndorseThis: Watch Colbert! He’s Much Funnier Than The Inauguration

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#EndorseThis: Watch Colbert! He’s Much Funnier Than The Inauguration

Trump Inaugural

If you can’t quite bring yourself to watch the Trump inauguration, we present Stephen Colbert’s preview instead. Considering the new president’s fervent wish to have a North Korean-style military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue — a bit of fascistic wackiness from which he was reportedly dissuaded by the military brass — the Late Show host suggests a new hair-do for our very own dear leader.

Colbert also reviews Thursday’s weird Lincoln Memorial concert, where Trump walked out to the strains of the Rolling Stones’ “Heart of Stone.” And as a bonus, he examines the “learning curve” of Rick Perry, soon to take charge of the Department of Energy he once proposed abolishing, and the nuclear arsenal it oversees.

On a day that will make millions weep, we’re trying for laughter.


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  1. dpaano January 23, 2017

    Be afraid, be VERY afraid!! This country is now being run by a 10-year old narcissist with ADHD! He also lies with every other word, and his loyal followers swear to his every lie! That’s even scarier! He can’t even admit that his ratings are lower than pond scum! His inauguration was a joke….hardly anyone attended except for the few that actually voted for him (the ones that actually voted for Hillary, who won the popular vote, showed up the next day at the Woman’s March!). His inauguration speech was all about him and his followers; to hell with being a “uniter,” which he said he would be. He doesn’t care what most of the population wants…..he’s only going to deal with the idiots that voted for him because they actually THINK he’s going to do wonderful things for them….wow, do they have a lot to learn in the coming months! I can’t wait until they figure out he’s taking away their Obamacare! Should be interesting….keep tuned in!


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