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#EndorseThis: Why Trump’s Twitter Assault On Mika Is “So On Brand”

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#EndorseThis: Why Trump’s Twitter Assault On Mika Is “So On Brand”


Do you feel jaded by the daily offenses of the man serving as POTUS? Does Trump seem to have degraded the office of the presidency so radically that nothing he says or does can awaken a sense of outrage?

Stephen Colbert says he felt that way too — until yesterday, when Trump’s sickening misogynist Twitter attack on MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski zapped his consciousness and woke him once more.

“I thought by now my soul had calcified into a crouton,” the Late Show host admits. But no, he can still react — and before him, in a pair of tweets, Trump had spread a veritable “buffet of [bleep].”

On reflection, Colbert understands that abusing Mika is nothing new, only more of the same old [bleep]. “So on-brand,” as he says, noting that Melania, who once touted herself as an opponent of cyber-bullying, turns out to be its biggest fan. The second biggest is the egregious Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who seems to think this is how a president should behave (because he pays her salary).

Yeah, it’s scary that this petty creep is the leader of the free world. Just in case you forgot.




  1. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

    I think I disagree with Colbert.

    Trump is merely the expression of something that is dangerously wrong in America. Trump is the symptom, not the disease.

    Impeaching Trump, or even, as he has suggested, a 2nd Amendment remedy, will not solve the problem.

    1. johninPCFL June 30, 2017

      Unfortunately true.since Pense, Sessions, Flynn, Stone, Bannon etc. are all cut from the same cloth. Interesting that they even found a woman (Sanders) to fill the role.

      1. Annmperry July 1, 2017

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      2. dpaano July 6, 2017

        As I said about Spicer…..Trump lies and the others swear to it! It’s pretty sad that people have to “kiss up” to him because he pays them…..in actuality, we, the taxpayers, pay them! If I were asked to cover Trump’s ass, I’m sorry but I would have to quit before I totally embarrass myself!

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 30, 2017

      Right—impeachment would only allow for a temporary solution. Too many bad choices are lined up in the wings, all equally incapable of thinking clearly, and who can only kick the can down the street at best.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 30, 2017

    Trump is no longer capable of being reformed—he is just too far gone to be of any use to society, and any thoughts of him ever becoming “presidential” was foolish and knavish of Paul Ryan. And Mitch can only say in some oafish manner that “I don’t like his methods, but I like his results”.

    Trump has already been diagnosed “from a distance” by several psychologists and behavioral specialists as being dreadfully ill, and the fetish of Trump’s to use Twitter to share his thoughts with the world his obsession with blood and women in the same tweet, or other media, shows his level of perversity, as he continues down a one-way trip towards an abysmal fate.

    In the meantime, Congressmen who support him are too embarrassed to admit that they have no moral rectitude to forcefully condemn him, except with some timid remarks like what Ryan often offers to pretend he’s upset with Trump’s actions.

    1. dpaano July 6, 2017

      What “results” is Mitch talking about…..this president has done NOTHING since he was inaugurated except to play golf, sign EO’s, and just act like an idiot! He’s divested himself of the military by giving the Pentagon and the generals full control of our military (it’s apparent it’s because if anything goes wrong, he won’t be the ones we blame); he has absolutely NO idea how to act when he’s overseas dealing with other countries; and he fails to understand his job as president is a 24/7 position! It’s pretty sad, as he would say!

  3. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 1, 2017

    THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . he’s just an addicted junky seeking his FIX OF ATTENTION he seem to enjoy making his own stupid soap opera as THE STOMACH TURN’S his brain washed cult KLAN or staff dose and says what ever the DUMPSTER wants them to say . the biggest joke of all thy say it when some one hits the DUMPSTER he hits and punches back 10 time more and harder . ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? when it comes to any type of a fight you have to get out of the way from his running path . he will cowardly run right over any one . he bully’s that’s it he hides behind his tweeter account ONLY ACTING THE TOUGH CLOWN FOOL ! Truly a child minded deranged foolish COWARD CLOWN He’s a 5 time draft dodging COWARD a hero in his mind and the minds of the ones he has brain washed . what kind of tough guy beats up women rips patches of hair out of their heads then rape’s them ? every day he is in office only brings the USA down deeper into the gutter (his favorite place to stay ) not only dose he make a fools out of him self but the world laughs at America for letting the deranged clown be the president . the world is confused to how American could of voted a DUMPSTER like his to lead the country ?

  4. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 1, 2017

    Tis time isn’t on what his job was to be . its all on his CLOWN SHOW ! what is going on in the world plays 2 ND to his clown show soap opera . the clown cant get through his thick head that he lost the popular vote . and is wasting so much time and money trying to change those facts . one should tell the clown that there would more then likely millions more that didn’t and wouldn’t of voted for him to the 3 million might very well be 5 million plus + more . if it want for the GOP gang of pinheads and all their work thy did on blocking votes . the true voter fraud is the fraud the GOP did to block all the votes of the people that would of voted Democrat with their voter ID BULLSHIfT ! as for his childish BULL with morning JOE & MIKA just more of his addiction and seeking his FIX of ATTENTION . as I see it Mika is more beautiful then the DUMPSTERS wife . his wife has the biggest ditch of all to get over that makes her even more ugly . (ITS WHAT COULD OF BEEN IN HER HEAD AND MIND TO EVEN HAD MARRIED THAT FOOL ? ) it comes down to right mind something the deranged child DONNY has none of . WHAT COULD SHE HAVE BEEN THINKING ??????????

  5. dpaano July 6, 2017

    The truly sad part is that this man is the leader of our country and other countries are laughing at him (and at us). Trump has NO concept of tact, common sense, OR how to act like a grown up! As we have all said, he acts more like a 10-year old schoolyard bully! The biggest problem with this is that he also does this with our allies!


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