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Another Trump Nominee Drops Out Amid Ethics Concerns



  1. Rebecca Bennett February 27, 2017

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  2. Martha Bartha February 27, 2017

    Good, cause Ethic’s just get in the way!

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 27, 2017

    Does Trump know anyone with a moral character and without the baggage of extensive shady dealings? Probably not, because “like seeketh like”, and have always enjoyed each others company.

  4. FireBaron February 28, 2017

    When it comes to the USN, it isn’t the number of hulls we have but their fighting capability. Looking at all elements of the Active Fleets (not the reserve units) alone, we have more firepower than the next 10 navies combined, and more firepower than all the WW2 navies combined!
    Apparently, Teflon Donnie has no idea or appreciation of not only how much money it takes to build a modern fighting vessel, but how much it costs to man and train the crew of one. These are not “jobs” where people go to the same place year after year. The USN has to allocate billets for crew rotations based on enlistment/officer rotations, end of tour billets, and shore rotations. In addition, you will need shore support personnel for the different types of ships. The Virginia Class Fast Attack Submarines were a good case in point! Because of their radical design and equipment, not only did they have to train the people who were manning them, they had to train the shore support maintenance and training personnel who would be working with these crews on their unique features!
    When the USN went through a major downsizing in 1991, and the old Poseidon SSBNs were brought out of service, in addition to losing around 320 crew billets (between two crews per submarine) of active sea duty, you would also lose around 60 shore related (maintenance and training) billets. As a result, the Navy had to have a RIF, so they offered early terminations (with bonuses) to qualified sailors (i.e. you had a NEC and paygrade that was overmanned – mine went from 97% to 600% manning because of the above), and were ordering early discharges for others who were “marginal” performers.
    So, if he is going to build up the fleet, he needs to figure out how many more people he will need, what their training pipeline will be and what their sea-shore rotations should be.


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