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Ex-Fox News Star Andrea Tantaros’ Therapist Confirmed Ailes’ Harassment

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Ex-Fox News Star Andrea Tantaros’ Therapist Confirmed Ailes’ Harassment


Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against former-boss-turned-Trump-campaign-adviser Roger Ailesin August. In it, she alleged that in response to her complaints about Ailes’ sexual innuendos and unwanted advances, she was first demoted and then fired. At the time, Fox News responded by calling the suit—which came on the heels of similar allegations from female network stars including Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly—“a smokescreen to obscure her violation of her employment contract” and labeled Tantaros “an opportunist” in court papers. Now the former on-air personality’s legal team says they have mental health records going back to 2014 that solidify Tantaros’ claims.

Counsel for Tantaros released a signed affidavit from her former therapist, Michele Berdy, who backs up the charges her patient has made toward Ailes and others.

“Over the course of many months (2014–2016), Andrea relayed to me on multiple occasions instances of Mr. Ailes’ demeaning and overtly predatory behavior, as well as the abusive conduct of Fox News’ public relations department.” The statement goes on to confirm that Tantaros spoke about retaliatory actions taken by various Fox News staffers after she spoke up about Ailes’ behavior. It also notes that Berdy came forward on her own.

“I also want to make clear that Andrea did not reach out to me about her present case against Fox News,” it reads, in a tweet sent by Politico reporter Kelsey M. Sutton. “After reading about it in the media, and also reading reports that Fox News was denying her claims, I emailed Andrea to tell her that I knew that she was telling the truth because she had told me, in a therapeutic setting where she could have had no motive to lie, about the conduct of Mr. Ailes… and others at the time, or very shortly after, the harassment, retaliation, and pervasive hostile and sexualized workplace conditions took place.”

In mid-September, an attorney for Tantaros told various outlets that she had turned down a seven-figure settlement offer from Fox News to drop her case against the network.

IMAGE: Screenshot of Andrea Tantaros on Fox News Channel

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.



  1. Jon October 3, 2016

    Fox News trying to smear someone and lying about her sexual harassment allegations about its employees at least shows that Fox is consistent in how it deals with those it disagrees with.

  2. mary.rudder.93 October 3, 2016

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  3. 788eddie October 3, 2016

    The sooner Fox implodes and “goes away,” the better off our country will be.

    “Fair and Balanced” was a joke from the beginning.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 3, 2016

    FOX and company, Breitbart et al, Ailes, and Trump have earned a permanent spot in Humanity’s Hall Of Shame. Every day a new revelation of the decadence of FOX’s depraved father is brought to light.
    No sign of nobility of character, whatsoever, is evident in these poor excuses for human beings.

  5. myrtle.evans October 3, 2016

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  6. maryknouse October 4, 2016

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  7. tommy October 4, 2016

    andrea’s proof is she talked to somebody who shouldn’t talk(therapist) but does? carlson must have have had proof ’cause she got 20 million.

  8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 4, 2016

    FOX richly deserves a monetary punishment so severe as to put it out of business forever. Not only has FOX been(and still is) responsible for stirring up trouble with misinformation, and outright lies. FOX has figuratively polluted the airwaves with the freak phenomenon of Right-Wing Unhinged Media, and has poisoned the minds of so many of its clueless watchers who never knew the dangers they were subjected to over the years.
    Since FOX is a major polluter as such, it deserves to be penalized commensurate with penalties exacted against industries that willfully destroy the environment—not just based on this one case, but in terms of the cumulative effect it has had on millions of witless watchers.

    That way, we will send a clear message to other media outlet that knowingly traffic in poisonous and libelous broadcasts, as well as inciting to bigotry and unseemly behavior by FOX’s viewers.

  9. Michael Hunt October 17, 2016

    ailes is king of the DEPLORABLES!!!


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