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Lawyer: Flynn Negotiating With Congress Over Testimony In Russia Probes

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Lawyer: Flynn Negotiating With Congress Over Testimony In Russia Probes


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has offered to testify before congressional committees probing potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia but wants protection against “unfair prosecution,” his lawyer said on Thursday.

“General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit,” said a statement from Flynn’s lawyer, Robert Kelner.

Testimony from Flynn could help shed light on the conversations he had with Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kisylak last year when he was the national security adviser for Trump’s presidential campaign.

Kelner said discussions had taken place about Flynn’s availability to testify with officials of the intelligence committees of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. Both committees are investigating allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election campaign last year as well as possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russians.

Flynn was forced to resign as Trump’s national security adviser in February for failing to disclose talks with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office about U.S. sanctions on Moscow and misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations.

Questions remain about the scope of the discussions and what other contacts took place between other Trump advisers with the Russians. Earlier this week, the White House disclosed that Trump’s son-in-law and White House senior adviser, Jared Kushner, met executives of Russian state development bank Vnesheconombank, or VEB, in December.

U.S. intelligence agencies have said Russia hacked emails of senior Democrats and orchestrated the release of embarrassing information in a bid to tip the presidential election in favor of Trump, whose views were seen as more in line with the Moscow’s.

Russia has denied the allegations. Trump has dismissed suggestions of links with Moscow as Democratic sour grapes for losing the election.

The Wall Street Journal, citing officials with knowledge of the matter, reported on Thursday that Flynn had sought immunity from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the House and Senate intelligence panels in exchange for his testimony. The newspaper said he had so far found no takers.

The House committee denied the Journal report. “Michael Flynn has not offered to testify to HPSCI in exchange for immunity,” committee spokesman Jack Langer said in a statement.

The FBI declined to comment. The Senate committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kelner’s statement did not mention the FBI.

He said Flynn “is now the target of unsubstantiated public demands by Members of Congress and other political critics that he be criminally investigated.”

Kelner said Flynn would not “submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution.”Independent Senator Angus King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN he could not confirm the Journal report, but “if that turns out to be the case, that’s a significant development I believe because it indicates that he has something important to say.”

(Reporting by Eric Beech; Additional reporting by Mark Hosenball; Editing by Grant McCool and Peter Cooney)



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  2. dbtheonly March 31, 2017

    On one hand I have zero confidence that the House Intelligence Committee wants to do a fair investigation. On the other hand this corruption already reaches the highest White House levels.

    On yet another hand, we can assert Trump’s controlling all of this or we can assert he’s spending all his time on the golf course.

    Time and past time for an independent investigation.

  3. Godzilla March 31, 2017

    2010 Dems lost the House
    2012 Dems lost the Senate
    2016 Dems lost the White House
    2017 Dems lost ability to reason
    It’s not Russia, it’s YOU

    1. FireBaron March 31, 2017

      Aww, did little ‘Zilla’s mommy let him back at his computer again? Look, you Putin Stooge, your “heroes” are about to be exposed as the traitors they really are.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

        Godzy believes like a lot of mentally defective righties do that they have almighty power to FORCE us to accept what we know is patently wrong.

        Most of us have relatives who fought for this country and our democracy. Godzy and his gorilla forces are no different than Hitler’s brown shirt SS men. Godzy’s brain was deformed by a Daddy who ruled like Stalin and a Mommy who taught Godzy how to slink, slither and slime his way through life.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

      Get ready Godzy…your boy Humpbuster is going down and you know it. Why did the slime ball send for Nunes so his 2 aides could hand him classified information ONLY the White House has access to?

      You and your righties are going to end up just like your Republican Party…before an independent investigation because we can no longer trust a bunch of pissass little boys in the Trump YES army to stop their spying.

      So tell us Godzy…why in the hell is Humpy so afraid of a House Investigation that he has to compromise the bi partisan committee using the little tattle tale scumbucket Nune?

      Awwwww What’s the matter Godzy? Your Humper is guilty and so is Flynn and now Flynn is ready to admit his guilt and take down your Humpbuster Hero?

    3. Independent1 March 31, 2017

      And all of those wins were do to the GOP rigging the elections in one form or another using gerrymandering, voter suppression, elections fraud in and out of the voting place, and even resorting to hacking the voting counting computers.

      In other words VIA CHEATING!!! Is that something to be proud of??? If so, only to people who are lower than human.

      Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

      Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

      How would computer hackers have rigged the US election against Hillary Clinton? A computer scientists explains

      US elections still vulnerable to rigging, disruption

      S.F. political scientist spots bias in rigged U.S. elections

      Nine Ways the U.S. Voting System Is Rigged But Not Against Donald Trump

      The “Shocking” Truth About Election Rigging in the United States

      1. idamag March 31, 2017

        Why do you argue with that case of arrested development. He used to have his picture on his avatar. He had the shortest distance from his eyebrows to his hairline I ever seen. Hitler eliminated the intelligentsia, but used the stupid very well. Godzilla is useful to the Republican Party. However, adolph sent his thugs to the front lines after he was through with them.godzilla actually looks like the creature he named himself after. He is a stupid backwoods redneck.

        1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

          I’m wasn’t intending to argue with him, I actually appreciated the opportunity to stuff evidence back in his face that there are some of us including numerous organizations around the country that are well aware that any GOP wins in elections over the past 20 years (and that includes the outright rigged elections of 2010, were based on rigging the elections one way or another including hacking of the vote counting computers.

          People who refuse to believe that the GOP has put in place ways to rig elections by actually hacking the vote counting computers are in denial mode. CNN’s exit polling was not seriously out of whack in 13 GOP run states because they screwed up – it’s because the final results were actually the result of computer hacking.

          The 2016 election was seriously rigged in Trump’s favor – he was not the winner of the election and is a totally illegitimate president!!!

  4. Dominick Vila March 31, 2017

    When the subject of an investigation, or a witness, agree to testify on condition of immunity, it suggests that he/she was involved or witnessed criminal activity and is trying to avoid jail time or retribution by criminal elements.

    1. FT66 March 31, 2017

      Right on the point Dominick.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

      Don’t you find it ironic that Flynn who mouthed off to Trump supporters that Hillary’s aides asked for immunity did so because as Flynn stated publicly, “they are guilty?”

      1. Dominick Vila March 31, 2017

        …poetic justice!

      2. FT66 March 31, 2017

        I was watching CNN few minutes ago, they showed a clip even Trump himself said the same. This issue is getting quite interesting.

        1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

          Let’s hope it gets so interesting that Trump, Pence, Sessions, Bannon, Priebus, Ryan and some others end up behind bars.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

          Trump said this? Well there ya go! Let’s look at his week thus far: He gets into a huge mix up with the Freedom Caucus, bad mouths Ryan, makes nice to the Dems and now he is tiffing over Flynn’s statement?

          Does Trump change his defense team as often as his underwear? Making nice is a second skin to Trump when he knows his back is to the wall.

          He’s kind of like Mata Hari in a way. She used to sidle up to those she needed to get information out of and then, if they outed her, she did the reverse psychology thing and pretended to be on their side “all the while.” rofl.

  5. FireBaron March 31, 2017

    It’s easy. No immunity. Close the chamber to all but the committee, the witness and attorney, the clerk and the Sergeant-at-arms.
    If the witness refuses to testify, hold him in contempt and place him in a secure federal detention center until he agrees to testify.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

    Remember when Flynn was out on the “HumpBuster” campaign trail and he said, “Hillary belongs in jail” and “Hillary’s aides asked for immunity because they are “GUILTY!” Well, well, well…Looks like karma is biting Flynn in his butt.

    So, if he asks for immunity, the Republican Party and right wing ENFORCERS say, “It’s for his protection in such a hostile media environment.” Do tell?

    Don’t you look how men like Flynn open their BIG Bazoos and stick their lard asses in it?

    1. yabbed March 31, 2017

      House committee can give him immunity but without the FBI giving him immunity he cannot rely on just the House to keep him out of prison. Treason is a federal crime punishable by death. The FBI will get him regardless.

      1. FT66 March 31, 2017

        Please don’t let the cat out of the bag so soon, we want to know the truth and the whole story first.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

          I just want to make sure all “I”s are dotted and “T”s are crossed so there is no loophole the snaky Trump and Bannon can slip through.

          1. dpaano March 31, 2017

            I don’t know…..they’re all pretty slimy! They ooze around the Oval Office like the blob!

  7. yabbed March 31, 2017

    The FBI is not going to give Flynn immunity which means it won’t matter if the House Committee does. The Feds are going to take this whole cabal, including the Trumps, down. This is not going to go well for the grifters.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

      The Senate has only 100 members. The House has 435. That’s the reason the House has gotten into the hands of only a handful of Koch Brothers Tea Party attack dogs who think they control the entire House.

      Anyone who has lived long enough knows that a House Majority is NOT a weapon to be used against the American People and ONLY FOR billionaires.

      If WaterGate proceedings are any commentary are where this entire mess is going, Sally Yates may become WaterGate’s John Dean and Flynn will become WaterGate’s Mitchell with Contwat playing her Martha Mitchell blabbermouth role.

      Once you consider just how hard the Nazi Bannon and Baron von und zu Trumpenstein are working to keep any investigation from getting into their nasty, dirty, scumbucket business, you see the guilt like a flashing neon sign.

      No matter what Trump, Bannon, IcySpicy or Contwat do or say, they will NEVER stop any investigation because to do so places ALL future elections iun jeopardy.

      What Trump wants more than anything right now is for his dirty artsy deals to be hidden from public view.

      1. Mama Bear March 31, 2017

        are you going to write a book when this is all over? I sure hope so!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

          I wouldn’t know where to start. It would sound so bizarre. Readers might think it was science fiction. rofl. I do have a writer friend who is considering some aspect of it.

          1. Mama Bear March 31, 2017

            here’s an idea…write it as fiction. “Once upon a time in a faraway land…. and then tell the story of Humpty Trumpty and all the king’s horses (asses) and all the king’s men. I’m loving it already!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

            Actually, I have a short story in progress for my short story blog, “Novembers Child,” called Three Harridans from Hell.” It’s based on three “Mothers,” with sons who became infamous. I used one of the characters based on Trump’s mother, the other, Hitler’s mother and the third, loosely based on McConnell’s mother.

            The idea is to show how either blatant or veiled maternal authority sometimes produces the worst in their sons.

            I rarely write in the female vernacular because I always find male characters far more complex in terms of their variegated machinations.

          3. idamag March 31, 2017

            There is a fiction book out that was written decades ago. It was called “Farenheit 451” if you can find it. It shows exactly where we are headed.

          4. Mama Bear March 31, 2017

            thank you! I will look for it.

          5. FT66 March 31, 2017

            Thanks for the reminder. I read the book.

          6. Mama Bear March 31, 2017

            when it’s o line can you send along a link?

          7. plc97477 March 31, 2017

            I would love to read it.

          8. neeceoooo April 5, 2017

            As I would

    2. dpaano March 31, 2017

      Unfortunately for Trump, he doesn’t have anything to do with the FBI….he can’t just “fire” them if he doesn’t like the findings.

  8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 31, 2017

    I’m sure Flynn has many lovely stories to tell. But which one should we believe?
    Flynn has proven that he’s not trustworthy, and selective amnesia about his sordid relationship with Russia isn’t acceptable.
    His hostile attitude towards the previous President has finally come around to bite Flynn’s rear end, and now he has to learn all over again, that what goes around, comes around.

    1. idamag March 31, 2017

      Right now, we have such a crooked administration that will block all and anything they can. The main peril, here, it to let them keep operating. We should take any and all the help we can get.

    2. dpaano March 31, 2017

      Apparently, he’s not all that happy with the current president either!!!

    3. FT66 March 31, 2017

      Not only that. I still remember very well, during the email investigation of Hillary, her aides asked for immunity. From his own mouth, Flynn said the following: “if anyone asks for immunity, thats the admission of being guilty”. Those who are good in digging out information, can trace this video somewhere.

  9. rhetoric_phobic March 31, 2017

    Flynn is already going down.
    Unless he can deliver absolute proof and take the entire lot of scum down, no deals.

  10. FT66 March 31, 2017

    Granting Flynn immunity is very tricky. What about if he will say something which has no value or any weight to the case? I have a suggestion: Flynn can talk first on conditions that the committee weighs first whether what he says make sense and helpful, then grant the immunity to him afterwards.

    1. idamag March 31, 2017

      They could put a clause in the immunity agreement, that is the immunity results in then he will be given full immunity. I am all for granting him immunity. It might result in the need for an outside investigation.

    2. dpaano March 31, 2017

      I don’t think that’s how it works; however, the article above DOES say he wants immunity against “unfair prosecution,” which is a whole different ballgame. If he’s proven guilty and subsequently prosecuted, that wouldn’t be considered “unfair prosecution.”

      1. FT66 March 31, 2017

        I know it. It is weird either way. Flynn is just only trying to freak out.

        1. dpaano March 31, 2017

          Found out that the House Intel group has denied him immunity…..we can probably thank Nunes for that one….who is he protecting? I’ll give you ONE guess!

          1. FT66 March 31, 2017

            Lovely. Sounds good eh!

  11. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

    History sure can repeat itself. Right now Trump and Bannon are working overtime to stop all investigations. Do innocent people do that?

    Then, you have King Rat Ryan who used Nunes as his House investigation committee chair to pass on committee information to the very people who are under investigation. Why not allow a criminal to sit in on the prosecution’s legal planning?

    This reeks so badly of COVER UP ala WaterGate.

    Once you study Flynn’s military history, you see a very disgruntled former military career man who just couldn’t make the grade. These kinds always are like magnets to each other. That’s why Flynn was attracted to the Trump campaign. One failure always needs a team of failures.

    However, Flynn’s situation is more akin to that of Oliver North. He also asked for and received immunity, just not from the military courts. Down he went. Down Flynn will also go.

    All of this is a direct result of men who sidled up to Russian Big Business oligarchs. Now, the dirty laundry is coming out and not just from these American traitors…the dirty laundry is outing a lot of Trump style billionaires who got that way wheeling and dealing.

    Stick that kind of corruption in American eyes and they use anything they can to get it out.

    1. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

      Even Snopes is sweating bullets 🙂


      1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

        Say there lowlife. Why would you post a link to a right-wing biased website in trying to make some kind of nonsensical point???

        And weren’t you just tickled pink about George Bush’s recent comment about Trump’s totally noxious inauguration??

        George W. Bush Sums Up Trump Inauguration in Five Words and Hordes Fall in Love with Him for It

        George W. Bush has refused to publicly criticize those who succeeded him, but what did he really think of President Donald Trumps inauguration?

        According to New York Magazine, the 43rd commander-in-chief had a rather candid response to Trump’s swearing-in ceremony in January.

        “That was some weird s-,” he said according to the outlet, which cited three sources who heard the comment.


        I’m sure no fan of George Bush but you do really have to love him for being honest at least some of the time and calling things what they are.

        And what is interesting is that GWB’s comment about Trump’s inauguration (speech and all) also accurately describes Trump and his followers like you!!!

        1. Bill P March 31, 2017

          Richfroshowme either didn’t read the complete article or can’t comprehend what the article actually stated. He is trying to imply that Farkas actually released some information that proves that President Obama tried to or actually did wiretap Trump campaign phones.

          1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Thanks for the uptick. There have been times I’ve read things on Snopes I’ve felt were right-wing biased but this reporting definitely is otherwise.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

            Rich is as desperate as Trump and Bannon. He is drawing the last straw from the camel’s back and any minute know it will be broken.

          3. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

            “Kelner said Flynn would not “submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution.”Independent Senator Angus King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN he could not confirm the Journal report, but “if that turns out to be the case, that’s a significant development I believe because it indicates that he has something important to say.”

          4. Bill P March 31, 2017

            What has this to do with the Snopes is sweating link you posted? It’s about Farkas and President Obama trying to wiretap (single p) Trump’s campaign?

          5. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

            Snopes, darling of the Left, can’t deal with the issue because its now out in the open. General Flynn will blow the top off of the Left’s bogus version of Russian intervention in the election. Russia probably interfered, but no more than they have done at every American election for the past few decades.

            obamba sent 35, or so, Russians home in order to amplify, complicate and heighten the level of trust as he had no other reason raise the level of dissension just before leaving office. Now, Farkas spilled the beans 🙂

            The very last thing Vlad, the Impaler would want was for Trump to win as Vlad knew Trump would build up our military, revive the crippled economy and knock him out of the International-Cat-Bird-Seat that the Regime elevated him to through their compound incompetence.

          6. I love how mad you treasonous bootlickers get about Snopes. “It MUST be left-wing because it keeps pointing out the dumb lies I believe!!!1”

          7. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Wow!! You really do have a convoluted mentally retard mind – don’t you. The whole rant was one totally nonsensical post!! No logic whatsoever with the nitwit points you attempted to make!!!

            My 4 year old great great grandson has more logic in his little finger than you have in your whole brain.

          8. Bill P April 1, 2017

            You either didn’t read the entire article on Snopes or you lack the comprehension to understand what was written in the article. Using the gatewaypundit as a source isas good as using a link to “pulleditoutofmybutt.nfw. You are just pushing more of trump’s delusional rants. Offer provable facts for your last 2 paragraphs or they are nothing but conjecture.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

        Do you usually use stupid articles that only make you look more of an ass? Why not just depants yourself and let the world see what a lard ass you really are? After all, we’ve already got a Lard Ass in Chief in White House.

        So tell us…If he is so innocent, why is he and Bannon working unpaid overtime to stop investigations? No answer from a chimpanzee like you right?

        1. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

          When you digress to name calling, that’s when everyone on earth knows how close to the truth an article really is. 🙂

          I used Snopes because they seem to always defend the Left, but looks like you may have to find another “standard bearer”?

          1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Wow!! You really like to spew lies don’t you – even ones as demented as you are!!!

          2. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

            When folks on this Blog immediately digress to name calling, it becomes quite obvious you’re out of FACTS.

          3. OK traitor.

          4. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            We’re not name calling because we’re out of facts – I have more facts that prove GOP governance is a disaster waiting to happen than you could realistically assimilate in a year.

            We resort to name calling because all we’re doing is rightly identifying you worthless pieces of garbage for exactly what you are: pathological lying fools!!!!!!

          5. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Carrying on where I left off:

            Only fools would deliberately undo changes that were making America’s air and water cleaner; knowing full well that they have to live in the filthy air and water that everyone else does. And be subjected to the same potential diseases and deaths that dirty water and air pose for everyone!!!

            Only fools would deliberately undo gun control restrictions that were working to reduce the gun-related carnage that takes place in virtually every red state when many of you fools live in those hell holes!!

            Only fools would deliberately deny that global warming exists when they downside of their fantasies is setting up the world so even their families and future descendants would end up paying for their ignorance with their lives!!!

            FOOLS!!! FOOLS!! FOOLS!! AND MORE FOOLS!!!

          6. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

            You do know you have the privilege of moving to the Communist or Socialist nation of your choice (or salt mine) and enjoy their Terrorist Activities, the inability to breath, as in China, or rampant Rapes committed by invaders of that country.


          7. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            If anyone needs to leave America it’s you and you’re ilk that are working to destroy everything that America ever stood for that was for the good!!!!!!

          8. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            And here are some facts proving that GOP governance is a disaster to ones health and long life to back up my comments

            -All 10 of the states with the most gun-related violence are GOP-run states Analysis by 24/7 Wall Street – 2013
            Homicides/Assaults/Violent Crime

            CDC Lung Cancer death rates by state 2015
            Over 90% of the 21 states with the most lung cancer deaths are run by the GOP

            States with the Highest lung cancer death rates: OK, LA, AR, MO, MS, AL, IN, TN, KY, OH, WV, ME
            States with next highest lung cancer death rates: KS, IA, IL, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, NV

            CDC Death rates by state for all forms of cancer combined 2015
            All ten states with the highest cancer death rates are run by the GOP

            From 1 to 10: KY, LA, MS, WV, TN, AR, AL, IN, OH, OK

            24/7 2015 Study of heart disease related deaths by state
            Only 1 of the 15 states with the highest heart disease death
            Rates has not been run by the GOP for over the last 5 years

            MS, OK, TN, WV,KY, AL,AR, GA, LA, SC, MI, NC, OH, NY,TN

            Do you suppose Republican politicians ever look at these kinds of statistics when they choose to make them even worse with the nonsensical legislation they pass into law??????

          9. RichFromShowMe March 31, 2017

            I have no reason to doubt your data.

            But calling folks fools for working and earning a living in a dangerous environment rather than setting on their butt and drawing “Free Money”, combined with living under obamba’s ecomomic sequestration caused many folks to lose all hope of getting a job for the past 8 years . . . . which drives some folks over the edge.

            Since this is a free county you may want to move to China or India that have some cities where you can’t even breath for hours out of each day.

          10. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Do you have a reading comprehension problem? I’m not calling people fools who work and earn a living – I’m calling people like you fools who knowingly and intentionally support a political party that is working against their own best interests!!! When they know full well what they’re doing is risking the lives of themselves, their families and their descendants.


          11. RichFromShowMe April 1, 2017

            I think I recall the obamba Regime was in power during your “data capture” decade+.

            You may not be aware, but President Trump has only been in office around 90 days. 🙂

            Evidently, its you who has a comprehension problem as the EPA is the primary department responsible for making the rules.

          12. Independent1 April 1, 2017

            Sorry LOWLIFE but the deflection isn’t going to get a cigar!! You’re attempt at deflecting the blame to Obama is as outright ignorant as you are!! Obama was president of the Democrat run states too dimwit. And there’s nary a Dem-run state in all those negative statistics.

            And the Obama Administration fought hard to pass more stringent pollution control rules that are leading to people dying every year he was in office only to get push back from the BOP and in many cases absolute refusal by the GOP controlled House to even consider anything that would cost all those precious power plants and corporations a dime.

            Obama even tried time and again to pass increased gun control with GOP refusing all of it; and the feds don’t control all the lax gun control rules defined by states which lead to all the high violence and murder statistics that hang around the necks of virtually every red state!!!!

            Sorry again LOWLIFE!! BUT NO CIGAR!!!!!!

          13. RichFromShowMe April 1, 2017

            If you’re familiar with “honest” data analysis you know that aberrations in data by looking at one point in time is often/usually/most-all-the-time, misleading and bogus.

            The great majority of the states in your “analysis” were by a large majority, run by Democrats when lookinf at the past 20, or so years, of each states Ruling Party.

            The reference to 50/50 means tha approximately one half were Dems and one half were Republicans.

            This brief analysis is at least backed up by referenced FACTS, which is so often missing in your non-FACT-based statements”, but, evidently, that’s what makes you a Democrat?


            WY/27.5 Gov was Dem through most of data collection period https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Missouri
            MS/21.6 majority of governors were Dem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Mississippi#Governors_of_the_State_of_Mississippi.2C_1817.E2.80.93present
            AR/19.3 Majority of Governors were Dem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Mississippi#Governors_of_the_State_of_Mississippi.2C_1817.E2.80.93present
            MT/19.1 Dem governors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Mississippi#Governors_of_the_State_of_Mississippi.2C_1817.E2.80.93present
            AL/19.1 majority of govs were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Alabama#Governors_of_the_State_of_Alabama
            KY/17.5 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Kentucky
            SC/17.5 majority of govs were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_South_Carolina
            SD/17.2 mostly Republican https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_South_Dakota
            WV/17.0 majority were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_West_Virginia
            NM/16.8 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_New_Mexico
            TN/16.2 majority were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Tennessee
            LA/15.6 majority were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Louisiana
            ND/15.6 majority were Republicans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_North_Dakota
            KS/15.1 majority were Republicans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Kansas
            MO/13.7 Dem in 2013 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Missouri
            ID/13.3 majority were Republicans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Idaho
            FL/13.0 majority of govs were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Florida
            GA/12.8 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Georgia
            ME/12.1 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Maine
            AZ/11.9 majority were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Arizona
            TX/11.9 majority were dems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Texas
            IN/11.6 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Indiana
            VT/11.3 majority Republican https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Vermont
            DE/11.2 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Delaware
            PA/10.4 50/50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Pennsylvania
            NE/10.4 mostly Republicans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Nebraska
            ——-NATIONAL AVERAGE 10.3
            WI/10.1 mostly Republican https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Wisconsin

          14. Independent1 April 1, 2017

            Just more of your total hogwash and attempts at deflection of the responsibility.

            I live in Maine dummpkopf where the GOP over the past 6 years has dramatically degraded the lives of thousands of Mainers – virtually destroying the educational system by drastic cuts to education and endangered the lives of thousands of Mainers by dumping over 70,000 off of Maine’s version of Medicaid; and shifted the burden of taxation away from those who could afford to pay taxes onto hundreds of thousands of homeowners – many who have been driven out of their homes in the past couple years with many ending up on the streets because they cannot afford pay their property taxes.

            And Lepage has dramatically made the rehabilitation of Mainers who suffer from drugs and alcohol abuse by defunding detox clinics and on and on

            You are some kind of mindless idiot!! Doing nothing but denying the outright damage that GOP governance does to people.

            It’s not by happenstance that all 25 states that WalletHub has found have the biggest chunks of their populations broke, on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to care for themselves are GOP-RUN STATES!!!


            WAKE UP DUMMKOPF!!!

          15. RichFromShowMe April 1, 2017

            If you live in Maine you should know Gov. Baldacci left the state in tatters, but of course you would never admit that.


            Since Maine only allows Property taxes to fund local government.


            Income taxes increased because Property taxes were not enough to cover the drug problems, among other things.

            “Maine generally imposes an income tax on all individuals that have Maine-source income. The income tax rates are graduated, with rates ranging from 5.8% to 7.15% for tax years beginning in 2016. The rates ranged from 0% to 7.95% for tax years beginning after December 31, 2012 but before January 1, 2016.”


            Maine was hit by a double-whammy of skyrocketing drug abuse and its refusal to accept Federal Medicaid . . . . which was a function of your state legislature . . .



            Maine is considered a Blue State by everyone who can read.

            Evidently, since you live in Maine you know very little about its “situation”.

            Adios, as you say, Dummkopf !!!!

            You are now, with foul mouth intact . . . SPAM!

          16. Independent1 April 3, 2017

            Sorry I’m so long getting back to you LOWLIFE, but what in the world do any of those articles you linked to have to do with the outright damage to Maine that Paul Lepage and his idiot Republican gangsters in the legislature have created???

            And did you even look at some of the links you posted??

            Like the one from the freepress that says in 2014 under Paul Lepage, the Republicans refusal to expand Medicaid has hit the mentally ill in Maine very hard???

            And when are you right-wing morons going to realize that just because the Democrats may not be saints, has got nothing to do with the fact that Republicans are 10 times worse than corruption or evilness you can point to in the Democrats!!!

            And despite what you may think about Baldacci, he was one heck of a lot better governor than the the worst governor in America would ever be: at least he was respectable and not a gutter slouch. Paul Lepage as governor is like bringing a homeless person into the governors mansion. His gutter language and manners are a total embarrassment to the state!!

            And when he took over in 2010, the first thing he and his GOP henchmen did was to pass a law reducing the max tax rate in the state so they and their wealthy friends could keep more money in their own pockets and shift the tax structure in Maine onto the backs of those less able to pay taxes.

            In the same breath that they reduced taxes on the wealthy, they kicked 70,000 Mainers off of Maine’s equivalent of Medicaid. And one of the articles you linked to below is talking about just how damaging that decision has been to thousands of Mainers!!

            In addition, because of reducing the taxes on the wealthy, Lepage and his henchmen have gone around and shift taxes onto those of us who are retired instead of themselves. When Lepage took office, Maine had a program of “Tax Fairmness” where based on your income you could get tax rebates on your property taxes if in your town they’d become higher than was the average around the state.

            Well thanks to Lepage that program was scrapped. So not only have our property taxes increased by over $1,500/yr since Lepage took office because to run the state he had to reduce the state’s subsidies to the towns; we now longer get 5-600 dollars per year in taxes back because the tax structure in our town is on the high side relative to other similar towns in Maine. All a negative

            And on top of that, because the wealthy are no longer paying their fair share, Lepage has reduced the state’s subsidies to town for education (using moneys that come from sales taxes which are boosted by tourists) which is the main reason our property taxes are up around $1,500.

            And it’s not just refusing to expand Medicaid – Lepage has even against his own parties legislative will, refused to adequately fund drug and alcohol detox facilities in Maine, forcing some of them to shut down; so Maine now has more alcoholics and druggies running around which is why Maine is one of the GOP states now in the list of states with the highest use of alcohol and drugs: which GOP-run states lead the nation in BY FAR!!!

            So take all your illicit idiocy and cram it you know where!!!.

            Refusal to Accept Federal Medicaid Money Hits the Mentally Ill – >/b>


          17. Independent1 April 1, 2017

            And Obama didsn’t control the police departments and departments of transportation in red states either, these idiots define the rules and supposedly govern and control the roads. And even here, it’s virtually all red states that have the highest highway fatality rates in America.

            Auto Highway fatalities by state

            (24 of the 27 states where auto fatalities/100,000 population
            exceeded the national average were GOP-run states; and even several with fatality rates just below the national average)

            State/Fatalities per 100,000 population – 2015
            ——-NATIONAL AVERAGE 10.3

            Just about everything the GOP does ends up with more people dying young!!!!!!!

          18. Yes, they “always seem to defend the Left” by pointing out – as the article you just linked to did – the dumb lies spread by conspiracy theorists, many of whom are right-wing cranks like yourself.

      3. What… what do you imagine that proves?

    2. idamag March 31, 2017

      Makes Watergate look pretty mild, doesn’t it?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

        Ida, In my mind both are “burglaries” of sorts. In WaterGate, hard copy data was stolen. Similarly, in RussiaGate, computer data was stolen.”

        What I find most amusing is the attempt to avoid calling Trump what he is, “A liar.” And to avoid using the word “stolen” with regard to what the Russian hackers did. It’s almost as if using those two words might cause WWIII.

        The reality is that men who condone what Trump does cannot be trusted. They know they will never convince us to condone his making up wild stories about President Obama or Hillary. Why not just ask us to fall in love with Satan too while they are at it?

        This is what it really comes down to for men like Bannon, Trump, Flynn, Stone, Manafort and the rest of the Barons of Billions: They want us to accept evil as if it is good. They are only half right. It “is” good..for them and no one else. Why then would WE accept their evil?

        The reality is that when, not if, Trump is proven guilty, he indicts ALL of the billionaires, supporters and right wingers who thought they could FORCE us to accept what we know is wrong. That they cannot tell right from wrong is not a coincidence. Wrong is profitable to them.

        1. dpaano March 31, 2017

          Let’s hope they include Pence in that group or else we may be stuck with him if they impeach Trump!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

            Since Nunes reported to Ryan before he went to the White House, we have no clue whether it was Ryan who only appointed Nunes to be a committee insider who was gathering information. Why Nunes was called to the White House by 2 aides, one of whom was Flynn’s appointee, only makes this worse for Ryan. As for Pence, if Trump goes down for treason as is expected and is most likely given how hard he and his gaggle of grifters are working to stop investigations, Pence was Trump’s choice for VP and that would nullify him as well.

            Prediction: Look for at least a dozen or more to go before the Senate Investigation Committee if for no other reason than collusion.

        2. idamag March 31, 2017

          Even if lawyers take great effort to denigrate Flynn’s testimony, it will be public news and there might be those who wake up. There are about two kinds that never will. The ideologues who would vote for trump if he ran on the Republican ticket. I used to say “Charles Manson.” The bigots and the racists will not care who and what a Republican is. He is who they are. I had an experience the other day. I have a group I belong to. In fact, we formed the group. There aren’t very many of us as this state is so red it is bleeding. We talk philosophy, literature, arts, government – that type of thing. We do this at lunch. We were at a table discussing the Russian thing. A young person, from the next table waddled over and said the Clintons had Russian involvement in Bill Clinton’s election. I told him he was lying. He said why did I think that? I said because you are a Republican and they lie all the time. Then I told him because of people, like him, we were about to lose our democracy. He said we did not have a democracy, we had a republic. I told him I did not like him adn to please leave us alone. I see him there quite a bit so I researched and found out the so called Clinton-Russia thing comes from Breitbart. Same person who put out the pizza place thing. So, I have copied the definitions of a democracy and a republic. I copied the source of his lies. I made him a list of books to read. Not political books but books like, “The Bully Pulpit,” “The Rise of American Democracy,” and “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

            Ida, what you posted is scary to say the least. If the younger generation are this naive about just how badly Russians have infiltrated our media and these are the youngsters all believing everything anti Hillary is fact, it means that we now have an entire generation ripe for the picking to turn on their parents.

            If all they know is what they encounter on social media sites and they don’t bother to get facts, seniors are in for a huge and all too rude awakening.

            Our long held beliefs in what we were taught is right and wrong are now being turned into a convenient Truth” thanks to Trump and his lying morons.

            How soon can we then expect these younger Twerps to turn in their own parents because we refuse to accept Trump’s lies?

            It really is that serious.

          2. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Eleanor, let’s hope Ida’s experience is indicative to the state where she lives, Idaho – which as she points out is so red it’s bleeding. Because by-in-large, the young folks in America say that Trump is not a legitimate president: they don’t believe his lies or those who support him.

            See this:

            New poll shows most young people do not view Donald Trump as a ‘legitimate’ president

            Most young Americans do not view Donald Trump as a legitimate president, according to a new poll.

            The 45th president of the US has not been embraced by the country’s youth, a GenForward poll found, with 57% of people aged 18-30 viewing Trump’s presidency as illegitimate, the Associated Press reported.

            The poll also found about three quarters of black and Latino people surveyed by GenForward did not believe the president was legitimate, while 53% of white people polled did believe Trump was a legitimate president.

            Just 22% of those aged 18-30 approved of President Trump, while 62% disapprove of the Republican.


          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

            I guess what scares me is that the longer Trump is allowed to remain in office, the more Bannon will carry out his plan to “destroy the administrative state.”

            What he means by that is every department of our functioning government and replace it with a small executive board with him as chief advisor.

            Ironically, there is one upside to the Russian hacking. Now, even the Republicans are concerned that a foreign country having the ability to alter votes or delete them could eventually work both sides of the political aisle if the Republicans don’t be good little boys and obey their Russian leader. rofl.

        3. Independent1 March 31, 2017

          Great post. What is the most problematic to me, is the willingness of right-wing morons to accept and push for evil, even when that evil will end up being detrimental to their own lives and those of their families and future descendants. One has to wonder how mentally retarded someone has to be to be willing for that – a benefit today that in the getting may well end up killing you, your family and future descendants.

          That’s true with their denial of global warming, and with their willingness to undo many of the environmental protections Obama had put in place which cleaned the air we breathe and the water we drink. And with undoing some gun control protections across the nation.

          These right-wing mental morons seem to deliberately ignore the fact that they have to live on this planet they’re willing to let slide into where it won’t support human life. And they and their families have to breathe and drink the same polluted air and water that the rest of us do. And the same goes for them having to live in an environment where violence and gun-related homicides are rampant which is in every red state with lax gun controls.

          What kind of supposed humans can rationally live their lives knowing that they are if not for themselves, putting the lives of their families and future descendants into proven perilous living situations??

          1. dpaano March 31, 2017

            I just heard on the news that the House Intel Committee has turned down the immunity request from Flynn….why did I already know that was going to happen! We can probably thank Nunes for this….he’s just protecting his boss!

          2. dpaano March 31, 2017

            And, as I also read this morning….the EPA has dumped a regulation for the use of a really bad chemical that they use in our Central Valley to spray the almond trees, etc. It causes nerve damage in children and also birth defects in unborn children! Talk about “death squads,” why do we need them when we have Pruitt in charge of the henhouse!

          3. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            Yeah, and the same goes for Trump undoing Obama’s restrictions on coal mining. Studies have proven that power plants spewing the toxins from using coal for fuel result in around 30,000 people/yr dying from some form of lung disease.

            Do these mentally retarded politicians and their puppet leaders think they’re immune from being one of the 30,000 when they have to breathe that same coal polluted air?? (Keeping in mind that it’s primarily GOP-run states where power plants burn coal.)

          4. dpaano March 31, 2017

            But, from what I understand, many of the coal mines are not planning on reopening, and if they do, they’ve become robotized and won’t need any actual miners any longer. The coal mines are not cost effective any longer, so many of the owners are not readily interested in reopening them, even with the lack of the EPA laws that President Obama put through when he was in charge of this country.
            I watched a documentary the other night entitled, “Parched,” which was about Ohio and how DuPont Chemical polluted the entire Ohio River with C-8 and failed to mention this to the EPA. This chemical caused cancer and other problems in the surrounding communities because it was in their drinking water and the drinking water of their cattle and farm animals. Many farms were lost to this because their stock died, and even the ranchers became ill. But, our idiots in the EPA, including Pruitt, don’t seem to care about the future….they only care about NOW and how much MONEY they’re getting for doing away with valuable regulations that were put in place to protect this nation and it’s citizens!

          5. dpaano March 31, 2017

            They don’t seem to care as long as they cater to their big business cronies in oil, chemicals, pharmacy, etc. After all, they get all that money from the lobbyists and the Koch Brothers….that’s money in their hands NOW, so why would they worry about the consequences down the line.

          6. Independent1 March 31, 2017

            But do these right-wing wonks realize they can’t take it with them when them and their families are six feet under???

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 31, 2017

        Watergate is a Boy Scout caper compared to this mess. Besides, Watergate didn’t involve cyberwar, there wasn’t an army of online roaches called trolls, no narcissist in the office(though Nixon had other major character flaws), and the government then wasn’t as toxic and divisive as it is now.

    3. dpaano March 31, 2017

      Do you HONESTLY believe any of the Trump followers would believe anything that comes out of these committees even if proof is right before their very eyes? They are so brainwashed, they won’t believe anything against their God!

      1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

        The GOP politicians running the investigations will spin Flynn’s testimony in a way to make it look like whatever comes out his mouth was either influenced by or the fault of Obama or Hillary. And given the cluelessness of Trump’s followers – they may just suck it all in as gospel.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 31, 2017

    question is should FLYNN give a testimony ? (WHY ??? )DONNY DUMP is so easy to read . its like knowing what a child molester and knowing just what thy was going to do if thy was in charge of a day-care center its just like knowing how , what and the side Flynn would be on any type of statement he was going to give to any part of the government . Flynn now seeks immunity for anything he says .any and all of his credibility is shot . by right Flynn is nothing better then a street walking prostitute selling himself (not even for the highest bidder ) just selling himself for any money . what he has to say should make the government not to even want to hear what he has to say . when words coming out of his mouth now is its a (witch hunt ) he says now for what ever . to me that sounds more like Flynn’s getting ready to walk the streets again and prostitute himself once again and sounding like his next JOHN is going to be DONNY DUMP the DUMPSTER himself .. looks more like and id bet that DONNY DUMP has his puppet strings on Flynn now paying the whore money to throw off the government and all investigations that are going against the DUMPSTER today . all DONNY DUMP well placed and planed smoke screens .//// ones would be fools to give Flynn any type of immunity . its all now DONNY DUMP being the sneaky snake he is with what he dose best fraud , con & scams as many as he can (its an all the time job for the DUMPSTER ) ///and he is willing to let Flynn bury himself just to try to throw off on him all his sneaky snaky doings . how can anyone in the government really trust a guy that is nothing better then a street walking prostitute whore ? dose anyone truly think all Flynn would have to say would be any where close to the truth ? DONNY DUMP more then likely promised Flynn money to turn a trick . that’s it simple . but Flynn should know who he’s hooking with. and know the DUMPSTER plan in his life is to stiff people that already done the work for him . this should be the first line in DONNY DUMP’s profile . Flynn more then likely chance would just be getting himself in more trouble then he is already in and at that time just be helping the DUMPSTER set off more smoke screens as for any investigations that war and will go on DONNY DUMP should not have to answer to the DUMPSTER (for him being their boss ) for anything that is investigated in any case against the DUMPSTER all the answers of those investigations really should be the farthest point away from DONNY DUMP . how can one be investigated and have every thing that is found in any investigation go right back to the one being investigated ? being like this how can anyone in this country be surprised that the rest of the world is laughing at and cant and wont trust the USA ?

    1. idamag March 31, 2017

      Those, who have testified against the mob, for immunity and been a great help to law enforcement. Don’t think he will get by with no punishment. His life will be in danger from the Russian mob the rest of his life.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 31, 2017

        either side is going to say and ask the same thing HOW CAN FLYNN BE TRUSTED

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

        It will also be in danger from the honorable men and women in the military. They don’t take kindly to “rats” who use their power to help a thug in the White House do his worst.

        1. dpaano March 31, 2017

          I don’t know about that…..many military men and women actually voted for 45, even some veterans (sorry to say).

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2017

            If there is one thing I find most reliable about our military personnel, it is their sense of duty and honor to their country. Already, a great number of the troops are realizing Trump is neither honorable to his country nor is his duty bound, as they are by their oath of office.

            Asking the military to lay their lives on the line for a guy like Flynn is like asking the NYPD to love having to protect Trump Tower…rofl.

  13. CPANY March 31, 2017

    Give Flynn immunity and let him testify. Maybe a lot of the treasonous dealings that Trump, Kushner and the rest of that crew of sleaza balls will come to light and we can get on with the impeachment proceedings and the eventual trial of “President” Trump.

  14. idamag March 31, 2017

    C’mon, Flynn, you don’t want to take the rap for what your boss and company did. However, I would suggest they put you in the witness protection program until you testify. Look what is happening to those who were going to testify against putin.

  15. yabbed March 31, 2017

    It’s not possible to trust either a House or Senate investigation, given the Republicans dominate both, We must insist on an independent commission. Surely there are members of former administrations from the Department of Justice, national security councils, and ethics officers who can undertake this commission.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 31, 2017

      Right! Partisanship in politics has moved Congressional investigations into a rugby match—-truth is of minor importance to them. Trump’s “Truth” is the new standard, and goal for the current Congress.

    2. dpaano March 31, 2017

      Yeah, but they aren’t under 45’s little finger!

  16. dpaano March 31, 2017

    This should be interesting if they give him immunity to discuss the Russian information…this might be 45’s last few weeks in office (we hope). Of course, Nunes’ group probably won’t grant him the immunity because Nunes “works for the president” and will be covering for him as much as possible based on his recent escapades! I would be VERY interested in hearing what Flynn has to say and if it is detrimental to the election and Russia’s alleged meddling! I think everyone else in this nation should be just as interested!

    1. jakenhyde March 31, 2017

      Nunes needs to go back to milking cows in Calif. And I pity the cows, because I’m a retired dairyman myself. And I know that cows like to be treated gently.

  17. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 31, 2017

    Trump has the gall to call this a witch hunt. OK—So, a male malefactor who dabbles in lies, slander, groping, has dealings with Russia, and is obsequious in his adoration of Putin is a version of a “witch” called a warlock.
    We are currently hunting for “Warlocks” involved in dealings behind the scenes with the warlock in Russia, Putin. And so, yes, Donald—You, and Flynn, Sessions, Manafort, Bannon, etc, are on the list for hunting. You’ll need some extra magical charms to evade the net.

    1. stcroixcarp March 31, 2017

      You took the words right out of my head!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 31, 2017

        Sorry about that, chief.

  18. itsfun March 31, 2017

    If Flynn did something that could send him to prison, then he should be in prison.

    1. Independent1 March 31, 2017

      Along with all those who were collaborators with him.

      1. But that includes itsfun! Oh no!

    2. FT66 March 31, 2017

      Not so fast itsfun. The process comes first.

      1. itsfun March 31, 2017

        If he broke the law, then after a trial, and if found guilty, he should go to prison or whatever the laws calls for.

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 31, 2017

    A man goes into a pet shop and sees a beautiful parrot with a red string tied to its left leg and a green string tied to its right leg. “What are those strings for?”, he asks the store owner. “This is a highly trained creature,” the owner explains. “If you pull the red string, he speaks Spanish and if you pull the green string he speaks French.”

    “What happens if you pull both strings at the same time?” the man asks. “I fall off my perch, you idiot!” squawks the parrot

  20. jakenhyde March 31, 2017

    To paraphrase both Little Donnie and Flynn….If you’re asking for immunity, you MUST have done something wrong. That, of course, was aimed at some of Clinton’s surrogates during last Fall’s campaign.
    Got to watch what you say, it might come back to bite you in the arse.

  21. chino49p March 31, 2017

    Just another example of the drump team’s hypocrisy and duplicity of “its wrong for you but its right for me”.

  22. 1standlastword March 31, 2017

    My advice Mr. Flynn….Stay out of tall buildings!!

  23. Remember when Hillary Clinton sought immunity? Oh, right – she didn’t, because she never actually did any of the things Republicans claimed.

    It’s… it’s almost like they have a double standard and are putting party ahead of country or something?

  24. Milly April 1, 2017

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  25. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 1, 2017

    what is it with this Spicer clown ? he is so hell bent on trying his hardest to make the media and every one else believe all his bull crap while defending the DONNY DUMP clown . he seems to bring up (when he has no answers to a question ) thing about Obama ,Hillary ,Bill or anyone else to throw off the question . hey SPICE brain Obama or Hillary nor Bill . is in the white house never mind under investigation like the DUMPSTER is . so why bring up them ? stick to who and what the media is asking you the questions about . as for if (AND A BIG IF ) anything was to have happen anyways that was before if ever and its the pass its not now and what’s going on today . and when spice brain is asked something about what the DUMPSTER said he turns around and says you misunderstood him or he was meaning this or that . ARE YOU KIDDING spice brain how in the world can you say what you think DONNY DUMP was thinking or saying ? heck the DUMPSTER himself knows not what he is thinking and or saying . SPICE BRAIN is just one piece to the DONNY DUMP cult a gang of both brainwashed very clean and brain dead never coming back . as DONNY DUMP is saying how every one else is doing this and that and are very bad . when at the end its just the DUMPSTER himself that is all the bad in the country him running his own 3 ring circus . hey DONNY DUMP America is has been and always will be great . its clown like you that give our country a bad name its you yourself DONNY DUMP that can and seems to be taking the greatness out of America . with your deranged child minded tweeter clown head


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