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Forget The Recovery: Obama Should Focus On Middle Class Challenges


Forget The Recovery: Obama Should Focus On Middle Class Challenges


President Obama must make a choice about which economic message he wants to present to the American people. The president is simultaneously pitching his excellent plan to help the struggling middle class, and trying to convince voters that the economy is in the middle of a robust recovery. But only one of those messages will resonate with working Americans.

The president must present a choice between progressives who want to address issues like rising inequality, and conservatives who don’t. Otherwise, we could be looking at a repeat of 2010:



  1. aladythespian August 3, 2013

    Every time I hear about how much “better” things are and all of the new jobs that are supposed to be out there….I just want to scream. Because you are right; for those of us who live in the real world it is not good news. I have many friends who cannot find work and they are at a point where they will take ANYTHING! What I mean by that is, these are people who held office jobs, professional jobs and they are applying at Walmart and KFC. Yet, still, no job.

    Because there are too many people competing for those jobs and, if you are 40 or 50 or more, you are over-qualified. Fine, but they still need a job and applying for these jobs is desperation.

    Then there is the next problem…it is hard enough to find one job; however, with the pitiful wages being offered…you need more than one. Until recently, I had three jobs. I am now down to one job…and it barely covers groceries. I qualified for unemployment, which is barely enough but I was grateful to have it while I continue to look for work. Then the sequester and a big cut…now what. My son (who also just lost his job) moved back in with me. By ourselves it isn’t enough but together we could probably manage. Then the government put out its report, boasting all these new jobs….now they are cutting the forth tier of unemployment.

    Is this government ever going to start working for the people instead of against them?

    1. omgamike August 5, 2013

      Talk to your fellow Republicans for your guidance. But, thank you, you’ve made your talking points and spin for the day. Now troll somewhere else.

      1. aladythespian August 6, 2013

        Are you serious? I am a Democrat and I voted for President Obama both times. I understand that the President has tried to push through jobs bills and I understand that the Congress has made obstruction their middle name. But I live in the real world and while the politicians play politics and then go home, work not complete, for their long vacations….people like me are still trying to find work at a liveable wage and hoping they won’t be homeless when Congress returns with their suntans.

        The point I was attempting to make is the report on unemployment is not correct. There are factors that are being left out of the equation and that is leaving a lot of desperate Americans out in the cold.

    2. David L. Allison August 5, 2013

      Two points: one; Obama attempted to press a jobs act forward in Congress. The republicans stopped it. two, Obama is a neo-liberal and governs predominantly from the center-right, favoring corporations and business over individuals. Everyone challenging the Administration is not a right wing republican. A lot of good old Democrats have some valid reservations about some of the finance, trade and war policies of the current administration. most of those of us with such concerns probably voted for Obama & Biden and some other Democrats. We just wish that we were not always faced with voting for the lesser of two evils. third parties have proven to be destructive (Bush II showed that) more than helpful. It all does lead to cynicism and sometimes to despair over the future of our country.

  2. Beaulieu6 August 3, 2013

    I have spend 30 years 1976 to 2006 working physically hard with my colleagues at the Florida Coca-Cola Bottling Company, on October 26, 2006 I have retired with great pride and dignity. About 10 months prior my retirement I felt that our economy was going in the wrong direction but when President Obama came in office on January 20, 2009 I knew we had a long road ahead of us, I remember the President saying it is going to get worst before it get better, we were loosing 700,000 private sector jobs a months the stock market was doing poorly, but since then our economy has rebounce as businesses have more confidence in our economy then they did before as in the past 41 months businesses created or added 7.3 million new private sector jobs, the auto industry have rebounce.
    When I first heard President Obama spoke in 2008 I was inspired by his speech and everytime I hear the President speak he inspired me, what is troubling me and many Americans is the way the Republicans were treating the President, on is first term.
    President Obama is a great leader with a strong leadership in leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting prosperity as early 2015.
    The Republicans as left Washington for a five weeks recess with unfinished work such as passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill in giving the 11 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. What we need to do in the next 5 weeks is to stand with President Obama and put pressure on the Republicans to pass legislation that are overdue.
    In November 2014 we must replace the Republicans with Democrats and replace Speaker Boehner with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi D-California.
    I’m optimistic and confident about our economy going forward I stand and support President Obama agenda in which it is the right agenda for America.

    1. Dominick Vila August 5, 2013

      The unfinished business also include not working on the budget submitted by the administration to avoid fiscal problems and a potential impact on the economy when FY13 ends next month.

      1. omgamike August 5, 2013

        At this point, I say, no compromising. Enough is enough. Let the righties shut down the government — and let the people decide who is to blame for it. Will a shutdown cause pain. Of course, myself included. But it is way past time for our President to grow a set and stand up to all those thugs on the right.

        1. highpckts August 5, 2013

          The whole Dem party needs to grow a pair!! I do wish the President would show them the way!!

          1. Charvi3 January 28, 2014

            You especially read what I wrote….unless you are educated and know more about these issues…I would advise you to keep you opinions to yourself…you don’t know anything what is going on…are you part of the “satainsits groups” you sound like one of them…they are only for the rich folks…sorry…if I came after you…with your dumb statement…it isn’t the Democrats or really the Republicans that are ruling anything…it is Congress…but, in this aspect they are not ruling either…it is your Groups such as “Skull & Bones”…and “The IIIuminati Group” and many more of these “satainsits groups” which have been there even way back since Thomas Jefferson and a friend formed the “IIIuminati Group”….so, start doing your homework and keep you dumb opinions to yourself…I am in favor that both parties can meet half-way…but, read my comment…it isn’t the President that has the power….he is just a puppet…

    2. Colleen Klemp August 5, 2013

      I couldn’t have said it better. The obstruction by the Righties is appalling.

    3. Madame LaFarge August 5, 2013

      Beaulieu 6
      Please read this with care and thoughtfully: Obama is a neo-liberal-
      Neo-Liberals speak out of one side of their mouth for the little guy, their nominal constituency, and the other for the plutocracy, their real constituency.

      1. omgamike August 5, 2013

        You couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t think I could honestly say that the President is even a “liberal” in the sense we traditionally identify with. But to say he is more for the plutocracy is way off base. I would identify him as a tad bit center right in his governing style. Fifteen years ago he would have been referred to as a moderate conservative.

        1. Dominick Vila August 5, 2013

          I agree. His record is definitely center-right. Most importantly, Barack Obama’s decision to postpone the pursuit of material goals afforded to most Harvard graduates, is evidence of character, strong moral values, and commitment to do whatever he can for the “little guy”.

        2. Madame LaFarge August 6, 2013

          I did not say LIBERAL. I said Neo-Liberal. The little word NEO changes everything.
          I am definitely not on the right. I am not a republican, but after a life time of voting democrat, our two party system is not working. Both parties are owned by corporate America. Obama has given a gift to the insurance industry, with his Obama care, see who is profiting from the destruction of public education, and from the surveillance.
          The goal is to make the US a low wage nation, with no pensions or health care, Obama’s goal, along with the Walton family, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the list is long, is to destroy what is left of the middle class. We are all expendible, we are viewed as the new source for riches because the traditional routes to obtain wealth are drying up and chipped at by the BRIC nations.

          Hang onto your hat, we are in for a rough ride if not stopped soon,

          1. TZToronto January 28, 2014

            A single-payer system for health insurance is the ultimate goal–with insurance companies nowhere in sight. That isn’t, at this point, realistic. America can’t go cold turkey with insurance companies. (Even in Canada, insurance companies were in the mix for a while before the system switched to fully government-sponsored health care.) So giving a gift to the American people requires, for a while at least, a gift to insurance companies. Make no mistake, though. Getting insurance companies out of the health care business is the goal. This should not be a profit-making enterprise.

    4. Madame LaFarge August 5, 2013

      Beaulieu 6

      Please read this with care and an open mind. I send this to you with sadness, because this was why Obama was chosen to be the candidate. He was the perfect person to pull the wool over a specific segment of our population. The segment that always loses, and is definitely losing right now with a government owned and driven by corporate America.

      Obama is a neo-liberal.
      Neo-Liberals speak out of one side of their mouth for the little guy, their nominal constituency, and the other side of their mouth for the plutocracy, their real constituency.

      Obama’s recent appointment of Penny Pritzker as Secretary of Commerce defines with crystal clarity who Obama is and who and what he represents.

      Read about it here:




      Let’s not forget the $35 million home Pritzker is contributing to and raising money for the Obamas in Hawaii. This residence is for the end of this term, when Obama has stepped down from wiping the floor with the middle class.

      There is lots more on google.

      1. omgamike August 5, 2013

        You should tell whomever is paying you to troll this blog that they are really overpaying you. You all on the right must be getting pretty desperate at your situation, what with your party in constant turmoil.

        1. David L. Allison August 5, 2013

          The facts and data at least raise legitimate questions.

      2. Landsende August 5, 2013

        Please read this with care and an open mind. If you really want the truth go to FactCheck.com which is nonpartisan organization exposing both Democrat and Republican lies. The sites you list are left leaning just like Faux News.

        1. Mark Forsyth January 28, 2014

          Since when is Fascist propaganda Faux Fox News left leaning?You’ve got to be out of your pea brained mind.

      3. Julia Milazzo January 28, 2014

        Beaulieu6, sorry but it looks like the residents of Dumbfuckistan are out if force, reason eludes them.

    5. tax payer August 9, 2013

      Is your retirement check what you thought it would be working for that company? The reason I ask is because I know of people that retired from that company in Texas and worked for over 35 years, and their Pension is less than $250.00 a month. They make it because they get four times that from Social Security.

  3. pszymeczek August 3, 2013

    Help for the middle class and workking poor should be emphasized. In those two groups get help and money to spend, the recovery can become more robust.

  4. Beaulieu6 August 4, 2013

    President Obama is doing an excellent job he is a strong leader with a strong leadership in leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting Prosperity,the President believe and stand with the Middle-Class 98% percent, he is lifting the poor out of poverty in moving them into the Middle-Class.
    The engine and backbone of our economy are the thriving Middle-Class and with their hard work and efforts,and the strong leadership of Presidentn Obama we will reach a lasting prosperity as early 2015.
    Our focus as to be on the ecoconomy and create good paying job for the Middle-Class it is our north star.
    Every week I listen to President Obama weekly address and more I get inspired by his agenda as I strongly believe is the right agenda for America, going forward I’m more optimistic and confident about the future of our economy.
    Coming back from recess after the Labor day weekend the Republicans must focus on creating good paying private sector job, passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill, passing a universal background check in reducing gun violence in America, and working with Democrats and President Obama.
    I stand with President Obama in support of the Affordable Care Act that will be fully implemented and taking effect on January 1, 2014. And on October 1, 2013 we will be able to access the Health Insurance Marketplace, in choosing the right health care coverage that will fits our budget and our needs,the coverage will begin January 1, 2014.

  5. JohnnyP August 4, 2013

    I second aladythespian!! I’m in a similar situation…a message that the economy is much better will NOT resonate with me (and other people in the same boat). I’ll close with her punch line: “Is this government ever going to start working for the people instead of against them?”

  6. Eleanore Whitaker August 5, 2013

    The Middle Class are masters of circumvention. The more obstacles the 1% wealthiest place in our way, the more we circumvent their obstinate, dynastic greed. We are moving forward, however difficult it may be without the conservative baggage bogging us down. We do this with them or without them and by all appearances, they choose to be left behind.

    At present, the Middle Class is just only now beginning to see the dangers in relying on corporations for their incomes. When the bois at the top decided their salaries were the only important substance for owning and operating a business, they shot themselves in the foot. They opened the door to a huge number of unemployed Americans stuck with part-time jobs and/or low incomes salaries paid by plantation mentality corporate swillers at the public tax trough. There’s a price for everything. These joi boi geniuses don’t think their are. The 1900s Robber Barons and the speculators of 1929 didn’t either.

    The door is opening and the light switch is on. Many Americans are doing what our earliest Americans had to do…dig deep into their talents, experience and skills and throw caution to the wind and dare to strike out on their own. This IS how IBM, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and numerous other corporations all began. Unfortunately, they now believe they have graduated into a realm of autocracy that requires no obligation to the responsibility to pay back in kind the generosity of consumers, employees and taxpayers. Hence, the nose thumbing by the Middle Class and the forward movement into a new world of self-reliance. Out with the old (corporate thieves) and in with the new…(a younger generation of entrepreneurism). It’s the way of business time immemorium.

  7. ObozoMustGo August 5, 2013

    Forget the recovery and focus on the middle class????? Stan, are you kidding? First off, Obozo hasn’t focused on recovery since he first stepped into the WH. There is no recovery. Second, if by “focus on the middle class” you mean to offer more and more entitlements and government assistance, he’s already doing that. One only needs to look at the enormous expansion of the welfare state under Obozo to know that more and more people are sticking their hands out for government freebies. By all indications, THAT is the definition of success to you leftist freaks… more dependency.

    How about this for a solution? Slash punitive taxation on income and investments. Establish a flat tax. Slash the federal leviathan down to Constitutional size and get the hell out of the way while the people grow their businesses and the economy. Recognize the role of the entrepreneur in driving innovation and creating new companies that require new employees to staff. And cut the damned regulations that only serve to insulate that biggest companies (and their political donors) from innovative competition from smaller, more nimble companies that don’t have the resources to overcome the legal barriers placed before them by big company lobbyists and politicians that sell their votes to the highest bidders. HOW ABOUT THAT, OBOZO?

    He’ll never take my advice because he’s a fascist. He likes big government control over industry and people. This is why you have wasted your breath, Stan. Perhaps, you also support big government fascism.

    Have a nice day!

    As William Voegeli put it in Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State, “Liberals don’t want the government to grow indefinitely. They just want it to be bigger than it is right now. The corollary of this stance is liberals’ refusal even to entertain questions on the dimensions of a welfare state that is exactly the right size.”

    1. WhutHeSaid January 28, 2014

      Oh my — out plagiarizing again?

      Well, lying, plagiarizing right-wing huckster — guess what?

      Obama is as black as ever, STILL your leader, and still more successful than you will ever be.

      Have a nice day!

  8. Beaulieu6 August 6, 2013

    Either for Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and the Republicans to understand the middle-class they have to walk in our shoes and they haven’t because they favor the wealthiest 2% percent the millionaire and billionaire. They don’t know the struggle we have been through during the recession, they doesn’t care has they never did I believe it’s time for them to set politics to the side and begin to focus on the middle-Class 98% percent.
    The middle-class 98% percent and businesses the 97% percent are the engine and backbone of our economy, we are the one who are building our economy who are thriving every single day.
    President Obama is working hard in figthing for us the middle-class he understand us because he has walked and are still walking in our shoes, he is doing an excellent job as he is a strong leader with a strong leadership in leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting prosperity as early January 1, 2015.
    I’m very optimistic and confident about the future of our economy going forward as I always believe that “Were there is a will there is a Way” as the middle-class 98% percent have the will and the way to succeed, as America is a great and strong nation with a strong middle-class.

  9. Marc Schoenberg August 8, 2013

    I too think Obama is a great president I am tired of congress sitting there doing nothing I also think that shamming the republicans is the way it is not the presidents fault for what is happening congress needs to get their act together

  10. Charvi3 January 28, 2014

    First let me inform all of you…it isn’t, Obama, that is keeping us down…look at those “satainsist groups” that have been ruling our country for so many years…like the “Skull & Bones”…which the Bushes belong too and the one Bush didn’t make the rich pay their fair share of taxes during his administration…they only cater to the rich…there is another Group that is a “satanisats group”…and that is the IIIuminati Group, which, Rick Perry belongs to the Bilderberg Group…which is in the Illuminati Group…which controls the banks and Big Businesses…etc….so, when you are looking at most of the people within our government…they are not Godly creatures who want to take care of the middle class or the poor or the needy…it is something else…But, I have been e-mailing , Congress, directly and on Martin Luther King Day….Ted Cruz…who does not belong to one of those “satainstis groups”.got 166 Republicans and 17 republicans to vote to “FUND” the Affordable Health Care Act…which the, Republicans , wrote anyway..and they named it the, ObamaCare,…and the only reason it didn’t get passed before..under bill Clinton’s Administration…is the fact the the Republicans didn’t want to have a Democrat President get the credit…and the reason…why,Obama, was attracted to it in the first place is because it stated that it would make it possible for people with pre-existing conditions to be able to purchase or to have Health Insurance…..and by the way a lot of you like the maintenance man where I live says he is paying more…my son owns an insurance company and those companies can raise the price on the insurance on their own…and plus the fact…..that a lot of people have lots more coverage than they did with their old health care isnurance…and it is affordable believe me….but, now…for people that are middle class or the poor it will be “FUNDED”…and Ted Cruz, is an Evangelical…so, he does have God in his life….so, I thanked him…I have a recipe of psalms that I have been praying for both parties to come together and be in agreement and I have a “Special Prayer” that I say druring the day…that is working…so, instead of being so negative about things we Godly people have to stay in prayer over a petition asking God…or Jesus Christ to create peace between both of these parties…we actually have a “Budget”…and better things are yet to come…because the Republicans already did one stupid thing when they shutdown the government…that was a fight they knew they were going to lose…you only fight those fights you know you are going to win…and again…I warned them in cutting the food stamps for the poor…especially…since the “Mafia” controls your food prices and the Utility Companies and your electric bills and gas bills keep increasing in abundance…e-mail the President and let him know he needs to put a freeze on the Untility Companies just like, Nixon , years ago did…and it kept the Utilities from rising…especially on the “Budget” stuff…they are robbing you on that…because years ago…when people were on the Budget it stayed the same price all year long…now, every four months they are raising you amounts..terrible…so, again…look at all of these negative people in the government like these satainists groups and the “Mafia” running our government…and the 16th Amendment states that the rich should have to pay taxes as well as the middle class and the poor…so, through prayer and being sincere as you pray things are turning around for the better…because all positive energies bring positive results…and I am glad that my name is, Frances, just like the Pope…and he is cleaning house in within the Vatican of these Cardinals…etc…doing Money Laundering…which is one of the actions that the “Mafia” loves to do…so, keep your prayer groups going and believing that positive things will happen and when you see your prayers being answered you cannot deny their is a, Jesus Christ or God…that is still there for us to asks for things and to answer all of our prayers and to bring things through for the middle- class and the poor and the needy..God Bless!

    1. CrankyToo January 29, 2014

      Honey, you need to stick to religion because where politics and economics are concerned, you just don’t have a clue. God Bless!

  11. Marianne Brockwell January 28, 2014

    The President has better numbers than any in the GOP and there is a good reason for that. He is trying to get the US on a forward path and the Tea Party led GOP is only interested in restrictions, repression and racism. They are beyond disgusting.

  12. Todd Nelson January 28, 2014

    If 38% for and 59% against is even for Obamacare support, then please advise all democrats to run in support of it. If giving us the “lie of the year” is making Americans believe anything Obama says, then keep having Obama stump for the senators in red states. The truth about the economy, despite all the shouting by progressives, is that it sucks. There are almost 1/3 of Americans not working. Wages are going down. The Obama regime has caused the loss of over 7 million businesses since 2009, with very few to take their place. Obama himself, by not allowing the Keystone pipeline, has caused over 20,000 jobs to not happen in America, angered our closest ally in Canada, and given the Chinese access to the oil that should have come to the US. This makes it necessary for us to have to import 500,000 barrels per day from countries that hate us. Things are getting worse in America, not better, remember Joe Biden’s famous “summer of recovery”. That worked well for nobody. The only way things are ever going to get better is when there are more elected to government who understand that the government, with all its’ onerous rules, regulations, and taxes that make it impossible for many businesses to stay in this country, is the problem than those who believe it is the answer.

    1. 1standlastword January 28, 2014

      Friend…it is NOT impossible for businesses to stay in this country…on the contrary it is due to free trade agreements supported by both parties that gave farewell and benevolent approval for business to leave this country…and the permanent political class of both parties sweetened the pie with tax policies that favor expatriate money grubbing GE like corporations (Why is Jeffrey Emmelt Obama’ jobs czar…is that part of the problem???…I know the answer…do you?)

      Obama as “innovator” found a way to do what Bill Clinton and Hillary couldn’t do BECAUSE he does understand what makes big business orgasm.

      ACA is a potential boon for the health insurance industry and should pull the BODs of public hospitals bacon from the fire as a solution to all the uncompensated healthcare that closed many hospitals in large urban centers around the country

      NAFTA and the up and coming Transpacific Trade Act are going to continue to shape American industry. I don’t like it too much but thems the cards we’ve been dealt. Possibly 1/3rd of Americans will have to tool up, stay in school and watch less TV and play fewer video games so they can get ready for semi and professional jobs. America is a damn powerful incubator for new technologies. The up and coming developing nations DO NOT generate new technology they ASSemble for cheap what we innovate.

      We are in a paradigm shift and when that happens some people are going to be left behind and will have to catch up. What Obama’s problem is is the left hand of government wants to make pancakes while the right wants to play football

      What we need is a higher quality of politicians with technological and economic savvy and a passion for all American people. What we have is a bunch of folks who want to play politics for their own self seeking motivation to be a member in the Permanent Political Class and they are in both parties.

      Too many opportunists and not enough innovators today

    2. Sand_Cat February 5, 2014

      Cheer up. Your post is already in the running for “lie of the year” in 2014.

  13. 1standlastword January 28, 2014

    What a tidy summary! This is simply more evidence of Obama’ inability to tell his story and in doing so allows his adversaries to denigrate his administration.

    The false-conservative-permanent-political-class is the generator for most of the voter anger and it is because of their gridlock, obstructionism and partisan warfare that government has a serious credibility issue.

    They are a problem for Obama and he is in a no win situation with them as he crappy business partners

    Time to dial up Bill Clinton to tell the Obama story…that–I’m sad to say

  14. FT66 January 28, 2014

    We should all agree that Pres. Obama is not a dictator,. I wish he was. This man right from the beginning when he came to politics, he showed he was the man who really wanted to make changes in people’s lives. He still wants to do so, but how the system works in America, his hands are tied up. People will blame him that he hasn’t fulfilled his promises he made. But for anyone who is thinking right, how can he fulfill them while he has to go through the do nothing congress and who are not ready by any means to support his agendas?

    1. MOOSE4U2 January 28, 2014

      Not yet but he’s working on it. He has spent more money just on vacations than you, your children your great grand children ,great great grand children, your great great great grand children will ever earn . and he did this while the rest of us had to tighten our belts & worry whether the next check will cover our mortgage & our food for the month. not to mention heat & utilities.. Yeah he’s for the little guy ,dream on.

      1. Sand_Cat February 5, 2014

        You can’t even get the name right. You’re talking about George W. Bush, and don’t even know it.

        1. MOOSE4U2 February 8, 2014

          Don’t call me one of your names , it shows your ignorance .People who stick up for obama are the ones you should be calling those names & if the shoe fits wear it.

          1. Sand_Cat February 11, 2014

            Idiot is not one of “my” names, it’s yours.
            I “stick up” for Obama mainly because I can’t stand the lies made up and circulated about him. If you’re saying he’s been less than perfect, even a disappointment, in many ways and been more center-right than left, I agree, but bringing up the vacations “issue” is just more GOP projection.

  15. charles king January 28, 2014

    When the People put the President back into office for the second term, I knew then that everything WAS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT CAUSE THE pEOPLE HAD STARTed to do some (Critical Thinking) and When? that happened , I knew the People Would? see the Light. The President used the right Temperment with the Congress and the Senate, I am extremly convince that the Country will survive. Maybe I can enlight you on What? is going on in America, especially in small town USA. PlutocrACY IS CAUSING all the negative Noise in America, The MONIES that RICH people has bought into these little towns USA and paid off the Townships, The Counties, The States Officials, and Your Congress, and your Senate, and some White-House Officials, I dont know Names but do some (CRitical Thinking) and I bet you will find the smoking (GUNS) but the President had held the course Very Well, and I for one is very proud of our first Black President Of these United States.Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Check-out Plutocracy Vs Democracy then you will be able to (Critical Think) on What? the hell is going on One do not have to be a genius to C What? the Republicans are doing to Your America, Not Some But all of the People and your VOTE is the only thing that can Win against MONIES. Mr. C. E. KING


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