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Former ‘Apprentice’ Contestant Sues Trump Over Sexual Assault Denial

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Former ‘Apprentice’ Contestant Sues Trump Over Sexual Assault Denial

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – One of about a dozen women who previously accused President-elect Donald Trump of making unwanted sexual advances filed a lawsuit against him in New York on Tuesday, alleging he had made false and defamatory statements about her in rejecting the accusation, causing her emotional and economic harm.

The lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, a one-time contestant on Trump’s reality television show “The Apprentice,” is focused on a stream of denials Trump aimed at her and other women accusers last October, just weeks before the Nov. 8 presidential election, when Zervos and others came forward to accuse the then-candidate of making unwanted sexual advances.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks called the allegations “absurd.”

“More of the same from Gloria Allred,” said Hicks, referring to Zervos’ high-profile attorney. “There is no truth to this absurd story.”

At the time the women made their allegations, Trump, a Republican, who went on to win the election and who takes office on Friday, adamantly denied all the accusations in posts on Twitter, statements, interviews and comments at rallies. He suggested at one rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Oct. 14 that the accusers were fabricating their stories for publicity or to damage his campaign.

With regard to Zervos specifically, Trump told the rally in Charlotte just hours after she made her allegations that it was “not hard to find a small handful of people willing to make false smears for personal fame, who knows maybe for financial reasons, political purposes,” according to the lawsuit.

“Mr. Trump’s false, defamatory statements about Ms. Zervos – that, among other things, she made up her descriptions of Mr. Trump’s misconduct as a hoax, and that she is creating a ‘phony’ story just so that she can be famous – have been deeply detrimental to Ms. Zervos’s reputation, honor and dignity,” the lawsuit stated.

At a news conference in Los Angeles announcing the lawsuit on Tuesday, Zervos said she wanted Trump to apologize.

“Since Mr. Trump has not issued a retraction as I requested, he has therefore left me with no alternative other than to sue him in order to vindicate my reputation,” Zervos said.

Her lawsuit said she was seeking “all possible remedies,” including the apology and retraction, from Trump.

Allred, who also represents a number of women who have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct, raised the possibility at the news conference that Trump might be required to give a deposition in the case.

The lawsuit said Trump kissed Zervos without her consent at his office in New York in December 2007 and later at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California, kissed her, touched her breast, and tried to get her to lie on a bed during a meeting about a possible job.

She and the other women came forward after a video from 2005 surfaced showing Trump boasting of making unwanted advances toward women including grabbing women by the genitals – a video that he later apologized for but said was simply “locker room talk” and was not his actual behavior.

(Reporting by Dana Feldman and Alex Dobuzinskis; Writing by Alex Dobuzinskis; Editing by Peter Cooney)

IMAGE: Summer Zervos listens as her attorney Gloria Allred speaks during a news conference announcing the filing of a lawsuit against President-elect Donald  Trump in Los Angeles, California, U.S., January 17, 2017.  REUTERS/Mike Blake



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

    For a spokeswoman to flat out say an allegation of sexual misconduct is absurd brings into question 4 things:
    1) Is she a human being no longer capable of empathy for such a claim as to dismiss the claim as absurd without qualification?
    2) Is the spokeswoman a woman, or some hybrid who just can’t connect with the trauma every woman who has been assaulted or coerced has to deal with?
    3) Is Trump morally fit to be the President?
    4) Will Trump’s supporters just willy-nilly dismiss these suits in keeping with their alleged Christian affiliations?

    In Muslim societies, especially in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and a few other Gulf nations, it is the prerogative of males to assault women, and the clerics will dig up distorted interpretations of Islam to justify such behavior. There is a direct reflex response to condemn the women there who bring up such charges, so they suffer in silence. There is a troubling trend gaining more momentum in America to see things the same way as Muslim clerics and men do in such countries.

    Those decent men in America and in Muslim countries can’t let this behavior go unpunished!! As for indecent men like Trump and his supporters, I expect you will remain silent or show hostility towards women who say “NO!”.

    So, make my day and prove me wrong!

    1. Jim Samaras January 18, 2017

      They may be taken more seriously if it were not for the recent false flag events surrounding sexual misconduct. We’ve found out that just because they “say” a crime has been committed that many times it just ain’t so.

      1. FireBaron January 18, 2017

        The other problem is her attorney is that notorious media whore, Gloria Allred. While I am no fan of our PEOTUS, any time she gets involved, there is usually more drama than facts. Of course, Allred will offer his team a “buyout” which will give her a bundle, and then she will use that to say “If he wasn’t guilty, why did he pay us off?” To which anyone with an operational clue can say that it costs him less than a trial, even if he won (which I personally believe he could, even without high-powered legal assistance).

        1. Jim Samaras January 18, 2017

          If not for his presidency he would never settle a case such as this. I hope it doesn’t come to that

    2. InformedVoter January 18, 2017

      Sorry Aaron, but this is just political banter from the left to try to discredit President Trump. Recall the Duke rape accusations? And what about the supposed 13-year-old rape claims that were splashed around and then found out to be complete fabrication.
      Yes, the accuser can make her claim, but all the other claims were later recanted or proven to be false. If that’s the case again, should the attorney be disbarred for filing a fake claim? Should, in the case of the 13-year-old, be made to pay for damages? If that’s what the court finds, then you guys will be shouting that he’s in it for the money!
      Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but there are consequences when the allegations are proven to be false.
      You keep referring to President Trump as indecent, so you have to use the same description for Bill Clinton, who was proven to have committed these acts and paid several million to avoid protracted hearings. So, I’ll await your condemnation of Bill.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

        Sorry informed voter, but your futile protestations won’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. We’re not talking about Bill Clinton or anyone else—Trump is about to ascend the throne. not Bill. So your pathetic attempt to distract fails again. Your silence on the matter in the form of pointing to Bill is deafening.

        1. Dominick Vila January 18, 2017

          Moreover, I don’t remember Bill bragging about groping women, grabbing their genitals, etc. Bill was not a Saint, and he got what he deserved, but he never made anything remotely close to what Trump has said and bragged about.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            EXACTLY! The numbing repetitive instinct by Trump supporters in their response on this matter is like a reflex action by pointing to Bill whenever the matter of Trump’s indiscretions are brought up.
            And yes, the distinction between having made the mistake(s) Bill made, and bragging about genitals and speaking about grabbing women, is immense and completely ignored.

          2. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            Nothing but more drivel from your fake religion. It’s OK for Bill to commit sexual crimes for decades, but it’s a mortal sin for Trump when false claims are made against him. ALL the previous claims have been proven to be made up or been recanted by the accusers. The lawyer for the accuser is a proven ambulance chaser and look for the AG to look into having her disbarred.

          3. Dan S January 18, 2017

            Dang Trump makes Bill look like an amateur in comparison. Many Presidents of course have carried on affairs while in office but there was some discretion. Trump won’t even try to hide his shameless philandering and to think he made such a stink that Hillary sticking with Bill. What does this say about Melania ? She can’t be blind to the fact Donnie has been cheating on her since the day they married

          4. leonardo311 January 19, 2017

            Well in defense of Melania, she needs to stay out of sight out of mind, as we still have not seen the explanation for the 10 week gap between her first job and her work permit.
            How Ironic that would be, if the first person to get deported was the first lady.

          5. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            No way! You are a hypocrite for defending Bill’s numerous actions that would have gotten anyone else arrested and put in prison.

          6. Dominick Vila January 19, 2017

            For Melania, our soon to be First Nannie, The Donald’s behavior is simply “boys will always be boys”. I am more concerned about the indifference being demonstrated by millions of fellow Americans, than I am about Trump’s debauchery, something that everyone has known for years and that he did not try to hide.

          7. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            No Bill just went on national TV and LIED, and even had HilLIARy begin her career of lying on TV start. You are a hypocrite!

          8. Dominick Vila January 19, 2017

            There is a difference between a married man denying having had an extra marital affair, and a presidential candidate making the Access Hollywood statements we all heard, ridiculing women (Rosie O’Donnell, Carly Fiorina, Alicia Machado) because of their looks or weight, and all the other misogynist, vulgar, and immature comments that Trump has made. If you find his behavior acceptable, your sense of morality is no better than his.

          9. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            Sorry Dom, but you are wrong, again!
            Billy boy had numerous affairs including rapes, from even before he was president. Thus he ran for president as an admitted rapist!
            Trump’s comments about groping are nothing more than locker room talk, not condoned, but there was no admission of actual groping.
            Regarding Rosie, etc. they can ridicule President Trump and his family, but you’re OK with that. That’s called hypocrisy.
            What makes me think that Dems DO condone Bill’s acts of rape? How about the failure of the impeachment process to drum Bill out of office? Like old Teddy K. said, ” we all screw around on our wives, so what’s the big deal”.
            If that is not the Dems condoning Bill’s rape actions, then I don’t know what is.

          10. Dominick Vila January 19, 2017

            There was no evidence to prove that President Clinton was a rapist, before or after his inauguration. Marital infidelity is not new, and can be traced back to none other than George Washington. What is new is a man bragging about grabbing women genitalia without their consent, groping them, insulting them, and ridiculing them because of their physical beauty. I don’t recall another President, Republican or Democrat, who engaged in that kind of “locker room” conversation or attacks against people weaker than them. If you don’t understand the difference between what Bill Clinton, Washington, JFK, Eisenhower, and other Presidents did, and what Trump brags about, there is no point in me trying to explain it to you.

          11. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            There’s more evidence that Bill raped many than there is that President Trump grabbed someone. All you have is the word of the accusers.
            Thus far, ALL President Trump’s accusers have recanted and said they lied to get money and fame. On the other hand, Bill repeatedly raped and lied about it. His actions with Monica should have had him removed from office and gone to prison for sexual harassment and you know it.
            Just like Romney got overheard making his 47% (which was correct) comment, President Trump got overheard making locker room statements. This does not prove the actions occurred especially since all his accusers eventually recant.
            You lefties are in self-denial and meltdown mode because the voters gave President Trump a MANDATE. Many of you are still asking “since President Trump murdered someone, how come he hasn’t been charged?”. When President Trump boasted that his was bullet proof from the media lies and said he could murder someone and not get charged. Many of you dummies actually think he did kill someone.
            To date, there is no credible evidence that President Trump did what you claim he did.

        2. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

          Once more you display you’re low information status. I’m not silent on the subject. IF the charges are true, then President Trump should apologize, BUT if the charges are, like ALL the previous charges are false, then his accusers should pay.
          Your feeble attempt to excuse Bill is typical lefty logic. Since you know you’re on quicksand, you make the attempt to say the FACTS don’t matter! Sorry, but your double standard and hypocrisy betray your undefended position.

  2. bobnstuff January 18, 2017

    How many Presidents have had a defense team on retainer.

    1. FireBaron January 18, 2017

      Pretty much all of them since Milhouse.


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