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Frank Luntz And The Battle Over Economic Freedom


Frank Luntz And The Battle Over Economic Freedom


Occupy Wall Street has some conservatives running scared, leaving a window of opportunity to change the dialogue on what freedom really means.

Last week, Republican strategist and wordsmith Frank Luntz shared his concerns about the Occupy movement with a group of Republican governors in Florida. “I’m so scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to death… They’re having an impact on what the American people think of capitalism.” Chris Moody wrote a must-read article on the matter, including the ten dos and don’ts that Luntz suggested to his audience.

As Seth Ackerman pointed out, there’s an entire industry around Democrats and liberals trying to get an edge on Luntz with even more carefully polled wordplay. However, by talking directly about the power of the 1 percent over our lives, the broken political process, burdensome debts, and a collapsed labor market, the Occupy movement has gotten Luntz’s attention in a few short months. As Ackerman puts it:

For twenty or thirty years, Democratic politicians… have been paying what must amount to billions of dollars by now to consultants, pollsters, and think tank gurus to tell them how to talk to the public about inequality in some way that might spark sustained public engagement… Then the Occupy movement comes along and after two and a half months shifts the national consciousness so palpably that Republican governors are scrambling to ask their Rasputins how capitalism can be defended to their constituents back in Peoria.

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  1. rustacus21 December 6, 2011

    … why is it, following every Republican administration after Nixon/Ford, the nation looks as if it’s just been torched? I would like a Conservative (Republican/Independent) to explain that, but I get a bunch of hogwash about “Liberals this…” & “Progressives that…” & how there’s all these abortions & gays (who, coincidently, have NO party/ideological loyalty, even THOUGH Liberals made their “liberation” possible!), etc., etc. And so we have Frank Lunz, advising, of all people, Conservatives, on successful “framing” for maximum impact on voters!?!? What are we talking about here? Cotton candy? Diamond rings? This isn’t crap for sale or to be bought! Or is it? Are the American voters really that STUPID to get caught up in some cheap shell game being played RIGHT NOW w/this “Debt Reduction” crap? If the Supreme Court had followed precedent, there would have been no Conservatives in the W.H. to screw things up. Or, better yet, if we’d demanded (as I so WISHED at the time!!!) as a nation, we give Bill Clinton 1 more shot, along w/the nation, at real, true & honest executive greatness, for a 3rd term? Wishful thinking, sure, but look at what we got by standing pat & doing nothing?


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