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Report: George W. Bush Criticizes Trump’s Policies Of ‘Isolationism, Nativism And Protectionism’

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Report: George W. Bush Criticizes Trump’s Policies Of ‘Isolationism, Nativism And Protectionism’

Former U.S. President George W. Bush visits Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans, Louisiana

According to the Wall Street Journal, former president George W. Bush slammed the views of republican nominee Donald Trump in front of a crowd of about 400 donors at a Cincinnati fundraiser held on Tuesday.

Bush did not name Trump at the fundraiser for Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), but his comments against policies of “isolationism, nativism and protectionism” were a clear jab at the GOP’s nominee platform.

Like many GOP leaders have done as a non-response to Trump, Bush has stated that he will focus his campaigning efforts on down-ballot races. Bush, as well as his father George H. W. Bush, decided to stay on the side lines this year, even though they both endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. A spokesmen for the former presidents said back on May 4 that they would not participate in or comment on Trump’s presidential efforts.

The other famous Bush, former presidential candidate and FL Gov. Jeb Bush, has more solidly denounced Trump’s candidacy, and has stated that he will not voting be for him, or for Clinton, next November.

In a Facebook post, Bush accused Trump of not being a true conservative and of having no respect for the Constitution. “In November, I will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but I will support principled conservatives at the state and federal levels, just as I have done my entire life,” his statement read.

Photo: Former U.S. President George W. Bush visits Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans, Louisiana



  1. 1standlastword August 4, 2016

    Here is one of the many main architects of pernicious republicanism vomiting gut grease in the media about what is wrong with Donald Trump when he takes no regard as to what is wrong with the republican party that expelled DJT from its collect arse!

    He wants to support down ballot races. He wants to perpetuate the contamination of our communities with corporate zombies like the Flint water crisis One Tough Turd!

    What else can he do?

    I know!!

    Get back into your tomb Lazarus!!!

    1. Daniel Jones August 4, 2016

      I don’t know, the Path to Trump denouncing him as a step too far sums up the entire issue with the modern Republican Party.
      They were never supposed to be caught out, just doing this crap and never being cited.

    2. Independent1 August 5, 2016

      When Georgie Boy was president, he managed to increase what amounted to down-ballot government workers by adding over 900,000 people to all levels of government workers: state, county and local (city/town). And on top of that added over 50,000 to the federal government payroll too. Talk about BIG GOVERNMENT!!

    1. Daniel Jones August 4, 2016

      Yes, he probably *did* cause President Reagan’s Alzheimer Syndrome.

    2. Independent1 August 5, 2016

      Wow!! Two of the most worthless human beings who have ever lived. One the worst president America has ever had who totally worked to destroy the very fabric of American life and succeeded in virtually enslaving the middleclass to the upper 5% of our population. The other possibly the biggest narcissist the world has ever seen who thinks about no one but himself and has committed so many crimes that he should have been in prison years ago.

  2. timeoutofmind August 5, 2016

    if there is a more knowledgable source re: dangerous idiots in the white house, i don’t know one.


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