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In Georgia, Trump Is Democrats’ Best Revenge

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In Georgia, Trump Is Democrats’ Best Revenge


Reprinted with permission from USAtoday.

The real winner in Georgia’s special House election is the Democratic strategy of nationalizing midterm elections in Republican districts to capitalize on President Trump’s historic unpopularity.

Jon Ossoff took in just over 48% of the vote, nearly equaling the top four Republicans in the crowded “jungle primary” to replace Tom Price in the Atlanta-area 6th congressional district. This makes him first Democratic House candidate to break 40% in the district this century.

Democrats across the country poured their hearts and more than $8 million into this race. And it worked. They nearly pushed Ossoff over the 50% he needed to avoid a June 20 runoff against Republican Karen Handel. That’s even though the former House aide and his allies were collectively outspent 61% to 39% by the GOP side.

Trump tweeted about the race several times and took credit for the “big ‘R’ win.” But that bluster is clearly overcompensation for the second straight slap in his face in fights he picked by naming House members from “safe” districts to join his administration. Last week’s special election in Kansas 4th congressional district saw Republican Ron Estes pull out a 7-point win; Trump’s CIA director, Mike Pompeo, had won it six months earlier by over 30 points.

Price, now best known for helping to pilot Trump’s first attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act into a fiery nosedive, held the Georgia 6th district seat until just a few weeks ago. He won last November by a 23-point margin and never took in less than 60% of the vote in his seven consecutive House wins.

Trump, however, only carried the district over Hillary Clinton by 1.5 points — a dramatic acceleration of a trend that saw George W. Bush’s 41-point advantage in 2004 in the district shrink to John McCain’s 25 points in 2008 to Mitt Romney’s 23-point margin in 2012. It was the sixth worst swing from Romney to Trump in the nation.

This is bad news for the president of the United States and all Republican fans of “winning.”

The increasingly diverse Georgia 6th is about as Republican as the Kansas 4th, but it has proven to be particularly repelled by Trump’s gold-plated populism and obvious racial dog-whistling about “illegal immigrants.” Even if Ossoff only matches his primary performance in the runoff, he will have demonstrated the value of putting a Donald Trump mask on his opponent.

Party strategist Geoffrey Garin went even further, crediting Trump for Ossoff’s vote total. “The final polling average for Ossoff was 42.5%. Ossoff actually gained ground after Trump weighed in. So thanks for the help,” he tweeted.

The best news for Democrats?

These two special elections — and a third coming up to replace Montana’s Ryan Zinke, the new Interior secretary — are not the low-hanging seats Democrats need to take back the House. There are 23 House Republicans who currently hold districts where Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump last November. Democrats only need to win 24 seats to win a majority and with it the power to subpoena things like, say, Trump’s tax returns.

A true wave election, like the 1994, 2006 or 2010 midterms when the minority gained a average of 48 seats, would likely will sweep nearly all of those districts and at least a few more their way. At the very least, the Georgia results are a boon for Democratic recruiting and fundraising. And they suggest a dim outlook for both Trump’s floundering legislative agenda and the GOP’s ability to wrangle strong candidates for 2018.


Nearing his 100th day in office, Trump has demonstrated a consistent inability to pass any legislation that doesn’t require simple majorities. Even a simple majority may remain elusive for marquee issues like health care, tax reform and keeping the government open.

The press may rarely mention it but Republicans actually lost seats in both the House and the Senate last fall. That also happened in 2000, the last time a popular-vote loser went to the White House, but George W. Bush was still able to score substantive legislative wins for tax breaks and education reform with the help of Democratic votes.

An energized and enraged Democratic base makes that prospect far less likely for Trump. And given the potential electoral fruits of liberal fury, Democrats would be fools to give Trump a taste of anything else.




  1. Sam Osborne April 21, 2017

    Democratic candidate Ossoff’s home roots are those of a Georgian born and coming of age in its 6th District. Trump is an interloping carpetbagger trying to lead Georgians around by the nose, Georgians will decide for themselves if they will prove to be Trump-Putin Animal Farm toadies bending over in kowtow to the disgusting likes of the ole-boy bullies of sexual harassment like Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, or if they are the stouthearted men and women who look out for themselves and those they care most about by standing together against bullies that find sick fun and furry by exploiting someone they find defenseless.

    1. Victoriasewers April 22, 2017

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    2. Hey! You left out Bill.

  2. Independent1 April 21, 2017

    Here’s a neat little chart to show just how unpopular Trump really is.


    Keep in mind that that 41% dropped into the upper 30s in recent polls.

    1. Dapper Dan April 22, 2017

      My only question is why he hasn’t dropped yet to the 20’s ? Do his supporters think he’ll get better in the job as time goes on ? Um Hell no, what you see is what you get. It’s all downhill from here

      1. Independent1 April 22, 2017

        Good question. My guess is that a large percentage of voting age Americans are totally clueless and base their opinions on alternative facts (aka GOP propaganda)..

        1. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

          I’d be very careful of blaming ANY voters these days. We all know that votes in several Republican states were either not counted or there was massive redistricting of voting maps to make it appear there was an increase in Republican voters.

          Already 3 states have gone before the SC for their redistricting tactics that wiped out whole Democratic voters and overlapped those Dem districts into Republican districts to make the number of Electors for Republicans increase.

          THAT…is how you rig the Electoral College. Knowingly, changing voting districts on voting maps. The Republicans have done this more often in the last 2 presidencies because they knew they couldn’t win unless they had more Electoral College votes. They didn’t. They cheated by falsely increasing the number of electors they were entitled to. All they had to do was change voting district maps.

          1. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            Eleanor, with respect to elections, I concur completely; and it’s my opinion that computer hacking adds to the distortions. But remember, we’re talking about opinion polls here which wouldn’t necessarily be impacted by gerrymandering and voter suppression.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

            One of the IT experts on CSpan explained the mechanics of computer hacking. One thing he said that impressed me was that the idea of hacking into various social media sites, websites and blogs was to alter the views and opinions these venues showed.

            Opinions polls can also be hacked as easily as voter data. In fact, if you check out the number of linear minded trolls on National Memo, you’ll notice most of them are not paid for full time work. They appear for a few hours to create havoc by distortions, contradictory statements they know have no proof or they simply go after those who present facts by deleting posts.

            Hacking isn’t limited to things political according to Clinton Watts. He stated during the Senate investigation that the Russian hackers didn’t “steal” information. “They distorted it.”

            Hackers steal information to pass it on. That isn’t what these trolls do. They distort information to cause mass confusion about truth and facts. It’s basically a form of indoctrination and brainwashing to take control.

          3. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            I have a little trouble buying into the hacking of opinion polls which have been published by the polling organization itself. I can see the hacking of poll numbers reported by other organizations, but the chart I posted above was created by Gallup itself, so somehow the hacking would have had to be internal changing numbers before that chart was even created.

            I’m not saying it’s not possible, but unless polling organizations bury their heads in the sand and don’t monitor publications that report their findings, hackers distorting numbers that these polling organizations put together during their research is to me an iffy probability.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

            Gallup is one of the few remaining polls that is reliable. However, hidden behind so many polls today is the Heritage Foundation’s dark shadow.

            Quinnipiac polls are “usually” reliable. So are Reuters and AP.

            The reality is that the job for Americans today is to be as deeply investigative as possible of we all see and hear in the media.

            If it cannot be substantiated legally, we know it may be the product of a Rupert Murdoch venue or some other right wing group.

            Right now, Trump is proving just how incapable and lacking in political knowledge he is. He relies on the Heritage Foundation, glutted with right wingers of the elitist ranks to supply him with the support he needs for his “policies.”

          5. latebloomingrandma April 22, 2017

            This was part of ALEC’s strategy. They quietly (think Kochs) put a lot of $$ into state races. They wanted to get Republican governors and legislatures in as many states as possible before the census; thus they could gerrymander to their heart’s content. A brilliant strategy, really. And a big part of the mess we are in now.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

            Unfortunately, for every strategy to cheat voters of their Constitutional rights, there are men like Elijah Cummings who will not stand for such violations.

            He isn’t the only one. Now, the righties are all up in arms calling those who defend our Constitution, “left wing” and say the left wing is “violent.” More distortions.

            Who but the Trump supporters had no reservations whatever about hanging Hillary in effigy, shouting over and over, “put her in prison” and bashed hell out of the Clinton Foundation when all along Trump has not turned over a single dime of the profits in the trust he set up to make it look as if he divested his business.

            He has not in his entire lifetime donated more than $10,000 to any charity. But, he has often taken money from what was intended to be trusts and charities of the Trump Organization and used it for personal reasons.

            So, it comes down to bashing the Clinton Foundation that is audited every year and Trump stealing money for personal use from his own trusts and charities. The Pots all calling the Kettle black?

        2. Everything you say is a guess.

          1. Independent1 May 4, 2017

            More than 90% of what I post is substantiated with a link or more that verify what I say are facts. So at least I’m honest enough to say when I’m guessing, I’m not like Donald Trump who lies 91% of the time>

            Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False


          2. Independent1 May 4, 2017

            So you’re really nothing more than the typical right-wing lowlife.
            And be aware, you’re a lowlife because you’re clearly supporting a political party that thinks nothing of committing premeditated murder: and they proved that today by voting for the idiot Republican healthcare bill that dumps 24 million Americans off of insurance even though these Republican lowlifes have been told that thousands will die because of their actions.

            So you’re wasting you’re time posting here, because not many on the NM put much stock in what people who abet serial premeditated murders have to say. Do you?? Most of us here consider people like you worthless lowlifes for your total inhumane attitudes!

          3. Independent1 May 4, 2017

            And why don’t take a few minutes of your lowlife time to checkout just how many people this idiot Republican healthcare bill is going to force out of jobs over the next 6-8 years!!

            More worthless activities of the sub-humans who call themselves GOP politicians:

            How many jobs could the AHCA cost your state?

            Nationally, all-else-equal, the AHCA could slow job growth by
            409,000 in 2019, by 1.1 million in 2020, by 1.6 million in 2021, and by 1.8 million in 2022.

            The 15 states with the largest reductions in job growth, ranked by jobs-reduced expressed as a share of the total employed population in 2015 are: New Mexico, Kentucky, Montana, Oregon, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Louisiana, New Jersey, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Nevada,
            Vermont, Michigan, and Ohio.

            The degree to which the AHCA drags on job growth varies dramatically by congressional district. On average, congressional districts experience a potential drag on jobs of 4,000 in 2022, but in a couple of districts there were essentially zero job-growth reductions and in at least one district the job-growth reduction reached 20,000.

            As a general rule, states and congressional districts with large Medicaid spending fare the worst under the AHCA replacement of the ACA, while states with a high share of rich households do better. This is because the Medicaid cuts drag the most on growth, while the only countervailing stimulus provided by the AHCA is tax cuts that disproportionately boost the incomes for the richest households.


          4. Independent1 May 4, 2017

            And as if deliberately setting Americans up to die and to lose their jobs wasn’t enough, the sub-human pond scum called GOP politicians that are illegally occupying congressional seats, are also going to drive bankruptcies up in America by hundreds of thousands a year because they voted to enact this absolute piece of deadly trash called a Republican healthcare debacle!!!!


            Checkout the above chart from Consumer Reports lowlife which shows how a real healthcare plan drove bankruptcies down since it was enacted in 2010 and the Republican lowlife idiots in the house today, has just voted to reverse all that and send bankruptcies skyrocketing again!!

            You picked the wrong time twinkle-toes to get snarky with me!!! I can only hope that the 217 subhuman Republicans who voted for this atrocity called a GOP healthcare plan get everything terrible happen to them in this life that they deserve.

      2. Leftout April 22, 2017

        His job is completed except for a minor fix on the ACA, he has done well.

        1. Independent1 April 22, 2017

          His job of what, doing everything he can to destroy American society and our planet; and move America back 100 years in the process??

          1. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

            It seems the YOLO mindset believes you can be as corrupt as you please and their are NO consequences. Looking at Trump, that seems about right. After all, he gets away with more criminal behavior and all he has to do is throw millions of dollars at it.

            Take a look at what the right wing is spouting about how the VICTIM O’Reilly was taken down by “allegations.” Allegations of sexual harassment these right wingers think is acceptable?

            Let a Dem sexually harass their wives or daughters and see if they suddenly become militant.

            The point is that there are very serious consequences when Americans look the other way at corruption in government of the kind the Republicans are hell bent on pushing today.

            The consequences are that we become a 3rd world nation because crooks can only get their wealth from the lower and middle classes they savage. Worse, as a nation, our credibility goes down the toilet. Trump doesn’t give a fat rat’s patoot about credibility so long as the money flows into his bank accounts.

          2. You and independent should get together and produce a Mr. hanky and try and toilet train him.

          3. Independent1 May 4, 2017

            Just more of your worthless idiocies lowlife!!!

          4. Leftout April 22, 2017

            There’s has been 40 plus years of reverse from the values of Americanism , he has turned this ship around , no more titanic

          5. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            So you’re an upper 10%er are you?? One of those who has prospered greatly since Reagan sent income inequality skyrocketing as he started the destruction of everything that was American!!! That everyone had an equal chance to live a good life!!!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5647c6f4837feb53c019e0a4ab3e81a3ac6eb743fbac966556b1ff561fefa746.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88dbe9eb42a99525c49cf3a4e625f576429337ab9cf347945f3b2258228ded09.gif

          6. Leftout April 22, 2017

            No, no not a 10 %er! I worked and paid for all of my education, waxing floors , scapingnbakery pans , making swatches in a curtain factory , anything to be self reliant and I made it and loved all the people I met along the way . We should meet one day and you tell this site what you found .

          7. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            Well, the reverse from Americanism you’re talking about over the last 40 years has all been the doing of the GOP – from skyrocketing income inequality, to refusing to do anything to repair America or move it forward in the 21st century, to the destruction of unions, to the passing of right-to-pay-you-less laws, to the destruction of virtually every states’ economy they govern where the biggest percentages of the residents are broke and on the verge of bankruptcy and living miserable lives with the worst quality of life to where people die 2-6 years younger than people in Blue States and on and on with negativism.

            And Trump is only making all of that worse – so I’m sorry but I find it terribly hard to believe you are as you describe. Anyone who has lived as you claim, should be working hard to get Republicans, and Donald Trump included, out of office as quickly as possible!!!!!

          8. Leftout April 22, 2017

            Income should be based on productivity and should be negotiated…….w unions or personally. States’ economies were decimated by NAFTA and off shoring of critical
            Manufacturing and other services . We had more disposable income in the 80’s.
            Even the Great financial female Suze Orman said if you want to rise to a higher income level you may have to get an additional job , educate yourself and move on…it takes time…five years ? …I did it myself…. I wanted something better.

          9. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            Incomes are clearly not based on productivity in GOP-run states – they’re based on what the CEO or owner wants to pay which is usually less than poverty level wages. That’s why people in GOP-run states make 18-23% less/year than people in Blue States.

            And state economies were not specifically decimated by NAFTA or shipping manufacturing jobs overseas. In some states they were decimated because Republicans failed to provide the means or incentive for workers to retrain into new manufacturing jobs; or the workers who lost their manufacturing jobs refused to move where new jobs were open.

            Fact is, manufacturing has increased in America over the past 50- years at the same rate or faster than the rate of growth in the overall economy.

            And it’s primarily GOP run states that are struggling. All 10 if the states Gallup-Healthways says are the most miserable to live in – the states with the most poverty, highest unemployment and very poor social styles like obesity and to many drugs/alcohol use are all GOP-run states.

            And all 25 of the states WalletHub says have the most people living in poverty, broke and on the verge of bankruptcy are also GOP-run states. And 29 of the 31 states that WalletHut says have people who are the least able to by consumer goods – spend in Walmart – are also GOP-run states.

            So you see, it’s not all of America that’s really struggling – it’s primarily people living in GOP-run states that are living the most miserable lives!!!

            See this

            America’s Coming Manufacturing Revolution

            The combination of lower energy prices, innovative information technologies, and advances in robotics and materials science are powering a manufacturing revolution that will reinvigorate the U.S. economy and make many of its industrial sectors the most competitive in the world.

            Over the past 50 years, U.S. industrial production has grown at the same rate or even faster than the economy as a whole.


          10. Leftout April 22, 2017

            In my sphere we are paid by worth, contribution, productivity.. certainly in the media , MSNBC , FOX and others you are paid by the revenue that you can create , MSNBC probably pays less than fox because of lesser talent. We are all paid our negotiated worth, except in some bureaucratic systems like NYC crony governmentalism , but NYC and California are in serious arrears .Some manufacturing in high tech companies did increase but lower skilled laborer jobs were offshored and no training was available to those older staff left behind , I am not sure that the businesses were Republicannor Democrat but off shorting and NAFTA were agreed to by hand holding presidents Bush Clinton Bush and others. The consequences are seen in nEw England , Carolinas and eastern states. These staff were left behind with no chance to retrain at the higher level skills required. However offshored factories were constructed and those people were retrained instead . There should have been more investment in Home Facilites.
            These rule of engagement were promulgated by the corrupted congress and presidents to line their own pockets at the expense of US jobs . Both parties are complicit and that is why Trump was elected . He was not aligned with either party , but only the people who voted for him. He has still got to drain the swamp of democrats and their republican equivalents .

            Did I not get to all your points

          11. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            I guess you covered all the points with your lies, distortions of reality and outright propaganda. Nothing you posted is factual.

          12. Leftout April 23, 2017

            I relate my personal experiences and do not rely on polls …that failed to capture US sentiment from the last election and it is still failing to do so. You do have a command of research documents for your claims but I know from experience how stories can be slanted . Trump does this everyday and the presss falls for it . The media chases it and Trump looks the better and laughs.

          13. Independent1 April 23, 2017

            Just more baloney: all you’ve related is the lies, fabrications of reality and propaganda you’ve been brainwashed with by Faux News and the rest of the right-wing propaganda media.

          14. Leftout April 23, 2017

            I am
            Not a republican, they should all be put away except for a few .even I am for a one payer ACA system if everyone pays , no laggards allowed It can be done. I do jot care for leeches living off the workin class
            Meet me atLexington and 77 th at Lenox Hill Grill and I will show you everything I’ve described . I’ll buy !

          15. You are just sour grapes because nobody would sexually harass you, except maybe another goat.

          16. Leftout May 4, 2017

            That is true , I be uglier than a goat, they would even turn and go for hillary maybe. I am lucky too be asexually harassed , but I would never report sexual harassment , like some dumb females . Get it while you can. Every one loves sex except Nancy Pelosi and Hillary . They cause ED.

          17. Independent1 April 22, 2017

            And I forgot one more reason why people in GOP-run states are struggling more than the people in Blue States – the GOP’s insistence on not raising the min wage; while it was the 13 states in 2015 that raised the min wage (a few red states but mostly blue states) which led the nation in jobs creation.

            And here’s maybe a surprise – in 2013, Seattle decided to raise the min. wage in the city to $15 by 2017 and Republicans claimed in would destroy jobs and the Seattle economy; well, what a farce that was -as Seattle raised the min. wage, the unemployment rate started falling in Seattle till this year when the min. wage hit $15 and the unemployment rate fell below 3% – lowest for any big city in the nation.

            See this graph:


            Blue – Seattle unemployment rate
            Red – Seattle min. wage

          18. Leftout April 22, 2017

            The people who make less than 15.00$ are few , as I did read elsewhere. So this is a non issue I suppose everyone should make or receive a voucher for $100k and if they need more than that they would get a job. Why waste your time in 30k/yr. this is still. Not enough if you have a Family …and you can bank 10cents that is left over and place it in your 401k or education fund or Vacation account . $15.00 is equivalent
            10$ afterTaxes= 20k
            /yr= $1660/month – rent $500- food $500 transport $2, walking
            Levels $20 a day for cigarettes and Doritos .

          19. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            You are a moron. Income cannot be always based on productivity. And it has always been a legal and binding contract from the minute of hire to the minute you leave your job.

            You only mention NAFTA. What about Bush ’43’s SAFTA and CAFTA? Don’t try and hide your Republican agenda. The GOP is in the toilet because all they care about is returning US wages to that paid in cheap labor countries.

            How do you measure employee productivity when the employee is self employed and THEY not you bossy asses control what they earn?

          20. Leftout April 23, 2017

            If you are self employed you beteee measure proudly to th or you are gone. If you are lucky you make out well and you. Ale the salary that plead your productivity, the boss has to control what he earns. Most bosse I’ve worked for were generous and if I wanted more than I would go elsewhere .

          21. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            What I’ve found is a bunch of middle aged big mouths who believe they have ALL the answers. Work 40 or 50 years. Bust that bust trying to earn a living, pay taxes AND save money on salaries you and your middle aged mouthy ass punks keep stagnating.

            According to Senator Elizabeth Warren since Reaganomics, salaries have decreased in the past 4 decades as a result of more and more corporate greed and money hungry men and women at the top who live high on the pig’s ass while, like Trump, they stiff others and refuse to pay for what YOU and your hot shots want.

            No. You cannot retire after 5 years of employment on a salary that is equal to a CEOs. You still have many many years ahead of you that you CAN NOT predict will be as you imagine.

            One serious auto accident or illness before age 55 and you get to be as medically bankrupt as your Trump Grifter Ideas can get you.

          22. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            BS. What he has done is dump 6 of his corporate bankruptcies on my state of NJ. You want to help us pay for that?

            He has yet to pay NY City for all that military protection at Trump Tower and probably never will just like he never paid his NJ casino and hotel employees or the contractors who built them.

            Trump is a Grifter who only takes. He never gives. You are fooling yourself if you think you will in any way benefit from a single one of those executive orders.

            Get rid of the EPA? And YOU pay for oil spill clean up out of higher state taxes for states who get to spill into your air, water and soil.

            Slash and burn education and Cruella De Vos will make sure that religion is the ONLY thing taught in our schools. YOU pay for that when your kids are such dumbasses they can’t get jobs and you have to pay their way till you drop dead.

          23. Leftout April 23, 2017

            Trump is a business man and follows the laws written by the corrupt politicians who set up smoke screens so that the voters can not see what is going on .

            Education can be made
            Less Expensive by placing all courses on the internet w occasional seminars , automatic grading and eliminating expensive campi and buildings . I like girls volley ball though . Les.crois belong in church and beheadings belong in mosques , I agree.

          24. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            Trump is a thief. Come to NJ and say that. You’ll end up like him…a future cement girder for a bridge.

            Sorry but Trump is guilty of conflict of interest on so many levels. He is violating emolument laws by earning an income while he is a federal government EMPLOYEE.

            You don’t get to carry on business when you are President. You didn’t allow Obama or Clinton to do that but now you suck up to Trump and condone what you know is a violation of our conflict of interest laws?

            Every time he holds meetings down there at Mar-a-Lago, he is promoting it as a business resort while these meetings are paid for by we the taxpayers.

            Admit it. Trump is a thief. A liar and can’t win anything without cheating. If you need proof, ask the former mayor of NY City, Ed Koch or for that matter any union contractor Trump didn’t pay here in NJ.

            You are a moron. You support the ONLY US elected official who came into office with over 200 lawsuits in his lifetime and a money laundering fine. You wouldn’t let that happen with Obama would you?

          25. Leftout April 23, 2017

            Every politician is guilty of connflict of interest , they wrote the SOX anti conflict of interest law , but of course they are experts at conflicts of interest , the law that none of them obey .

          26. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            Education as proposed by Cruella De Vos is going to be southern Baptist conversionism. You cannot possibly teach everything done in a chemistry lab online. Nor can you teach microbiology in anything but a lab.

            The problem today is that corporations have overtaken education by infiltrating their corporate ideas into science, mathematics and athletics. It’s the reason tuitions at colleges are bankrupt our kids.

          27. Leftout April 23, 2017

            Southern baptist is better than losing your head over silly matters as being gay. Sciences are different; they are on a professional and higher technical level as compared reading assignments in social studies programs.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

          Trump has only a flood of show off executive orders that have yet to go before the Senate or House.

          As for the ACA, Trump will never get Senate votes and if it can’t pass the Senate, it won’t go to Trump for his signature.

          1. Leftout April 22, 2017

            Yes, Trump used executive orders for laws already in the books, no congressional action required thus far, he has to modify ACA to a system where everyone pays fairly . A beautiful example of an indigent system is the NYC hospital system , it is going into serious arrears . If the 500000 entitlement persons would at least pay $100. It would be barely solvent but manageable

          2. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            I’m what you call an “entitlement person.” For the past 44 years plus, I’ve paid SS and Medicare taxes out of every paycheck. How much have YOU paid?

            First of all, it is the people in Republican states whose governors NEVER set up state ACA agencies. These are the REAL entitlement people to which YOU refer.

            A great example is NC where you don’t have to have ANY healthcare insurance, walk into any NC hospital and the costs for your healthcare end up in MY Premiums, copays and deductibles.

            The NYC hospital system is anything but indigent. There are several NYC hospitals that rank in the Top 10 in the US for efficiency, achievement AND solvency.

            I am not going to pay another $1 toward lazy bums in Republican states who think it’s fine and dandy to get ALL of their healthcare needs in emergency rooms for sniffles.

            How much more do you freeloaders plan to squeeze out of those of us already paying for OUR healthcare insurance?

            You don’t pay for MINE. Why in the hell would I want to pay another $100 for YOURS?

            Another example of freeloaders.

          3. Leftout April 23, 2017

            SS , Medicare I have been Paying into since I was 16(SSN
            And Medicare since it was conceived , there fore a paid entitlement almost .not one NYC public hospital is above magical 70% utilization. If you have insurance you go elsewhere. Several are about to close to save the others …barely
            Your complaint w NC is valid. My formula makes everyone pay something , single pay …you still choose . No medical bank accounts or phony tax credits , NYC public hospital show that it is a non sustainable system .it was a nice try .

          4. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            So you are an “entitled person?”

            Sorry but before I retired in 2013, Aetna was forcing us to pay a $5,000 deductible out of pocket for hospital care. $40 copays to see a physician and $50 for a specialist.

            Not to mention the fact that each prescription drug was costing us $40 a pop.

            At the end of the year, my CPA figured out we as employees were paying nearly 35% of our annual incomes to healthcare insurance that was supposed to be “employer provided.” Sure..he got his healthcare at a discount because what Aetna didn’t get for his healthcare insurance, they took from employees.

            Sorry but you are a Big Insurance lover. I already have to pay for almost a half dozen types of insurance: house, auto, life, health, flood and dental.

            Too bad if you can’t live off your HMO insurance profits.

          5. Leftout April 23, 2017

            That is why you have Medicare. I am no lover of insurance and. I favor a one payer , paid into by everyone type system and it could be done , but again Aetna and same are corrupting the congress .

          6. Eleanore Whitaker April 23, 2017

            Single payer IS what Obama wanted. In March 2008, it was Mitch the Bitch McConnell who said publicly, “I know many HMOs.” Sure he does. He gets 80% of his campaign donations from HMOs who lobby him to continue to rip Americans off.

            As Canadians all say, “If healthcare is unaffordable, how good can it be?”

          7. Leftout April 23, 2017

            Obamas ACA St Liu leaves the same amount of people with healthcare that has to be subsidized by th tax payer , it is effectively as before ACA…..the workers are paying the freight and the leeches are voting w the democrats. 10 trillion dollars was spent over the past 9 years. Where is all of that benefit , not one band aid was bought .
            Follow the money, no accountability.

    2. Leftout April 22, 2017

      What is the basis of the sampling, his disapproval rating is always automatically 40% depending on the topic and the questionnaire of course.

      1. Independent1 April 22, 2017

        You’ll have to ask the right-wing biased Gallup polling organization about the basis. But given that Gallup was one of the polling organizations predicting a Romney landslide in 2012 – you can bet that the questions were put together to favor Trump. So the 40% is even a right-wing leaning number.

  3. Dapper Dan April 22, 2017

    LOSING should now become part of Trumps mantra. He’s no King Midas since everything he says or does turns to ???? Please by all means Mr. Trump please campaign for those Republicans in safe GOP districts. The Democrats would love to have your anti endorsement

    1. Leftout April 22, 2017

      Trump has successfully completed all of his objectives and will make ACA better as he is a socialist at heart on this point. The problem w ACA is that the “working” peoples are supporting an entitlement crowd that is unsustainable .

      1. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

        Surely you jest. Trump is only social because he is a Grifter. Sorry but you are wrong. The ACA works. Just not in Republican states where their Senators and House Reps all need HMO campaign donations.

        If you have to lobby to keep the sick and dying from ever being able to afford healthcare, what are YOU talking about?

        How good is any healthcare if no one can afford it? And just what is the TrumpCare plan? He has yet to elucidate the facts other than that the RyanCare wants anyone with cancer to be dropped from insurance plans due to existing conditions.

        Rich asses don’t EVER worry about the cost of healthcare. They are rich because it is unaffordable.

        1. Leftout April 22, 2017

          Trump was a single payer advocate at one time and so am I . One does not need middlemen insurance companies but only to administer the masses; corporations would be free of the costs HR benefit departments and these monies saved can be used instead to pay for a voucher system of your choice . Everyone must pay something no supplements through phony taxation schemes. The very very few indigents can be accommodated , I work in the system. There is much administrative and regulatory waste with no palpable benefit .

  4. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

    Look, once you see the “new” Republican strategy: Load up the GOP candidate rolls with a half dozen or more candidates, you see their idea is to dilute the total number of votes any Democrat can get. Isn’t that precisely how we ended up with Trump? A deluge of GOP candidates, nearly a dozen at the outset and when it came down to Rubio and Trump, Rubio’s voter data was confirmed by the FBI and CIA to have been hacked like the DNC’s.

    Yet, we still have Republicans all pretending that Putin wasn’t in sync with Trump. If it is true that Putin was desperate to make sure Hillary Clinton lost through armies of haters dredging up every distorted lie, why go after Rubio?

    And no matter what any right winger tries to say to the contrary, Rubio’s voter data was hacked. When the Senate investigation committee swore in Clinton Watts, a former FBI agent and Watts testified that the DNC voter data wasn’t the only party to be hacked, he then stated that Rubio’s campaign had also been hacked. Rubio’s face went stoney. It was clear he didn’t know. The expression on his face told him that he had been duped by his own party.

    Now, Ossoff is getting the same kind of dirty smear campaign tactics from the Republicans. Is this all they know to win an election? Taking a leaf from the Cheater in Chief’s strategy “Win by Cheating?”

  5. Leftout April 22, 2017

    The democrats , Hillary and Obama policies are still driving the elections, and the media is still falling into the trap as well. Trump is using the disgust of the American Middle to turn the tables as usual.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 22, 2017

      Wrong…Trump is cheating this country and committing acts of conflict of interest. Every time he hustles on down to Mar-a-Lago and invites foreign leaders there, you pay for that. Sorry but you are wrong.

      Trump is the ONLY U.S. President to enter office with a long history of illegalities that ended up in millions of dollars of fines and/or lawsuits.

      Trump has always managed to do what no other American, including Madoff and John Gotti, ever could, become elected to the presidency to get his Grifter mitts on the U.S. Treasury.

      1. Leftout April 22, 2017

        You are not correct , Trump has not been indicted for anything and is using Russian conspiracies etc and playing games with the press because they want to fall for these teases. The previous admin was had tapped into Trump as noted by Susan Rice ….These pranks are hilarious at worse., and have always fallen To Trumps advantage, ….so far.

    2. Independent1 April 22, 2017

      Are you really proud of Trump’s accomplishments in destroying even the environment THAT YOU have to live in? And do you really call all he’s done ACCOMPLISHMENTS??? OR BETTER YET, DESTRUCTIONS!!!

      Here’s something from Care2 that quantifies the destruction Trump is doing to our country and planet:

      10 Ways the Trump Administration is Waging War on the Planet

      1. Appoint Climate Change Deniers

      2. Repeal Stream Protection Rule

      I3. Slash Science Programs

      4. Defund The EPA

      5. Eliminate Public Safeguards

      6. Roll Back Pollution Standards

      7. Enable Coal To Pollute Freely

      8. Give Federal Projects a Free Pass to Harm the Planet

      9. Promote Big Oil By Approving Keystone XL Pipeline

      10. Approve the Use of Chlorpyrifos

      At the end of March, EPA chief Pruitt approved the use of chlorpyrifos. In one of his first official acts, Pruitt overruled the recommendation of his own agency’s scientists, based on a decade of meticulous research, to ban a pesticide shown to cause nerve damage, one that poses a clear risk to children, farmworkers and rural drinking water supplies. What’s terrifying is that the EPA will weigh in on many more pesticides and household chemicals over the next few months.

      Trump says he hasn’t yet decided whether of not to withdraw from the Paris agreement, (he’s probably too lazy to bother with all that paperwork), but it won’t matter if all that he has proposed becomes law. The good news is that across the U.S., people are resisting, and that includes scientists who are marching on Earth Day.


      1. Leftout April 22, 2017

        The current state of the planet is not one of Trumps doing. It is maybe getting warmer but the studies on this has been negated by some scandalous research from EPA agencies and others. There has to be a true blue ribbon panel to evaluate environmental changes instead of political EPA grants . I’ve been there . In medical research all you had to do is place “HIV” on your research proposal and you got a grant. Some environmental impact studies are definitely politically tainted. Pesticides and clean burning coal is a bit too cumbersome to discuss but all can be made safe and refined more .

        1. Independent1 April 22, 2017

          Just plain mumbo jumbo hogwash – all of it!! Climate change is real – we don’t need any panels to review anything. 97% of environmental scientists have proven without exception that global warming is man made!!! That determination had nothing to do with the EPA.

          1. Leftout April 23, 2017

            I agree there is a warming but what is causing it ? There have been a few bogus studies that brought suspicion. The EPA funds some strange work however.


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