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GOP Congressman: House ‘Probably Could’ Impeach Obama

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GOP Congressman: House ‘Probably Could’ Impeach Obama


The House of Representatives seems unable to pass much these days — popular legislation on immigration reform and ending workplace discrimination are still languishing without a vote, and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) would rather kill himself than join the 71 percent of Americans who support a federal minimum wage hike — but at least one idea could still bring the Republican majority together: impeaching President Obama.

That’s according to Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), who said Monday that a vote to impeach the president “probably could” pass the lower chamber.

“He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws, and ignoring the checks and balances,” Rep. Barletta said during an appearance on the Gary Sutton radio show. “The problem is, you know, what do you do? For those that say impeach him for breaking the laws or bypassing the laws. Could that pass in the House? It probably, it probably could. Is the majority the American people in favor of impeaching the president? I’m not sure.”

Audio of Barletta’s comments is below, via BuzzFeed:

Barletta is not the first House Republican to suggest that the GOP majority could impeach President Obama. In August, Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) told his constituents that “you could probably get the votes in the House of Representatives to do it,” although like Barletta he acknowledged that it would ultimately be a fruitless effort.

Several Republican senators, such as Tom Coburn (R-OK), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have also flirted with the “I-word” — but, given the Democratic majority in the Senate, their efforts would likely be laughed out of Congress.

Screenshot: Lou Barletta/YouTube

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Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Stuart June 17, 2014

    Well, what are you waiting for? Just do it.

    Or maybe Republicans don’t have the, uh — what’s the right “b” word? — backbone to get it done. They talk a good game but can’t play. They love wars as long as they don’t have to fight it themselves.

    1. HUNTERVIC June 18, 2014

      Note the absence of rich Republican’s sons and daughters in military service. Must be too busy at the country clubs.

      1. Dominick Vila June 19, 2014

        Serving the country would prevent them from riding fancy horses, enjoying the luxuries of their exclusive country clubs, sailing, Partying in Palma de Mallorca, or shopping in Paris, London, or Rome.

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          The only “serve” they learn is probably on the tennis court.

          1. Dominick Vila June 20, 2014

            …and playing video games at Dave & Buster.

      2. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        Roughly quoted, their lives “have a different path to follow.” Heard it in one form or another on college campuses for years. Still do.

        Hmm, so I guess that path is the “country club” path? What hardships and abuses the rich must shoulder. . . .

    2. Melinda Killie June 18, 2014

      LOLOL! The word you are looking for is “BALLS,” Stuart. You are “Right On Target” in your assessments of the situation, Sir.

      1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        Spot on, Melinda. It seems our “great minds” think out of the same gutter. 🙂

        Since you broached the subject this way, and I hope you do not mind, I was told a saying years ago about just this type of “guy.” All cock and no balls.” They are always bullying and blustering, but they could not fight their way out to the proverbial paper sack.

        Be well, have fun.

    3. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

      Like an old saying that I only bring out occasionally, . . . then I overuse. “All cock and no balls.” They strut and talk big, but beyond that facade there isn’t much. A large percentage of these jokers have always been duty shirkers and draft dodgers, anyway. They complain about government, yet, some of them would starve without their “care” packages from their sugar daddies.

  2. moelarryandjesus June 17, 2014

    With enough lube and effort we could probably jam fire hydrants up the asses of every Republican in Congress.
    Let’s get started.

  3. Lynda Groom June 17, 2014

    Perhaps first a copy of the Constitution should be given to all of these clowns. Be sure to underline in yellow crayon the portion covering the requirements for impeachment.

    1. moelarryandjesus June 17, 2014

      Even the ones who could read it wouldn’t understand it.

    2. kenndeb June 18, 2014

      Maybe it would be better if the Emperor would read and understand our constitution. You know the whole check and balance system that he continuously ignores. When a public servant forgets that he works for the people, and thinks he is above our laws, we have a tyrant that needs to be removed from our White House.

      1. Midway54 June 18, 2014

        Forgetting that he works for the people and sees himself as being above the law equates to ignoring checks and balances under the Constitutional structure? How did you form that rationale?

      2. S.J. Jolly June 18, 2014

        Obama is a tyrant, yes. Just ask all the Republican Senators and Representatives he has locked up in Get’mo. What, there aren’t any?

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          BUT, there should be. . . . 🙂

      3. ExRadioGuy15 June 18, 2014

        LMAO…your post is ridiculously funny…I don’t have the time and patience to refute your idiocy and propaganda. What you wrote is the smallest “Gish Gallop” I’ve ever seen or heard…

      4. stcroixcarp June 18, 2014

        You are a few years behind in this statement. Bush and Cheney were real criminals.

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          You have to allow for his being just a “little” slow.

      5. Justin Napolitano June 18, 2014

        Maybe you should read it, I have.

        1. kenndeb June 18, 2014

          Before the liberals took control of our school systems, the constitution was a required subject. So yeah, I have read it.

          1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

            My, what innovation. You managed to tell two exactly opposite lies in just one sentence. As the late Casey Stengel said, “amazing, simply amazing!

            That’s my kenndweeb, like Timex in reverse, he takes a kicking and keeps on licking.

      6. charleo1 June 18, 2014

        Wouldn’t it be better if first you read, and understood the definition of the word Emperor? Let’s start with that, and dispense with all the crazy talk. Because crazy talk leads
        to crazy actions, so let’s you guys deal with that. And we’ll
        hold the Country in tack, until you rediscover your sanity.
        How about we do that?

        1. kenndeb June 18, 2014

          An emperor (through Old French empereor from Latin imperator[1]) is a (male) monarch, usually the sovereign ruler of an empire or another type of imperial realm. Emperors are generally recognized to be of a higher honor and rank than kings.
          Our supposed POTUS seems to think he fits this description.

          1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

            Okay, so you “sort of” defined emperor. You still have an illusional conclusion . . . or more correctly, a delusional conclusion. You “seem” to think that Obama fits the description, based on absolutely no reality at all. Like I said, my mother has a clock that sounds just like you, but it only “speaks” just once an hour, on the hour, every hour. 🙂

            Help me out here. I want to ensure your future comfort by inspecting some of those FEMA camps. Can you give me directions to a couple?

          2. charleo1 June 20, 2014

            Well, you left out, Emperors are not elected. Kind of an important thing to include. Wouldn’t you think?
            See, this where all the nuttery, and not dealing with facts really starts to undermine your argument. Don’t
            want to be lightweight do you? Then, you must include the big undeniable facts like that, while still
            supporting your assertion, the POTUS is an Emperor.
            There’s a entire section of law built on precedent, that
            governs where the lines limiting the of power of the President are drawn. The thing about this line of thinking, conducted and ongoing now, for more than two hundred years by Judges, and studied experts on the Constitution. Is it makes such statements as Obama is acting like, or assuming you know the inner working of the President’s mind, “thinks he is an Emperor,” come off sounding like something a completely idiotic person would say, to other people he considered to be as big a know nothing as himself.
            Which, I assure you is not the case here.

        2. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          Oh, for shame, you expect that malfunctioning sack of wasted flesh to actually read and think. Oh, no, no, no. . . .

      7. Lynda Groom June 19, 2014

        What drivel. I see below in another reply that you claim to have read the Constitution. Perhaps, but did you grasp the meaning of the words?

        In order to impeach a sitting president you have to come up with something that matches that document. The president can be impeached for ‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.’ Please proceed to provide details that fit the requirement for impeached as outlined by the Consitution. Not approving of the way in which a president does he job is not grounds for impeachment. Tossing around idiotic comments like ‘he is above the law’ or he’s an Emperor are not making the case for impeachment.

        By all means, please flesh out what you believe is an impeachable offense from this president. Enquiring minds want to know.

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          We both know that Teabuggers “don’t need no stinkin’ law.”

          The problem with kenndweeb is, he claims Obama is an emperor, but old kenny is really just a knave himself.

        2. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

          Not to disturb your peace, but I notice that after more than two days, you still nave not gotten a reply. I am sure he is just off repeating the same lie in another blog.

          This insanity is going to have tragic consequences for our Republic if we fail to contain it. At least, it needs to be continually exposed, as you did so well, so the public can see what this madness truly is.

      8. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        HEY kenndweeb, I was wanting to ask, where are those FEMA camps you are always going on about. I mean this to be friendly. I was going to go to a couple of them and check out the accommodations. I want to be sure that your comfort will be provided for and that you will not be too discommoded there. ROTFL!

    3. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

      Lynda, you know the Teabuggers only wave the Constitution around in everyone’s faces. Do you mean for them to actually read it, and we both know, in the unlikely event that they did, they would not understand what it really says. In their version of the Constitution, as in their version of “Life, the Universe, and Everything,” it just says what they want it to at any given moment of time. The way they see it, any law that prevents them from committing “heinous crimes” themselves, is unacceptably oppressive.

  4. Daniel Jones June 17, 2014


    1. Melinda Killie June 18, 2014


      1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        Maybe, we could suggest a National Memo blog topic, or a contest for the best “slowgun” for the Rumpbuggercon party. Wouldn’t the right-wacko trolls be writhing and frothing at the mouth over that one!

  5. charleo1 June 17, 2014

    I think Republican Congressman LillyLiver is correct. The Republican majority House could undoubtedly impeach President Obama. After all the threshold being a simple majority, and the indictment dependent upon this, “High Crimes, and Misdemeanors,” phrase. Which has all, or most all of the, “High Crimes,” various House member go around constantly accusing President Obama of having committed all the time. “Misuse of authority.” “Failure to act on a direct order from Congress.” “Dereliction of duty,” “Being a Black man doing a White man’s job.” Or, as they often put it, “Being a dictator.” “Attempting to destroy the Country. “Or, Stealing money from it’s rightful owners, (the rich) and redistributing it,” and so on. I would say to these blowhard cowards, in the words of Eastman’s Dirty Harry, “Are you feeling lucky punks?” “Go ahead, make my day!” And just once, give your T-Baggin’ Obama hating, impeachment crazy, Yahoos, what they elected you to guberment to do in the first place. You practically ran on it! So, what’s stopping you, Yellow-bellies? A simple majority is all it takes. Says so right thar in that Constitution. Can’t convict Obama in the Senate. Is that it? BS! Never stopped you on Obamacare. They said, “Shutter Down!!!” And keep the Gov. shut down, till Obama, and Reid agree to end the tyranny of Communist type healthcare. And you caved. Well, here’s a chance you gutless selves, can redeem what little credibility you’ve got left in the eyes of those that put you on the gov. dole to end the gov. period, before election time. Two words, Tinker Bells, tick-tock. Time’s a wastin’

    1. Dominick Vila June 18, 2014

      When it comes to dereliction of duty, the first thing that comes to mind is W’s decision to delegate responsibility to attend the daily national security briefings. Had he performed his duties, he may have been able to take steps to, at least, give a semblance of duty and responsibility. Instead, he became an integral part of the circumstances that resulted in the worst foreign terrorist attack in U.S. history…on U.S. soil!

      1. charleo1 June 18, 2014

        You bring up an issue with George W. I have spent a fair
        amount of time considering. And without being derisive of Bush the man. It’s fairly obvious to me, the job completely overwhelmed him. As Americans, we like to think of our Presidents as quite often being the smartest person in the room. Whether they are with their National Security team, the heads of the military, or discussing economic matters with learned economists, or tax policy with members of Congress. Or forming the vital foreign policy doctrine of the most militarily powerful Country. We like to believe they understand the concepts, and the generalities, if not the specifics involved. What Herman Cain I think was trying to get at, with his strange, “Uz-beckie, Beckie, Beckie-stan,” comment. However, George only understood what he had been told to believe. Told to believe by the Right Wing TX. Christian Fundamentalists he had gotten deeply involved with. Probably to deal with his alcoholism. And the supply side economics, fed to Reagan, decades earlier, as he worked with, GE. Was then, passed down to a rudderless W. as they groomed him for the Presidency, in TX. These backers, and political insiders had no illusions about what they were getting with Bush. But unlike Reagan, who did, I think disappoint this faction in some respects. W. never did. I first started to get this impression, when George, and First Lady, Laura, sat down with Brian Williams for their first in depth interview since becoming President. Williams ask Bush, how the job was going. Bush’s answer sounded more like the response one might get, asking a 5 year old, how he liked his new candy store. “It’s fun,” Bush replied. Mentioning Air Force One, the great food, and the comfortable living conditions, at the White House. “I’m having a ball,” he said. With the more level headed Laura, wincing just a little, with her, well that’s George expression she would need to use a lot over the next eight years. This was all before 9/11, of course. Before ’43 learned what being President of the United States was really all about. But, already he was closing control of his Administration. I think the terrorist attacks frightened Bush to the core. and he turned to his surrogate parent/Vice President, to help him navigate the new, and uncharted landscape. America has been fortunate throughout our history we haven’t had more figurehead Presidents, is my opinion. As big money special interests have dominated our politics on, and off, throughout many periods in our past. But none quite like George W. Bush. Then, the job itself, has never been more difficult, more demanding, and nearly impossible, as frequently, as it has become in the modern era. And with the rate at which huge sums of money are gushing into the political process today. It seems very unlikely it would be that long, before the’ve groomed the next Bush, and have him/her up for the people’s serious consideration.

        1. rkief June 19, 2014

          You give Dubya too much credit for being a disinterested and overwhelmed dolt. I agree that the description fits, but he knew exactly what he had to do to benefit his oligarchic chronies.

          1. charleo1 June 19, 2014

            I understand what you’re saying, and it’s 100%
            true. My point was not exonerate Bush, but only to point out, he was the perfect dolt for far smarter people. Then, it does beg the question is his culpability less as an aider, and abetter, than that of the planners, and instigators? The law would say yes, and back up your contention. Especially since
            his position was one of ultimate responsibility. No
            question. But was Bush sold a bill of goods? Did he
            ultimately trust Cheney, and Rumsfeld, too much? And thereby, not realize the ramifications, and risks of the actions he was ordering be taken? I think with Bush, more than any other President I know of, there is a lot of evidence, that he did not. That he
            actually thought Saddam had WMDs, and that we’d
            be liberating a Country, not trading one religious
            sect, and putting the other in charge? And that the
            two would never work together? That Iraq was not
            what he thought, a real Country. But arbitrary lines
            drawn on a map, encompassing people that align
            themselves in terms of their religion, and their tribes? He did seem to figure all this out later. But only after it all started blowing up, did he started asking questions Because the only people he was listening to, never told him these things might happen. He was their dupe. I do think he realizes this now, by the way.

          2. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

            As bad as another Repub can be, if Bush had at least listened to daddyo, he would probably have been fine.

          3. charleo1 June 20, 2014

            “The moral of the story is to serve with honor and our governor has served with honor,” the former president said. Speaking of Daddyo:

            You may remember this incident. This was a statement made by Bush 41, speaking to the FL. Legislature in Tallahassee about younger Son Jeb, on, 12/5/06. Before breaking down into a remarkable jag of uncontrollable, shoulder heaving sobbing. The old Patriarch just fell apart. Maybe just old age. As he explained himself at the time. But, I did wonder exactly which of his Sons he was thinking of. As his eldest had just lost Congress that Nov. over a war he had almost assuredly advised him against. And in the process, had wrecked his Presidency, his Party, and also most likely ended any viable future political aspirations of Jeb. So, W.’s relationship with his Father was complicated. And I don’t believe there’s any doubt he brought a lot of that personal baggage right along with him into the office. At some point, it had become paramount to the Son, to do something successful on his own. After all the F ups, Laura almost left him over his drinking at one point, 41 had threatened to sever relations, after he roared in one evening drunk, and ran his car into his Father’s house. The unavoidable fact with W. was becoming evident. Even with every advantage in the world available to him to be successful, he had managed to turn to everything he touched to crap. However, after getting religion, and stopping drinking, and drugs. A fairly respectable two terms as TX Governor, then following his Father’s footsteps into the White House, Daddyo’s fears of a screw up Son sullying the Bush Family name seemed to be put to rest in a glorious, history making fashion, until Iraq. When once again, George Jr.s capacity to turn gold into toxic waste, had this time came through on a grand scale! So I gotta tell you. If I were the Old Man, George Herbert Walker Bush, wealthy Son of the Hon. Senator Prescott Bush, charged with above all else protecting the integrity, (as he saw it,) of the family name for posterity… I would have been sobbing like baby too!

          4. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            You may think of me as incredibly stupid, but I still remember a line from one of Daddyo’s speeches. I actually use it daily as a reminder of what my overall philosophy is. Admittedly, that sounds strange, but the phrase this Republican used was, ” . . . a kinder, gentler nation.” I realize that we probably do not understand that phrase the same way, but just the concept of what he said has stayed with me. Unfortunately, the Teanderthals want to turn this nation into Hell on Earth. They are just too dumb to realize that they will eventually perish too. (Repub . . .spelled correctly for the first time in months, out of respect.)

            Just a little background for this post. While I know that Daddyo, like most all of our modern day Presidents, had his speeches written for him. Or at least most. It was still up to him to deliver the speech, and more importantly, to edit for content to get the message he wished to convey. So regardless of the spin our lying trolls, like my pal angelstinker, will try put on this, it is obvious that the statement was honest and willfull when it was made. Of course, the trolls will probably say I misheard. 🙂

          5. charleo1 June 22, 2014

            Well, this is the GOP that used to be. Remember,
            “A thousand points of light?” That’s the Party I think many Americans who consider themselves Middle Right Conservatives believe still exists. And, I don’t know when it’s going to become apparent to these people, that their Party is no longer Center Right, and is no longer even close to the same Party, ideologically, as it was 10 years ago, but they will. To my thinking, the GOP started to become reckless in this way, when they decided after the Civil Rights Bill was passed ’64, and signed by LBJ. Then Goldwater lost, running on a very hard Right Conservative platform. Even as the Southern Democrats sat home in huge numbers that cycle. So it was determined to essentially dissolve the Party of Lincoln. In order to include those disaffected Southerners by espousing beliefs, and policies that were discriminatory, embraced the ideas of the Old Confederacy, and were by their very nature, morally averse to the strong legacy left to them by probably America’s greatest President. I truly believe they sealed their Party’s fate, by the politically expedient decision, that brought them the Nixon Presidency, sure. But look the costs they are paying now. One cost that will bury them is their deteriorating political situation with respect to demographics today. How much better off would the true Party of Lincoln be today, advocating for immigration reform, instead of being too divided on the issue to even address it? How much better would be their position of protecting the Civil Rights of minorities, and advocating for inclusiveness. Than being a 98% White Party, who have aligned themselves with some of the most extreme, and racially, and socially intolerant factions imaginable. To whom they are now attached ball and chain fashion. And I just don’t see how they get from where they have allowed themselves to drift, back into a mainstream position. But perceptions built over decades change slowly. Because, unlike myself, people are not political junkies. They have real lives. (Ha) But, it’s coming, and the politicos inside the GOP see it, and, I think are scared to death over it. And yet, the drift to the fringe continues. And like I said, I predict it’s only a matter of time, until all of America comes to see the new GOP. And they are not going to support it. I’m aware it sounds over the top, and like partisan hackery. But the Party has nearly become Fascist, it’s sad to say, on some of it’s most extreme positions. And that’s not gong to fly. Not in the mainstream, not with big elections, with big turnouts.

          6. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

            I would split the difference between both of your views, both are correct as I see it. Bush definitely knew who he was really serving, but I think that he wasis never enough of his own man to figure out how to do anything else. So, as long as he kept THEM happy, THEY let him stay fat and sassy. On after thought, as long as Bush gave the oligarchs what they wanted, there was an advantage to letting him stay a “disinterested and overwhelmed dolt.” Keeping out of the way, kept him from “queering the deal.”

          7. charleo1 June 20, 2014

            Exactly! The statement has been made, that at every cabinet meeting leading up to the invasion, there would be disagreements between Colin Powell, and Cheney. With Rumsfeld, and Cheney, old pals, that go way back, sticking together. And Dick Cheney was, as related by Powell to his Chief of Staff, Larry Wilkerson, would always be the last person in the room. And it was Cheney’s advise that would prevail on all matters. Bush, I believe did come to see later, too late as it turned out. That Cheney had betrayed what Bush regarded as a trusted friendship. We see the evidence of the fractured relationship, at Bush’s refusal to fully pardon Scooter Libby of his felony. Thereby allowing Libby to regain his law license. A small thing, that in the midst of the rubble that was his Presidency, at that point, would have cost Bush nothing. Still he refused. An interesting part of the buildup, was the covert little operation Cheney was conducting in the basement of the White House, unbeknowest to his President. To manufacture his own information for the case for war, when the regular intelligence apparatus was unable to produce the slam dunk, he, [Cheney} demanded. And was finally able to browbeat out of CIA Chief George Tenent. As you probably know, Cheney’s operation involved an Iraqi ex pat named Chalibi, who really wanted the bush Administration to appoint him to the job they eventually gave to Maliki. Or another Iraqi, an ex- pat, former son-in-law of Saddam code named, “Curve Ball,” who was telling Cheney’s operation everything they wanted to hear, because he wanted permeant legal status to remain in the U.S. for obvious reasons (He got his Green card) And lives near Denver, last account.) This is where a great deal of Powell’s presentation to the UN came from. On the supposed mobil labs, the weapons inspections couldn’t find. All this was reported as fact to a trusting President. Himself, unfailingly, incurious, and disinterested in the details. A trait that had been a contributing factor to his many previous business failings. And permeated his tenure as President. The fact being, if you’re an ideologue, thinking is optional. And it’s not hard to grasp what the oligarchs are after. Essentially everything. The harm this sorry episode has done to the credibility, and reputation of our Country, is deplorable enough. But the thing that makes all this immeasurably worse, is these people that perpetrated
            this deed upon the Country have not been held to account, or sadly not even, adequately, discredited.
            And the same formula that brought a dullard George W. Bush to the highest office, is still in place. There are a ton of rich Sons, or Daughters of Pols who’s
            political careers are respectable enough, and who’s
            National name recognition makes their children, by no
            other qualification, attractive candidates to groom, and put into high office. The formula is a simple one.
            Find the kid. Makes sure he/she’s a real non thinker,
            heavily promote, and repeat as necessary.

          8. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I think you have it all in a nutshell. So, after reading what you have written, my tiny brain has come to realize why I have so much difficulty hating “W.” He may be incompetent, and he may be lazy, and he may be stupid, but he was neither mean nor evil. That was all Dickie C. and cronies. Bush thought naively that he was in good company of people that loved America and would do right, and advise him rightly, and would be faithful and supportive of him. He was truly, very naive. I agree, when he finally got that inkling that all was definitely not right, it was far, far too late.

            And no, a lot that you have said, I am very familiar with, but you have given me a wealth of new information that I had not been fully conversant with. Seems as bad as it was, it was even worse than I knew. But that, after all the trash that makes this blog the pits sometimes, is why I still come here.

        2. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          Considering Bush, the desk in the Oval Office was smarter.

          I like the bit about Reagan’s tenure at GE. Mysteriously, Saint Ronnie went from being a “New Deal” Democrat to being a righteous ass. He gave lectures on the evils of Socialism at all the GE plants. He did this on a continuing circuit. Kurt Vonnegut was an engineer for GE at the time, and said something to the effect that he never heard Reagan speak, therefore he “remained a Socialist.”

          My take on Reagan’s perversion, er, eh, conversion, was his career was completely dead by the beginning of the 1950’s. He was able to garner and keep the Presidency of the Screen Actors Guild, i.e. the actor’s union, all the while he played scab and spied on his members for the McCarthy-ites. I think Charlton Heston’s “change” was very similar, except that his scabby behavior helped his career to continue to rise.

          Scary in some ways. Reagan was really a failed actor that turned to politics, IMHO, to begin a new career in politics because he was not good enough to be an actor. Definitely not a positve statement on some of the individuals that would govern us.

          One day at work, I work for the government by the way, an elected official made a remark to me, actually a question, “what is the only job that has no professional requirements, no background check, no educational requirements, needs no experience, and has no actual workplace rules?”
          . . . 🙂

    2. Melinda Killie June 18, 2014

      Dang it, Charleyo, couldn’t have stated it better myself. These whining, desperate repubs have been panting with baited breath to impeach Obama. Up to now, they didn’t have the balls to attempt it and I am not sure that they have the balls now, Go ahead and try it, repub assholes. See where it gets you. I can pretty much bet that it WOULD be the LAST dang nail in your political coffins with the American people for a LOOONG ass time to come.. You have been whining about impeaching Obama from the beginning. Now, either put your money where your mouth is, or FINALLY… Shut The Hell Up! It’s your call and your grave markers we are talking about here. Either way you go, you lose. If you decide NOT to try to impeach, your party members will think you are a party of pussies.. If you DO decide to try to impeach, the American people will crucify your dumb, repub asses for YEARS to come… Yup, Charleyo., I am ALSO gonna borrow that Eastwood quote and throw it RIGHT in the faces of the dumb ass republican/ tea party idiot party…
      “DO you feel lucky, Punk? Gp ahead and make MY day.”

      1. S.J. Jolly June 18, 2014

        If the Republicans DO decide to try impeaching Obama, after all the speechifying and posturing, when it came time to put their cards on the table, they would have nothing. And all the Birthers would start screaming, “Show us the real evidence!” In short, a PR disaster with both the American public and the Republican radicals.

      2. charleo1 June 18, 2014

        That’s about it, isn’t it? Put up, or shut up. Of course they’ll never shut up. And they’ll never bring impeachment charges against Obama, either. As only two Presidents have ever been impeached. (Johnson, Lincoln’s Vice, and Bill Clinton.) Both subsequently found not guilty of the charges by the Senate. The electoral drubbing the GOP took after the sham Clinton trials were broadcast to the Country. I’m betting, they are not likely to be coming back for some more of that.

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          The scary part is . . . are we sure they are that smart? More importantly, are they that mentally stable? Using the Dirty Harry example again, I am thinking of the second “do you feel lucky punk” challenge that he directed at Andy Robinson (the kidnapper that had the little boy). Of course, I am pretty sure the ending will be just about as spectacular, however, are we really sure the Thugs are that grounded in reality?

          As always, it’s informative, AND fun to read your posts.

          1. charleo1 June 20, 2014

            You know, I hate to be so all nasty partisan, and compare them a bunch of cock-roaches. In deference to cock roach lovers. But, impeachment proceedings would shine a huge white hot light on the all the, “stuff,” going on inside the completely dysfunctional GOP. Of which I think most Americans are completely, or almost completely, unaware. I do believe Americans sometimes hear the nuttery on occasion, it’s hard to miss. But, overall I think the Republican Party is continued to be viewed as basically the same Party most middled aged, and middle classed voters grew up with. Most of them
            being White, socially privileged, and feel as though they probably need to hold onto that status a bit tighter in a struggling economy. And they see the GOP as being more on their side in this. A false
            perception, but one the GOP plays up to the hilt. Knowing perception can be made into reality at the
            ballot box, easier than anywhere, except Fox News.
            However, a Nationally televised impeachment proceeding would electrify the Democrats, and blow up these pre-conceived notions of the Party for who could tell for how long?

          2. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Once, I was in our library when a Korean gentleman came in. The Librarian that I was speaking with immediately attended to him. His request? Books on cockroaches. The Librarian said, “I don’t think we have much on getting rid of cockroaches.” To which this gentleman quickly replied, “no, no, I do not want to kill them. I want to find out about them and want will make them happy.” Turns out this guy had tried all sorts of methods to get them out of his apartment. Every attempt to get rid of them had failed. So, what he wanted was information to make his household AND the cockroaches, “live in peace and harmony.” That is why I mentioned “Korean,” as I think his Buddhism made him see a spiritual possibility in his plan. I had to admire him for the attempt.

            BUT, I STILL HATE COCKROACHES. And, I am mostly talking about the ones that walk around on TWO LEGS, 🙂

          3. charleo1 June 22, 2014

            That’s a funny story. First, it’s curious this fellow believed his roaches to be unhappy. Korean food’s a little spicy, but my experience with roaches is they are really not all that picky, right? There’s a lesson in there, for the religiously inclined. It involves the reason their Creator gave them one kind of brain, and the cockroach another. And how one of these creatures is using his, and the other is turning to his religion, so he don’t need to. Something I wish the militant Christian Right, in this Country would realize. That their religious leaders are not leading them to think for themselves either. Or they would know, the cock-roaches they’re trying to make happy, will soon have their apartment. And they’ll be on the street.

          4. Russell Byrd June 22, 2014

            You turned that around into something I never even intended . . . AND I LOVED EVERY WORD! You are so right, and I wish they really would see the truth.

            I have always thought that these far right-wing religious nut-jobs are really the worst. They hate just about everyone, though they vehemently deny. They have a real angst with welfare, etc., but love Kochroaches (Yeah, they ARE the topic, right?), and cannot see that scheming, and manipulating, and robbing the public and their own workers, is wrong. It’s black letter damnation in my Book. Then they believe John3:16, which basically can be construed to say, FREE ride to Heaven regardless of the crimes you have committed. How is it that they can get a free pass by saying a few magic words? Do they earn their place? I know there are Christians out there that are decent, charitable, and hard working people, but there are far too many like I have just described.

            Believe it or not, I chose to be one of those when I was a child. The neighbors went to a Baptist Church, so I became one. As I grew older, I saw the evil that was in too many of those people. Of course, I did not have a strong “support” system at home to force feed me on sh*t pablum. That’s pureed sh*t, by the way. 🙂 If my father had any faith he lost it during WW2. He saw repeatedly what the good Germans had done. My mother stills believes, I think, but she has seen so much evil, and had so much trauma in her life, and family, that she has never expressed much about her beliefs. I think, she knows that if He is really there, He does not give a damn about us, literally. For myself, I am a weak kneed atheist. I have never gotten completely over my misplaced beliefs, and I have a lingering yearn that God is really there and will get in a little “lightning bolt” practice on this filth. But, I know it is not going to happen.

            By the way, I have no idea how our Korean friend made out in the end. Maybe, the roaches decided to eat “in,” and have a little Korean for dinner. . . .

          5. charleo1 June 22, 2014

            Here’s one of my favorite, “Church Stories.” Perhaps you’ve read it. If not enjoy! By the way, I grew up in Springfield Mo. Buckle of the Bible Belt. And still mostly insufferable. http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20098413,00.html

          6. charleo1 June 24, 2014

            Here’s one of my favorite, “Church Stories.” Perhaps you’ve read it. If not enjoy! By the way, I grew up in Springfield Mo. Buckle of the Bible Belt. And still mostly insufferable.http://www.people.com/people/a

      3. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        The low-life Rumpbuggercons are just blustering like most and garden variety impotent bully. They want to impress everyone with their power and importance, and their abilities (that they do not possess). Yet, the scary part is, just like in Dirty Harry, you cannot predict when they will say “I’s gots to know,” and go off the deep end with their insanity. That was the line spoken by Eastwood’s good friend Albert [?} Popwell as whether Eastwood’s gun still had a bullet left.

    3. elw June 18, 2014

      Here, Here!

    4. ExRadioGuy15 June 18, 2014

      (Standing ovation with thunderous clapping in response to charleo1)

      1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        I will rise for that occasion as well!

    5. Annemb June 18, 2014

      I don’t remember hearing these jerks clamor for GW Bush’s blood for the lies he deliberately told Congress, the American people, England!

      1. rkief June 19, 2014

        Exactly! Iraq-Gate, Afghan-Gate and Tax-Break-Gate together (and, even by themselves) did more damage to this nation – and were far more impeachable – than were Watergate, Monica-Gate, and any of the Republicans’ imaginary Obama-Gate. And Trickle-down-Gate is right up there too, though it’s effects were slower in being recognized.

        1. Annemb June 19, 2014

          Thanks so much for your very articulate post! You put it all there in a nutshell, but highly explosive in truth!


          1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

            Now, it is a shame we can’t slide that “highly explosive truth” under a few Teabuggers that could “benefit” from it.

          2. Annemb June 20, 2014

            Great idea!

        2. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

          This is kind of late to bring up, but a lot of people did not know that the reason Jimmy Carter did so bad at his debate with Reagan, was Saint Ronnie had all of Carter’s pre-rehearsed answers days before the event. Reagan got them ala Watergate, and the media knew all about it. It was reported by the press, but an analysis that I read at that time, opined that the news media was feeling a little guilty about their treatment of Nixon. I think a lot had to do with Nixon being secretive, unpersonable, etc., while Saint Ronnie was Mr. Handsome savior of the Repub brand. I think a lot of it was the media did not have the nerve to start up another Watergate scandal.

          My point is simple. Reagan’s emergence on the national scene was accompanied by the typical right-wing dirty deeds. He won the election by thievery, and spent the next eight years continuing to thieve from “we the people” and plan for future generations of thievery.

          As well, scandals like Iran-Contra proved we did not have a liberal media. It seemed to prove we did not have a neutral media as well. That was a case of the criminals deciding what evidence could be used against them. The media really didn’t respond as you would expect from protectors of “truth, justice, and the American way.”

      2. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        In fact, they are proud of their lies, and the murders they got, and can, get away with, and all the evil gains that flow therefrom. Like their refusal of the ACA, for instance.

        1. Annemb June 20, 2014

          The saddest part is that many proudly claim to be “Christians.” I wonder if they’d last in a theocracy …

          1. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Not very likely. I think they would still have there hands in the air thanking and beseeching God, while their even more “blessed” brethren were soaking them down in gasoline for a “purifying” soul saving experience.

          2. Annemb June 20, 2014

            You make a good point.

    6. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

      I would rather not see it happen, but it might actually be a positive benefit if the GrOPe were to impeach Obama, They would have to at least make their case for the impeachment. All the no substance accusations would have to come out and be seen for exactly what they were. The bill of impeachment would go to the Senate, where it would evaporate ilike steam from Chernobyl. Any passingly intelligent and fair citizen will see, once again, what the Rumpbuggercons are really made of. (I will refrain from vulgarity tonight and not mention that substance.) They might also feel a little angst over the 30-40 million that those thugs will have to waste to get this legislative malfunction to the Senate for trial. It will explode in their faces. The only people, including most Repubs, that will be drooling over this madness will be the Teabags. And aren’t they part of that 17% of the citizenry that Mitt said were the winning majority? Did I miss understand Mitt’s arythmatick? So, anyone with any integrity and sense will care not one bit. Well, I do twist the truth every now and then. Yet definitely, no one with a brain will think anything was accomplished.

      1. rkief June 22, 2014

        Interesting thought! Possibly, the light of exposure will send the GOP Princes of Darkness scurrying back into their holes – but I wouldn’t count on the American electorate making any sense of such proceedings, whatever the result.

  6. HUNTERVIC June 18, 2014


    The a–hole Republicans should concentrate their energies on producing a viable candidate for the 2016 election. Notice that they haven’t done very well with their selections in 2008 and 2012.

    1. kenndeb June 18, 2014

      November 2014 midterm elections will unfortunately give the republicans both chambers of congress. It will be a first step in regaining control of our country. The next step would be to weed out the RINOs

      1. Melinda Killie June 18, 2014

        Good luck with that, fool… We will be RIGHT behind ya, laughing at your pathetic repub efforts ALL THE WAY… LOLOLOLOL!!

      2. Allan Richardson June 18, 2014

        Even in that case, it will not give them the TWO THIRDS of the Senators they need to make the impeachment a success. And the show of putting on a trial will only make the President’s party MORE popular. That’s why I don’t expect them to try it THIS year while they are up for re-election. But I hope they will. Come on, punks, do you feel lucky today?

    2. dawn shafer simmons June 18, 2014

      face it a-hole both elections were rigged

      1. Kansan June 18, 2014

        How could you possibly come to that conclusion?

        Oh, here’s the explanation:

        dawn shafer simmons • 7 months ago
        I only watch FOX.. have not watched a ‘prime network’ since before obummer was elected the first time..

        1. Melinda Killie June 18, 2014

          Yup, Kansan, THAT WOULD explain a LOT about dawn shafer simmons… You couldn’t prove rigging before, dawn, and you STILL use that whine now. Get over it and yourself, dawn. You lost. AND you will lose again in the elections to come….

      2. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

        Yes, the 2000 and 2004 elections were both rigged. The 2000 election was proven conclusively to have been rigged, but appeal is impossible with a Supreme Court majority that is bent on violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution, rather than follow the law.

  7. CherMoe June 18, 2014

    They might open a whole new can of worms there, because then we can go after Bush & Cheney for their war crimes. They were never “pardoned” so I think it can be done. There are plenty of judges on the Supreme Court who could be impeached, as well as many Republicans who should be removed from office.

  8. Dominick Vila June 18, 2014

    Since when is a single terrorist attack against an abandoned U.S. consulate an impeachable offense? Since when is an IRS decision to investigate fraudulent requests for tax exemptions submitted by right wing organizations an impeachable offense? Since when is a DOJ sting operation an impeachable offense? Our Republican cousins would be well advised to research what constitutes an impeachable offense, and should try to remember who was in charge when we dealt with Iran (Iran-Contra), who pulled out our troops from Lebanon after more than 200 U.S. Marines were slaughtered. Who was in charge when the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history took place on 9/11/01. And who used deceit and sacrificed the lives of more than 4,500 young Americans in the pursuit of political and economic goals that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

    1. elw June 18, 2014

      Since when is cheating on your wife an impeachable offense? Since when does logic or critical thinking come into anything this current batch of Republicans do or say. They are pathetic.

      1. angelsinca June 19, 2014

        It’s not the act of cheating. It’s the perjury. If democrats were half as smart as they claim to be, we wouldn’t have half the controversies we are faced with.

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          Hey everyone, we have a criminal in our midst. 🙂
          A really stupid criminal that has not got the good sense to troll on someone elses patch.

        2. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

          GEEZ, from a proven perjurer. You would know, wouldn’t you, dirtbag.

          The problem with your LIES and (anti)LOGIC, is we are going to have controversies simply because you can just make them up.

    2. angelsinca June 19, 2014

      The ‘attack’ on the consulate was never an offense. Steering investigations with political criteria is an offense. It’s a little late to throw a veil of impeachment on a dead president. High body counts don’t discount releasing terrorists back into the wild. It’s kind of hard to hide behind present immigration non-policy with this week’s despicable use of children for political gain.

      1. Dominick Vila June 19, 2014

        Suggesting that the target of continuous investigations and claims about the Benghazi tragedy was “steered” by the man that was maligned is almost comical.
        The large body counts occurred on 9/11/01, and during the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath, not since President Obama was inaugurated.
        He decided to trade five thugs for one American because the life of one American is worth more than five radicals. FYI, trading prisoners and a variety of concessions are neither unprecedented nor a subject of criticism. It is now because of who negotiated the exchange, not because anything unusual happened.
        President Obama is not dead, physically or metaphorically. I do recognize, however, that if the GOP has full control of Congress after November, his ability to govern will be compromised and his agenda will come to a screeching halt. For all intents and purposes, he will become a figure head, which I suspect is what you meant.

        1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

          I guess most everyone here may hate me all the more, but I am going to run this one into the ground. As well, I really have contacted the “proper authorities.”

          Our “angel” falsely represented an FBI document as evidenceof his filing a complaint against me for threatening his life. Of course, if he really did file the complaint, he might actually be the one investigated as he would have filed a false, frivolous complaint. Of course, if he had filed, the FBI probably flushed the complaint as soon as they read it. Spat in internet blog amongst posters with no evidence attached, etc.

          BUT, there’s a fun part, and I have retained a copy of the document and conversation to back it up.
          Angelstinky “filed” on Tuesday, April 22,
          2014. BUT he received his answer on “Monday, April 21, 2014 8:13 AM” (quoted from the document.).

          Man, our FBI is sure good. They have the manpower and smarts to answer a frivolous complaint the day before it was made! WOW!

        2. angelsinca June 20, 2014

          Clear disconnects on every point.

          The Behghazi tragedy was not steered. Investigations to reveal the truth were confronted with everything except the truth. All efforts to reveal the truth have been detoured, minimalized and ridiculed as personal assault. it Would be nice to just have the plain truth without the posturing.

          Again, you use body counts during Bush to cheerlead for Obama. Morbid basis.

          One terrorist thug has the capacity to kill a lot more Americans than the one that was traded. Not a very good trade. We should feel less safe now.

          You used Reagan to make your point about impeachment. Obama was not the subject, of course he isn’t a dead president.

          Already paving the way with excuses for an anticipated lame duck?. You’ve made the claim repeatedly that he hasn’t been able to govern due to a Bush legacy or Republican obstructionism or racist tendencies. You don’t need a fresh excuse for the last 2 ½ years. Maybe he just isn’t able to govern. Or, his agenda isn’t what people want.

          1. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Oh my, a threat of death against a sitting president. I’m tattling! FBI, NSA, CIA, TSA, HELP!!!!!!!! We have a killer on the loose. Arggh! TREASON!!!!

            If I made a complaint on just what I have said, it would be more valid than the nonsense you claimed to have done. BS is BS, dirtbag.

            You are probably going over for a factual crime you committed. One that both of us know is true, and that any moron can prove. Regardless of what you want to claim, I am a lot smarter than that.

            Is this some kind of parting shot before they put the cuffs on? One last gasp at the bucket of horse shit that comes dribbling out of your mouth with each post? Why? I have always been intrigued to know.

            You “uttered” an instrument, stinkboy. It may not catch up with you immediately, but it is not going away.

          2. Dominick Vila June 20, 2014

            Yes, it would be nice to have an objective investigation that gets to the bottom of who was really behind the Benghazi tragedy, rather than why was the administration unable to save the lives of four Americans. Unfortunately, that is not the focus of all the investigations that have taken place.
            I have never said President Obama has been unable to govern, I have said that his ability to govern has been affected by Republican obstructionism and witch hunts. Let’s face it, if he hadn’t governed during the last 5 years you wouldn’t have anything to complain about, other than claiming a do nothing government, which is the opposite to what the GOP is saying.

      2. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

        Isn’t that an old song that Joe Cocker sang about you. “Still crazy, after all these years.” Hmm, well, maybe not, but you still are . . . . crazy.

        Hey everybody, angelstinker “claimed” to have filed a report with the FBI on me because as he sees it, I am always threatening him with bodily harm. Of course, the reason why he has not been locked up for filing a false report is simple. He did not file any report. Especially, since he has no evidence on which to file, except that I disturb his sick, sick, sick forms of entertainment.

        Yet, what he DID do was falsely represent an FBI document as evidence of his filing. The Federal Code says that is good for FIVE YEARS. Yet, he is too CRAZY, STUPID, and downright MEAN to refrain from his nonsense.

        The trick here folks, and I have a copy of the document if anyone wants to see it, is angelstinky “filed” on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. BUT he received his answer on “Monday, April 21, 2014 8:13 AM” (quoted from the document.).

        Man, our FBI is sure good. They have the manpower and smarts to answer a frivolous complaint the day before it was made! WOW!

  9. Grannysmovin June 18, 2014

    Why are the standards for impeachment different for this President than for Bush/Chaney? Was Iran Contra an impeachable offense? Exactly what grounds are they going to impeach him on? That he issued executive orders, that he finally got a backbone and refused to bend to the hostage taking by the Republicans? The only law that he may have broken was by not notifying Congress 30 days prior to the prisoner exchange. If they get control of the Senate than they will impeach him, but I believe that will do more damage to the divide that already exists in this Country. This President has been treated differently from any other President in History. What other President has had to deal with a opposing party made up of extremists who do not believe in compromise.
    Chuck Todd has said that the latest poll shows that America has lost all confidence for this President to lead, domestically and on foreign policy. I am confused…. America did not want him to intervene in Syria with military action – Congress said no and he did not, America did not want us to intervene in Ukraine with military action and he did not, America supported the talks with Iran and America wanted us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and don’t want us to return, originally the majority of Americans favored bring home Bergdahl and now the latest polls say we lost confidence in his policies. This man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t —
    WHY? Who are they having participate in these polls.

    1. Dominick Vila June 19, 2014

      Some Republicans want to start impeachment proceedings, regardless of the basis for such action, not because he has done anything wrong, but because of his successes and what President Obama represents to so many of their constituents.

      1. angelsinca June 21, 2014

        And what exactly does he represent to conservatives, Mr Vila? We can’t wait for you tell us what we think. After that, you can continue to tell us what we want. Then, please do follow that up with what we need.

    2. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

      Iran Contra was not only impeachable, but wouldshould have resulted in mandatory life sentences at minimum for our “Sainted” president and his principal minion. They survived by “executive privilege.” Or in other words, they made it illegal to discuss the crimes and then destroyed the evidence. What more could a criminal have to ask for?

  10. howa4x June 18, 2014

    Impeachment would be the end of future majorities in the house and would amount to a republican coup since they can’t win it at the ballot box. Also the Greedy Oil Party would face charges of racism since this is the 1st Afro American president. Plus they get Biden who would be nicely placed to challenge any GOP contender. He is not like Obama and would fight the GP to the death and not afraid to tell the truth. All in All this would be the biggest blunder since the house impeached Clinton, Obama’s popularity would shoot up since those sitting on the sidelines would rally around him. Also it would spur Afro American voter drives which would hurt the south the most. I would like to see them put their money where their mouth is

    1. joe schmo June 19, 2014

      There is such a thing known as ‘lame duck.’

  11. Eleanore Whitaker June 18, 2014

    The House GOP will not be in the majority come November 2014. If they dare go ahead with an impeachment, they will prove they do not under Constitutional law accept the will of the people. In effect, an impeachment on their terms of this president, like that of Clinton, shows how desperate they really are for government takeover. When you remove the right of the electorate to elect by majority vote. In effect, it’s the GOP who may be proving they are willing to violate the Constitution and too obviously prove their conflict of interest in their sell out of this government to their rich boy cronies.

    1. kenndeb June 18, 2014

      ” In effect, it’s the GOP who may be proving they are willing to violate the Constitution .”
      Our Emperor has thumbed his nose at our constitution and our laws from the very moment he was instilled as leader by the liberals.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 18, 2014

        Your grossly insecure need to demean this president is your pathetic need to keep whatever remains of your own low self-esteem. So..You want ammo for your claims? Try YOUR Emporer who shoved 50% of the Exxon Valdez 23 year old fine on taxpayers..Big Oil Bush Your Emperor did that. And how about the little swaggering, drawling, Stars and Bars Emperor Bush’s WMD lies and then throwing some “Italian informant” he claimed “misinformed ” him under a bus? That was also YOUR Emperor “Mission Accomplished” when it had only just begun a decade of endless wars. You are a pathetic little worm. Now crawl back in your slimy hole. No one cares that you hate America, the President and yourself most of all.

        1. kenndeb June 18, 2014

          Typical liberal response. My self esteem is just fine. I just wonder how you liberals can continue to support a tyrant that is destroying our country. Doesn’t it bother you that the Emperor looks at our laws and constitution as only suggestions for him? I dislike both parties, as both are made up of mostly career politicians that only care about keeping their cush jobs. What we need to do is remove all of them, starting with the illegal alien we have in our White House, and work our way down through the ranks. Term limits are in order. We need people that wuill remember that they work for the people of the US, and they are not rulers. The Emperor and his regime think they rule, and act as such.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker June 18, 2014

            Just because your feeble brain produces a single thought doesn’t mean it’s certifiably sane. Liberals are not the ones sequestering, threatening shut down or Draconian budgets that freeloaders in red states lap up while those in blue states get stiffed and have to support you while you collect phony SSDI and live on your parents’ SS. Term limits are only in order so YOU YOU YOU bullies of the right can choose the president YOU YOU YOU want. Pull another tantrum little man. Your tantrums are worthy of McBrat of the Year Oscar. NO..You can’t override majority rule in elections. NO you can’t create your own version of the Constitution..Now..do be a good little boi and tell McMommy to change your Pampers. Obama IS the president and will be. And when his term is over, Joi Boi Genius you still won’t have another nut job GOP president..No one is that stupid. Nor do we want to retire at 100 years old so you Joi Bois can retire at age 40. Get your lazy ass busy and get a life.

          2. angelsinca June 18, 2014

            When you taunt Republicans with the likelihood of another Democrat president, as though you are trying slap them in the face with something you think will infuriate them, you are only swatting at flies with a tissue.

            At this point, ANY candidate will look good compared to 16 years of society fracking that hasn’t produced much of anything but a nation grossly divided on most fronts.

          3. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.”
            — George Orwell

            Remember Rome fell……. They got too decadent too.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 19, 2014

            I choose to taunt Republicans, sugar plum. I was one for 33 years. I know more about the GOP male domination party than you ever will.

            What some younger women in this country better face up to and very soon is that their freedoms are being dominated by male superiority complexes and bloated male egos. This IS the Republican party. This is why I changed parties in 2004. All that swaggering and drawling BS while the sneaky, underhanded and all too high handed cowboys ran the country into the ground was my last straw that broke the camel’s back. If you can possibly see any difference in GOP bulls who take their marching orders like the Little Corporate Johnny Jump Ups they are, do let us in on it. All I see is a bunch of knuckleheaded twerps who can’t put their own pants on without assistance from their “higher power” with billions to show them how.

            If your idea of a future for yourself and your kids is to play 2nd fiddle because you are a woman, that’s too pathetic. Every single GOP bull today is a clone of the rest. Cruz, Issa, Inofhe, Cantor, Ryan, Walker..all little bois pulling tantrums to get their way. Smart women learn not to put on blinders when men act like little bois. They smack them with pristine common sense upside their moronic heads.

          5. angelsinca June 19, 2014

            Thanks but my family is fine with its conservative values, where the gender lines aren’t redrawn to emasculate the boys and hang balls on the girls. We are a team, equal in most regards, respectful of each other’s differences, and mutually supportive for our collective goals. It’s a called family. It worlks for us. If you ever find what works for you, please don’t feel compelled to force it on me. We’re good.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker June 19, 2014

            “Your” family is fine? Wow..How narcissistic do you CONS plan to get? In case you missed it Little Girl..your conservative values are bankrupting the rest of the Middle Class. You got yours so to hell with the rest of the country right? You aren’t a team. You are freeloaders who love to have your taxes cut to the marrow so we can make up what you don’t pay. You aren’t mutually supportive of your collective goals…collective goals don’t stay in a family unit only. You right wing Conservatives all think that the Bill of Rights is a joke, equal pay for equal work is going to steal another dime out of your offshore untaxed bank accounts. And while you’re at it toots, can that “intellectual doublespeak” the right and CONs are so good at. I know what works for me…not having to pay taxes you get to write off in bulk. Not having to work my ass off so you can play Little Magnolia Belle. Get your ass out of bed at 5 AM like the rest of us up north do and stop depending on that MRS degree for an identity. Big Daddy always finds arm candy when those wrinkles start to show on little Magnolia Belle’s face. Your post shows that all CONS care about is themselves. To bad you live in a society..an island would be a better place for all of you to congregate.

          7. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Angelstinker recently climbed all over me about the fact that he DOES NOT have a minority in the family. How do we reason with such magnificence deceit. Oh yeah, he declares that he is also a Christian, though that is only on a part-time basis.

          8. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Russell Byrdshit – so horrible to see you spreading your lies again. I wouldn’t climb on you if it was the only dry spot on the planet. You don’t deserve happiness or peace. Flames won’t even want you. Spread your lies and hate on your yourself, chump.

          9. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Again, you posted the evidence yourself. You are just such an idiotic evil self-entitled bully you cannot fathom why it could not possibly work. Damn you, fuck-head, I am a better man than you in every department three times over. Your kind is so stupid you even believe your own lies.

            Like I said, does your son’s prison have some extra room. Maybe, you can be bunk mates so you can butt fuck him some more.

          10. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            You should definitely seek medical treatment for your many phobias. You are either going to get hurt, or hurt some innocent person yourself. I notice that you are one absolute piece of cowardly shit, because you always wait to 2AM to start your nonsense. Why can’t you learn to comport yourself like an human being. You certainly are no Chritian of any kind. As well, you are bullying, slandering, and continuing to push your actual, legally punishable crime at 2 A.M. on the morning of your Sabbath. What a fucking, useless, evil liar you are!

          11. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Don’t you get it, i will always be able to find you because you are committed to being a criminal. I want to read the blog, and rarely, I will post on topic. You don’t even read the articles. You will never learn anything in your life. Of course, as an ignorant, Tea-butt-bugger-con, you think you know all.

            And again, you committed a very real crime, and you cannot get the fact that your anonymity is going to end very soon. What amazes me is your commitment to evil, lies, and stupidity.

          12. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            That’s it. Lawyer up, asshole.

          13. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Truthfully, we both know there is absolutely no reason for me to disturb my lawyer, unless I were to inquire about action addressing your extortion.

            At this time, that is in the hands of law enforcement, therefore, I have no reason to get civilly involved

          14. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I am not going to get involved in a civil suit until after law enforcement has finished their investigations.

            We both know you have no case, that all the “abuse” I give you is only because of the ABUSE you commit in this blog.

            No angelstinker, then no more “abuse.” Simple cure that your lawyer, if he is worth his salt, will tell you up front.

          15. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            You started these problems, and you have been doing them for years. Your “lawyer” will take one look at the case, that is if you do not lie to him, and he will tell you it is not worth one thin dime.

          16. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            We both know that you are making another threat against me. We both SHOULD know that if you think you have absolutely nothing to put forward as a case.

            I rarely, if ever, followed you around the entire internet harassing you. Yet, AND I HAVE THE EMAILS TO PROVE IT, you would start picking at me even after I was totally absent for 2-3 months.

          17. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Legally, you would not have much of a case even if I was posting to you personally. BUT, as you post in this blog, and as you spend your time “educating,” i.e. harassing, in these “minor liberal blogs,” and you want to “shut down conversation,” then I think any suit you even try to file will result in your own incarceration. The quoted words are verbatim out of your own mouth, and have been documented and logged.

            Face it, you can go somewhere else and play, and i certainly will not bother you. You come here because as lovers of the First Amendment, these blogs do not aggressively censor.

            And, if you did not once again understand the significance of “shut down conversation.” your own words by the way, then you should understand that destroying the protected First Amendment rights of other people will get you in a Federal civil rights lawsuit.

            Of course, Mr. Homeless, we all know that you do not really have a pot to piss in or a BASEMENT window to throw it out of.

            You are just a mean, evil old c*cks*cker that hates the world, and is just waiting for another freebie handout. Disgusting

          18. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Call that “lawyer,” give him a good laugh. If he did exist, he might get the message that these conversations would end, contingent on you leaving these good people alone, OR by just curbing your aggressive in your face lying designed to do the evil that I have reminded you repeatedly that you claimed to want to do.

          19. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            NO need to. What are you going to do, get Legal Aid? I guess your boy knows some good jailhouse lawyers, but I don’t think the courts will see them as a real legal representative.

          20. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            As I said, no need to. the most unfortunate outcome for me would be to sue you, and then get absolutely nothing because you are only getting one of those pensions that you despise other people getting.

          21. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Did minimum wage go up in LA? Are you getting more hours down at Mac’s House? Maybe, when it gets to $10.10 an hour, you will be worth suing.

            Bwahahahahahaha! Naw!

          22. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            You just don’t get that I am serious. I always have been, but I do have a real life, unlike yourself. I mean everything I say. Just laying off me for 49 hours does not get you a pass for years of bad behaviour. I want you gone, and I have always gotten anything I set my mind too.

            I even offered you an easy, face saving out, and you just have to keep showing your ass.

          23. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I don’t need a lawyer, and as you have a negative net worth, I have no incentive to sue you, . . . at this time. Hey, I have won every exchange we have ever been engaged in. Why should I worry.

            You see, you are an unwelcome troll in these blogs. As for myself, I only come to a couple of these blogs, you would have the whole world to show your ass in if you pleased.

            Of course, we both know you come here because of a LACK of any censorship, though you are always whining about YOUR freedoms being curtailed. Yet, you come here to do just that to other people.

          24. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            You know asshole, I would give you my address, except you not only have no intentions of actually following through, you are also a very dangerous criminal.

            I could propose that we devise a plan where we can get each others names and addresses. How about we work on that?

          25. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Want to exchange names and addresses? We can figure out a way. Maybe, send the information to a trusted third party.

            Then we can get the “ball” rolling.

            I am willing to do so, but we both know that I am not going to sue someone thousands of miles away that is as penniless as you.

            But, I do make exceptions some times.

          26. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Did you think making your profile private would protect you. You are a fucking criminal that is EASY to find. You will always be where you are not welcome and fucking with an innocent poster. I on the other hand had to make my profile private because of your harassment. BUT, it works great for me, because I am not a troll. If you stay away from these “minor liberal blogs,” you would never find me. I only troll TROLLS, that be you c-o-c-k-s-u-c-k-e-r.

          27. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            If you showed any minimal respect for anyone with an opposing view, especially those that want nothing to do with a self-loathing closet fag like you, then WE would never had had any issues. BUT, I have watched you bully in these blogs for years. And I do care about people, where an evil Hell bound piece of bait like you, HATES everyone. My sin is I only hate shit like you, because you hate everyone else.

            What is even more laughable, you could go anywhere else you like and would likely never meet me again. I just don’t want your vicious, evil ass anywhere near me, or anywhere I go.

          28. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            If you don’t want ‘me’ anywhere around ‘you’, then just stop spamming on my posts and harassing me, dumb ass. You still don’t get it, do you?. You are either mentally ill , in which get case get help. Or, you are the dumbest mother fucker alive. How do you eat without chewing on your fingers?

          29. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            As always, you only take a couple of words out of context in order to formulate your NEXT LIE.

            I do not want you near me.
            I do not troll the group.
            I do not harass the other posters.
            By the “TOC” and the blogs charter, I am the one this blog was designed for.
            You come here to spread lies and distortion, and harass the decent posters with such. Again, and again, and again, ad nauseum.

            If you want that precious peace, you are the one that needs to go.

            Do you hear anyone complaining about me.
            The most friendly posters approve of me.
            If you disagree, WHO tells you that you are such a welcome poster?
            Who have I run off?
            I can go on, but after you are gone, the blog will be much more peaceful with one less troll.

            How do you like these apples, spamboy?

          30. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            As far as landing on me, GOOD, go away and drown Mother Fucker. That is the problem, you HAVE to dump your shit on other people.

            I have never threatened your life in any form or fashion. Once again, that is the criminal in you conducting a perversion so that you can frighten me into letting you have your way. On the other hand, I mean to make it plain that if you choked on your own filthy evil shit, I would not give a damn.

            The problem is, I actually have to be afraid of your, and I actually have to have done something wrong. Your silly little bully games don’t work on me, shitdick. I am immune to your lies.

          31. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I noticed something about you that speaks volumes. You say YOU will not climb on me. Which tells me that you would not avail yourself of taking advantage of my help.

            I say, I would not piss on you if you were on fire. In other words, I would withhold my help. You won’t get it, I’m sure, but for you, the entire world, and me and everyone else, are only here for your benefit. I ask how will it affect us. You always ask, how can they benefit me. That horrendous defect is exactly why you have a son in jail. You taught him that the well-being of others, their thoughts, their hopes, their wishes, as well as traits like decency and truth, do NOT MATTER. Everything is about what you can get from someone else for nothing. YOU are the ultimate, useless welfare case. AMEN!

          32. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Hate, yes.

            Lies, no.

            Mouth off all you want, you can’t hurt me one damn bit with your lying shit.

            Retired from your own business, but then you are homeless, PRICELESS. Of course, the first part was probably a lie.

            Minority family member, then no minority family member.

            Good law abiding Christian that is really a criminal that derides Christians.

            You NEVER tell the truth.

          33. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Only TRUTH has been spread. So weep, if you will, the truth is unassailable.

          34. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Yes, my family is fine. From your cliche-riddled rant, it seem you have problem with that. This is YOUR problem, not mine. I’m not sure what drove you to become a bitter old hag that is unable to tolerate the peace and happiness of others, but peace to you.

            I work 50-60 hours a week. My spouse works more than 50 as retirement nears. We are both up before sunrise. We go to church, as do our 3 adult children. One of them is limited in where he can attend but he has God in his heart now, to replace the hate he would have otherwise from the circumstances that resulted in his incarceration. We pray for him daily He struggles but has peace.

            We both work hard, respect our God, and hope people like you can also find the strength to overcome life’s harsh realities long enough to realize some happiness too. Taking your misery out on me or others is not a worthwhile pursuit. Not for you or those you chastise for the things that haunt you.

            As you use your energy to make others unhappy, so will that darkness flow back at you. Hope you find what you need.

          35. Eleanore Whitaker June 21, 2014

            Get off the PIty Pot Tootsie…Your family may be fine..You are just one more of those Middle Aged Perimenopausals with no ability to see what some of us have already lived. Cliche? Is that how you view your future too?

            I worked 1 full-time and 2 part time jobs for over 4 decades. Do keep up little girl and stop with the whining. I raised 2 children, paid off a mortgage and have earned my right to cut women like you down to size. I’m a freelance writer, formerly own 2 small businesses and I am now retired..Don’t tell another woman who has made it what to do. Just because you have an MRS degree, doesn’t mean you have your own identity. Try going it alone and see how fast you’ll mouth off at someone who’s been there and done that.

            By the way..got any idea how long your “family” unit will hang around? A woman who feeds on self-pity isn’t exactly fun to be around for very long.

          36. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Not wallowing in pity. We are fine. I am fine. Get over it. It makes sense a bitter someone like you is ‘going it alone’. You REALLY don’t know what you are talking about. Check your gender meter.

          37. Eleanore Whitaker June 21, 2014

            Now now…a woman who must defend herself is not one who has much of a foundation that’s secure of “fine.” I know exactly what I’m talking about. But do keep up you childishly coy banter and ideas of grandeur..Another Perimenopausal about to start her hot flashes, night sweats and all without a single shred of help from her MRS degree. My gender meter is so far above yours, your posts all sound like Cindy Lou Who with the cutesy little (and very phony) testament to your youth. Uh-huh…you’re such a tough lady that without your “family” unit…you can’t make it on your own. That and only that is the sign of an independent woman with an identity all her own. Grow up Sugar Plum.

          38. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            Independence is just another term for doesn’t-play-well-with-others. At least you seem to be amusing yourself with vitriolic wit and determined nastiness. Your hateful nature and personal insults are now boring. Peace to you.

          39. Eleanore Whitaker June 23, 2014

            So angelsinca lives in a country that is based on Independence from old King George of England and thinks it’s means “doesn’t play well with others?” You need professional help Toots. Your inability to control others is sociopathic. A person who so loathes “independence” in others is a person who is psychotic enough to be displaying all the red flags every society and civilization of the world has and does recognize as your inherent need to have the last word so you can control everyone but yourself. Look inward dirtbag…Pay your fair share of taxes before you open that fat yap and try taking over like a mini dicktator. The USA is now and always will be Independent..whether right wing control freaks like you like it or not. Crawl back under you rock. You won’t change the very reason the Founding Fathers broke with England…people like you who feel a gross insecurity that breeds hateful contempt and a need to try and make others as miserable as you are. Seek help sociopath.

          40. angelsinca June 25, 2014

            your inherent need to have the last word so you can control everyone but yourself


          41. Eleanore Whitaker June 25, 2014

            The problem with the Twerpie Generation is they were all raised in Daycare. They hunger for attention in the most abjective obsessive way. Hogging the spotlight just like these twerps did in Daycare, fighting for attention among dozens of other now Middle Aged Mcbrats McMommy and McDaddy dumped off in Daycare like sacks of potatoes. So those who didn’t get enough attention in Daycare moved on to anger that they still can’t be the center of attention. Of course, the only way McMommy and McDaddy could salvage poor parenting of their sacks of potato heads was to make sure no one ever told them when they are wrong. Today’s CONs prove this. CONS hate being proven wrong. They hate being wrong and hate anything that makes them appear wrong. Sociopathic much?

          42. angelsinca June 26, 2014

            “…your inherent need to have the last word …”

          43. Russell Byrd June 26, 2014

            Like I have said before, regardless of how much you squirm, the trail of stench you leave behind makes you easy to follow.

            I am reporting you to Memo again. Does that make me a rat, well you pick:

            A. I could not care the “rat’s” ass.

            B: I am just doing a citizen’s duty to report a criminal at large.

            I don’t care either way.

          44. Russell Byrd June 26, 2014

            Lots of laughs my ass. That quote is quite true and is leading to your eventual banning from Memo and MJ, and likely, your loss of all posting privileges.

            Wail and squirm, froth at the mouth. I am completely bullet proof to your nonsensical shit.

          45. Russell Byrd August 27, 2014

            The resemblance that angelstinker has to a certain Kentucky blogger is striking. That one claimed to have worked for the State Police. He did, but not as a uniformed officer. He was very much the hateful sissy, and really hated just about everyone. I stress, I do mean everyone.

            The guy was in a gay “marriage” at the time. Which was illegal in Kentucky at the time. And his spouse was some sort of Hispanic businessman. So, as unlikely as it might be, angelstink seems very similar to this individual.

            What is so cruel, is angelstink, and the individual that I have described, seem equally sociopathic and willing to argue any point that they view as upsetting to as many people as possible.

          46. Russell Byrd August 27, 2014

            I hate to bring this up at such a late date, but about the time of your post, angelstinker told me that he had been homeless six months before. Though, I am certain that he had an incarcerated son, he did not mention any other family. I did ask him about it, but all I got was his invite to his pity-party.

            Even better, he has claimed that he is in an interracial marriage, and his “spouse and family” are firmly on his side. Therefore, he claims he cannot be a racist.

            But get this, I made a passing remark to him about that interracial marriage, and our angelstinker went off in a tirade of angry abusive posts. He claimed that he had never been in an interracial marriage.

          47. Eleanore Whitaker August 28, 2014

            I think on many threads today, we must all read them with a hugely discerning eye. Some of these posters think we don’t receive emails with replies to various threads they post in.

            Decent Americans know that we must lead by example. If we all act in concert to bash government and the president, what are we exhibiting to the outside world? That, like ISIS, we hate our country? That like foreign terrorists, we want to dismantle the very foundation of our government? To what end? To allow those who preach “free market” to impose the worst and most fraudulent business on citizens and taxpayers?

            Anyone who knows me knows I don’t tolerate bigotry from my own family, much less incorporate racists into the world I live in. I also am a died in the wool patriot of the US. I owe that much in payment for the enormous freedoms being American grants.

            In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “a government of the people, for the people, by the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

            This, from a Republican president who spilled rivers of blood to preserve our nation’s democracy.

          48. Russell Byrd August 28, 2014

            Very well said, Eleanore. It is a shame that the Republicans did not follow the wisdom and decency of their inaugural president. How much greater might we have been today.

          49. Russell Byrd August 27, 2014

            Something else just occurred to me while after I wrote my other post. Angelstench claimed to have been homeless and irate when his “interracial marriage” was brought up. In over forty adult years of experience, that usually means he got thrown out of his house by the “spouse.” Maybe he beat “her.” He has the mentality of that sort.

          50. Russell Byrd August 27, 2014

            Oddly, in one of our last conversations, you became irate when I mentioned your interracial marriage. You denied ever having said it.

            May you continue to worship your chosen god of hate, Satan, and may you all burn in Hell where you belong. You have worked to earn it.

            I post to you because it seems in the next few days, we will know who you really are. You have done too much damage and ticked off too many people. They are tired of you.

          51. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Man, you have one sick family with your fantasies of girl’s with balls, and castrated boys. Sick, sick, sick.

            By the way, what is a criminal like you doing here?

            Your situation is deteriorating, though you think you got another free pass.

            Really, I have been told to avoid you, but as I pointed out, you are too stupid to cover your tracks. How could you anyway, with the trail of nonsense you leave behind.

          52. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Yes, you should avoid harassing me Byrd. My situation is fine, despite your repeated futile effort to ensure otherwise.. You, on the other hand continue to spiral in that cesspool you call reality. Get help, sick fucker. Take the advice of your co-conspirators and back off..

          53. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Your situation is deteriorating, the complaints are pending. Admittedly, I have not gotten all the complaints out yet, but I try to do one everyday. So, you keep bluffing even after you convicted yourself.

            Is being that stupid painful?

          54. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Avoid harassing you? Actually, I should just wait for the results of the investigation. No more, no less.

            As for harassment, that actually is the wrong term. That is what you do. You come here to harass. I come here to resist you. You can have a completely free pass from me any time you so desire.

            Don’t you get it.unlike myself, your private profile is useless. All I have to do is just come here and look, but you will not find me harassing the other posters.

          55. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Like your spin about everyone hating me. You were looking in the mirror creep.

            About me running off posters. EVERYONE knows THAT is you. So why tell a stupid lie that I am totally immune to?

            You need mental health assistance. I advise you to use your ACA policy. ROTFL! You are too evil stupid to have one, right?

          56. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Co-conspirators? You mean LEO’s? FBI? You would be funny except for the fact that you are pathetic and stupid.

          57. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Simple, you harass to destroy this media business. There may not be any statute to punish that crime, but it is not any less a crime.

            You harass to destroy the First Amendment rights of other citizens in a blog that you treat with utter disdain. Er, eh, “a minor liberal blog.” You have no ability to deny that you came to just have friendly conversation. There is no conspiracy, you are just a criminal continuing your crime spree.

          58. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Like I said, you are easy to find. You are always trolling where you don’t belong.

          59. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Co-conspirators? Teeheehee. I guess you have been fucking with so many people that now everyone is sniping at your paranoid ass. GOOD!

            Between the two of us, I do not need any help. I have taken psych tests for employment purposes, and if anything, I am just a little too remorseful. I have a conscience. You don’t.

            You still don’t get that you cannot falsely use government documents for purposes of extortion. Well, it’s your ass, not mine. As well, we both know you never filed a complaint. If you had, you would probably have already gone over for wasting FBI time and resources, and filing a false report.

          60. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            You still don’t get that you cannot falsely use government documents for purposes of extortion”

            First of all I have presented repeated requests to you, in writing on this and other blogs, to stop harassing me and my family, and that you stop bullying me and others into leaving sites because you demand so. Yet, you continue your creepy campaign of unwanted bullying and harassment with threats and lies.

            Now pay attention to this, Byrd. I told you that if you continued to harass and threaten me, I would file a report with the authorities. You continued your shit. You were warned, I filed the report. This is not extortion, shit-for-brains. I received a reply from the FBI and provided a copy of that redacted email for all to read. In all your idiocy, you deny the validity of that email. Whatever. You have chosen to feed your paranoia and general distrust by not accepting the truth.

            Second, I invite anyone to prove that any government document was falsely used by me for any purpose. As you continue this twisted mission of yours, be advised you will be compelled to compensate my family in the form of punitive damages awarded by a jury that finds you guilty of knowingly causing pain and suffering with your continuing false accusations and threats,

          61. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            These interesting lies are being reported as I type. They will be added to the complaint.

            The quote is PERFECTLY correct. You show your disdain for the law and the rights of others by using it in that way.

            Your requests have no validity, as long as you are willing to constantly harass this blog, the posters, and me, as well.

            Your family has never be harassed, and you are only harassed by your own actions.

          62. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Thank you for the continued, obvious, provable LIES. I harass NO ONE. I have made no one leave. THAT IS YOUR MODUS OPERANDI.

          63. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            You filed no report. Confirmed! So you lie.

          64. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            If you had filed a report, it would have been actionable against you. No threats have ever been made. That is just your EVIL misconstruing of conversations that either did not involve you, or addressed your bullying behavior.

          65. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            The only “creep” here is you. I do not need to sniff around everyone’s ass like you do. CREEP.

          66. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            I can easily prove by your own lies that you used a Federal document to harass and threaten me. A document that you RECEIVED before you filed the report. Hey, dipshit, I could do the same thing if I were a crazy criminal ass. I do not need to, being right sets me up just fine.

          67. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            That report was never filed. WHY do you LIE so much? WHY do you think I care to hear a rehash of an argument that you were proven to have LIED about repeatedly. Of what value is it to you?

          68. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            You received nothing from the FBI. YOU MADE IT UP. I KNOW, and you know as well, but you keep trying to refight that lost battle. Seriously, do you think that the FBI would waste time anyway, to come protect an anonymous internet troll that is up to his neck BY HIS OWN ACTIONS.

          69. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Nothing in that email was redacted. Nothing. Just more of your LIES.

            Why do you do this. I will never quit, and you just make it sweeter to escalate this to a real criminal case. You did misuse a FBI document.

          70. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            What you claim to be an important reply, is nothing more than a “chain letter” reply. A reply, I might add, that is being used by you in violation of Federal law, to threaten me.

          71. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Is it the Vodka, idiot?

          72. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Nimrod, you POSTED the document in a public forum. Not only that, but I have a copy, and I am not the only person to have one.

            Why do you do this? Your denial is totally bizarre.

            I have no paranoia or distrust, except of those that wish to cause harm. In this case, that is you.

          73. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            SUE ME, dickhead! Because, I am going to sue you as soon as we get the address and name that you go by.

            See what rewards a criminal harasser is entitled to. Here, we call that the “Gray Bar Motel.”

          74. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            No one is going to award you a cent for willfully causing all of this problem. You are silly if you think you are the only one here that has Constitutional rights. Of course, the conclusion would be that you are silly.

          75. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            I will never be required to compensate you at all.

            WHY do you keep LYING and bringing your family into this? They are not the problem, except in how you misuse them for evil purposes.

            So, sue me. We both know that you do not “have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of.”

          76. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            So, sue me. We both know that you do not “have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of.”

          77. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            My accusations are true, and therefore cannot be threats.

          78. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            If you had indeed filed a report. It would have been false and a waste of FBI time.

            I already know you did not file it. So why don’t you quit all the pretending and posturing?

          79. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            File all the false reports you like. The more, the merrier.

            All you ever had to do to end this was treat other people with respect. Why do you think that other people have no rights. Of course, that is why you hate so much and are such a racist. Anyone you do not like does not have rights!

          80. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            The only person that I have ever demanded to leave a site is you. Even then, all I asked you to do was treat others with a little respect.

            You are the one that demands others cease posting.


            I have no fear that this can be proved. The evidence is right here in the blog.

          81. Russell Byrd August 27, 2014

            I like that you are still around. As for the proof that you claimed to want, I have it. I have the document copy that YOU PROVIDED.

          82. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            Avoiding you? Can’t read, can you. But, as I have noted, you are totally wrapped up in your invincibility and importance. You have neither. The fact that you are still free does not prove anything. I just brought that up because it would be better to just remain quiet and allow you to build up even more evidence against yourself.

          83. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I have met your kind many times, and to this day i do not understand your kind. I have to just lump you all in the category of sociopaths. You have no empathy for your fellow man. Your fellow humans are insignificant to you. You are only about you, and only about you and your overworked ego. 🙂

            Once again, when you say I need help, you are being a typical Teashit. You threaten with empty lies. You slander me, because you are a sociopath. I tell you to get help, AND I can even name your disease.

          84. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I will give you one warning. If action by Memo, MJ, and law enforcement is not coming, it will be because of the convoluted laws, or lack thereof, governing the internet. If that occurs, then a clear message will also have been sent that I can do anything I please. Uh, ever hear of “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?” If that occurs, I will spend all of my discretionary time giving you my personal attention, in every manner and with every tool I have at my disposal. I am nearly drooling over the prospect. I wish in a way, that I had not filed a complaint against you. So much easier to not have to go through a formal process, and I would get to see your discomfiture first hand. Think about how much fun WE will have. You troll the minor liberal blogs, and I troll YOU full-time. Sounds like a plan.

          85. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Threats documented, Thanks for that, dumb shit.

          86. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            I hope you have documented everything that will lead to your eventual bankruptcy and incarceration.

            If I could trust you to actually document everything, then I would just sit back and relax. Yet, since you are just a load of hot stench coming off a putrid shit pile, then no one, including me, can believe anything you say.

            Again, you are the unwelcome one here. I belong here by the very charter of the group. The “terms of service” you break repeatedly every time you arrive.

            If you go away for good, then you will have total peace from me.

          87. angelsinca June 23, 2014

            As you casually threaten me with incarceration and continuing harrassment unless i leave, I rightfully document this as unwanted harassment.

            Every time Russell Byrd bullyies another person to leave ‘his’ blog, it reminds the world that McCarthyism is alive and well in America

            Please do describe the ‘charter of the group’. Is it really the unwarranted bashing of all conservatives? Do you finally admit to it?

            And, please explain in detail exactly what terms of service I break ‘everytime I arrive’.

          88. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Tonight’s little bit of shit was started ENTIRELY by you. AS was last night”s. In FACT, that is the entire point of my replying to you to begin with. YOU HAVE BEEN HARASSING BLOGGERS HERE FOR YEARS. A statement of fact that you have provided all the necessary evidence to prove. Duh!

          89. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            Is it Vodka? You obviously are one of the most harassing, yet
            consistently stupid liars I have ever had the displeasure to get a whiff
            of.Please do document ALL of this, as it will prove useful to me. Once
            again, I will point out that I DO document everything, and that you
            cannot even come up with an original idea to tell LIES about

          90. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            The terms of service you break are as follows, and have been explained to you many, many times.

            You do not appear to read the articles so you understand what the topic is about, but you immediately lay into other posters about how wrong they are.

            You post off-topic constantly.

            You post statements that are defaming, which is not only out of bounds, but you do not even give evidence to suggest you are truthful.

            You use constant, repetitious LOW quality counter remarks to bully bloggers.

            You LIE constantly and knowingly and willfully.

            You make false statements of rights, while denying that other bloggers have the same that you do.

            Any normal, open mind would conclude that you come here only to disrupt and bully, and deny the fundamental First Amendment right to the users of this blog.

            Thanks for helping me right an editorial article about you. This will suffice as an argument for your banning.

          91. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            “Is it really the unwarranted bashing of all conservatives”

            !, You are a dangerous, Fascist radical, not a conservative.
            2. If “conservatives” come here for no other reason that to bash Liberals, in a “minor liberal blog,” as you not only debase, but admit that it is LIBERAL, than any bashing in return is not “unwarranted.”

            So, yes, I am glad that you admitted that you are nothing but a criminal harasser, that deserves and is eligible for punishment.

            If you really want an answer to your LOADED, backfiring question, then no, I have nothing that I am guilty of to admit to. If you claim I am harassing posters, it is observably true that you are a LIAR. No change there, right! Yet, if you, and the scum like you goes away, the blog will be at peace.

            SO, why don’t you admit that you actually are trying to accomplish the evil things you set out to do, AND said you would do. You are the guilty party. I have nothing to admit to.

          92. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            So, dickhead, I am bullying no one to leave this blog. DING, angelshit tells another whopper.

            I have never claimed this is my blog, nor have i treated it as such, nor do I post that much except as a response to your LIES. DING, angelshit told another whopper.

          93. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            “unwarranted harassment” not only implies, but explicitly states, that you are not the originator nor the perpetrator of the harassment. Which, is obviiously to anyone is untrue.

            You make them up, I stomp them. The cool part is, everytime I do so, lends more reason for the blog’s REAL owner to abolish you with prejudice.

          94. Russell Byrd June 23, 2014

            So, like I said, is it the Vodka? You don’t even know the crazy bullshit you claimed last night.

            My mother had a clock that sounds like you. The difference is, it did not bother anyone and it only sounded off on the hour, every hour. It broke, but in consideration, it still makes more sense, and is more useful than you.

          95. Russell Byrd June 21, 2014

            We both know that there are three main reasons that you come to cause harm in these blogs.

            1. No moderation, no matter how much you bitch about your rights.

            2, Your spoon-fed idea, that is not without merit, that if you keep bullying “libs” they will just run away and give you the sick charge you thrive on. That is why you hate me so much.
            3. Your own multiple mental issues like lack of empathy, delusions of grandeur, superiority complex, excessive value of your own self-worth, and paranoia, and paranoid delusions. Like being criminally insane, you ARE insane, but not to the extent to forgo your legal liability.

          96. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Criminal, why are you here? You are giving me a palpable excuse to “sing” your rather foul praises far and wide. BUT, go ahead, don’t let me stop your lies and ignorance. Or to put it another way, the trail of evidence.

          97. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            I have broken no laws. If you choose to continue slandering me, you will be working for the rest of your miserable fucking life to compensate my family for the libel, the harassment.and continued suffering you purposefully inflict. Be mindful of what you threaten, Byrd.

          98. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            No, Rumpbuggercons are actually having a “shit hemorrhage over this.” Unfortunately, they are just too stupid to see that the ramifications of their rage will work entirely against them. America never did really like crazy. America just did not care enough to find out. Now, Americans are waking up to the inescapable conclusion that Teabaggers are nutjobs.

          99. angelsinca June 21, 2014

            Dumb dribble. Wipe your chin.

          100. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            Hmmmmm, let me count the ways…..

            Any decent human being would have been honest.
            Any decent human being would have stepped down.
            Any decent human being would have been diplomatic and worked with Congress. There is no team in ‘I.’

            Germany – Merkel’s cellphone
            ATF Fast and Furious
            New Black Panther’s favortism and bias
            All I need is a pen and a cell phone

            Issues that are strangling us:

            Gun issue
            Climate issue
            GM debacle
            International relations
            Gas Crisis = cost and higher food prices
            Border crisis
            Taxes, taxes, taxes
            Outsourcing which includes
            Obamacare website.
            Keystone pipeline
            Military cut
            Commander’s being fired
            Flying everywhere on our dime
            Common core

            WORST CORRUPT PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD. Trust me Eleanore, the man’s approval rating is slipping more and more.

            “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.”
            — George Orwell

            Yah, you think you are. In reality you are losing it.

          101. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Benghazi (Totally bogus)
            Russia (beyond any direct U.S. control, unless you want a nuclear war – you probably do, but only a nutjob would)
            Germany – Merkel’s cellphone (duh! what? geez, get a life)
            Libya (same subject as Benghazi and just as bogus)
            NSA (that started back in the glorious right-wacko salad days of the 1950’s)
            ATF Fast and Furious (Loony-Tune)
            Sebellius (now that is just made up and stupid)
            Lerner (?)
            GSA (fake, but even if real, Obama may be President, but he does not, and was not elected to run personal audits on any of these agencies – especially not everday)
            Solyndra (ditto, fake on all counts)
            New Black Panther’s favortism and bias (false to the point of being legally actionable and racist to anyone with common decency)

            All I need is a pen and a cell phone (what are you going to do with those – you need to learn to write, speak coherently, and actually say something that is not a LIE – that will happen when pigs fly and can drop a load into your bowl of Wheaties)

            sequestration (Rumpbuggercons OWN that one, stock, lock, and barrel, and only a nutjob nitwit would have brought it up)

            Issues that are strangling us:

            Obamacare (then go away and die and let the uninsured have a decent chance at health care and a full modern life)
            Climate issue (yes, Antarctic sheet collapse may give us as little as 20 years before total catastrophe- and is indisputable – of course, like “W” you can say “mission accomplished”)
            GM debacle (in any debate, you have just destroyed any credibility you might have had – of course, as you already had none, it really does not matter, does it)
            International relations (Obama is actually LOVED when compared to Bush and Cheney – of course, since you worship snakes, I guess you miss all the hissing)
            Gas Crisis = cost and higher food prices (blame the Kochroaches . . .)
            Border crisis (much, much, much, much, . . . worse under Bush)
            Taxes, taxes, taxes (which you never want to pay and probably don”)
            Outsourcing which includes
            Obamacare website. (proven falsehood – Democrats are not saving enough American jobs from being exported, but the Rethug record is much, much worse)
            Keystone pipeline (not needed when you realize that this is a pocket stuffer for people that think they are god and it will do nothing for our public anyway)
            Coal (needs to go!)
            Military cut (our Founders never wanted any military at all – a military leads to expensive wars in human and monetary losses – inevitable when your gang of thieves demands across the board cuts – across the board means across the board, duh!)
            Commander’s being fired (incompetence, failing to accomplish assigned tasks, and disloyalty are reasons for termination from any and ALL posititons)
            Flying everywhere on our dime (compare to Bush – that was another bone head remark – even if true, that is what our Nation’s leader must do)
            Common core (yeah, more stupid, uneducated kids means more Rumpbuggercon voters in the future)

            Once again, ALL DONE! The “leg to stand on” that you never actually had to begin with, now no longer even exists theoretically.

            Please have a very bad day, and you certainly can continue to whine, lie, and froth at the mouth. 🙂

          102. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Now, now, Eleanore, a single “cell” can only generate a single thought, and that only on an exceptional day.

            Do you think they will appreciate his McBrat award at his McJob. You did give me a shiver though. The horrors that his McMommy has to face when she changes the Pampers on that bottom. Of course, with my infantile humor, I have just set up the next line of “those must be industrial Pampers, because kenndweeb is pure a**. All and nothing else but . . . butt. Yeah, I think I need to go away now. . . . 🙂

            Seriously, reading your post gives me, not only renewed commitment, but a real sense of pride. It is just a shame that good rhetoric has to be wasted on such a Teanderthal.

          103. Eleanore Whitaker June 20, 2014

            I have no fear of the GOP or Tea Party. The bigger they are? The harder they fall. No way around that particular common sense reality. The only thing today’s Twerpie Generation GOP manufactures is “ruthlessness.” They actually think they are hoodwinking educated Americans. So they try desperately to continue their sneaky, underhanded and all too high-handed tactics ruthlessly. But, peel away their outer layer of that ruthlessness and you see Corporate Johnny Jump Ups who take their marching orders from their Wall Street Imams.

          104. stcroixcarp June 18, 2014

            You sound like a cranky kkklan boy.

          105. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            You are sooo pathetic. Only a liberal can maintain ‘the potty mouth’ which includes goober, racist, KKK, redneck and much much worse. If you only knew……

          106. stcroixcarp June 19, 2014

            Actually, calling him a cranky kkkklan boy isn’t potty mouth. I didn’t call him a libotard, idiot or moron. Its just that he was talking klan rhetoric.

          107. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            In my opinion it is. I don’t make a practice of calling you all names (maybe a few of you). But I have mostly stopped because, I realize we have differing opinions. There are good and bad within each group. Bias and unbiased. Prejudice and tolerant. We need to stop the name calling and stay true to the subject matter.

            Just because ‘kenndeb’ called Obama an illegal alien. That’s not a Klan reference?

            Do you realize how ridiculous this is getting? I can say ‘blow’ and you would think I was a drug dealer.
            Come on….

          108. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            It is the problem with all Rumpbuggercon policies, ideas, mantras, ideals, ethics (none), etc. “All for me and none for thee,” sums up there view of the world. Our viewpoint is wrong simply because it might curb their heinous behaviour. How dare us think we have rights, or promote the rights of the oppressed.

          109. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            ROTFL! WE DO KNOW! You are a goober, racist, KKK, redneck, AND much, much, much, much, . . . worse!

          110. jillybean June 18, 2014

            if you dislike this “Emperor” so much why do you still reside in America…I feel sorry for you…it must be very tirersome to keep all that hatred inside your heart…I feel for the people who have to be around you all that venom sputting out of that vile mouth of yours…remember karma…. it can come to you in ten fold …hate breeds hate…hopefully you’ll find peace and love …

          111. kenndeb June 19, 2014

            You shouldn’t project your own thoughts onto me. If you were to ask my friends, they would say I am one of the most tolerant people you could ever know. I don’t judge people on anything but how they treat me and others. I don’t care what color someone is. I actually voted for him both times because I was so disillusioned with what Bush had done. We were lied to. This is a lawless regime. We need to remove career politicians, all of them, and replace with those that will serve the people and follow the constitution.

          112. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            We are on the same page. I voted for him the first time because I too was upset about Bush. They called me a liar. You see they find it offensive to think that we are not bias or bigoted. They want us to be racists.

            I learned very fast after Obama’s first term that he was a Communist and anti-colonialist and did not vote for him again.

            Kenndeb we can remove career politicians by voting them out. Word just needs to get out. That’s all. Just like getting rid of Cantor we can get rid of them all. At least we still have that right at the ‘state’ level, anyway:)

          113. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            You are the soul that needs to leave because you have become unAmerican. Why don’t you explain to me how you are? Make a list. I know you will not because you can’t. All you know how to do is cuss us out. There is no substance behind karma.

            You have followed your leader down the path to Communism and hang onto the sinking ship while we have already sailed away in a safer more common sense direction.

            “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.”
            — George Orwell

          114. Melinda Killie June 19, 2014

            Joe Schnuck,

            I will remember you said that when the republican’t traitors like you are thrown into the dump in the next few election cycles at LEAST! I hope you brought lots of salt, pepper, and horseshitradish to put on your words when you have to eat them…

          115. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            You are a typical primitive Liberal bitch.

            Better not make predictions. They may come back to slap you on side of the face. Problem with people like you is the fact that you become violent when you don’t get your way. Just like a little kid stamping their feet. You preach ‘Coexist.’ Such a stupid word because you don’t really mean it. You are a hypocrite.

          116. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            The hyper-judgement of someone that is openly contemptuous of the freedoms of this Nation and the laws of the land. I will be polite and just say that is seditious drivel. Definitely, as defined, you speak seditiously..

            What are we doing that is un-American? Curbing your racism and bullying is un-American? Sorry, you are not only wrong, but we are going nowhere, and you will never get the apology, er, eh, ass-kissing you think you deserve.

          117. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Watching people that he has a sick desire to kill, walking around in relative safety and freedom, must be a tragically difficult cross to bear. I think he missed the bit in the Korean War history about our forces being on the south side of the DMZ.

          118. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            Kenndeb, I know all this way too well. You are new here so they are rat packing you. They are trying to bully you away. I have been hanging around here for a while and they somewhat leave me alone. They all hate my ass but oh well. Don’t care. Just keep standing your ground and fighting the good fight and keep uploading facts. They just can’t deal with that.

            You see the problem is that they don’t realize that as long as they keep this divide going it will get even wider. They call us delusional and stupid and extreme. They use the term TPer, racist, KKK, goober, redneck, etc…, when we know all to well that we are not. Their extreme side is Communist and they are not willing to admit that. I don’t expect them to agree with me because they never will. I agree with them once in a while because I believe we flop over either way on both sides of the aisle on some issues. We all can find some common ground somewhere. Most of all, what I would like is for us to become AMERICANS again not antagonists.

            One really good thing about being on this site is the awareness and things I learn. I think it is very advantageous to be able to understand their point of view and ours. Strategically, it is well worth it. Helps in the debate.

          119. charleo1 June 19, 2014

            It’s not true joe, that we don’r don’t like kenndeb. Much like yourself, he’s just very confused by all the claptrap, and lies, they feed you guys all the time. You Righties seem to have have a stunted sense of self awareness, or a very short memory. No, I’m not going to bring up Bush until I get to the, “too big for his britches,” part of your assessment of the current, POTUS. I’m going to talk for a second about Clinton. Remember Clinton? Budgets balanced as far into the future as we can see, Clinton? (CBOs words,) 24 million jobs created Clinton, more people off welfare, and into jobs, Clinton? That is often said he worked with his all Republican Congress better than any other President, Clinton? Yeah, that Clinton. Well, things were so bad the Righties said, they had to impeach him. It’s what Republicans do when they’re not completely in charge. Strike that. It’s all Republicans do, when they’re out of power. And it really doesn’t matter the previous state of affairs when, they were running things. Or heck, you tell me. But think about it first. Do you see how your statement to me that, “What a mess your side has created,” is just hilarious, considering? What a mess MY side has created… Look, I know people have terrible strokes when they get your age, Joe. I know you say you’re young, but your politics say you’re about 87, with a tinsy touch of dementia. And even tiny strokes may cause memory loss. If that’s not you, then take a look at things, pre Mr. Big Britches, and see if you see any messes. Well? Anything at all that catches your eye as maybe a little messy? No? Well, that’s what I’m talking about.
            I’ll say to you like I told kenndeb there. You guys want an impeachment, your politicians ought to give you one. I’m betting you won’t like the results. And it will only cause more fits of rage, and more strokes! But you’re well within your Rights to give those spineless Republicans in Washington, pure Hell, until they give
            you what you want. Now, do you feel bullied?

          120. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            Charleo, ….and you are not being lied to. OMG! Shaking head.

            Honestly, I think you all are losing it. Its like the walls of Jericho are falling down around us, I’m under the table, you still stand at the top of the table saying, I don’t feel the earthquake and here comes the walls.

            Charleo, Clinton came into a very strong America. An America that was being cushioned and lifted up by the inception of the .com’s. YES, he worked with the Republicans that is the way America is supposed to work. If Hillary gets in she will not be inheriting such a great Country. Obama refuses to work with Congress, and don’t tell me it is because of Congress. It takes two to tango. Reagan was a true Conservative. Bush was not. Many moderate Conservatives voted for Obama and they became completely disillusioned by him when they realized that he was a Communist.

            Towards the end of your discussion I feel some animosity. You just spoke of Clinton. The Clinton’s have far more class and moxie than Obama. I saw Hillary speak the other day. Even if she was lying, I saw so much more diplomacy and class in her than I have ever ever seen in Obama.

            Well, the Republicans are pissed. I can tell you that. This is what happens when the scales are tipped too much in your direction and your representatives are constantly ignored. Ignoring is one of the worst things you can do to anyone. You Liberals are on a self-proclaimed power trip and do not want to relinquish control.

            No, you are not bullying. You are always civil, thank you very much.

          121. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

            Typically ignorant, shallow, no information, no integrity response that you are an expert at making. By the way, how can I ensure your future comfort in a FEMA camp, if you will not tell me where one is at? I mean, I am trying to do a citizen’s due diligence to ensure the camp is up to your standards before you arrive.

        2. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

          Here is a little something for you about angelstinker. It is a repeat, by the way:

          Our “angel” falsely represented an FBI document as evidence of his filing a complaint against me for threatening his life. Of course, if he really did file the complaint, he might actually be the one investigated as he would have filed a false, frivolous complaint. Of course, if he had filed, the FBI probably flushed the complaint as soon as they read it. Spat in internet blog amongst posters with no evidence attached, etc.

          BUT, there’s a fun part, and I have retained a copy of the document and conversation to back it up.
          Angelstinky “filed” on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. BUT he received his answer on “Monday, April 21, 2014 8:13 AM” (quoted from the document.).

          Man, our FBI is sure good. They have the manpower and smarts to answer a frivolous complaint the day before it was made! WOW!

      2. Midway54 June 18, 2014

        Nose thumbing at ALL the laws and the constitution completely and regularly since he was “instilled?” Your insubstantive, if not grossly ignorant, bumper-sticker style oral flatulence is becoming tiresome.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 18, 2014

          Joi Boi kenndeb has waaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time..Must be because our tax dollars are flushed by his Confederate politicians to his red state while the rest of us bust butt earning those tax dollars. Kenny Boi needs a swift kick in his butt to get his ass end moving toward gainful employment.

          1. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            When he gets his McJob, would you be willing to eat the “product.” I think I can guess your answer. 🙂

            With this veritable brain trust working, he would probably wind up cooking himself, . . . AND manage to get himself “fully dressed” onto a bun. Yes, I do have a rather disturbing sense of humor, but really, look at what we have to work with. That is d-i-s-t-u-r-b-i-n-g.

      3. charleo1 June 18, 2014

        Tell you what you need to do. Alright? Get over there on those Right Wing websites, or write that Congressman you voted for, and tell him/her, you demand action! Tell them either they back the Constitution, and impeach the Emperor, or Tyrant, or Illegal Alien, or whatever is the current euphemism they are using this week at the asylum, for a Black man who has the temerity to become POTUS. Or, you’re going to vote them out. I agree, they’ve let you down. And you have every Right to be really pissed. You see an Imperial President, violating the Constitution, and you have to wonder, the Right Wing is out of lawyers? Or are they are a bunch of lying gutless wonders? I know what I think. But it’s what you think that is important here. So, go do your duty! And don’t come back, until you’ve got your impeachment.

        1. joe schmo June 19, 2014

          Don’t worry, it’s coming and word is getting out:)
          Worst approval rating ever. Going down, down, down. What a mess your side has created. We need a balance. Something we do not have at the moment.

          “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.”

          — George Orwell

          That’s what happens when you get too big for your britches and can’t handle it. Eventually you get humbled….

          1. Melinda Killie June 19, 2014

            Really, Joe Schmuck? Well, then, you have a lot to do. Get busy, boy. LOLOLOL~ Getting rid of the gop/tea party dumb fuckers by their OWN hand and stupidity will be a gop circus clown act that “I” for one would jus LOVE to see! I’ll bring the popcorn. Who is gonna bring the pop? ROTFLMAO~!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

          2. joe schmo June 19, 2014

            You are the prime example of a blabbering Liberal who has absolutely nothing to inject except pure emotional mumbo jumbo. If you don’t have anything constructive to contribute why bother responding. Makes you look ignorant.

          3. Melinda Killie June 20, 2014

            Sounds like you ALREADY have your clown face on, Joe Schmuck. You are your repub/tea potty idiot pals are making stupid, assinine comments here. Everyone is just responding to your stupidity. Blather on, fool…
            We are STILL laughing at your idiocy…

          4. joe schmo June 20, 2014

            Just keep jabbing. The last laugh will be on YOU.
            You are an anti colonial, communist/progressive.

            False modesty can be worse than arrogance.
            -David Mitchell

            Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. No sirree. Not a pretty cocktail in an office-mate and not a pretty cocktail in a head of state. In fact, in a leader, it’s a lethal cocktail.
            -Graydon Carter

            Should this thing blow, I really don’t think I want to be on your side. The side that merely contains a mouth and that’s about it.

          5. Melinda Killie June 21, 2014

            Keep bawling and blubbering, joe schmuck. You republican assholes have NOTHING on Obama but your OWN stupidity. YOU are the one with a mouth that runs on and on and has NOTHING to show for it. You yammer and yowl lies, half truths, and bullshit and expect the country and the world to believe in your bullshit. The country sees just how far you republican liars will go in your desperate lies, joe schmuck. NOBODY (save the few, minority, desperate repubs and tea party idiots who hang on the desperate lies and fairy tales perpetuated by *faux noisez*) to get the lies and fairy tales you perpetuate and your marching orders AND how to perpetuate them.. LOLOLOL~ Keep whining, joe schmuck.. Keeep whining…..
            And don’t worry…. The republican/tea party idiot party you belong to REMAINS the “LAUGHING STOCK” of this nation and the world!!!!………

          6. joe schmo June 21, 2014

            What have you just posted but a bunch of jibberish. Just a plethora of jabbering garbage that says absolutely nothing.

            Why don’t you tell me how Conservatives are spewing lies? Why don’t you tell me why you think you are in the right? You won’t because all you know how to do is express rage.

            Everything you have mentioned above is a mirror of yourself.

            Let me count the ways..//

            1)Climate Change (untrue)
            2)IRS targeting TeaParty group. Can’t find the emails. They just vanished. Got up and walked away. Too fishy for my liking. Another falsehood
            3)Anti-gun stance. Oh let’s buy up all the ammo so that no one can purchase any. Let’s just wipe out the second amendment. The Constitution is not set in stone.
            4)Immigration = Oh let’s punish Arizona and Texas by bringing in innocents by the boat load. Let’s puish the country for not passing amnesty by flooding the country with more socialists. Ignorant ones at that. We have a one way ticket to the 3rd world.
            5)International Relations….LOLOLOL Not respected by anyone including the Chinese, the Middle East, Russia bullies us and Europe is tied to Russia because of the oil.
            6)Al Queda is taking over the Middle East/Iraq. Hey what about that oil. Gas prices and food prices will skyrocket. Oh that’s right we have those environment polluting wind machines and solar panels. Solar panels are expensive to fix and the material used is toxic. What about those coal mines? Let’s just shut them down, put more people out of work and, if we have a winter as bad as this past year, no one will have anything to keep them warm back east because the coal plants are gone, gone gone. Such a brainstorm
            Funny thing, during Obama’s first term he decided to approve drilling in the gulf then miraculously, an oil rig exploded. Gee, I wonder how that happened.
            7)Keystone Pipeline – let’s not let it in. Let’s pay 2 billion to Brazil to produce oil instead of producing it ourselves.
            (You are cutting of the arm of the country by stopping everything)
            8) Military – let’s just kill the veterans. Hey things were bad before for the veterns, but if this is any indication of how Obamacare will get, many will die needlessly. Oh, and let’s just kill the military altogether. Let’s cut it down to size and leave us more defenseless than ever. Military personel have a lot of pride in being American. Let’s just crush that nationalistic incentive. In fact, let’s bring in the UN to take over America and conjoin it to Europe. Especially since right about now Europe wants to dismantle the Union because it is not working. (France for example)
            9)ObamaCare – messy, messy, messy. We had it bad before but ‘let’s just pass it to see what’s in it.’ Typical Liberal mindset jumping the gun. Oh, and the website, well that was outsourced and the company that did the work did a poor job. Most people would lose their ass if their client had to pay that much money in uploading a piece of junk. Boy, did people stand in line to sign up for that piece of junk.
            10) Schools – 32 out of 32 in reading, 27 out of 32 in math. 23 out of 32 in science. Worse and getting worse. Common Core will be another disaster.
            11) Osama bin Laden was killed. They highlight of the Liberal cause. Gee, guess we made a deal with the devil because low and behold 6 of the seals on that engagement were shot down and killed. Trading with the devil?
            12)Fast and furious – that was debacle

            I could just go on and on and on and on. Again, so you tell me how Conservatives are ruining this Country? If they have a problem then they are guilty of inaction and the bravery to stand up to Obama and his minion bullies. No this is mainly on your party.

            For every action there is a consequence. If Americans bulk on something Comrad Obama wants, then we are suppressed or punished. Sound like a good leader to you? I guess. Taxes are high, everything is outsourced, no jobs, no job creation, corrupt government. This man has done so much to ruin this country and, yet, you walk around with blinders on. Be the change you want to see in the world. The 3rd world. Better get used to it because it is going to be a bumpy ride from here on out. What a stellar performance.

          7. Melinda Killie June 21, 2014

            Keep wailing and weeping, joe schmuck. The repubs have been busted time and again for their lies, bullshit and half truths and their own bullshit blown back and smeared on their OWN dumb faces. You are one long winded bastard that wails and says nothing… Typical republican bullshitter… You can’t defend your own bullshit. AND, you (AND your party of pathetic crybaby whiny asses) don’t have the brains, balls, or mental wherewithall to admit when your party has become a party of lying, desperate, common thieves..  So be it. I, like the rest of my compatriots here, will just sit back laughing and enjoying your long winded, childish tirades about nothing. The so called repub/tea party idiot party is ALREADY the “LAUGHING STOCK” of this nation AND the world…. Wail on, joe schmuck…. wail on….. LOLOLOLOL!

          8. joe schmo June 21, 2014

            Honestly, you are quite primitive. A typical raging liberal female lunatic with nothing to state but hot air. I ‘can’t defend my bullshit.’ I do that all the time. What have you stated that is so great except rant. Face it, you are losing it and you are just to ignorant to see what’s in your face.

            Now I realize just why I am a Conservative. Hey we aren’t perfect but a hell of a lot better at research and facts. The writing is on the wall.

          9. Melinda Killie June 22, 2014

            Stupid goes ALL the way to the core with you, doesn’t it, joe schmuck? Well, keep whining. You have NOTHING on Obama but your stupidity to keep repeating and parroting the lies of “faux noise” and the “merry go round/broken down” gop/tea party brainwashed blather. Good luck selling that shit to the masses, joe schmuck.. You WILL lose your ass in the end on THAT bet… LOLOLOL!

          10. joe schmo June 22, 2014

            Welcome to the ‘new age’ of your deceit my dear.
            You have no clue as to what you are saying. Either you are too young to know any better or, from the way it sounds, just plain flat out ignorant.

            If you are a young woman, I truly feel sorry for you because you are going to inherit a future filled with debt and suppression. If you are the latter then I suppose your education is showing.

            “I am tired of the left. They say they’re for tolerance, they say they respect diversity. The reality is this: They respect everybody unless
            you happen to disagree with them,” he said. “The left is trying to silence us and I’m tired of it, I won’t take it anymore.”
            -Bobby Jindal, Governor of LA

            I don’t think I have to sell anything to the masses. They already know that the liberal’s are minion bullies without a pot to piss in. They are getting a clue. Your ideology is unAmerican. Maybe another country would appeal to you a bit more especially since you want to make this country into Communist Russia.

            Good luck!

          11. Melinda Killie June 23, 2014

            ROTFLMAO!!!!!! So…, you are quoting loser Bobby Jindal now? The dumb ass republican with the loser streak a mile long, and who’s state is one of the top two lowest educated, poorest states in the nation.. (Behind Mississippi)???
            Dayam, joe schmuck, you are getting FUNNIER and FUNNIER in your desperation and stupidity!!! Keep whining and scratching the bottom of your bullshit barrel, fella. If it makes you feel comfortable while your gop/tea party losers sink to the bottom of the political ocean faster and faster. Uh oh… the gop/tea party losers are caught up in their OWN bullshit whirlpool, folks.. That’s when you KNOW it’s over for them… LOLOLOLOL!!!
            Ta Ta, joe schmuck. If ya can keep yourself
            afloat for a least a little while longer to watch the “Titanic” size sinking of your party; just hold on to your bullshit life raft and take heart… Your bullshit pitching, repub/tea party turd pals are on their way down the toilet with you…
            “May The Schwartz Be With You!”

          12. joe schmo June 23, 2014

            WOW! Are you primitive. I really have to admit many of the posters on this site have way more intellect than you. Have you contributed any kind of rationale? Nope. Have you researched or provided any factual information? Nope. Seems all you can do is blow hot air out of your ass. That proves to me that Liberals have their share of ignoramuses and I think that is funnier than hell.

            I think you have been a suppository for Obama waaayyy too long. If you are as young as I think you are….you better hope your future isn’t ‘F’ed because then the laugh will be on you. It will literally be your prob….and I think that is funny. There is justice after all. What comes round goes round. LOLOLOLOLOL

          13. Melinda Killie June 23, 2014

            This from an anal orifice named appropriately, joe schmuck. What comes around goes around, you chump. You repub/tea party traitors are only BEGINNING to feel the ill effects of your own stupidity, perfidy and traitorous infamy. And until you republican morons get your heads out of your posteriors, stop fighting amongst yourselves, and stop the constant snow job bullshit lies you try to blow up everyone else’s skirts, you repubs/tea party idiots are really in for a hard road.. lolol! Good luck ‘attempting’ to peddle your bull, numbskull joe schmuck. America stopped listening to the republican lies long ago.. Ta!

          14. joe schmo June 26, 2014

            Huh! You are a young, primitive, liberal lunatic.. I wish your future well. You will not enjoy the life we once had. Everything in your future will only get tougher. Good luck!

          15. Melinda Killie June 26, 2014

            joe schmuck, the ones you SHOULD be worried about is yourself and your traitor rep pals.. Good luck in ‘attempting’ to continue to sell your bullshit to the bulk of the country. lololololol! You and your repub’tea party pals are about to be disappointed again… Ta!

          16. joe schmo June 27, 2014

            The walls of Jericho are crumbling down, down, down and America will begin it’s downward decline even more starting July 1st. Prepare yourself because you have no clue what may or may not occur. All I know is that your eyes are wired shut and you are clueless. I will definitely have the last laugh. Not you….. Obama and his clan are losing it! Harry Reidtard is getting nuttier every day because they know that if they lose the House = lame duck. The supreme court has already made a few changes. Our only hope is that a judge will step in and continue to put the kabash on ole Obummer. Things ‘ain’t’ looking too good for your Man right now. That I can say for sure…..LOLOLOL

          17. Melinda Killie June 27, 2014

            Keep desperately wailing and gnashing your teeth in your stupidity, joe schmuck. You have nothing on Obama you whining cringing repubs can substantiate. You NEVER did… Your made up bullshit is all the more funnier knowing that Obama has gotten the best of you repub idiots by just letting you sit there in your pee filled nappies , whining in your desperation and stupidity. The laughs are ALL on you, joe schmuck.. ESPECIALLY in THIS forum..
            Keep whining, joe schmuck.
            The laughs at your and the repub/tea party idiot party’s expense are ENORMOUS and HILARIOUS!


          18. joe schmo June 27, 2014

            Huh! Yah right….like I just said the supreme court just put the kabash on Obummer. Until now the liberals have played realllly dirty. Now I am beginning to see some aggressive moves coming from the Repub base. Proud of em.

            All you know how to do is berate. You add nothing constructive to the Conversation. You are just one reminder as to why I am a Conservative. Intelligence, problem solving, common sense and facts are nothing you yourself are too familiar with. Bullying doesn’t work because I simply have no respect for you. Laugh all you want. I can laugh at your ignorance and I don’t say that lightly. You are a prime example on how the liberal base keeps the lower echelon of their party naive and ignorant. You don’t know squat!

            You better hope that you keep the House this year or it will be judgement day.

          19. Melinda Killie June 27, 2014

            ALL YOU know how to do is bullshit, joe schmuck, and EVERYONE HERE SEES the bullshit you ‘attempting’ to throw around here and are laughing at your dumb ass…
            So, HOW’S that working for you again, joe schmuck???
            Laughing UPROARIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            DIDN’T think so…
            Keep whining, joe schmuck. Your desperate ‘attempt’ to save face before your betters AFTER you have stuck your OWN foot in your mouth has fallen low, despite your ongoing childish, silly, desperate republican tirades of stupidity for ALL to see…

          20. joe schmo June 27, 2014

            Can’t wait to say I told you soooooooo….. I’m not attempting to throw any bullshit. I am countering the liberal media’s bias, standing up for the Constitution (of course, you wouldn’t know anything about that you are way too dumb) and sticking up for the Conservative voting base..

            Sillie Killie, you have nothing to say…. so I will no longer waste my breath with your wailing lunacy.

          21. Melinda Killie June 28, 2014

            LOLOLOL~ Bowing out because you lost this battle and war, joe schmuck? How very like a cowardly republican to put bullshit out there and then throw up his hands in defeat and call “pins! pins!” when he’s busted on it. LOLOLOL!
            And just HOW do you plan to find me and say this imaginary “I told you so,” joe schmuck? Again, the republican faux bravado plays out here. LOLOL! You are nothing more than a blank face to go with your blank brain, joe schmuck. You haven’t a smidgeon of proof to your bullshit, republican accusations. How do you think the repubs will win?LOLOL!! The republican/tea party clown party is ALREADY the laughing stock of the nation AND the world. We ALL hold our collective breaths to wait for the next bit of bullshit scheme that will blow back in the republican’s ALREADY shit stained faces.. Good luck with that, joe schmuck. We have already figured out that the republicans don’t give two shits about the people of this country. Greed and Power are their objectives and agendas. You come HERE and troll and yet you are upset because I and others don’t let you get away with it. Well too damned bad, joe schmuck. Your party is fucked in elections for the next decade or more and it’s ALL because of your OWN stupidity, greed, lies, and immoral compass. I would feel sorry for you on these boards as others have done, joe schmuck, but frankly, I am too busy laughing at your dumb ass.
            When you and the other republican clown pussies come up with some substantiation against President Obama… or ANYBODY ELSE, for that matter, let us know, because it would be a “PRAISE JESUS” miracle!


          22. joe schmo June 28, 2014

            Not bowing out, just tired of your blathering ignorance and your lack of having anything intelligent to share.

            ‘Collective?’ Well, you have that one right. You are part of a ‘collecive.’ Namely, because your Man keeps pushing his anti-colonialist agenda (not that you know what that is) and it keeps backfiring on him while you keep praising his perfection. You are a prime example of what gives liberals a bad name.

            If I were a coward I would have been out of here a long time ago.

            My problem with you is your LACK of tolerance for differences. You know that word ‘tolerance’ which you always preach about. Your media’s intolerance of conservatives, our medias intolerance of liberals, and a president who refuses to be diplomatic is driving a huge wedge between this Country and its inhabitants. I believe purposely. You know divide and conquer. Youngster if things don’t shift more to the middle then what you fail to understand is that people like you and people in my camp that go on and on at each other will be ruining one of the best regimes the world has ever had. Freedom really isn’t free. It comes with a price tag, and a heavy one at that. But then again, maybe our time of greatness is at an end and power will come from some other global fledgling who has more initiative than we do. Because as we are hacking away at each with internal strife, the world goes on.

          23. Melinda Killie June 28, 2014

            Have you finished your whine, joe schmuck? You ARE a coward. Like most republican pussies, you whine and mewl and then run for cover when the truth slaps you in your backwards ass. You and the republican whiner bitches have NOTHING on Obama and YOU have nothing on ME. All you have is what has been spoon fed up your ass by the gop and redundant, bullshitting entities like “faux noise.” Go ahead, joe schmuck. Run and put your head back in the sand when your bullshit theories and schemes tend to always backfire in your face..
            The rest of us will laugh and forget you until you pop your traitor heads out of the sand to make yet another clownish, hypocritical, bigoted, and/or traitorous quip. You don’t realize just how much of a clownish, boorish, troll you are, joe schmuck, but everyone else is aware and reminded every time you pop your head out of the sand and pop open your mouth.

            LAFFIN MY ASS OFF!!!


          24. joe schmo June 29, 2014

            I’m a coward! I hardly think so otherwise I wouldn’t be trying to shoot you down. You are just getting your jollies trying to demean me by harassment. It won’t work. You are just a minion bully bitch.

            You are the most ridiculous individual I have ever encountered on this site. Primitive. Again, you are the reason we have problems in this country. I won’t change my opinion on that one.

            Sillie Killie you future is looking dim thanks to what you folks have done to this country. If anyone looks hideous it is you. Hiding behind that cloak of a mouth with nothing to show for it. I will be ‘laffin my ass off’ when you find out what is coming your way and it ‘ain’t’ pretty. By then it will be too late. Then we will have the last laugh. Not you! Yah, you might have the world in your hand right now but, believe me the tables will turn on you one day.

            ‘Indeed, the keynote of government is injustice. With the arrogance and self-sufficiency of the King (Obama) who could do no wrong, governments ordain, judge, condemn, and punish the most insignificant offenses, while maintaining themselves by the greatest of all offenses, the annihilation of individual liberty.’
            -Emma Goldman

            ‘Mephobia – Fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can’t handle it and everyone dies.’ (thank you for this one)(so true of you)

            ‘Don’t waste your time with explanations. People only hear what they want to hear.’

            You can say whatever you want to say but conservatives have to be polite and keep their mouths shut. Not anymore…….

          25. Melinda Killie June 29, 2014

            LOLOLOLOL~~~ Keep whining, you cowardly ass. You STILL can’t back up your mouth with substantiation. You aren’t in the least bit threatening in your ongoing stupidity.. Just hilariously clownish. You come here, make your bullshit statements and then cry and whine when you get busted for them…
            Keep whining, joe schmuck..
            There are a LOT of folks out there like me who will bust your bullshit in a New York heartbeat..
            STILL LAUGHING at your dumb ass..


          26. Russell Byrd June 20, 2014

            Keep up the “good” work with all the lying. You will certainly win ALL the elections from now on, and by a landslide, at that. Just like you did in 2012!

  12. Eleanore Whitaker June 18, 2014

    The GOP tactic of impeachment began with Clinton. It ends with the current president.

  13. anthonyamerica June 18, 2014

    Congress should impeach itself for screwing the American people.
    Where’s the Jobs bill they Promised. N/A
    Where’s the removal of tax loop holes for the rich. N/A
    Doing nothing for the people and everything for the rich, is the worst treason on the American people.
    Sitting back collect money from the people with zero results.
    Becoming $$millionaires$$ off tips from their wealthy supporters.
    Look to your own house before casting stones on others, Criminals!!

    1. Russell Byrd June 19, 2014

      Please forgive me and understand that this is not at all a criticism. I am just blowing steam and I am with you 100%. Yet, this Congress, the “Congress” that we speak of, has never promised the American people anything but more and increasing hardship. They have promised only that they have a firm commitment to “profit without effort.” It is about time we cast their stones back at them. Not to be confused with “those” stones, because they do not have any. As an old adage, all cock and no balls. The majority of these criminals are confirmed cowards. It seems to go hand in hand with the mentality.

      Be well!

  14. James Bowen June 18, 2014

    There is nothing popular in the least about the “immigration reform” that the Senate passed last year. House members know very well how the public, so far that it cares about this issue, really views it. That is why they have not taken any action to pass it.

    1. Russell Byrd June 26, 2014

      According to a recent poll, 76% of Cantor’s district supports immigration reform. And it is ruby red. At least when you lie, you do so consistently, LCDR Queeg.

      1. James Bowen June 27, 2014

        Two issues here. 1) What is meant by “immigration reform”? 2) The polls also showed Eric Cantor winning that primary by a large margin. Kind of says something about the reliability of polls, doesn’t it?

        Brat made immigration his primary campaign issue, and he won. To then suggest that the voters in his district favor amnesty, after supporting an political unknown who took down the House Majority leader on this issue is nothing less than absurd.

        1. Russell Byrd June 27, 2014

          As always, LCDR Queeg, you are going to spin what really happened there in order to apply that to something completely irrelevant to Cantor’s loss. Go back and use some big ole equations to anal-lies the data, like you always do.

          The indisputable point is the margin of error is irrelevant when the percentage is that high. I will take 62%, if it matters. I will even go 48%. That will not only prove your entire platform to be a lie, but also indicate considerable support for reform. Just like I have said.

          Really, Brat was not even a factor in this election at all. The Teascumsuckers hated Cantor and they always turn out big when they do, and in an open primary, like Virginia holds, large numbers of Democrats and disaffected Independents voted AGAINST Cantor. Add to that, the fact that these days, the “average” mainstream Rumpbuggercon voter goes to the polls even more poorly than the Democrats do. The outcome may not have been expected, but in retrospect, it is obvious that it was likely to happen.

          The “brat” could have been a strategically shaved monkey and he could have won. Have you ever heard his views, or heard him speak? Again, go ahead and spin because I will not give a damn about your next lie, but if you have one lick of sense, and any reason, you know Brat was not even a factor in his own win.

          By the way, did you know that Brat is a part-time lecturer, not even a professor at all, and his “Master’s” degree is in divinity from some religious diploma mill. What they should be doing is investigating why the people of Virginia are paying this Bozo to teach at all. Someone in authority is bootstrapping Brat into a position he is not qualified to possess.

          1. James Bowen June 27, 2014

            What really happened is that Brat made a case against mass immigration and amnesty on economic grounds and used it to paint Cantor as being out of touch and unconcerned with the well-being of his constituents. The polls showed Eric Cantor winning by double-digit margins. One more thing: the Tea Party did nothing whatsoever to help Brat, but they sure wanted to claim him as one of their own after he unexpectedly won the primary. Cantor, by the way, had until recently been considered a Tea Partier.

          2. Russell Byrd June 27, 2014

            You know Queeg, if our roles were reversed, I would go to the nastiest Fascist blog, and hide out. You are the dumbest man I have ever had the displeasure of watching embarrass himself. Only a real low intellect can do that without feeling totally out of place.

            It is a shame that we must see a need for a military at all, then pay someone like you good money to do little if anything but wallow in your own fake glory. We pay you to go to school, and while you may be able to functionally do the curricula, you have no idea what the philosophy of education is even about. Not a clue. You do not even know what Fizz-icks is even about. A clue, it is not actually about your little pet function.

          3. Russell Byrd June 27, 2014

            “Cantor. . . a Tea Partier.” Stupidly false. Yet, even if true, is largely irrelevant to this outcome. His constituency did not consider him a Teatard.

          4. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Up until recently, he was considered a Tea Partier. That is part of why his loss shocked people so much.

          5. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Dumbozo, you just don’t turn Tea Potty on or off. He either came out as one, or he wasn’t. You are strictly talking about what a few right-wing racist fuck-ups thought. Oh yeah, that’s you, isn’t it.

            You continue to misconstrue very simple facts to keep your moronic point of view in play.

            LOW TURNOUT.
            OPEN PRIMARY.


            If Brat had been a fat hamster, he would have won the primary. He was not even a factor, but was merely the “other” name on the ballot. This primary was equivalent to a Parliamentary vote of “no confidence.”

            Odd, you destroy your own argument again, by changing the proverbial horse in mid-stream. Seems you are leaving the valiant Brat out of this scenario. At least, I did disabuse you of one idiotic fantasy.

          6. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Well, he was a Tea Partier.

            For a primary, it had high turnout–far higher than the last one. And again, if Dems and independents were voting for Brat, why were they? If Brat is so much more right wing than Cantor, why would they put him in a position to likely be the district’s next Representative? Brat won because he skillfully made a case to the voters.

          7. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            You know, Captain Queeg, you do not come to discuss, you only come to troll and harass. Which you should have gotten into your swelled square head that you picked the wrong guy.

            Really, you have already been told why this is so, but yet you persist.

            Is that total stupidity?

            I do realize, though I never practiced Psychology, that you have a major personality disorder that should prevent you from holding any position of authority. In fact, it does come under the general heading of being a sociopath.

            You not only do not have any empathy, but you do not have any common sense at all. You do not seem to have a sense of proportion of right and wrong, or what is reasonable and acceptable.

            Your dogged determination to slough off all comments may be a big plus in your eyes. The Navy probably thinks that makes you steady, but little do they realize you are a bomb waiting to go off.

            So tell me, since I am going to start a continuous push for the Navy to look at you very close, with an eye to permanent, prejudicial separation, are you the least little bit concerned? Hmm?

          8. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Well, I guess I will have to warm up the “permaposter.” It is a shame. No, don’t think you won anything, but even after all I have said to you, I still am a very forgiving and somewhat sentimental man. I hate to dog someone to death, but, you are such a slow learner.

          9. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Like I said, slow learner. . . . So, you left Kindergarten at the age of eight. You had to be segregated from the other children because you were an oversize bully that was beating up other kids as a recreational activity, . . . and of course, stealing their lunch money. Well, I am actually sure that sentence is true. You got to high school and nearly failed every subject except math. Of course, idiot savants do well with math though they do not have much in life skills. So, you slowly learned by example, and punishment, how to fake passingly decent behavior. This allowed you to fit in well in the Navy, and your math made you an ideal candidate as a technician. Why did this allow you fit in with the Navy? They don’t really care if you pay attention to your duty and you are not on report. As for psych tests, idiot savants are real good at faking them. Like I said, you “learned” the answers expected, though you do not understand even one word of them.

          10. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Now, though once again I am going to start ignoring your repetitive nonsense, I am going to reply to your stupidity again. I guess this is rather unfair of me because you are so easy to refute. ALWAYS so easy to refute. Of course, when someone deals in LIES, they often are very easy to discredit.

            One final by-line. Like in my other statements about your mental state, your constant use of casual lies, and your dependence on what we always called “whoppers,” demonstrates that you are AMORAL. That and your constant delusions of grandeur and ego trips.

            So, your answers will be in my next post. 🙂

          11. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            “Well, he was a Tea Partier.” That’s RIGHT! Finally! My, my, . . . reversing the roles and playing Mr. Dumbozo is soooooo satisfying. Not really

            “For a primary, it had high turnout–far higher than the last one.” But not actually statistically significant. In any case, I have simply and completely explained this at least four times. People came out to vote AGAINST Cantor, NOT for Brat. Teashit, Democrats, and Independents came out in droves, BUT for very different reasons and “united” to destroy this trash.

            “And again, if Dems and independents were voting for Brat, why were they?” You out did yourself for stupid on this question, and I already explained the answer to you. So, as they say, you are double damned. . . All these people DESPISE the radical Teabugging obstructionist Cantor. The Teascum think he should be even CRAZIER.

            I will stop right here and explain briefly why this election was important to the disaffected Democrats. Even if Brat shows to be able to feed himself in the Congressional cafeteria, which I doubt, he will wield only a tiny bit of Cantor’s power. Goof, very good, for MY side . . . BAD for yours!!!! 🙂 AND, we get rid of absolute filth. That is also good. AND, we might actually beat Brat. Maybe not, but an incompetent moron like you has never factored in the total ramifications. A lot of “mainstream,” (your word) Rethugs, might just think Brat is too crazy and too lazy. AND, they will be right. AND, then there are the ramifications on Virginia politics

            “If Brat is so much more right wing than Cantor, why would they put him in a position to
            likely be the district’s next Representative?” You are a double thick moron sandwich on this one. THEY did not put Brat in this position. The Democrats and company, and even the Teabaggers simply voted Cantor OUT. I have repeatedly told you this. Certainly, many of the insane voted for Brat, but he was only a fresh corpse on the menu that was not stinking too bad. Can’t you see, he was just a place holder. You Teabatshitcrazies STEAL elections because of the majorities inaction, not because your candidates are any good. That is why you are starting to lose. People are waking up. Real, decent Americans hate your nihilist, Nation destroying, treasons. The second thing is, Brat WILL be a lot easier to beat, if it can be done in mindless “where is the ballot that has only ‘R’ on it land.” So, for Democrats, we won a stupendous moral victory, and at best YOU get Brat! ROTFL!

            “Brat won because he skillfully made a case to the voters.” Like I said, you are a BOLD FACED LIAR. Brat made no real case at all. Democrats knew more about him, because he was such a piece of shit, than the Rumpbuggercons did.

            You employed a well-know Rumpbuggercon tactic that has been used on the simple minded of our electorate for years. Puff up, and talk over everyone’s head with the biggest falsehood you can think of. What you spoke was a fiction created SOLELY in your own mind.

          12. James Bowen June 30, 2014

            Come on, Cantor would have won had Brat not made him look like someone who was out of touch with his constituents and used immigration to do it. You are trying to say that Brat did not win, that Cantor lost. That is nonsense, Brat WON this race. Do you have any evidence that most of the people voting in this race were non-GOP’ers whose motivation was to get rid of Cantor?

            When I said he was a Tea Partier, I was referring to Cantor.

          13. Russell Byrd June 30, 2014

            You are an out of touch arrogant fuck-wit with emotional instabilities.

            I discussed this at least four times. You did nothing but give a goofy viewpoint in order to be a contrary dick.

            “When I said he was a Tea Partier, I was referring to Cantor.” YES, that is exactly what I have always said, though that is a 180 for you. You are too stupid to even account for your own thoughts and deeds. Of course, that is symptomatic of LIARS. Which, you already have been proven to be.


          14. Russell Byrd June 30, 2014

            Hey Dumbozo, you on the sauce again tonight?


            Hey, why are you guys so for creating Death Panels? Hmm?

          15. Russell Byrd June 30, 2014

            Oddly, why I was reading your post, National Memo recommended that I might want to read the “Drunk Archives.” I really expected that they had already figured you out.

          16. Russell Byrd June 30, 2014

            Wow, the racist Dumbozo suddenly sees Brat, that could not connect with an electrical outlet, suddenly being the white knight of his pet orgasm.

            As for the evidence, YES, it has been discussed in a number of places, and you have already been told about it.

            You really are queer Dumbozo, no, not gay, but you are queer. You will do anything in spite of all odds or evidence to try to get other people to bow down to you. Ain’t going to happen.

          17. James Bowen July 1, 2014

            You have not showed me any evidence. Where is it? I have not seen any. Brat won this election because of the message he put out, plain and simple.

          18. Russell Byrd July 1, 2014

            To you evidence is only what Dumbozo needs to prove his racism and treasonous views.
            Reason is only what can be made to agree with Dumbozo.
            Like they say, you can take any garden variety jackass to water, but never even get Dumbozo to even sip the truth.

            I showed you the truth. I reasoned the truth with you. In fact, even your dickhead brethren the bat shit crazy far right Fascists do not very greatly from my synopsis. Yet, you have to have your own version, for no other reason than to just be disagreeable.

            I just wanted you to know that I will be seeing you regularly, for about an eternity. Seriously. . . .

          19. James Bowen July 2, 2014

            You gave me nothing except a ridiculously outlandish and far-fetched tale about how Dems and independents were so eager to get rid of Cantor that they voted in an open GOP primary for someone who they perceived as being further to the right than Cantor.

          20. Russell Byrd July 2, 2014

            Except that every analyst, great and small, believes the exact same thing. Quit listening to Teasodomite news.

            Why are you so treasonous Dumbozo?

          21. James Bowen July 3, 2014

            Which ones? I have not heard a single perspective that says what you say here. Again, where’s the evidence? If there are so many people saying this, point me to them. It is a lot more likely that what you are saying is a desperate attempt to deny that Brat struck a chord with the voters on immigration and how it relates to their well-being.

          22. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            I don’t have to do anything. Just like your fucking treasonous carcass does not have to love America, except that racist, white, male paradise that represents less than 15% of the population. The evidence was talked about a lot.

            Oddly, if I am wrong, you still do not have a real plan as to why Cantor lost. Similar to the good (I lie), charitable (another lie), Rumpbuggercons that voted 50 times to repeal the ACA, in order to “improve” it, without the slightest trace of a counter plan.

            So, do your own work.

            I am glad you posted, we have an unusual caseload today, and I had forgotten you.

            And, why do you hate the human race?

          23. James Bowen July 4, 2014

            What evidence? You have not showed me any or pointed me to any.

            Cantor lost because Brat made a persuasive case to the voters that Cantor did not represent their interests, and the immigration issue was his primary example.

          24. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            I must strongly ask, how and why are you in school at all? Even by your own statistics claiming a large turnout, the percentage of voters going to the polls was miserable. SO, you actually prove my case. Thank you for agreeing with the truth.

          25. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            Yes, the turnout was low, but still considerably higher than usual for a primary election. Brat motivated more people than usual to vote for him. He did it by painting Cantor as being disinterested in their concerns, and used immigration as his primary example.

          26. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            Thanks for agreeing with me in total. I guess that closes the turnout issue. I also thank you for admitting your error. The error where Brat, with very little money, and no drive to use what he had, actually convinced anyone to do anything. Obviously, what little of Brat’s “policies” that were known, were a complete turnoff to the electorate. So only the fascist voted FOR Brat, the majority simply voted against Cantor, as I have always said. So, thanks for seeing the truth finally. You could have GIVEN IN long ago, and saved all the grief.

          27. James Bowen July 7, 2014

            I never said that the turnout was high. I said that it was considerably higher than normal for a primary election in this district. Everything else you say here is nonsense. Cantor lost because Brat convinced voters in his district that Cantor did not look out for their interests. They voted for Brat. What you are saying is very, very far fetched. Again, where is the evidence to back this up.

          28. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Brat convinced no one of anything. The voters from all sides voted AGAINST Cantor. As I have said repeatedly, Cantor was doomed because people hated him. Brat could have been a shaved monkey in a suit.

            Oops, he is.

          29. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            Brat was the difference in this election. Show me evidence to the contrary.

          30. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            It isa shame that we must see a need for a military at all, then pay someonelike you good money to do little if anything but wallow in your own fake glory. We pay you to go to school, and while you may be able to
            functionally do the curricula, you have no idea what the philosophy of education is even about. Not a clue. You do not even know what Fizz-icks is even about. A clue, it is not actually about your little pet function.

          31. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            But, you really need to stop being such a racist. . . .

          32. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            For almost the entire electorate, Brat was just a name on the ballot. Quite a number of people did not even know he was there. For the better informed, few knew anything about his “platform,” Probably the biggest factors in Cantor’s loss were this: As all to often these days, the electorate failed to turn out and do its duty. Many assumed Cantor would win easily, or they did not care. So they stayed home. The second reason is all the disaffected Tea nut jobs, Democrats that saw an opportunity, and Independents that wanted rid of Cantor, DID ‘VOTE. So you got a reasonably good turnout, but just not of Cantor’s supporters.

          33. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            Again, where is your evidence to back this up. This is very, very far fetched.

          34. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            All truth is far-fetched to Dumbozo, because it does not agree with the lies he tells.

          35. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            All I can do is remark that you are one of the most arrogant cock-suckers I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

            That is why, as I enjoy taunting cock-suckers, you will be seeing me until they turn off the blogs or you dissappear.

          36. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            Please read all my remarks carefully. For today, I will reiterate the obvious to anyone that is not trying to contrive an argument. Oops, that is all LCDR Queeg ever does, is it not? I any case, as always, you demand evidence, you give none, and you have an idiotic argument that you expect to be swallowed to satisfy you sick ego.

            Everything I have said is entirely, or mostly supported by ample evidence. As I have stated, you ignore reasoned discussion in your rush to satisfy your sick ego. As well, any evidence posted to you is immediately discarded. I doubt If it is ever read.

            You continue to ask the same discredited questions over and over. Any trained monkey with an “Enter” key can do that, but that is not only not discussion, it is a offense under the “terms of service.” Really, did you gain your quick rank because you could turn a few dials. And did you not get out of the Navy as a hard case that was lucky enough under the “modern” rules to not get prosecuted. You sound like brig bait to me.

          37. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            Where is this ample evidence? You have not given it. As for my position on this issue, here is something to get you started: https://www.numbersusa.com/blog/defeated-us-house-majority-leader-cantor-was-amnesty-backers-top-hope-year

          38. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            You’re really pathetic. You are not really an academic at all. You steer me to a racist site to prove your racist point. Not valid Dumbozo. Untrue intentions just constitutes another lie. Just another old dumb racist white guy talking racism.

            Everyone knows, nothing was going to happen on immigration in the House. You seem to forget that was exactly what you said would happen and that Cantor was the principle leader of the huge majority of the American people that was going to prevent reform.

            Try again. That was a stinking pile of lies.

          39. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            Cantor was looking for a way to get some kind of amnesty passed. He wasn’t going to risk his political neck to do it, but he was looking for a way to slip in through and get away with it. Enter Dave Brat who exposed the voters in his district to this.

          40. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Like you bullshit about Nazis and the KKK, and Stormfront. Like I said, they have powerful, that is, filthy rich friends. Like the “too big to fail” gang, no one dares taking them to court because the price will be too high.

            On the other hand, like I am saying, maybe you should check out the history of the first two at least. It has not always been so easy for them to promote their hate. Quite a few communities have found ways to keep them out.

            Of course, most just take precautions and let them rant. It is too dangerous and expensive to fight with them. Let them march, then show them the highway. is the usual method.

            On the other hand, you should check out Lincoln Rockwell. What happened to him might be instructive. I doubt it, but for anyone normal, it would.

          41. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            They have won court cases where their expressing their views was upheld as free speech under the First Amendment. What they are not allowed to do is exercise violence in accordance with their beliefs, but that of course is covered under other laws against violent crime.

          42. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Another thing that totally destroys your KKK, NAZI. and Stormfront argument. In how many first world nations could those organizations exist.

            I will give you a hint. They can’t in Canada or the UK.

          43. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            They legally exist here.

          44. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            Why do you tell so may lies? Dumbozo.

            This is fun by the way. I am a sincere man, so I try to discuss sincerely, but once I finally find out the egotistical bastard you are, it no longer bothers me at all. Ergo, you have done nothing but assault and insult posters here, including myself. So, I insult you directly.

            There, I have given you the truth again, and you will not care for it . . . again.

          45. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            No lies here, as demonstrated by your failure to back up your assertions with evidence.

          46. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            You deserve the “angelstench quality of lies award.” You just can’t tell them fast enough.

          47. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            You haven’t.

          48. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            You strike me as a guy that would rather tell a lie, just to hear it told, even if the truth would make more sense, and prove your point. I guess you cannot help yourself.

          49. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            Dumbozo, you are an exquisite example of “invincible ignorance.” Which is the worst example of ignorance, but is hardly invincible.

          50. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            This was the case, and you have failed to show any evidence to the contrary.

          51. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            As I have done, and as I have explained, I have done so hundreds of times. You choose to ignore, therefore, I am not only not at fault, my obligation has been met.

          52. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            Where? I have not seen any.

          53. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            Even on Independence Day, why, why do you hate America so badly?

          54. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            You can point (I have) an asshole (you are) to evidence (lots), but you can’t make him think (you don’t, er, you won’t).

          55. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            Where is it then?

          56. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            In the hundreds of posts that you so deceitfully ignored. Ignorance is not only not really bliss, but as the law says, it is not an excuse.

          57. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            No you haven’t. Like I said, insults and personal attacks are not evidence of your position.

          58. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            Why do you hate America so much?

          59. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            One of the real problems with you, and it makes me consider contacting your University department, is you will take any opportunity to subvert anything to support your bigoted views.

            The evidence points elsewhere, yet IT MUST ALWAYS support whatever outrageous malfunction that you have glommed onto at the time.

            Your ego is going to get you killed. Take it anyway you like, but it will not be me that takes you out.

          60. James Bowen July 4, 2014

            What evidence? You apparently have none to back up your viewpoints.

          61. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            A. Evidence is already given in the advice that it is common knowledge and EASILY available.
            B. Referring to A, why should I do what you request, when it is common knowledge that you will immediately discard the product of that request.
            C. You have given nothing to suggest you are even remotely on the right track.
            D. Finally:


            So, you are a failure at just about anything that involves truth and reason. Why are we wasting our money to send an idiot for a PhD, again? I think that PhD, is just a stronger form of LsD.

          62. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            This is not what I asked for, it has nothing to do with Cantor’s primary defeat. Where is your evidence?

          63. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            You didn’t even read my post before telling that next lie, did you?

          64. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            I just checked it a second time. There is not even a mention of Cantor in there.

          65. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            You are an aberration. You fit into the academic world like a turd in milady’s powder box. You should be out there in your tea-shirt with a shotgun in one hand and a beer in the other. Or is it, you drink wheeskie?

            Really, really, really, why do you hate American so badly?

          66. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            One final remark on this bullshit of yours. As you ignore ALL evidence that is given you regardless of reasoned opinion or citations, AND as you disregard answers to questions that have been answered 100 times more than is politely required, AND as you refuse to even acknowledge, much less reciprocate in answering the questions of others, THEN by the purest logic, you do not deserve to have any answers. You do not care to hear them anyway.

            Why do you hate truth and decency so much? You make the notion that Satan really does promote evil a plausibility.

            Why do you hate non-whites so much?

          67. James Bowen July 4, 2014

            Again, what evidence? You have not given me any.

          68. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            You have more than enough to prove your entire nonsense is bullshit, many times over. Like the internet, there is no penalty to being a bully. i cannot just reach out and splatter your head with a club hammer. BUT, by the same token, you can inanely and ignorantly ask the same answered question until they throw a net over you, and I am never going to be obligated to say anymore than I like.

            So, bend down real low, and kiss your own ass.

            Even on Independence Day, you HATE America! WHY?

          69. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            No, I don’t. Where is it? Show me.

          70. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            In the hundreds of posts that you so conveniently ignored.

            My, my, what a thick turd you are.

            Are you this stupid by nature, or is it by design?

            More importantly, as I will never quit, much less agree, what are you accomplishing?

            I have had to answer that question for you over a dozen times. You tried to answer it only once, and made a ass of yourself trying.

          71. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            No you haven’t. Like I said earlier, personal attacks are not evidence.

          72. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Not that I am complaining, but there is a certain lack of justice here. I have to carry you through this discussion and all you can see fit to do is tell LIES.

          73. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            That’s not showing me.

          74. Russell Byrd July 2, 2014

            Why do you hate America so badly?

          75. Russell Byrd July 2, 2014

            Why do you see yourself as so god like?

          76. Russell Byrd July 2, 2014

            Your ego and arrogance will make you unemployable. Really, I cannot figure out why any professor would even want you in their program.

            Oh, you thick empty head fills a seat and you bring a pot of taxpayer money.

          77. Russell Byrd July 2, 2014

            Your outlandish is what most people, especially reasonable and intelligent people, call truth.

          78. James Bowen July 3, 2014

            Again, give me some evidence.

          79. Russell Byrd July 3, 2014

            When given an entire universe of evidence, you just ignore it like any good racist, treason, hatefull, lying, trolling, bullying toady would.

            Why do you want to destroy this Nation?

          80. James Bowen July 4, 2014

            I’m still waiting for evidence.

          81. Russell Byrd July 4, 2014

            Ask away. All has been provided. In fact, if you weren’t a sick egotistical dick, you could inform yourself. LOL!

          82. James Bowen July 6, 2014

            No, none has been provided.

          83. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            Yes it has. All has been provided. In fact, if you weren’t a sick egotistical dick, you could inform yourself. LOL!

          84. James Bowen July 7, 2014

            None of the news articles I have seen on this primary election said anything along the lines of what you are saying. Where are they?

          85. Russell Byrd July 7, 2014

            They sure aren’t on Stormfront. You can find the truth anytime you please. Like I told you when I took control, I will never do for you, what you could do for yourself. So, any garden variety dickhead could find the information. There is tons of it. In fact, I bet you do know that, but you are just an ignorant egotistical asshole. Well, that is true anyway .

            Do not like the insults, do the job yourself. Like I told you, you will just deny the truth. Lying is at the bottom of every tactic you trolls have. I have no incentive to waste valuable time when you will not even read the information. So, again, go fuck yourself and raise your own little bastards. Regardless of your whine about insults, every lying post you have made IS AN INSULT, and you deserve to be treated with utter contempt.

          86. James Bowen July 8, 2014

            As I said, I have read numerous articles on this election, and none of them said anything like what you are. So where are they?

          87. Russell Byrd July 8, 2014

            Bullshit. Unless you read that Eagleshit site where articles MUST be lies to get published. Or is it still Stormfront?

            Why do you bother to lie when we BOTH know you are lying, Or are you that stupid and delusional?

            Like I said, you could find out in thirty seconds if you desired. Since you don’t, that is all that is necessary to show the futility of my posting the links. You aren’t going to read them anyway, so do you own damn work. I will speak the truth when and if I please, anytime I please.

          88. James Bowen July 9, 2014

            I know what I read (primarily mainstream media articles), and nothing of what I read said anything like what you say here. Given that, and that what you claim is incredibly far-fetched, the onus is on you to provide evidence to the contrary.

          89. Russell Byrd July 8, 2014

            Why do you lie so incredibly often Bozo. Sounds like a paranoid delusional personality, or is it just plain sociopathy?

          90. James Bowen July 9, 2014

            Give me evidence that I am a liar. I don’t think you can.

          91. Russell Byrd July 7, 2014

            Why do you hate the truth so badly?

          92. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            Really, the evidence is literally falling into your lap, but you refuse to see because you are an egotistical, racist, treasonous, bullying, lying asshole, with delusions of grandeur. LOL!

          93. James Bowen July 7, 2014

            You haven’t given me any or pointed me to any. Where is it?

          94. Russell Byrd July 8, 2014

            I can give you a bunch, but if you refuse to look, what incentive do I have? Your every post is a lie for that very reason.

          95. James Bowen July 8, 2014

            Give it then, I will look.

          96. Russell Byrd July 8, 2014

            Well, only one lie this time. We both know that I am right, but only you are pathologically addicted to being right. I could not care less. My views follow the evidence, therefore, my philosophy is flexible. Your philosophy must be upheld, even when both of us know you are wrong.

            If I give the data, you will NOT look. I gave data over 100 times and you CHOSE to ignore it all. If you want the truth, seek it. It is not my responsibility to give you evidence but ONCE. Truth is truth, and does not change. Lies like yours change, so they can always protect that sick ego and massive delusions of grandeur.

            In other words, for a simple minded ass, you could easily inform yourself anytime you wish. You do not wish to, so, it is not my responsibility to keep doing so, over and over.

            By the way, logically, a continued failure to address an easily addressable argument implies that you consent to agreement with it. Thank you for that reassurance that I was always correct.

          97. James Bowen July 9, 2014

            Saying you gave it to me does not make it so. You have not, and I saw nothing of the sort in the articles I read. Where is it? I do not think it exists, and the onus is on you to prove me wrong.

          98. Russell Byrd July 8, 2014

            There is something called “Google,” that would enable you to find many references if you would employ it. The fact that you continue to ask, means you are only dedicated to lying.

          99. James Bowen July 8, 2014

            Using Google, I read many articles and commentaries on this primary election. None of them said anything like what you have said. So if what you say is true, give me some evidence of it.

          100. Russell Byrd July 9, 2014

            I read many articles and commentaries on this primary election. And the evidence was in abundance. As well, no one really believes what you actually claim. In fact, that defies common sense.

            Though it is unlikely to result in a Democrat win, because of all the low IQ Rumpbuggercon straight ticket morons, there is now a very significant chance that the Rumpbumper candidate will lose. Er, what’s his name? So, I will await the outcome of the election instead of bleating over your failure to force your lies on me.

            All I said is true, while just about everything you said is false. No change there. . . .

          101. James Bowen July 10, 2014

            Maybe Brat will lose the general election, but where is your evidence that most of voters in this election were Democrats and independents who were motivated for that reason? I have not seen any at all.

          102. Russell Byrd July 10, 2014

            He probably will win, but that is a reflection on the stupidity of the average Tearumpbugger voter. When left with no other choice, many will vote for the very worst candidate anyway. Brat can only lose if the same voters that stayed home from voting for Cantor, stay away instead of voting for him. Really, a strategically shaved monkey in a suit could win as well as Brat.

          103. Russell Byrd July 10, 2014

            You constructed another straw man of your own personal design. In other words, you have once again lied.

            I NEVER said MOST of the voters but MANY. Substitute MANY Cantor voters with MANY non-Teabugger voters, and you get a recipe for a shocking defeat of the incumbent. The evidence is plain.

            Now, that was yet again another lie of yours. You can deny until you are burning in Hell, but it will not change the facts that you lie constantly. The oddity is, I am not going anywhere and I am not going to agree with you, THEREFORE, why do you bother to LIE so much? Really, WHY?

          104. James Bowen July 11, 2014

            This is speculation, not evidence.

          105. Russell Byrd July 9, 2014

            Why do you REALLY hate America so badly?

          106. Russell Byrd July 8, 2014

            Why do you want to commit treason against this Nation? Your counter accusation has no wait, when you obviously want to see the state destroyed to satisfy you racism.

          107. James Bowen July 8, 2014

            I am not a racist, but I must point out that racism is not treason. However, aiding and abetting a foreign invasion is. That latter is what you want to do. Therefore, it is you who is the traitor, not me.

          108. Russell Byrd July 9, 2014

            Bozo, in one six line post alone, that just last night, you told six easily confirmable lies. Now in the first five words you have written, you told your biggest lie of all. You ARE racist. In fact, you couch this in the exact hypothetical terms that would lead someone to believe you are not only lying, but you are doing so disingenuously.

            Racism is treason as its result AND intent is to damage the Nation and the body politic. Er, oh yes, please post evidence proving otherwise. You keep talking about evidence, so how about a little lead by the esteemed Imperial Wiz, James Dumbozo.

            Just because you play inane word games and spin the truth around for convenient lies, does not mean you give a damn about America. Far from it. You actually hate America.

          109. James Bowen July 10, 2014

            First of all, I am not a racist. Second, racism, however undesirable it is, is not treason. Holding racist beliefs is in fact protected by the 1st Amendment.

          110. Russell Byrd July 10, 2014

            First of all, you started off with a lie. An egregious and obvious lie. Second, racism is treason. It is against the national interest to the point of causing the destruction of this country. From the point of view of the Military Code of Conduct, racism is against the maintenance and appearance of good order. The minimum punishment would be to have the individual cashiered out of the service. Obviously, you either kept your mouth shut, which is incredibly unbelievable, or you were in fact forceably separated.

          111. James Bowen July 11, 2014

            No, on the contrary, racism is perfectly legal. It is protected by the First Amendment. Also, the Military Code of Conduct has says nothing about racism. Acting on racist beliefs to deny someone employment, etc., is illegal and rightfully so, but it is not treason.

          112. Russell Byrd July 11, 2014

            A real stupid dick, aren’t you. Whine, whine, the mean Russ insulted me, boohoo.

            Yes, it is contrary to the Constitution including the First Amendment, but at least you continue to prove who you really are. Claiming otherwise just makes you look more like a bastard.

            I have already made a strong case that negates your bullshit. Therefore, though I will continue to post to you forever, there is no use in reasoning with an idiot.

          113. James Bowen July 12, 2014

            Okay then, if racism is contrary to the Constitution and the First Amendment specifically, when then are the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialists allowed to organize and demonstrate? Why are websites like Stormfront legal? I think you will be at a loss to explain that.

          114. Russell Byrd July 11, 2014

            Here’s a good article on your total asinine failure to understand the subtleties of gerrymandering. Everybody knows both sides do it, but when one comes right out and works criminally to do so, then it is NOT legal at all. Usurping the public business has consequences, though far, far from enough.


          115. Russell Byrd July 10, 2014

            Now, are you enjoying yourself. I am, and this will continue until you admit your errors. So enjoy. 🙂

          116. James Bowen July 11, 2014

            I have made no errors that I am aware of in our discussion.

          117. Russell Byrd July 11, 2014

            Which is not only a factual lie, but in and of itself, an error.

          118. James Bowen July 12, 2014

            It was neither. If you have evidence otherwise, show it.

          119. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Your statement contains three easily proven lies. No need to show anything as it is self-evident. And, in any case, established policy, that you largely wrote, requires me to do absolutely nothing.

          120. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            That is not showing it.

          121. Russell Byrd July 11, 2014

            Since you conveniently ignore your errors, then it is no surprise that you do not find any. To become aware, one must actively seek the truth. Which of course is anathema to the Dumbozo.

          122. James Bowen July 12, 2014

            What errors? I am not aware of any I have made, and I would admit to them if I did.

          123. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014













          124. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014


            We BOTH know that you think you are god. You will never admit to your mistakes. And you have made hundreds. Oh, maybe not, those were just bold-faced lies.

          125. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            I was referring solely to these comment threads that we have been on. I am not aware of any major mistakes I have made in my arguments, and if I made any I would admit to them.

          126. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014


            You just told three lies right there. Geez, you are up near 900 whoppers now.

          127. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            Show that I have.

          128. Russell Byrd July 9, 2014

            Nixon said, “I am not a crook.” See how that turned out?

            Why do you hate America so badly, Dumbozo?

          129. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            Why do you hate truth so badly? Truth is all that I live for. My views must conform to the truth, I guess that is why I am a liberal. While a fascist like you excludes anything that does not support your pre-conceived notions, such as your racism.

          130. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            You have been repeatedly given truth, but you do not want any. The only thing harder than your head is your heart.

            Some Nation we would have if it was ruled by the dick.

          131. James Bowen July 7, 2014

            No, you have not given me anything of substance.

          132. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Yes, I have. You are just a chronic liar and bully that intends to “win” despite of not having an argument, nor intending to discuss the issues and topics.

          133. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            No, there is nothing of substance in personal attacks.

          134. Russell Byrd July 6, 2014

            Why do you want to destroy this Nation?

          135. Russell Byrd July 2, 2014

            For one thing. Teasodomists are dedicated to getting more crazy, bigoted, racist, and threatening. Those are the traits you think are quite normal, yet “norma” people despise.

          136. Russell Byrd July 1, 2014

            Why do you hate America so much?

            Why do you love committing treason?

          137. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            One reason that I insult you so much is that you are such a god-damned LIAR.

            Patriotic? In a sieg heil kind of way. And that is not AMERICAN patriotism.

            Moderate? ROTFL! Let’s say it again. ROTFL! You and your uncles Adolf, Francisco, and Benito, and your old man, Josef have some real moderate ideas about America. Yeah, I almost cannot type this without laughing. I guess moderate to you means always getting your way.

            Not a racist? See the paragraph above. LOL!

            Libertarian? You exhibit all of the bad of libertardians, without any of the saving graces.

            Face it, Dumbozo, you are just an arrogant, overbearing prick.

            These are not conversations, but “BIG Prick Jimbo’s” bullying, harassing soapbox of lies. You keep asking the same discredited questions, and ignoring the same valid answers.

            What are you really trying to prove? All you have proven is I have analyzed you correctly.

          138. James Bowen June 30, 2014

            But you have not given me a valid answer to the question above about why Dems and independents would support a candidate they perceive as more right wing than Cantor.

          139. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            I have repeatedly, but. . .

            I will make an exception.

            “People came out to vote — and they voted against Cantor.” An excerpt from:

            http://www.washingtonpost.com/…This explains the rationale of the opposition

          140. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            I will make an exception.

            “People came out to vote — and they voted against Cantor.” An excerpt from:


            This explains the rationale of the opposition.

          141. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            I read it. I see nothing about Democrats and independents voting for Cantor here, let along confirming it.

          142. Russell Byrd July 14, 2014

            Then we are done discussing and I am done listening to your LIES. No, I intend just to call you what you are, forever. Game playing time is over, moron.


            Should I actually write a letter to NM spelling out the facts that you are just a full-time abuser and breaker of the “terms of service.” Maybe, though I have not yet, I should take it up with your University. You are definitely not an ambassador for the high standards of you school.

            Or, are you really just spoofing the real James Bowen?

            And complain about my insults if you want because two things will happen. You have been insulting since your very first post in these blogs. By complaining, you will call very real attention to the games you have been playing.

            What are they going to do? Ban me? I am ready to go anyway. The piece of shit known as Dimbozo is the only reason I am still here. I went to work to elect a progressive Senator in my state. What do you do besides run your mouth?

          143. James Bowen July 15, 2014

            I like your idea of bringing in a moderator. I mention your attacks to emphasize that you have no real argument.

          144. Russell Byrd July 15, 2014

            Good, Psychiatrist or a Clinician. Maybe, a good Psych professor will do, for some very obvious reasons that I have been trying to get across to you.

            And the attacks are a direct response to your lack of respect and you patent dishonesty. This is going to be on issues, AND maybe, mental state.

          145. Russell Byrd July 14, 2014


          146. James Bowen July 15, 2014

            Sounds good to me.

          147. Russell Byrd July 15, 2014

            Great, how do you suggest we succeed?

          148. James Bowen July 16, 2014

            How about some kind of website moderator?

          149. Russell Byrd July 16, 2014

            That would be GRAND!
            Dimbozo will be banned!

            Yeah, and I knew when I offered the first time, that if you ever even responded, it would only be a stall for time.

          150. Russell Byrd July 16, 2014

            I admit to my vulgarity and my insults. You will not even comment on the FACTS that I have stated that led to this situation.

            You are a BULLY, dickhead. As well, you are a true, Webster’s Dictionary, IDIOT. The entire world revolves around you.

            Get it in your head, Memo is going to bend over backward to accommodate you, but at the end of the day, you are a flagrant bully, troll, liar, and violator of the “terms of service.” You are even in a site that is not wackjob teabugger friendly. This is a site that tries hard to base things on truth, while you just say and do anything you please to disrupt.

            Face it, my only real sin is to stand up to a nasty evil beast like you.

            So, go ahead and shot yourself in the head.

          151. Russell Byrd July 16, 2014

            Like I said, you are just stalling for time. If you got that Clinician, you probably would be expelled. Like any insane criminal, you do have a pretty good idea that what you have been doing is wrong.

            So, like I said, you are just stalling for time. But certainly, get a website moderator. I am sure that a Memo moderator would give you the benefit of a doubt, unlike the moderators on the teatard sites that spoon feed you this shit.

          152. Russell Byrd July 16, 2014

            Your buddy angelstench did exactly the same thing as you are doing now. The difference is, he is so evil AND so dumb, he thinks no one understands his avoidance tricks.

          153. Russell Byrd July 14, 2014

            Why are you such a bully?

          154. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Why do you NEED to lie so much?

            I told you why I what I am accomplishing, but all you are doing by lying is just encouraging me, and you still have proven nothing. Do you have a pathological need to LIE?

          155. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            You did see that link I provided to NumbersUSA, right? That had other links in it. That is more than you have given me, which is nothing. Here is the link again: https://www.numbersusa.com/news/media-cite-amnesty-views-cantor%E2%80%99s-loss-declare-immigration-reform-dead-year.

          156. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            You know LCDR Queeg, you are one of the stupidest and meanest gobs I have ever seen. I am going to report you again, as the as you are. Sooner, or later, my superiors will come down and jerk you out of their like a bad tooth, or they will tell me just to ignore you. Of course, as all right-wackjobs, youwill continuing spouting off bullshit until they drum you out for good. None of you have any real sense at all, except of arrogant self-importance.

          157. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Also, I am going to tip MJ off to your activity in the other blogs, especially our little escapades. Think your outrage over blaming me for all that will get you sympathy? I always tell the truth. I may get chastised for bad language, but your ass is likely going to be toast. I know, butt bubba, keep the semen happy Bozo. It won’t be the first time.

          158. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Now, just for laughs, why do you always wait to an ungodly hour to start this shit? I mean, if it weren’t for the fact that your IDIOTIC post wasn’t just pure harassment, I probably would ignore you altogether. But, as you are a total racist, belligerent, treasonous, asshole, I guess I will just have to chastise you some more.

            Well, it is what I do. . . .

          159. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Like I said, why do you wait to such and ungodly hour to stir up shit. ARE YOU DRUNK AGAIN?

            Maybe, that is why you are out of the Navy, and they wound up paying for your school. You couldn’t stay in, because you ARE unfit for duty, but you hadn’t done anything to keep you in the brig. Well, from my experience, they usually will let a goon like you go on a general medical discharge, instead of locking you up.

            Is that a good description of you?

          160. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Once again for the intelligence impaired gob. “Cantor. . . a Tea Partier.” Stupidly false. Yet, even if true, is
            largely irrelevant to this outcome. His constituency did not consider
            him a Teatard.

            Your reply is in no way an answer to the facts that I stated. He was or was not a Teabugger. Yet, to this statement of mine, it was irrelevant, he was voted out because of low turnout and especially, because too many people disliked him. He could call himself of Sodomist, and people would not have cared any less for him. Can’t you see that putting labels on someone is often secondary. He could be considered a Teabugger, and he was going to lose anyway.

            At least, you dropped that “Brat” bullshit BUT, of course, you did so like any cowardly dip-shit would. You just think omitting your previously false information, just makes your boner go away and you can go back to harassing with moronic nonsense. Well, it just ain’t gonna happen.

          161. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Cantor had been until recently recognized as a Tea Partier. During the budget battles in the summer of 2011, he was widely seen as the voice of the Tea Party faction. And again, this vote had very high turnout for a primary election. Brat deserves a lot of credit here. He gave the voters in this district an alternative.

          162. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            “until recently”

            That is covered by an old saying of “having your cake and eating it too.” You intend to have it all your way, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

          163. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            What evidence? The bottom line is that Cantor, who had a reputation as a Tea Partier, was taken down by an unknown who the Tea Party had nothing to do with until he won.

          164. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Cantor’s problem with being 30 points ahead was his “30 points” stayed home and the some Independents and most of the Democrats moved in to vote in their place. It is dead easy for a normal mind to understand. . . .

            Since your mind is not normal, I have once again taken my time to educate you. Yeah, waste of time, I already know.

          165. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Again, why would Dems and independents vote for someone they perceive as further to the right than Cantor? Cantor’s loss show just how ridiculously off the mark polling can be. I recently talked to a lady who used to work at a polling firm. She told me that there is absolutely nothing objective about polls–that it is all about getting the result that some sponsoring party desires and how to do it.

          166. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Top question has been answered FIVE times, and you have offered no rebuttal or explanation. This is just harassment for the sake of satisfying a sick mind. But, of course, you are welcome to keep pounding your stupid head against the anvil.

            Did you notice that since I answered FIVE times, you did not get another?

            Now, a question that I have literally asked hundreds of times, but you only lamely tried to LIE about, er, answer, on only one occasion. WHAT ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH?

            I might add:

            What are you even doing here? It is certainly not to have a discussion, which is the core of what the TOS is all about, governing discussion.

            And, do you actually expect that anyone will agree with your lies?

            What are your motives?

            What are your expectations? I clarify by asking what are you gaining by wasting so much of your time in a blog that hates you, while, guess what moron, I was going to be here anyway. Chuckle, chuckle. I only troll creeps like you.

          167. James Bowen June 30, 2014

            If you have given an answer to that question, it is not one that adds up.

            I have told you what I am doing here: I am reading the articles on this site.

          168. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            No, that is also not believable. You come, like angelstench does, to bully people out of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. That is why you need to lie so much and constantly repeat those lies. Otherwise, you would have nothing to same.

            Come to think of it, you don’t have anything to say.

          169. Russell Byrd June 27, 2014

            “One more thing: the Tea Party did nothing whatsoever to help Brat, . . . ” Well, I guess I am starting to get through to you. Yet, you must steal my ideas again in order to throw them back at me.

            The “brat” ran as a Tea Pottier. Of that, there is no doubt, but I will agree, the Teabuggers did not lend him much assistance. Obviously, even they did not see such a waste of skin as having a chance against the incumbent.

            It is sad that you suffer from such “invincible ignorance.” To anyone with a little savvy, any analysis will show that the majority of the mainstream Repubs wanted CANTOR. They got out voted in a low turnout primary (their own fault), that is open to ALL registered voters. And I repeat, quite a number of non-Rethugs voted against Cantor. As I told you before, that is why the Teashits are winning primaries, but are starting to lose a lot of general elections. Take the most conservative Senator in Congress, Dick Lugar of Indiana. Voted out by the Teaturds because he was NOT CONSERVATIVE enough. Well, he was neither a Nazi, or a Fascist, and for all his faults, he loved Democracy. Unlike yourself and other Teascum.

          170. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Brat ran as a conservative populist, and he really attacked big business in his campaign. For a primary, this had a large turnout–far larger than Cantor’s last primary. To say that mainstream GOP’ers wanted Cantor, after these results, is absurd. You also contradict yourself in painting him as a far right winger but they saying he benefited by Democrats and independents voting for him in an open primary. Why would they do that if he is so much further to the right than Cantor?

          171. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            “BRAT” did not run as anything. I followed the campaign and you are absolutely full of shit. He could not even articulate a statement after his big win. He did not have the money to compete in the same style as Cantor. No where near it, and he did very little with what he had.

          172. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Except knock off the second-highest GOP officeholder in the nation. And he did it by cleverly and accurately tying the immigration issue to that of the difficult times of American workers at the behest of big business.

          173. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Is there such a thing in logic as an “idiot” loop. You have never addressed the crux of the matter. You just repeat the same ignorant bullying question again, right after it has been debunked.

          174. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            I believe I did. I laid out what happened in this primary–that Brat made a strong case to the voters.

          175. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            Brat ran as a Teaturd, just like you are. The guy has a cracker jack degree from Hope College, Divinity from Princeton Theology, and supposedly a PhD from American U. that no one I know can confirm. And believe me, they can find out in a matter of minutes. Even his current college does not have much to say about that.

          176. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            He ran as a conservative who is sharply critical of big business and Wall Street. That is what matters.

          177. Russell Byrd June 29, 2014

            How many times can you show yourself to be an ignorant Fuck Head Liar, Mr, Dumbozo?

            ” To say that mainstream GOP’ers wanted Cantor, after these results, is absurd.” What in the Hell does that even mean? It does not even relate to anything that YOU said, and I said that Cantor lost because the “mainstream GOP’ers” did not turn out.

            DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW PRIMARIES ARE RUN IN VIRGINIA? Surely, you should, but I guess as always you just make up another LIE to keep your bullshit in play.

          178. James Bowen June 29, 2014

            Those GOP’ers who showed up to vote for Brat were as mainstream GOP as they come. They oppose amnesty and bailouts of failing big businesses. The big business, Wall Street, K-Street wing of the GOP is very unpopular among GOP voters when they recognize it, as Brat made them to.

          179. Russell Byrd July 13, 2014

            Jesus Christ. That is a proven lie dickhead. Why do you have to lie so much?

            Does your university know they have a creature that is most certainly academically dishonest. That LIE you told above, is as breathtaking as it is easy to rebut.

          180. James Bowen July 14, 2014

            Where is it proven? It is common knowledge that the mainstream GOP voters is at odds with the party hierarchy on these and other issues.

          181. Russell Byrd July 14, 2014

            You need to come out of your closet, my “fairyman” first class. You miss that you belong to the 15% or so of the Rumpbuggercon party that is foaming at the mouth crazy. Don’t bother denying the truth, you ARE a Teapot crackpot, and you are in a tiny minority. The problem is, you make a lot of noise when other people are trying to ignore the world.

            I have already proved all of this hundreds of times before. Between me and you, I have no need to try to do so again. This is home ground. You are the one that does not belong. Even at best, any outside support you may get will be fleeting.

            The point is, like always, why do you lie directly to someone that has already warned you that he knows your lies, and will never, never agree with you.

          182. Russell Byrd July 14, 2014

            Why are you such a bully, Dimbozo?

          183. Russell Byrd July 14, 2014

            Why do you lie so much, Dimbozo?

          184. James Bowen July 15, 2014

            You did not answer my question.

          185. Russell Byrd July 15, 2014

            ONE: Already repeatedly answered. As I have shown a number of times, you claim to speak for the majority, e.g. Brat supporters, when you are only a not very impressive minority in YOUR OWN party. Stop denying who you really are!

            TWO: As I have said repeatedly, though I have become more overt, I am just replying to your nonsense with the same lack of respect you have shown me and other members of these blogs. Bully, egomaniac, and liar seem to be your standard operating procedures. Do you see what the problem has been yet.

            THREE: The entire reason that I have continued to post to you is to prove to you that your bullying would be resisted until you break. I have no other rationale for posting. YOU will not understand, but this is not about me winning, but about YOU losing!

          186. James Bowen July 16, 2014

            Are you kidding? The average GOP voter is concerned with very different priorities than the GOP machinery. The average GOP voter is quite disgusted with big business, crony capitalism, bailouts, illegal immigration, etc. when they recognize it (the same is true of independents and probably most Democrats as well).

          187. Russell Byrd July 16, 2014

            No agreement is possible because of the exclusiveness of your god like ego. But, regardless of the truth of that, or not, you intentionally miss something. AS ALWAYS. You assume your minority opinion is the only opinion in the field. Even when you have to twist, spin, and out-right lie to support your point.

            Case in point, you do not look far enough ahead to understand that if GOP voters are so “special,” why are they voting for this trash anyway?

            As well, you have got to work your opinion into speaking for all. Face it, take Dick Lugar for instance. He lost in the primary, which was a relatively high turnout, but still not a significant number of votes. The Teabuggers defeated the most (real) conservative member of the Senate, because he was not conservative enough. (Like you, that is code for “insane.”) A good number of Rumpbuggercons stayed home in the general election, and some voted for the Democrat. the Democrat won! Hallelujah!

            Two things though. The average Rumpbugger would vote for Satan (oops, they already have) if he stuck a GOoP elephant on his shirt. And, the Teabuggers that made this mess possible, believe they are somehow in the majority.

            Of course, the good thing is, the Teabuggers cost themselves a Senate seat! Praise be to the Lord! 🙂

          188. James Bowen July 17, 2014

            So being disgusted with big business, crony capitalism, bailouts, illegal immigration, etc. is a minority opinion? I don’t think so. As to your question about why GOP’ers are voting for the people they are, I never said the average voter was that smart, no matter what party they belong too. The Tea Party is a prime example. They began as a protest against the bailouts, but were soon commandeered the the very parties they should have been directing their anger towards.

          189. Russell Byrd July 17, 2014

            THEN, why do the dumb sons-of-bitches vote Rumpbuggercon. The Democrats may be bad, due to crooked GOoP lawsuits, but your mob IS CRONY CAPITALISM. AT least, you lost that lie about being independent and not a Teabuttbugger.

            You know faggot, I work with the citizenry AND politicians every day. Overwhelmingly, Rumpbuggers ADMIRE the fat cats.

            Why do we hear so much about communists, socialists from your gang of thieves. Your bunch worships the rich.

            As for the Teabags, the Kochroaches are their prime source of income. Don’t bother lying. Teabuggers LOVE the rich. So, another one of your lies goes right down the drain. As far as being commandeered, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Yes, many people were against the bailouts because of that black man in the White House. But the Teabags were always a group run by the rich. They FUND them.

            And don’t bother with the “race card” bullshit. Bailouts did not become the violent issue they are, until Obama decided to emulate Bush.

            As for bailouts, what would have happened if we had let the banks collapse? Simple, every mortgage in the nation would have been called in.

            Do I have to give you a lesson in basic Econ too? All those banks are so deep in each others pockets, that a hiccup and we are all screwed. Of course, a faggot like you just thinks his stipend will get him by.

          190. James Bowen July 18, 2014

            Why do they vote GOP or Democrat? I don’t know, but I do know they are both just as bad on this matter. GOP voters are very different than the GOP hierarchy. GOP voters tend to be middle class professionals, small business owners, and farmers and others rural people who find a message of personal responsibility appealing. That does not mean they are politically wise. The GOP gives those things lip service, but then their actions are totally the opposite. Your question might as well be why do people judge politicians on their words instead of their actions. That is a question I ask all the time, and I don’t have an answer, except that the human being is not a very smart animal. GOP voters, along with independents and Democratic ones, are very angry at the crony capitalists, but they misdirect their anger.

            Your comment about the bailouts not becoming an issue until Obama became President is nonsense. The people were mad as hell about them when they passed in the Fall of 2008. They initially helped Obama in that election. When Pres. Obama continued and expanded them, they became a liability for him too.

            Those banks should have been allowed to fail. I don’t know what would have happened, but rewarding such failure is unacceptable and encourages such behavior in the future.

          191. Russell Byrd July 18, 2014

            You are absolutely sure you are right, but you do not know the answer to the simplest question. You are as ignorant as the most bigoted religious zealot. Which is really what you are. A racist, bigoted, lying zealot.

          192. Russell Byrd July 17, 2014

            “So being disgusted with big business, crony capitalism, bailouts, illegal immigration, etc. is a minority opinion?”

            YES, dickhead. The answer is YES. As I have proven to you many, many times.

          193. James Bowen July 18, 2014

            That is both absurd and ridiculous. Americans of all political persuasions are mad as hell about these things. What they don’t know is how to deal with it, and are often manipulated by these very interests. You certainly haven’t proved this, just like you haven’t proved anything else.

          194. Russell Byrd July 18, 2014

            Yet, “that is both” the truth. Eighty percent of the population has no use for you. There are more people of a progressive and liberal nature than you can muster by far, and they all want rid of hateful assholes like you.

            The problem for my side, as opposed to your Fascist Teabaggers, is to shield the majority from your non-stop negative propaganda and get them to the polls.

            Just because you hang out with a 15% that are hateful racists, does not a majority make. Say what you will, insulter and liar, we both know that you are just a faggot looking to score some “seamen.”

            All has been proved. In fact, you lie so readily, you missed that you contradicted yourself again and proved a lot of my points. I know, I know, you intended to tell lies that had a different meaning, but that is not exactly what you did.

          195. James Bowen July 21, 2014

            So, you have proved that a majority of Americans support the bailouts, crony capitalism, illegal immigration, the self-interests of big business? Nonsense. That is simply not true, and you certainly have not presented anything that would suggest they are.

          196. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            If you say so it must be true. You N-E-V-E-R tell any lies or make any mistakes. ROTFL! ROTFL!

            Dimbozo, I neve said even half of that. Bailouts were started by YOUR president, and CRONY CAPITALISM is the operation of YOUR Rumpbuggercon party, and you whine about big business, but you believe every bit of propaganda put out be the Kochroaches. As for immigration, yes, America wants it solved and we know simply trying to close the border when starving people show up and mass deportations are not the way. Hey, dickhead, in Texass one “big” rally had THREE people show up. Your views are only popular as long as you are talking to other racists.

          197. James Bowen July 24, 2014

            As I have said before, most Americans are largely ignorant and indifferent about the immigration issue. The ones that do overwhelmingly back my point of view. However, this border surge might be changing that as Americans are seeing just how out of control immigration is in this country. No one is talking about closing the border and starving people. Some are talking about mass deportations, but that is hardly the only way to enforce current immigration laws and attrite the illegal population. As for rallies, most of the people on my side of this issue have jobs to do, many have families to support, and they do not have the time to participate in rallies. Meanwhile, the groups that oppose amnesty and immigration expansion, being on the opposing side of big business and political donors, do not have the money to organize them. What they can do is engage their members of Congress, and have done so on levels that eclipse the pro-amnesty side by up to two orders of magnitude.

            I do not dispute what you have to say about the GOP, and don’t expect me to defend them.

          198. Russell Byrd July 24, 2014

            BUT you are a straight ticket GrOPe voter. . . . LOL!

          199. Russell Byrd July 24, 2014

            What a dickhead.

            In one post you have the great majority of Americans agreeing with you, THEN on the next post, they are all disinterested, pathetic, and ignorant.

            Come on, at least keep your lies straight BOZO.

          200. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            I think you need to read my comment again. Most Americans don’t know much and don’t care much about the immigration issue. Of the ones who do, however, they overwhelmingly break for the restrictionist side. However, this border surge is getting the attention of more Americans, and those Americans are siding with the restrictionists.

          201. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014


            You claimed the majority is on your side, then you say they don’t care, then you say they don’t know anything.

            Decent people know your are wrong, AND that is the majority.

          202. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            Most Americans don’t know much and don’t care much about the immigration
            issue. Of the ones who do, however, they overwhelmingly break for the
            restrictionist side. However, this border surge is getting the
            attention of more Americans, and those Americans are siding with the
            restrictionists. If you read this carefully, you will see it is consistent and makes sense, so quit pretending it doesn’t.

            The majority of Americans do not support granting legal status to illegal aliens and expanding immigration. Go to compete.com and look up La Raza and America’s Voice and see just how few visitors they have.

          203. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            YOU are out of your fucking mind, cretin. I have already disposed of this at least a dozen time. READ my replies. READ my last reply.

            Don’t you realize that you are trying to make a popular issue out of something that you constantly admit is not possible. That is, when you are not spinning in another direction and telling conflicting lies.

          204. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            I did, and it is clear that you don’t understand what I am saying (or refuse to admit that you do). I have never said it is not possible. Voters are in general not well informed and not very attentive to most issues. The ones they are are ones that tend to have an obvious personal effect on their lives. If there was something that informed the public on how much excessive immigration is harming them, they would get very interested in it. It is telling that, with a mainstream media that practically campaigns for amnesty and unlimited immigration, that the best those crusaders have been able to achieve with the American public is apathy.

          205. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            I have always understood what you are saying, AND MORON, I have told you so. Problem is you are a racist that does nothing but lie. A treasonous waste of skin and space in a nation that needs producers. NOT bullying users like you.

            YOU like playing god.
            YOU are a bully.
            YOU are an harasser.
            YOU ARE A RACIST.
            YOU have an agenda of evil.
            YOU have delusions of grandeur. AND that does matter.
            YOU DO NOTHING BUT LIE, restated for effect.
            YOU decide what gets said and what is evidence. WRONG.
            AND YOU KEEP RIGHT ON LYING, again, and again, and again.

          206. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Yeah, crapsack, sure they don’t.

          207. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            So you agree then.

          208. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Too dumb to understand a satirical comment, are we? Well, your ignorance ceased to amaze me weeks ago.

          209. James Bowen July 30, 2014

            Do you have any indications to the contrary? My guess is you don’t.

          210. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            Too dumb to understand a satirical comment, are we? Well, your ignorance ceased to amaze me weeks ago..

          211. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            This is what you believe. If it was not, you would have given up a long time ago. Oh, but wait, that is about Dimbozo’s stubborn out of control ego AND his rampant racism.

            ‘The intermingling of blood and the resulting decline in the racial standards is the sole cause of the downfall of all cultures, because people are not destroyed by losing wars, but by the loss of that power of resistance that is vested only in pure blood.’
            Adolf Hitlerin Mein Kampf

          212. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            That is what I have concluded based on the evidence at hand and the circumstances.

          213. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            Except you were proven wrong long ago, but you must always be right, and always have the last word. Won’t happen this time.

          214. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            Again, hysterical rants are not proof.

          215. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Thanks for more evidence of your instability. NOTHING in the above post remotely borders on hysteria. In fact, as agreed upon by a number of people, my post happens to be completely true.

          216. James Bowen July 30, 2014

            Say they are true does not make it so. You need to back them up with evidence, consistent arguments, etc., which you have repeatedly failed to do.

          217. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            Saying they are not true does not make that so either. Refusing to admit evidence is not proof that the evidence is false. On the contrary, refusing to admit evidence is an admission of the validity, and worse, much worse, is an indication of personal dishonesty.

            You do not control the world. You do not control discussion. You do not control me, regardless of how deluded your delusions of grandeur make you think. YOU are NOT amongst racist friends here, TROLL.

          218. James Bowen July 30, 2014

            But, with one exception yesterday, you have not provided evidence for your positions.

          219. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            Dimbozo’s corrected statement: But, with one exception yesterday, I have not allowed evidence to be considered that debunks my positions. In that case, I chose to recognize the evidence, because I found it convenient to lie to discredit that evidence.

            Once again, no charge, and no thanks are necessary. LMAO!

          220. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            For about the hundredth time, what are you trying to accomplish with all the lies? Hmm?

          221. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Proof to you is 100% agreement with the lies you tell.

          222. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Didn’t anyone in your family teach you not to bully and lie. Or was that approved behaviour in your family? Make no mistake, I have dealt with people that believed that they were able to do exactly what you do. All of them came to regret that attitude.

          223. Russell Byrd July 24, 2014

            Hey folks, this guy is a total waste of flesh. If you seen him you would get the idea that “lard ass” was a good description.

            Lies, hate, racism . . . over, and over, and over again, and then he wants to try to force you into agreeing to things you never said. Just one lie after another. To accomplish what?

          224. Russell Byrd July 24, 2014

            Get a health care professional. Moderator if you choose to get yourself committed, but do seek some help.

          225. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            Everyone I have showed the “gems” that you have posted has remarked roughly the same things.

          226. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You are an egotistical maniac.

          227. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You are sub-normal in intelligence. (I guess you must bully your way through school.)

          228. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You have a superiority complex.

          229. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You have delusions of grandeur.

          230. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You are patently dishonest, but I bet you always have an out by blaming someone else.

          231. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You probably can blame others, because you probably suck the ass of anyone in authority that you think you can use.

          232. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You claimed to not be a racist, but you actively defend the “right” to be racist.

          233. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You claim to be moderate, but your politics come right out of “Mein Kampf.”

          234. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You claim that a mere equation rules human life.

          235. James Bowen July 24, 2014

            No, the equation just demonstrates that our behavior, if it continues, will ultimately be contained by physical limits.

          236. Russell Byrd July 24, 2014

            Jim Dimbozo is an amazing ventriloquist. he developed that trait so that he could continue to lie while he is sucking big cocks.

            He claimed to be in the Navy, keeping “semen” all happy and such. . . .

          237. Russell Byrd July 24, 2014

            This jerk is just a lying bully that is not very bright but has delusions of his great superiority. Likely, if he actually comes out of his closet, someone will gaff his loud mouth and that, as they say, will be that. His is a life totally wasted in hating his fellow human beings. Nothing of importance will ever be accomplished by this piece of shit, except maybe some knowing smiles from his male “clientele.”

          238. Russell Byrd July 25, 2014

            I have seen Barletta so much, that I realized just how much like you he really looks. AND just how fucking stupid he really is. Again, just like you.

          239. Russell Byrd July 25, 2014

            Please understand, I know the little game of yours. What you do not understand is, I really enjoy mucking up the blogs about you. You see, that is what you trolls do. You want to scent mark the blogs with your inane shit for no other reason than to try to bully and suppress truth. So, I do intend to let everyone know your history every time I catch you in one of these “minor liberal blogs.”

            Laugh all you want, but the joke is on you, prick.

          240. Russell Byrd July 26, 2014

            The equation only demonstrates the moral bankruptcy and intellectual decay of it racist proponent.

            Again, you already destroyed your own credibility.

            HEY FOLKS, 2800 years is his answer. I hope I don’t have to sit up nights waiting for that to happen!

            THEN this shitsack wants a “do-over,” so he can get it down to 600 years. Still laughable, and absolutely still proves that his equation is as queer as he is.

          241. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            2800 years is not that long, let alone 500 years. One human lifetime amounts to almost nothing when we are talking about the survival of our civilization and our species.

          242. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            Your second lie was 600 years. Of course, as a liar, you are entitled to say anything, at any time, RIGHT?

            Jesus Christ was born 2000 years ago. Not a long time, right?

            And 2800 years is 140 generations. Do you know who your great-great-grandfather was? You might be one that does, since you have to maintain your racial purity.

          243. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            2000 years is not a long time at all, and neither is 2800 years. One human lifetime does not amount to much, if that is the standard you are using. We need to think about the future, and that means well beyond our own lifetimes, if we want future generations to have a decent quality of life, or any life at all for that matter.

          244. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            You are a disgrace to anyone with an education. 2000 years is a long, long, long time to a human being.

            Do you know anyone that has lived for 125 years? That has been my point all along. If you were talking about earthquake faults or landform slump, then you might be going in the right way. BUT, your equation not only is totally out of place, you cannot even put reputable, reliable evidence into it.

          245. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            Yes, but a human being does not live very long. Our collective behavior over multiple generations can be very consequential, however. If we only think about our generation and not about the long term consequences of our actions, that is very selfish behavior.

          246. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Thanks for starting to agree with me. I realize that it is a mere accident, but at least it is a start.

            You are the epitome of selfish. You want an easy ride for no other reason than it is “you.”

          247. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            Hopefully, you will be dead in a couple of years, but even if you live to a ripe old age, you may have fifty years.

            2800 years? This has been my point all along. You have never had a coherent argument EXCEPT one of racial hatred.

            This is the wrong blog to express that view in. So, we will continue forever.

          248. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            Again, 2800 years is not that long. That is well within recorded history. We need to think about the future, and think about it well beyond our lifetimes. To do anything less is selfish.

          249. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            Again, for the human animal, 2800 years is incomprehensible when it is measured against our lifespan.

            Your equation was meaningless.
            Your politics are anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-working class.
            Your politics are straight foaming at the mouth with hatred right-wacko racist.
            You ARE the selfish one.

            According to the Bible, Jesus was undocumented.
            According to Jesus, charity is the highest calling.
            I know you are an atheist, but most of America is not. Just bigoted and racist against the tenets of their own master, but not atheist.

            Everyone here, and actually, that includes Native Americans, arrived here from foreign lands. Maybe the border should have been closed, but it wasn’t, AND America (I.e. capitalism) has done nothing in the lands to our south except prop up dictators and economically exploit them.

          250. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            Again, the human lifespan doesn’t amount to much. But collective human activities over time do (i.e. overpopulation, global warming, resource depletion). You obviously did not understand my point about the equation. 2800 years is the time to something that is an absolute physical impossibility. 500 years is the time to a biological impossibility. Our growth will be halted, one way or another, well before 500 years, let alone 2800 years.

            My proposals are actually very pro-labor, pro-working class, and beneficial to the poor. More population and more immigrants means more cheap labor, according to the law of supply and demand. Those who push for more growth and more immigration are the selfish ones. They want to make more money by having cheaper labor and more consumers and dump the costs on everyone else in the U.S.

            Also, I am neither an atheist nor a racist. Yes, we did prop up dictators in Latin America, but that does not oblige us to absorb all of Latin America’s poor. We propped up dictators for misguided foreign policy reasons, not economic exploitation.

          251. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Why do I insult you, because you are an insulting liar.

            This “My proposals are actually very pro-labor, pro-working class, and beneficial to the poor.” Dimbozo, I log every post, I log every post, I log every post. Get it.

            I have the evidence that you have plainly made anti-labor, and anti-poor statements.

            STOP LYING!

          252. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            “Also, I am neither an atheist nor a racist.”

            Dimbozo, that is why I want a moderator and someone that can diagnose your manias. THAT STATEMENT IS A PROVEN LIE.

            I have witnesses willing to sign an affidavit backing up my claim.

            Next, it will go to your university. Do you have no fear. Do you think I am bluffing. You need to be out on the street. Out of the Navy for good, and out of the educational system.

            You are potentially dangerous because you have no sense of right and wrong.

          253. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            The human lifespan being short is my point. We need to care for everyone NOW, not in 2800 years of starving everyone except your “chosen” leeches, er, people.

          254. James Bowen July 30, 2014

            Future generations hold equal precedence to the current one. And halting growth, i.e. easing the increasing strain on natural resources, is vital to taking care of everyone in the here and now.

          255. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            This post not only addresses all our issues, but is a factual account of our differences. Regardless, if you take it as an insult, this post IS STILL TRUE! And therefore, is deserved!

            Let me again be honest and blunt. Due to your massive ego that seeks to dominate and direct all conversations, NO ONE can agree with you on anything.

            THAT is an INSULT that you perpetuate in every post you make. You even started our exchange with your claiming to have a high educational degree.


            Your argument is in your content. Of course, you have no argument, no content, and NO TRUTH in any post you make. Unless, you admit that you are a proponent of racism. Which you are too cowardly to admit.

          256. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            Considering my accompanying post, let me say without any agreement with you, that future generations do hold equal precedence to the current one. Unfortunately, you forget the current generation. THAT has been at the basis of every point I have made, regardless of how obvious I make it in my discussion. THAT you refuse to address or admit exists.

            However, as always, that is a greenlining smokescreen to veil the rampant, disgusting racism that permeates every lying sentence you right.

          257. James Bowen July 30, 2014

            I do not forget the current generation. Reducing the pressures of growth would greatly help beleaguered laborers and consumers.

          258. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            In my view, and by every witness statement, I have outposted you on every issue. Of course, as you reserve the right to lie, and the sole right to make a point, and the sole right to control a conversation, then of course you are going to disagree.

            Even on this point you will not have an answer without lying. LOL! I would feel sorry for you if you were not such a hapless villain.

          259. Russell Byrd July 30, 2014

            Should I address you as “god.” Every answer you make covers every outcome even though you obviously believe something very different. You seem to know all, have a right to be all, control all, and say anything you please without evidence to prove your non-points.

          260. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            “To do anything less is selfish.”


            That is a stinking right-wacko slogan that has no meaning in reality. In fact, YOU ENTIRE motivation is selfish and racist.

            YOU spilled the beans when you first arrived about all the immigrants taking all the good jobs.

          261. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            Here is what I am going to do. Since you stated that the immigrants were a blight and taking all the good jobs, i.e. so you could not find one. Imagine that with a lazy, racist slob like you. Then I am going to drop into each one of your “collegues” inbox a few words from their fellow classmate.

            I log everything dirtbag. Don’t bother deleting it.

            I will do so, even though I am guessing that you are one of the most hated people in your entire department.

          262. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            You should read my other post carefully.

          263. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            Just did, and I maintain my statement here.

          264. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Then, you once again proved you are a liar, for all the world to see. And see is what they are beginning to do.

            Are you truly that sociopathic. You have no empathy for anyone and certainly no sense of right and wrong.

            Once again, all the traits I have assigned to you have not been denied, and they have been proven true.

          265. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            Good morning, dirtbag. Tell me about the human disaster that you will be around in 2800 years to see.

          266. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            Our growth will be halted one way or another long before 2800 years, and well before 500 years for that matter.

          267. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            The first thing that needs to be stopped is your growth. The world will not miss a lazy, bullying, self-entitled, lying loser like you.

          268. Russell Byrd July 26, 2014

            As far as insults, this shitsack came to this blog posting off-topic nonsense. THEN he wanted to engage in post to post harassment with absolutely no content . . . NONE. THEN, he insulted everyone by explaining that he had a “masters” degree. Whoopie shit, half the blog has one. This turdpie thinks he is still in Freitfart where it takes a committee to recite the “ABC’s.”. Which is where he really belongs.

          269. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You do not engage in any discussion.

          270. Russell Byrd July 21, 2014

            You refuse to consider any evidence that does not agree with your own mistakes and nonsense.

          271. James Bowen July 24, 2014

            No–you just haven’t provided any.

          272. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            And you just suck cocks. Now, I am quite sure that my line is more likely true than yours. LOL!

          273. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            Where is it then? You have failed to show me any that backs up your arguments.

          274. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            Hundreds, literally hundreds of posts. You refuse open discussion on every post you make. It is agree to your bullying, small-minded, racist opinions or else.


          275. James Bowen July 27, 2014

            Insults do not constitute evidence. You have made hundreds of posts, almost all of which are lacking in substance. When you have posted something, it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

          276. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            No, BUT you have been proven to be insulting in every post you have ever made. i have given evidence, not only of my views, but of your insults, and you dismiss it without discussuion. OR you ignore it.


          277. James Bowen July 28, 2014

            You have given very little except insults and hysterical rants. That is not evidence or even an argument for that matter. When you have posted something else, it has been something that has no bearing on the subject at hand whatsoever.

          278. Russell Byrd July 28, 2014

            That from a chronic liar, has no meaning in reality. Why don’t you actually try to have a discussion? Hmm? Don’t know how?

          279. Russell Byrd July 27, 2014

            IF, we disagree that is one thing, but when evidence has been given to you, you deny its existence out of hand. That is an insult that you have literally committed over one thousand times.

            As for your evidence, WHERE IS IT? Where is anything except your racist theories on what everyone wants. When proven wrong, you just continue the same tired nonsense.