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GOP Operatives Are Starting To Freak Out As Much As The Rest Of Us About Donald Trump

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GOP Operatives Are Starting To Freak Out As Much As The Rest Of Us About Donald Trump

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus listens to a question during an interview in Washington May 6, 2016.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Published with permission from AlterNet.

In the past 24 hours, Donald Trump has left many wondering whether he even still wants to be president. Judging by what has come out of his mouth in just one day, it’s becoming harder to tell.

Of course, you could argue this has been Trump’s strategy from the start. His stream-of-garbage/consciousness style has gotten him this far, so why would he stop now? Yet barely two weeks after nominating Trump, a growing number of Republicans are beginning to consider what might happen if he were just …to quit.

This is according to Jon Karl, the chief White House correspondent for ABC News, who reported this morning that Republican officials have begun planning for this “absolutely unprecedented” outcome.

“First of all, I am told RNC chairman Reince Priebus is furious, that he has had multiple discussions with Trump telling him he needs to drastically change course,” said Karl. “But here’s the news: I am told that senior officials at the party are actively exploring what would happen if Trump dropped out, how to replace him on the ballot.”

Unfortunately, such an outcome could only happen if Trump voluntarily dropped out of the race. If this were to occur, continued Karl, a “complicated process” would follow whereby the 168 members of the RNC could choose a new candidate. This would ”have to happen by early September.”

In other words, the Republicans have a month to try to force Trump’s hand. Just this week, both Meg Whitman (finance chair to Chris Christie’s presidential campaign) and Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) have said they are voting for Hillary Clinton. Paul Ryan, John McCain and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have also come out against Trump, though they’ve maintained their endorsements of him.

“He is so unpredictable right now,” said Karl on the feelings within the Republican Party. “They are so unable to control his message, that they just don’t know and clearly think it is a possibility, which is why they’re looking at these rules.”

This is all, of course, wishful thinking because … well, Donald Trump. “Even if people don’t like me, they have to vote for me. They have no choice,” Trump said Tuesday to a group of supporters in Ashburn, Virginia. He added, “Even if you can’t stand Donald Trump, you think Donald Trump is the worst, you’re going to vote for me.”

Despite Trump’s insurmountable narcissism, if he does continue on his current trajectory the chances are increasingly likely he’ll lose come November.FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast shows that in the past week Clinton has risen from being the underdog to having a 68 percent likelihood of winning.

Which comes as a relief after what Trump enabler Joe Scarborough revealed on his “Morning Joe” show earlier today.

Watch the full ABC interview with Jon Karl below.

Robin Scher is a freelance writer from South Africa currently based in New York. He tweets infrequently @RobScherHimself.

Photo: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus listens to a question during an interview in Washington May 6, 2016.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 3, 2016

    To say that the GOP is in disarray, according to a CNN headline, is a quaint and amusing euphemism. And to pretend that they didn’t see this coming, is poor acting at best, and more like a B-grade Sitcom.

    Either way, there’s no Oscar to be handed out—just dunce caps.

    Not only that, but he taunts the hapless little politicians with statements like this:
    “Even if people don’t like me, they have to vote for me. They have no choice,”

    Trump knows what toadies the GOP are and that he has them…. , and that’s the only thing in his favor.

    Strange that Trump would be chosen by a Higher Power for applying a necessary enema to that stodgy group of boys and girls who are “forced” to vote for him.

    1. Oddworld August 3, 2016

      I never thought Trump would get this far.
      During 2015 when 13 morons stood up on stage resembling a clown circus I thought for sure at least any one of them (not named Trump) would end up as the nominee. Hell, the Kochs don’t like him, FOX doesn’t like him, NY Post doesn’t like him, I even hear some conservative talk radio doesn’t like him. Let’s see, did I leave anyone out? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, most of the Republican establishment doesn’t like him, although a few will support him simply to get an (R) in the White House. I just don’t get it.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

        It is an unexpected set of circumstances which anyone who is rational and logical would have felt as you and I do that he wouldn’t get this far. But the ineptitude of Conservatives was, and is, ineffective tin stemming the tide of Trumpism.
        But logic matters little in the face of an irrationality which fueled Trump’s rise, and just shows to what depths of decadence many in America have sunk to.

        But there is a bright spot to all of this, and it is perhaps providential that Trump should rise to the top of a political wing that revels in irrationality, divisiveness, and treasures ignorance.

        The Old Order is crumbling and Trump is just one of the more visible signs of a crack in a decayed social order, and serves as a necessary agent to help hasten the collapse of the current moribund order in America.

        The question now is, what do we need to fill the vacuum once the old structure is reduced to rubble? I have made attempts to point towards a System the likes of which humankind has never witnessed, and from which a new pattern will emerge.

        In the meantime, observe and reflect on the cause and nature of the collapse and look at http://www.bahai.org and learn of a process of Construction that is happening in parallel to the process of Destruction being wreaked by this traveling clown show.

        1. Oddworld August 4, 2016

          Aaron, I couldn’t agree more. I also want to thank you for the link you provided, though I must admit at first I detected alarm bells going off when I saw the word God. I’m not an Atheist, more of a spiritual Agnostic that follows science and a natural doctrine to our physical world and spiritualism to the ethereal world. But I don’t believe in God or a God Head. Still, after taking a brief look at the preface from the link, I realized the principles and vision for world society are precisely the same philosophy I’ve been talking to close friends and family about for 30 years. So again, thanks.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

            I’m at your service. It was the least I could do to help. I understand your hesitation and approve of your reluctance.
            Given the way religious leaders and followers of the past from all the Religions have contorted and distorted Religion and offered interpretations based on finite minds, including portraying “God” as a biped who speaks English, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, or whatnot, it follows that such a portrayal is a figment of our imaginations.
            How can the finite comprehend the infinite? How can an unknowable essence that is omnipresent and outside our frame of reference become corporeal, etc.
            That’s why Baha’u’llah has appeared to relate to a humanity whose capacity for comprehension has increased markedly from what our forebears were able to attain. Not that I or you are better than them, no more than a college-educated person is better than one who was only able to attend high school—it’s just that you and I are now ready to take in a redefined way of comprehending, albeit still to a limited degree, that entity/Creator who is often called God, Allah, Yahweh, etc.

            ANother interesting note, one cited by Baha’u’llah, and I paraphrase: “If Religion be the cause of conflict and contention, we would be better off without it”.
            The purport is that true Religion conforms to logic and complements science(and vice versa), while those religions, the products of selfishness, corruption, and greed, emanating from the minds of corrupt clergymen are not Religions in the true sense of what true Religion is.

            Finally, I must reiterate an important theme we all must understand and internalize, i.e., that all Religions are One and emanate from the same Source, that they appear at different stages in humankind’s evolution, and are charged with being reminders of our connections with each other and with the Source of our being, while addressing the specific exigencies of whichever era said Religion appears.

            Peace out!

          2. Oddworld August 4, 2016

            Exactly! It’s the dogma created by those who wish to control others that humans tend to naively follow, instead of the true essence of what it means
            on a spiritual and humanistic level. The reason this is peaking my interest is it’s inclusivity. Religious non-believers
            can also live by this philosophy, many Atheists
            already do, they simply don’t assign a name to it. Have a great day.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

            I feel that many people are agnostic or atheist not because they disbelieve in a higher power, but because they don’t believe in the portrayals/descriptions that the clergy by and large have created from vain imaginings.Also, atheists shy away from Religion as redefined by the clergy because of the clerics disdain for science and logic, not seeing that Science and Religion must be and are in harmony—Religion w/o Science is unacceptable and illogical, and Science w/o Religion is equally unacceptable and untenable.

            Regarding how God is portrayed/described depended on one’s one’s cultural heritage, “God” may be described as having white skin, bearded, straight hair, of Irish stock; or, in a case of a conversation I had with “Black Nubians” on a midtown Manhattan street, their portrayal of God, Jesus, etc. in their tracts were based on their need to see God as looking like themselves, so they saw God as being of medium height, dark skinned, with kinky hair like mine, the whole nine yards, and after a lengthy and respectful conversation, I had to say good-bye and move on down the street; other cultures will tend to see the unknowable Essence in terms of their experience unique experience as well.

            This is a reason that you will NEVER see an image of Baha’u’llah in anyone’s home, per Baha’u’llah’s requirement.
            I saw a passport photo of Him at the Archives Building in Haifa, Israel during a Baha’i Pilgrimage there shortly after the end of the Gulf War, when it was OK for Baha’is to resume visits there.

            A creation implies a creator—a chair requires a carpenter, a teacher without students is a contradiction; a painting without a painter is an impossibility; and so on.

            Many atheist are more godly than many self-professed Christians who often act in an ungodly manner(e.g., neo-Nazis, the KKK, Trump, all the rest of white nationalists).
            Many of our politicians are less godly than many atheists.

          4. Oddworld August 5, 2016

            History has also supplied an ample amount of destructive atheists as well, especially in the 20th century but it should be noted that people with a
            professed religion have killed many more over a period of thousands of years. Can you imagine what life would look like today if any one of the dominant religions of the past had Nuclear weapons? Right there is one of reasons it is so difficult for me to believe in God. If God is the creator than the next question is creator of what? Obviously not us, if it were so than we should expect humans to not do the horrible things we do
            to each other, the Earth and all other creatures sharing this magnificent planet with us. Free will which religions like to espouse is a poor excuse and is devoid of understanding. God has a plan and it is not our place to question or know that plan is also a poor excuse.

            Religion teaches us our souls are the personification of us.
            My belief is our souls are not, our souls or higher selves are already advanced beings trying to teach us a
            better more peaceful
            way of being. If one isn’t in tune with their higher self than the human ego is in control. I believe in an afterlife but not one orchestrated by any kind of God.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2016

            You’re quite right that Religion has been used as a tool for orchestrating many of the mass killings during recorded history. But is Religion in its essence the cause, or is it something that is inherent in all sentient beings that once out of balance leads to murders, rape, torture, conquests of others, etc.
            Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan wreaked a lot of havoc, but Religion was not a motive force which compelled them to move out from their territories in the thirst to conquer. We can draw a supposition that God foresees events that will happen, but is He the cause of those events? If I know the sun will rise tomorrow, is that the cause of the sun’s rising? If there were no life after death, would the Prophets of God have willingly submitted to sacrifice Their well-being?
            The fact that humans are a creation is indisputable, for how is it possible for sheer nothingness to suddenly appear in the contingent world, or that a universe would appear from a single spark of interaction between active and passive forces, sometimes called The Big Bang, and what(or who) was the cause of that spark?

            There is a concept called theodicy, which is intended to explore the question of the justification for suffering in the world when God has the Power to intervene at any moment.
            This paradox should be looked at from a new perspective–First of all, death is not the end of the essence of a person, but a “doorway” for the soul to enter another realm and level of existence, one outside the narrow restrictions of taking up physical space and enduring manifold hardships, like disease, hunger, racism, etc.; secondly, hardships cause an individual to “polish” that soul in order for it to be able to take advantage of what awaits it. much as the embryo in the uterus need to undergo refinements of shape and functions in order to progress in comfortably in the world outside the “world” of the womb. That the child sometimes doesn’t get the right preparation, something that God if He desired, could make for a perfect development in the uterus, but we see many infants born with abnormalities—is that a fault of God, or are the apparent defects simply obstructions between the soul of that child and those who see the child, much as the clouds obscure the brightness of the sun. In both cases, neither the sun nor the soul are diminished, only the inherent splendor is obscured. This is why it’s supremely important to relate to people on a “soul-to-soul” basis and not merely on a material basis using criteria like standards of beauty, whether there are facial defects, different hair type, skin coloring, and the like.
            So, on the surface, yes suffering is real and much of it unnecessary and due to man allowing himself to center his thoughts on his material well-being and on his lower form, rather than concentrate of loftier characteristics and on his “angelic” half. The overemphasis on the material is why these wars and sufferings occur in the first place, but we all have free-will to do what is right or to do the wrong thing. If God directly intervened on our behalf at each step we take through life, we would be reduced to being just cyborgs, operating and making adjustments on command.

            Peace out, for now.

          6. Beethoven August 6, 2016

            You might want to consider this way of looking at the question of a supreme being: Paraphrasing the first verse of the Gospel of John from the Christian Bible, “In the beginning was the universe, and the universe was with God, and the universe WAS God.”

          7. Oddworld August 6, 2016

            I know about as much about the Bible as Kermit the Frog, I only know what I’ve heard from Christians and non-Christians alike. If I understand correctly it sounds like you’re saying not to think of God as a sentient being with a distinct personality. But because humans have a deranged tendency of self projection, it makes it
            impossible for me to take them seriously.

          8. Beethoven August 6, 2016

            Throughout the history of philosophy, one of the major arguments for the existence of God (which Aaron of Portsmouth makes in some of his comments in this thread) is that the universe cannot have created itself, it had to have a creator, and that creator is God. But the simple response to that argument has been, if the universe had to have a creator, why isn’t that true of its creator–who or what created God? So we have a circular reasoning.
            The ancient Greek philosophers dealt with that question, and the Stoics used the Greek concept of “Logos” to help them theorize about it. To them, the “Logos” was the divine creative force or principle used by God to create the universe. The writer of the Gospel of John in the Christian Bible was trying to show that Christianity was compatible with the Stoic philosophy, which was the most popular philosophical school in the near East at that time in history. So he began his book by writing, “In the beginning was the Logos [which the King James translators translated as “Word”], and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.” He then went on to try to present Jesus Christ as the Logos.
            So I was playing off that by saying that the divine creative force or principle used by God to create the universe is simply the universe itself, and the universe is its own creator, and there is no need to posit a different divine creator to create the universe.

          9. Oddworld August 6, 2016

            Thank you for the explanation. Actually, Stoicism is the principle I’m trying to follow now.
            It’s one of the most difficult paths I’ve ever gone down.

      2. Dan S August 4, 2016

        Don’t forget the conservative National Review founded by the late William F. Buckley. Maybe some of these right wing nut jobs think they’re on their website when of course it’s the National Memo ????

        1. Oddworld August 4, 2016

          It’s funny to imagine such a thing isn’t it:)
          Seriously though, I don’t enjoy their comments but I tolerate them out of fairness. I don’t want to be accused of advocating for the suppression of differing opinions.

    2. Dan S August 4, 2016

      Not that he will but if DJT suddenly began saying & doing the right things everyone will know it’s just an act. He’s blown it & a lot of us who aren’t blind to his antics know his true nature. Also he’ll never ever release his tax returns because it would be like exposing the mystery of who the great Oz really is behind the curtain

    3. dpaano August 4, 2016

      Does Trump not realize that just because people are Republicans that they don’t HAVE to vote for him? Most of them will vote the down ballots and leave the presidential ballot blank! I’ve talked with quite a few of my republican friends….all of whom say they will either vote for Hillary (and most have already changed over to Democrats) or they will just leave that part of the ballot blank rather than vote for either of them. Whichever way they go….a vote or a non-vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary! I like to think that even brainwashed republicans don’t like to be told that they HAVE to vote for someone!!

      1. Oddworld August 4, 2016

        My theory is that a lot of wives in Republican households may vote for Hillary all while keeping it secret from their husbands for the sake harmony.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

        The notion of thinking it’s a duty in a democracy to tell people how to vote is preposterous to say the least. For anyone to allow him or herself to feel that they need an outside voice to dictate how they should vote is alien to the very foundation of a democratic process.
        The Republican pledge to support a maniac, or anyone, is totalitarian and the very opposite of what democracy is, and should be, about.

        “Now, what is we goin’ to do?” sayeth ‘Cedric The Entertainer’.

    1. Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make Mad.
      ~~Prometheus the Titan, in Wadsworth’s “The Masque Of Pandora”.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

        Excellent image!!! Marty Feldman looking for the brain of “Abbie Normal”.

  2. Insinnergy August 3, 2016

    Ahh the sweet sweet smell of GOP destruction.
    Call it “The Anti-Reality Party gets hit by Reality”

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

      The sound of the destruction is music to our ears. May the Trump Force continue to serve as one of many cleansing agents required to clean the detritus from centuries of materialism and rampant corruption, and sweep Trump out the door in the process.

  3. 1standlastword August 3, 2016

    It’s a miracle of cosmic justice!!!

    Did the GOP ever consider when they formed a lynch mob to annihilate Obama on the day of his inauguration that they were putting their collective necks in a noose?

    Did they ever think that while they were cheating and scheming, suppressing votes, gerrymandering, and pumping up their campaign coffers with dark money to power grab governorships, state legislatures, congressional and senatorial seats that with all those assets it would not be good enough to remain obstinate and uncompromising(what is the congressional approval rating today??)

    Did they even once think that with all the power they have that a power vacuum could develop and a DJT would get sucked in to fill it?!!

    Did they think they had The People so thoroughly mind phucked that The People would go along with them on everything they said they needed before they could work for The People??

    Now I ask do they understand that DJT is their FAULT!? Or are they such a class of dullards that they think all they have to do is throw him overboard or control him?

    DJT is here to PROVE modern republicans can’t govern!! DJT is the consequence of that fact!

    This GOP failed to learn from their own autopsy report and now they will be changed by natural forces aligned against them: This makes DJT a manifestation of cosmic justice.

    If he wins (and he won’t) they lose and when he loses they all lose…justice is served!

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

    Time for the Wingnuts to get their freak on—and a corny freak show at that.

    Eight years of a lynch mob hysteria fomented by the GOP ever since the current President took office has circled back to bite their rear ends, and rightly so. Poetic Justice is being dished out, with more servings to come, thanks to Trump who still hasn’t figured out his role in this ongoing dismantling.

    Thanks, Donald, for not knowing what you’re doing.

    1. 788eddie August 4, 2016

      And thanks to our incredibly astute President, who announced to the world that Donald Trump is not fit to be president, and that Republicans should remove him from running for office. That move guaranteed that the Republican establishment would never remove Trump, since they have a solid history of doing the opposite of what President Obama suggests. This will go down as one of the greatest political moves in history.

    2. Jon August 4, 2016

      And some say Trump hasn’t done anything for this country. Thank you The Donald for constantly ridiculing your fellow Republicans just as they ridicule others and earning their respect and admiration as they chose you as their nominee.

  5. Dominick Vila August 4, 2016

    At this point in the campaign, conservatives are more worried about the damage Trump has been doing to the GOP, than getting control of the White House. Another worry for them involves the future of the Supreme Court, as a result of Trump’s recklessness, immaturity, irresponsibility, and lack of vision.
    It is also important to consider the larger effects, and the reasons, for the ability of a demagogue to rise to the point that Trump has. It is evident that a large segment of our population is not satisfied with our two party system, and that is not limited to Republicans. Our country needs at least four major parties representing the far right, center right, center left, and far left. It is not too difficult to understand why people are disenchanted, and sometimes enraged at the prospect of having to choose between two candidates they do not like.

    1. charleo1 August 4, 2016

      I think your first line, if not saying all of it, says a good deal of it for me. Yes, Republicans are very worried what Trump is doing to their Party. What he would do to their Country however, hasn’t seemed to have crossed their minds. Might it be because whatever his plans might be, they would be no less harmful to the vast majority than the plans they themselves have had in mind all along? That it is not in the taking of the American dream from all but the few, but the sharing of the spoils of that thievery, that causes their angst? As he, [Trump] is not one of their trusted cabal, but an interloper building his own cabal, that drives them to fits of such rage, and con-foundation! The unfairness they must feel, that this Trump, this Johnny come lately to the royal sacking, would use our years in the making, carefully constructed apparatus against us, is what is so intolerable. And adding to this the insult to injury realities of seeing their own treasured constituents happily throwing them over one by ignominious one. How did it all go so wrong? How do we fix this, spin this, work this, before it ruins us?
      Ask not fellow Republicans what harm our Party might bring to the Country, But rather, what harm the Country might bring to our Party, with Donald Trump as our standard bearer. After all, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities!

  6. Mama Bear August 4, 2016

    Isn’t it amazing that the GOP has just noticed that their candidate is most likely certifiably not sane? I think it is the same old thing they always do – live in their little echo chamber, believe what they want to believe and pretend they aren’t pretending.

  7. FT66 August 4, 2016

    You don’t pay attention to any disease, for sure it kills you when time comes. Trump has been behaving in his own bad way since he entered the race, but not a single republican showed up to repudiate what he was doing. The disease has been growing and growing until now when it is about to kill everybody in his party. We all make own choices and we must be responsible to choices we make. That one is for you GOP.

    1. Dan S August 4, 2016

      Damn he sounds like a cancer that killed my 1st wife. You ignore the warning sounds it sneaks up on you. Too bad the GOP wasn’t more aware of the warning signs early on. I suppose the funeral for the Republican Party will be sometime after November 8th

  8. CrankyToo August 4, 2016

    The GOP is approaching critical mass. But before it melts down, I think it’s entirely possible that the Koch brothers and/or some other wealthy Republicans will get together, pool their pocket change and bribe Trump to drop out. That’s the only scenario I can envision that would allow Trump and the Greedy Old Pricks to save face.

    And that’s IF Trump is not indicted for his pedophilia and hauls a$$ to Russia seeking asylum to evade prosecution.

    Either way, of course, the dirtbags will lose the presidential election in a landslide (and the Senate will flip, too).

    1. I of John August 4, 2016

      Ahh, the ultimate golden parachute.

    2. Buford2k11 August 4, 2016

      I think you are right about the Koch brothers, and their party apparatus…They own quite a few republican governors, and quite a few of the Red States House members…they will pick up the pieces of the republican party, force changes and build out from there…

    3. Charles Winter August 4, 2016

      The Trumpets will stay home, so it will be an epic landslide, flipping the Senate and maybe the House.

      1. CrankyToo August 4, 2016

        From your keyboard to God’s eyes….

        Such a series of events COULD usher in a new Golden Age for American civilization. Imagine the executive and legislative branches of our government controlled by Democrats, the judiciary controlled by liberal judges, and the citizenry demanding reforms be made which inure to the benefit of the majority, instead of to the wealthy.

        In that scenario, would the Democrats, through ineptitude, cowardice or fealty to the oligarchs, drop the baton again? They’ve certainly shown a tendency to do that when handed the reins of power. (Think 2008 to 2010, for example.)

        Or has the Democratic Party finally arrived at the conclusion that We, the People have had enough? It’s time to get serious about restoring the middle class, rehabilitating our infrastructure, implementing fair tax policy, protecting our habitat, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

        Did the Democrats REALLY learn anything from Bernie’s candidacy? We may get a chance to find out, if you’re right.

  9. Dan S August 4, 2016

    Maybe the GOP can pay Trump off to get out of the race. What would be his price & could they afford it ? ????

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2016

      A novel and intriguing concept. This may be on their “Panic” agenda.


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