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Great News For Voting Rights In Wisconsin And Texas

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Great News For Voting Rights In Wisconsin And Texas

Ohio voters cast their votes at the polls for early voting in the 2012 U.S. presidential election in Medina Ohio

While all eyes have been on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, two voter suppression laws that could have affected the November election were blocked in Texas and Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Milwaukee federal judge Lynn Adelman stuck down a law that would have required Wisconsin voters to present a photo identification card in order to vote in the November elections, saying that any voter without photo ID can participate in the voting process as long as they “sign an affidavit attesting their identity.”

In a 44-page ruling, Judge Adelman said it would be “impossible or nearly impossible” for the thousands of Wisconsin voters who don’t have a drivers license to obtain the “official” voter ID card that the law, written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), requires.

“Although most voters in Wisconsin either possess qualifying ID or can easily obtain one, a safety net is needed for those voters who cannot obtain qualifying ID with reasonable effort.” The judge wrote.

The same day, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, a notoriously conservative court, ruled against a Texas’ voter ID law, finding that it “discriminates against minorities.

“We conclude that the district court did not clearly err in determining that SB 14 has a discriminatory effect on minorities’ voting rights in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. As discussed below, we remand for a consideration of the appropriate remedy in light of the impending general election,” wrote Judge Catharina Haynes.

District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos had previously ruled against the Texas law, also finding that it had “a discriminatory impact on minority voter turnout.” U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she was “pleased” with the Texas verdict in a statement released on Wednesday.

These voter I.D. laws have proven to significantly affect minority voter turnout (and, consequently Democratic turnout). A recent study found that “Democratic turnout drops by an estimated 8.8 percentage points in general elections when strict photo identification laws are in place,” compared to 3.6 percent for Republicans.


Photo: Ohio voters cast their votes at the polls for early voting in the 2012 U.S. presidential election in Medina Ohio



  1. tbs July 21, 2016

    Well, we need to be volunteers and get out in those and our states to help and watch that voter fraud does not take place as it did in some areas, of Texas and Wisconsin, in the Primaries.
    Also you all shoud take a photo ID of your own ballot vote, in case there is ANY contention, like in the 2012 election!

    1. A_Real_Einstein July 21, 2016

      Can you please provide me the source of any evidence of the voter fraud you are referencing. A link will be fine.

    2. A_Real_Einstein July 21, 2016

      How can you tell when voter fraud is going on by merely volunteering and watching at the polls?

    3. Independent1 July 21, 2016

      Where do you get all that hogwash!! What a bunch of BS!!

  2. I don’t understand why someone, no matter if considered a minority doesn’t have a photo ID. What stops them from obtaining one? If a person doesn’t have one they should not be able to vote.

    1. A_Real_Einstein July 21, 2016

      Some elderly folks who do not drive have no need for an id. They are mostly poor and may not have the funds or access to transportation to get the id. Since there is no evidence of this kind of voter fraud occurring the only purpose of this bad law is to disenfranchise certain people from voting. Hope that helps you understand why the courts are ruling this way. Have a nice day.

    2. JPHALL July 21, 2016

      What about what Georgia did. They closed some DMV offices in minority areas. So some have to leave their county to get an ID.

    3. Daniel Jones July 21, 2016

      Bobby-deuce, reread your last sentence.
      That the voting suppression game in a nutshell–make an arbitrary standard, make sure it’s hard to follow, then wring your hands after while muttering how people that can’t meet the standard shouldn’t vote.

    4. Independent1 July 21, 2016

      To begin with, in over ten years time, the GOP has not been able to prove that there is even one iota of actual fraudulent voting at the polls by voters. The vast majority of voting fraud that has existed is with respect to mainly Republicans conning voters in numerous nefarious ways OUTSIDE THE VOTING STATION/BOOTH.

      There has in fact, been so little true voter fraud, that many judges have voted down GOP legislation requiring voter id’s; because it’s been quite clear that the only reason for it – IS BECAUSE REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO DISENFRANCHISE MINORITY AND OTHER POOR VOTERS WHO NORMALLY VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

      And on top of that, many (especially older) people don’t have documents that states require for a photo ID. Many of the birth documents required today were not produced when older folks were born. And to get the documents needed, can cost upwards of $200 and more. When I wanted a passport some years back, the government wouldn’t recognize my birth certificate which was a copy of the original – so I had to send to my birth city to get a ‘supposed original’.

      Well, that ‘supposed original’ cost me over $200; making it clear that there are millions of Americans who have been LEGALLY VOTING FOR YEARS, who simply can not afford to go out and get a VOTER ID THAT HAS FABRICATED BY THE GOP SIMPLY TO MAKE IT HARD FOR THEM TO EXERCISE THAT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE!!

      PHOTO ID’S IN IDIOTIC RED STATES ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A POLL TAX!! WHICH HAD ALWAYS BEEN ILLEGAL (Reguiring that someone pay to get a document that allows them to vote IS NOTHING MORE THAN A POLL TAX!!!0


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