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Gun Outfit Hired Hannity And Others As Paid Shills

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Gun Outfit Hired Hannity And Others As Paid Shills


Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.


Right-wing radio hosts such as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have been acting as paid pitch people for a company that promises to help train members on how to use guns to “survive a mass shooting.” Hannity has been especially vocal about the company and used the recent Las Vegas mass shooting to shill for it on his radio program.

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is a pro-gun company that sells membership plans featuring“education, training, and self-defense insurance” for gun owners. It also criticizes attempts to enact gun control laws and publishes Concealed Carry Magazine. The group claims to have over 250,000 members and has attempted to grow its membership over the years through numerous advertising buys with conservative media.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Ben Shapiro are all part of the association’s latest advertising campaign for a “100% FREE Complete Concealed Carry & Family Defense Guide,” which includes tips on “how to survive a mass shooting” and “the safest AND most dangerous places to sit in a restaurant” (the sign-up takes people to a page that urges them to pay for a membership).

The USCCA created dedicated landing pages for each individual host participating in the advertising campaign, including the following identical quote which was cut and pasted for each person:

Prior to the Las Vegas shooting, these media personalities did advertisements for the campaign that aired in late September. Here are those ads, along with their dedicated website URL: ​Beck (ProtectAndDefend.com), ​Hannity (DefendFamily.com), ​Levin (DefendThem.com), and ​Shapiro (DefendMyFamilyNow.com) .

Hannity has continued to tout USCCA as a solution to surviving a mass shooting following the Las Vegas tragedy. During his October 5 radio program, Hannity segued from talking about the mass shooting to introducing “our friends at the United States Concealed Carry Association,” saying, “I’m proud to be associated with them. They have offered a family defense guide. You’re going to learn — and this is 164 pages — how to survive a mass shooting. How to detect attackers before they see you.”

Previously, Hannity used the shooting at a congressional baseball practice in June to push USCCA membership.

The association, which did not respond to requests for comment, features a Hannity testimonial on its websiteunder the headline: “Why Sean Hannity Joined The USCCA… Hear Why One Of The Most Trusted Conservative Voices In America Is A Proud Card-Carrying Member.”

Hannity used his October 4 Fox News program to advocate for concealed carry while discussing the Las Vegas shooting. He praised right-to-carry laws and said that “having more citizens that are armed leads to a decrease in violent crime.” He did not mention he’s being paid by a pro-right-to-carry group during the program.

Despite Hannity’s claim, as The Atlantic noted in June, “academic studies have strongly suggested” that right-to-carry laws “lead to higher rates of violent crime. The latest — and, at least according to one of its authors, most comprehensive — was released earlier this month by the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research.” The study concluded, “There is not even the slightest hint in the data that [these] laws reduce violent crime.”

Media Matters previously documented that Hannity repeatedly used his Fox New program to push his radio sponsor’s concealed carry agenda without any disclosure about his financial relationship. He similarly used his Fox News program in 2014 to promote the fundraising efforts of the Tea Party Patriots, which sponsored his radio program.



  1. Dominick Vila October 9, 2017

    Welcome to gunfight at the OK Corral. Should we assume Paddock bought over 40 guns, many of them semi-automatics, bump stocks, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and ammonium nitrate for self defense purposes? The other side of the idiotic argument presented by these charlatans is the evidence of chaos run amok in every town and city in the USA. The evidence of innocent people, including children, being slaughtered as a result of laws that allow crazies and domestic terrorists to buy the tools they need to kill innocent people. The solution is not more guns, the solution is to limit the sale of guns to hunting rifles and handguns.

    1. FireBaron October 9, 2017

      Remember, Dom, at the time of the OK Corral, it was illegal for anyone not in an Army uniform or wearing a badge to be armed in Tombstone. Virgil Earp was going to disarm the Cowboys. His brothers were there to help, and John Holliday was there to watch their backs. To say things got slightly out of hand is an understatement.
      Oh, and as a side note, the only two who did not get hit by any bullets in that fiasco were Wyatt Earp and Joseph Isaac (Ike) Clanton.

    2. angryspittle October 9, 2017

      Hunting rifles and shotguns…….fuck the handguns.

  2. FireBaron October 9, 2017

    What’s the second thing that’s gonna happen if a “good guy” brings a gun to a mass shooting? He’s going to shoot another “good guy” by accident. And if one of the other “good guys” happens to be Black, Hispanic, or look Arabic, he is going to become a statistic. Why? Because given the mental state of most of these “good guys”, a White “good guy” is going to think a Black, Hispanic or Arab guy with a gun is automatically a “bad guy”, even if he is wearing a NRA hat, or even if he is wearing a badge!

    During an incident recently reported in Texas, one “good guy” managed to fire off 10 rounds at a pair of guys trying to hijack someone’s car. The only one hit was the car owner! The “good guy” and the perps ran off before the cops showed up. What makes anyone think a bunch of “good guys” are going to do anything positive at something like this.

    1. Dominick Vila October 9, 2017

      …and what makes anyone think that a concealed handgun would have stopped Paddock firing from the 32nd floor of a hotel 500 yards away. The far right will be quick to point out that we should all carry semi-automatics and RPGs. What’s next? Armored cars and tanks, and an occasional ground to air missile.

  3. angryspittle October 9, 2017

    Hannity is nothing but a stooge.


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