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House Revives Zombie Trumpcare — Which Senate Is Likely To Kill

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House Revives Zombie Trumpcare — Which Senate Is Likely To Kill


In a strict party-line vote with 20 Republican defections, the House approved legislation Thursday—in a 217 to 213 vote—to gut most of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, and in doing so to give tax breaks worth more than half a trillion dollars to the wealthiest Americans, health insurers and drug companies.

The vote on “Trumpcare” is the first major legislative victory for President Trump since he took office in January and fulfills a pledge the most extreme right-wingers have been making since Obamacare became law in 2010. Twenty Republicans voted no.

“A lot of us have been waiting seven years to cast this vote,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Republicans’ closing argument. “Many of us are here because we pledged to cast this very vote. To repeal and replace Obamacare. To rescue people from this collapsing law. Are we going to meet this test? Are we going to be men and women of our word? Are we going to keep the promises that we made? Or are we going to falter? No.”

Ryan’s tough-minded posturing came after Republicans said they were acting to save Americans higher insurance premiums and an exodus of private insurance companies across America that participated in the law’s health care exchanges. Republicans made no effort to fix the institutional barriers that cause problems with Obamacare, such as allowing rural states to form interstate compacts to create larger pools that would attract more private insurers.

Instead, they pursued a scorched-earth strategy to deregulate the health insurance industry, despite protests from every medical and patient advocacy group in America that such a move would lead to higher costs and less coverage. They went further, using the repeal legislation to take more than $800 billion away from state-administered Medicaid programs over the next decade, which serve millions of children and provide nursing home care for the elderly—not simply offering the poor a health care safety net. And they repealed the law’s income tax surcharges on the wealthy that funded Obamacare subsidies while additionally giving tax breaks to insurers and drug makers.

“Today this House has an opportunity to do more than fulfill a promise,” said Ryan, never once mentioning the human cost or multibillion-dollar tax giveaways and instead speaking in the vague over-promising manner of President Trump. “We have the opportunity to raise our gaze and set a bold course for our country. We have the opportunity to show we have the resolve to tackle the big challenges in this country before they tackle us. To stop the drift of arrogant big-government policies in our lives and begin a new era of reform based on liberty and self-determination. Giving people choices.”

The House Democrats urged their Republican colleagues to come to their senses and work on a health care bill that would actually fix Obamacare’s real problems while not depriving 24 million Americans of coverage in the next few years—which was the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the impact of Ryan’s last repeal bill, which failed to pass in March. Ryan refused to allow the CBO to assess the impacts of the latest legislation before Thursday’s vote. However, numerous analysts have said it would have wider and far more devastating impacts, because it allows insurers to curtail coverage in many ways, from not selling policies to people with pre-existing conditions to rescinding what’s covered in health plans provided by private employers.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Americans will not forget what House Republicans voted for because it will affect every household.

“The American people are engaged. They are paying attention: I’m not saying in a political way; I’m saying in a personal way. A former speaker said all politics is local. In the case of health care, all politics is personal,” Pelosi said, giving the Democrats’ closing statement. “This civics lesson will teach the American people a number of things. As special as we think we are when we come to the floor here, most Americans don’t know who their member of Congress is. But they will now, when they find out that you voted to take away their health care… They will know when you put an age tax on them, or undermine Medicare or Medicaid and the rest. Oh yeah, they’re paying attention because it’s really personal with them and their families.”

Pelosi slammed the Republicans who say they are moderate yet voted yes.

“Our members and colleagues who have the mantle of being a moderate, if you vote for this bill, you have walked the plank from moderate to radical,” she said. “And you’re walking the plank for what—a bill that will not be accepted by the United States Senate? Why are you doing this? Do you believe in what is in this bill? You said they’ll fix it in the Senate. But you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow in the dark on this one.”

Before the House began its series of votes Thursday, it was clear that members of Congress and the public were still discovering that the proposal’s fine print includes even more brazen cuts and giveaways to corporate America than they knew. The biggest example, first reported in the Wall Street Journal, is a provision allowing insurers to lessen the benefits covered in insurance policies provided by employers to employees. These are not people covered under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, at all, but who benefited from the ACA’s required coverage provisions.

“Many people who obtain health insurance through their employers—about half of the country—could be at risk of losing protections that limit out-of-pocket costs for catastrophic illnesses, due to a little-noticed provision of the House Republican health care bill to be considered Thursday, health policy experts say,” the WSJ report began. “Insurers in states that obtain the waivers [under the House bill] could be freed from a regulation mandating that they cover 10 particular types of health services, among them maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health treatment and hospitalization.”

This is not the only surprising analysis that’s appeared in the past 24 hours. A New York Times report noted how the Trumpcare bill will take billions away from K-12 public schools that’s now used for special education, where specialists are hired to help children with developmental disabilities.

“The new law would cut Medicaid by $880 billion, or 25 percent, over 10 years and impose a ‘per-capita cap’ on funding for certain groups of people, such as children and the elderly—a dramatic change that would convert Medicaid from an entitlement designed to cover any costs incurred to a more limited program,” the Times reported. “School districts receive about $4 billion in Medicaid reimbursements annually.”

There are other stunning summaries of the bill passed by the House. It broadly deregulates the health insurance industry, eliminates the ACA’s patient protection standards, eliminates cost controls and subsidies, and sets a stage to turn state government-delivered care for low-income people into rationed benefits. Those recipients include the most vulnerable elderly and children, not just poor adults.

These results flow from the Trumpcare bill’s specifics, which according to a new Times analysis repeals the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate to have insurance coverage; repeals the requirements that employers provide insurance; repeals subsidies that help low-to-middle income families pay for policies after 2020; repeals the income tax surcharges that generated those subsidies; lets states keep their Medicaid expansion but turns it into per-capita payments; lets states end requirements that insurers sell policies to people with pre-existing conditions; allows states to waive “essential benefit” requirements; lifts restrictions on what insurers can charge older Americans; offers tax credits instead of subsidies for middle-class families; and encourages health savings accounts.

An economic analysis by Americans for Tax Fairness and Healthcare for America Now, both progressive coalitions, broke down how the Obamacare repeal bill was a massive giveaway to the wealthy, insurers and the drug industry at the expense of people who are now covered or would see premiums skyrocket.

“The GOP plan will deprive 24 million Americans of health care coverage and drive up the cost of coverage for millions more, especially older people and people in rural America. At the same time, it will create tax breaks worth about $600 billion that will mostly go to health insurance companies, prescription drug manufacturers and the wealthy,” their summary said.

It gave this breakdown. The “winners” are, according to the report:

  • Tax cuts: Gives $600 billion in tax breaks, mostly to the rich and corporations;
  • Billionaires: Get a $50,000 tax break each year from repeal of the ACA’s taxes on the rich. A total of $275 billion in tax cuts goes mostly to the richest 2 percent;
  • 400 richest families: Each gets a tax cut of $7 million a year, on average;
  • Insurance companies: Get $145 billion in tax breaks over 10 years;
  • Drug companies: Get $25 billion in tax breaks over 10 years;
  • Richest 2 percent: Get a $117 billion tax cut by eliminating a small Medicare tax on couples with incomes above $250,000 a year.

The “losers” are:

  • Health care cuts: Takes health care away from 24 million Americans;
  • Low-income Americans: Loss of $275 billion in revenue from wealthy tax cuts plays a big role in 14 million low-income kids and seniors losing Medicaid coverage;
  • Workers: 7 million will lose health care coverage from their employer;
  • Older Americans: Health insurance companies could increase premiums by up to $13,000 for older Americans;
  • Patients: No protections from huge drug price increases by pharmaceutical companies;
  • Medicare beneficiaries: Loss of $117 billion in revenue from wealthy tax cut shortens Medicare’s ability to pay full benefits by three years.

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America’s democracy and voting rights. He is the author of several books on elections and the co-author of Who Controls Our Schools: How Billionaire-Sponsored Privatization Is Destroying Democracy and the Charter School Industry (AlterNet eBook, 2016).



  1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

    Using the lists of winners and especially the losers, and previous information I’ve compiled from other sources, I took a stab at what are some of the likely consequences to America should the Senate not kill this atrocity the GOP calls a healthcare bill.

    Let me know if I’ve missed something:

    ·Thousands of more Americans will die prematurely each year as the millions who lose health coverage are no longer able to afford the medical care they need or are
    even able to catch terminal illnesses in time to have them cured before they
    become terminal.

    · Consumer spending will decline and put downward pressure on the economy as millions of Americans who lose health coverage or encounter higher premiums will back off on spending;

    . Personal bankruptcies which had dropped by 50% since ACA was enacted in 2010 will start to skyrocket again as those who lose health insurance create large medical/hospital bills they cannot pay (there may well be hundreds of thousands
    of additional bankruptcies each year);

    . At lease two million Americans will lose their jobs as many of the medical groups
    and facilities created to support the healthcare provided under ACA will no
    longer be needed/affordable;

    . The number of America’s homeless will increase as more and more Americans who
    cannot afford health insurance become bankrupt from health related expenses/lose their jobs;

    · Retirees will start to see their Medicare benefit payments decreased earlier than was previously projected and Medicare possibly abolished in time by the GOP or
    privatized such that it becomes unaffordable by the average retiree.

    1. dtgraham May 5, 2017

      As far as the winners go, aren’t you forgetting all of the royalties that will be paid to the group Steam after all of those choruses of “Na na na na, na na na na,
      hey hey hey, goodbye” will be sung by supporters of the former ACA, after the death of their loved ones who otherwise wouldn’t have died if the ACA still existed?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 5, 2017

        Nicely stated. Those funerals will be bitter reminders of the GOP’s generally dismissive attitudes towards those most in need of help.

    2. CPANY May 5, 2017

      I think that you’ve got it right.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 5, 2017

    Talk about dogmatic ideological ploys simply to score a victory. The House is more concerned with nursing addressing a personal grudge against all the previous President stood for, and doesn’t take into account one iota of how this will affect ordinary hardworking citizens. The whooping and self-centered congratulations will result in further misery than health benefits, is more about image and vengeance than real empathy for human beings.
    The fact that a vast majority of those standing to be left out in the cold voted for the very people who chose to throw them under the bus—again, to feel satisfaction in striking a blow against regular folks for ideological reasons.

    Each day exposes more flaws, ego problems, and critical weaknesses in decision-making in our system of governance.

    For now, Paul Ryan and company are still feeling smug about a pyrrhic victory, and if they’re smart, they’ll be hoping that the Senate tosses this mess out the window. Because in the end, it will have boiled down to an exercise of soothing out-sized egos and a childish fixation with demeaning President Obama.

    1. Melissadlamb May 6, 2017

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  3. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

    Relying on McConnell and his cohorts to turn the draconian Bill passed by Republican congressmen, to the delight of Donald Trump, is a chimera. The only reason it may be moderated is the fact that the GOP majority in the Senate is limited to 3 seats. I expect the same kind of arm twisting, and determination to undo everything President Obama did, in the Senate as we witnessed in the House. For those who believe that what is happening is influenced strictly by ideology, remember the fact that Chaffetz is considering introducing a Bill to deny President Obama his pension. The visceral hatred that consumes most Republicans, in elected office and their constituents, should be evident to everyone. There is no longer a difference of opinions on how to solve problems or overcome challenges that affect all of us. The goal is to stick it to the black man, the Mexicans, the Muslims, and anyone that looks or sounds different than the dominant majority of our population. The majority that cynically claims to be under attack by heinous ethnic and cultural minorities, determined to destroy them and their peculiar interpretation of Christianity.

    1. FireBaron May 5, 2017

      I don’t know, Dom. Folks like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have already expressed their opposition due to the losses to rural health care initiatives under the ACA that are vitally needed in their states. The Montana senators expressed the same concerns.
      However, Ted Cruz appears to care less about the loss of rural health care programs in Texas, even though that is where the majority of people who voted for him came from.

      1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

        Ted may not be concerned about the loss of rural healthcare in Texas because there currently is really very little. Texas has been awarded the distinction of having the worst healthcare delivery system in the nation for the past three years in a row.

        1. dpaano May 5, 2017

          And, for such a large state, that’s really a sad thing to have to own up to! They also have the worse educational system.

          1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

            In a comparison of 23 socio-economic measures against other states, Texas ranks in the 10 worst in everyone of them – 100% of those 23 comparisons. And part of the reason for that is that over the years, the GOP has rigged Texas taxes so it’s the poorest in the state who actually pay the biggest share of the taxes. Texas runs some of the leanest budgets of any states – thereby making virtually everything the state does mediocre at best and terrible in many cases.

            Texas has the 2nd largest GDP in the nation behind California, yet Texas ranks 34th in the nation in a WalletHub study of what people living in Texas can afford to spend on their own personal consumption – like shopping in Walmart. Most people working in Texas struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck.

          2. dpaano May 8, 2017

            Makes me SOOO glad that my parents got me out of that state when I was a baby. I was born in San Antonio, and I’ve NEVER been back nor do I ever WANT to go back!
            BTW, doesn’t the photo at the top of this article look like the Three Stooges (not meaning to “diss” the Three Stooges, but you have to admit……)

      2. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

        There were also several House members determined to vote against the Bill, and they voted yes after the Donald talked to them. The worst part is that some of them admitted after voting yes, that they don’t like the Bill. Hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised and a handful of GOP Senators do the right thing, but I am not holding my breath.

        1. dpaano May 5, 2017

          If our senators will just get their sh***t together and just fix the problems in Obamacare that need tweeking, they wouldn’t have to do a major overhaul! It’s pretty sad that the House representatives mainly just “pushed” this off on the Senate to take care of rather than having the balls to do their jobs! Those that voted for this will see a lot of them losing their jobs in the midterms…..we can only hope….and it won’t be pretty!

          1. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

            Like most new social programs, the ACA needed tweaking. Doing so would have enjoyed bipartisan support, and would have been done by now. Unfortunately, that’s not what Trump and some members of Congress wanted. Their top priority is to destroy President Obama’s legacy, and that required repealing the ACA. Interestingly, they introduced most of the ACA requirements in their legislation, and focused instead of gutting MEDICAID, weakening the entire system, and helping the wealthy at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens. Barring major changes by the Senate, the end result is going to be a return to the pre-ACA days, with astronomical insurance premiums, state run high risk pool on the verge of bankruptcy, and millions of Americans without health insurance.

          2. dpaano May 8, 2017

            I guess that means I’m going to have to work until I’m 80 rather than retiring in a couple of years! My company has excellent health benefits, and I will work as long as I’m able to keep them!

          3. Dominick Vila May 9, 2017

            If it is up to the wealthy Republicans, middle class and poor people will have to work until they drop dead.

          4. dpaano May 9, 2017

            So true……and it’s really kind of pitiful! When you look at how other countries treat their workers, you have to be amazed at the lack of care for OUR employees in this country. Trump and his cohorts are doing everything they can to make that even worse! He may THINK that he’s helping them by all his new regulations, but they are just a smoke screen and will do nothing to help anyone! It’s just beyond my ability to understand why these idiots in our government just don’t see what they’re doing…..their brains are on a whole different wavelength!

    2. Independent1 May 5, 2017

      Talking about solving problems, according to Business Insider, the GOP has shown clearly that they have a one-word solution to solving every problem that faces our country – deregulation.

      See this:

      The Trump administration seems to have a one-word solution to every problem

      We’re starting to see a pattern in the Trump administration. For
      every single problem there is only one prepared solution, and that
      solution is not a solution at all.

      Let me illustrate.

      On Wednesday, at Bloomberg’s Breakaway conference, Commerce Secretary
      Wilbur Ross was posed with a very complex question — how does America
      address its education system?

      Ross had a simple answer. “There are 40 agencies responsible for
      education, probably 39 too many,” he said, touting the advantages of a
      simpler, deregulated Department of Education.



      1. Dominick Vila May 5, 2017

        Deregulation that includes eliminating consumer protections, allowing chemical dumping, pollution, carbon emissions, weakening work safety, and paving the way for Wall Street and corporate abuses…and potentially another Great recession, is something that only traitors can support. Then again, considering all the dealings with the Russians that took place throughout the 2016 campaign, what is happening should not surprise anyone.

    3. Independent1 May 5, 2017

      And with respect to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Yahoo Finance makes something clear that I think many of us here on the NM have been saying for a long time – YOU CAN’T RUN A GOVERNMENT LIKE A BUSINESS.

      See this:

      A powerful Trump cabinet member is proving a point economists have been trying to make for years

      Right before our eyes, commerce secretary and billionaire investor Wilbur
      Ross is proving something economists have been trying to tell Americans
      for years. That lesson: Business and economics are very different disciplines — running a business and running a country are not the same.

      And in fact there are a bunch of skills and modes of thought you learn in
      business that could easily make you really bad at governing. One of those is the administration’s obsession with trade deficits.

      “We have the biggest [trade] deficits in the world,” Ross complained at
      Bloomberg’s Breakaway conference in New York City on Wednesday, “while
      protectionist countries have surpluses.” That is why, he explained, the president has “superimposed” handling trade and turning deficits into surpluses “onto the normal duties of his department.” That means aggressively enforcing trade deals and slapping countries that “seem” to be violating trade rules with tariffs and investigations.

      The problem is that trade deficits and surpluses have little to do with the health of our economy. Ross is making a fairly common mistake. He’s acting as if the US government operates like one of the businesses in his vast network of holdings. It does not, and treating it like it does will ultimately do more harm than good.


    4. CPANY May 5, 2017


      There’s something wrong with your first sentence.

      1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

        Dominick’s saying that relying on McConnell and his cohorts to moderate the GOP healthcare solution bill (through Congress) is a fantasy or figment of someone’s imagination (a chimera). Which it is; those two guys couldn’t manage or moderate the collection of garbage in a garbage dump.

        1. dpaano May 5, 2017

          They couldn’t be King Rat of a rat pack!!!

  4. FireBaron May 5, 2017

    So Ted Cruz is opposed to the Tax Credits to help people buy insurance. Is he opposed to the tax giveaway to millionaires and corporations, too? I think not

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2017

      Ted Cruz knows he is on his way out. People in Wisconsin should be ashamed that their state EVER produced Paul Ryan who publicly stated that since his college days over a keg he has wanted to be rid of any programs people pay for in tax dollars.

      This little bastard has the gall to say, “If you can’t afford healthcare insurance, that’s YOUR problem.” No Eddie Munster, it is now YOUR problem. First infant born with Tay Sachs, Spina Bifida or some other congenital disease YOU call a “pre existing condition,” and dies from lack of care, you and your Republican bullies get sued.

      1. CPANY May 5, 2017

        Ryan is not little.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2017

          True compared to me, Ryan is the Eddie Munster version of the Jolly Green Giant.

          I stand corrected.

        2. dpaano May 5, 2017

          He’s BEYONE little…..he’s tiny and useless!

        3. dpaano May 8, 2017

          Actually, he’s infinitesimal!

      2. dpaano May 5, 2017

        If that’s true, then we need to get rid of roads, police, fire departments, hospitals, and I can go on and one listing programs that people pay for with their tax dollars…..not to mention keeping the southern states afloat with California’s and New York’s tax money!!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2017

          All anyone has to do is compare the wages and annual incomes in Republican states to those in Dem states. Then, compare the higher taxes paid in Dem states that end up in Republican states.

          The idea of the Republicans is to NEVER touch a dime of their state taxes for their own state’s needs. So they rely more and more on Dem state taxes which means we pay for our states’ needs and THEIRS.

          If Dem states are going to get less back in federal taxes and we are going to end up paying for all of these programs out of our states’ taxes, what in the hell are they doing with federal taxes?

          The biggest joke is the trillions sitting offshore, Bachmannistan’s among them, untaxed. That would pay off the US debt and deficit with trillions left over. And, especially if these tax free trillions were taxed plus interest on the back taxes owed.

  5. CPANY May 5, 2017

    The GOP will not suffer from its sponsorship of legislation that harms those who voted for Trump because they won’t read the articles that criticize the GOP’s legislative program. Those articles contain too many words. The voters for Trump prefer articles that are composed of less than one hundred words of one or fewer syllables.

    1. dpaano May 5, 2017

      How about “HIGHER PREMIUMS, NO MONEY FOR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.” Is that few enough words to get through to the Trump followers?

      1. CPANY May 8, 2017

        You will get through to Trump’s followers only when they submit their health insurance card for a doctor or hospital visit and are told that it doesn’t cover their illness. THEN you will get their attention.

        1. dpaano May 8, 2017

          Won’t that be a rude awakening? Many of them don’t realize that Obamacare and the ACA are one and the same….they think that if they do away with Obamacare, they’ll still be covered by the ACA!!!

  6. 1Zoe55 May 5, 2017

    The accompanying photo of tRUMP, pence and ryan makes me sick. Three smug men congratulating themselves on denying health care to the poor while giving the rich more in tax cuts. I would to like to dunk these men into a latrine, after which we would throw them into the tumbrel on their way to the Guillotine, because America needs a French Revolution.

    1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

      I gather visions of sugar plums were dancing in their heads (think $ signs from their rich donors). These three are nothing but worthless and corrupt individuals who are readily willing to allow thousands of Americans to die prematurely (commit premeditated murder) by pulling health insurance out from under millions of Americans just so they and their rich donors can pocket more money. Hopefully,all three of them will experience at some point in their lives, a very rough road to go through like they’re creating for even the people who had voted them into office.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2017

    Now really, you take $100 million from Trump to allow him to run from the GOP Party, knowing his reputation as a crook with numerous fines and lawsuits and then knowingly allow him to push all manner of legislation he knows benefits him and his gaggle of Grifters?

    That healthcare bill was what the Republicans always do. I never EVER again want to hear them bitch about their wealth dispersion. Who forces the bottom and middle to pay for tax cuts for the top? Top down economics under Reagan’s Trickle Down NEVER worked.

    The proof is how little Trump pays in taxes, spends on philanthropy other than his for profit golf courses and Mar-A-Lago resort, his hotels and casinos and how little he has EVER donated to any charity. He is the charity. That’s why most of us in the Metro area know him to be a GRIFTER.

    Two of my friends work on Wall Street. One of them said the very fact that Wall Street trading is at .2 in a new administration when it was at .3 at the same point in the Obama administration is not a good sign for the US economy.

    How can it be? When you take all the money from 99% to hand it to 1%, how can any economy grow? When the 1% refuse to hire Americans at American wages and then stuff their profits offshore to the tune of $67 trillion untaxed dollars that would wipe out the US deficit 3 times over, how can the US not become a 3rd world country?

    Now, healthcare is for the rich only. Education is for the rich only and, if the Republican Regime and Trump get their way, “freedom” and Constitutional rights will be for the rich only too.

    1. InformedVoter May 5, 2017

      Poor Elle, at it again with your lies aren’t you. The business climate is soaring compared to obozo’s financial plans. Why is the market up? Why is global optimism at an all time high? Certainly a much better picture now than at anytime under obozo.
      If you want to examine charitable giving, look no further than the Clinton Foundation that pays excessive amounts to Chelsea and friends and actually gives peanuts to real charities.
      But, since you’re so poorly informed, why am I not surprised.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2017

        I realize that hole in your brain is as big as the one in your ass. I also know that if I posted that cow manure was candy, you would eat it. That’s how brain damaged you are.

        Sorry but the market as anyone who works on Wall Street would tell you has been down since Trump took office. Or more to the point, not nearly as good as it was at the same point in Obama’s presidency. But who expects a jerkoff like you to know that.

        The Clinton Foundation has had 33 audits. You can’t even get a goddamn 10 year disclose of Trump’s taxes. So what the hell are YOU talking about? As for Chelsea and her friends, how about that whorey bitch Iskanka shoving a jewelry brochure from HER business in Chancellor Merkle face at a meeting in March? How about her whining her ass off in her book about how poor little bitchy poo didn’t even have time for her regular massage because little miss pissy pants was too busy with Daddy..Of that I am sure..After all as she said, “I tuck my Daddy into bed.” That isn’t all she tucks.

        Get real assface. Bloomberg News in last week’s TV program made the statement that Wall Street is under performing under Trump and his pathetic Steal the U.S. Treasury Grifter policies. But it is nice to know whose asses we can beat when we impeach Lard Ass in Chief.

        AS for you, read and wipe shitface: http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/08/investing/trump-wall-street-investors/

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2017

          Hey Folks…anyone else as bored to death with Misiformed always posting the same BS? You do have to wonder why HE bothers. Must be that his balls have shrunk from sitting on his lard ass all day.

          The fact remains that Misinformed NEVER posts any proof but he thinks you must just hang onto his every lie. Think again jerkoff and while you are it, get bent.

        2. InformedVoter May 8, 2017

          Oh, SO POORLY informed Elle, How dumb you keep making yourself look.
          November 7, 2016, market at <19000: within days of President Trump's MANDATE, market at 21000! Up between 13 and 15%, depending on who you reference. Dollar value of market up $3.2 TRILLION since the election.
          And yet you are stupid enough to post the market is down? It has been the third LARGEST increase after an election in history (no obozo was not in even in the top 10). And yet you are stupid enough to post the market is down?

          The Clinton Foundation is crooked and sooner or later, they will end up paying large fines and shutting it down.
          You're obvious envy with Ivanka reeks. You're so jealous – and who could blame you. Chelsea was flogged with an ugly stick. :You keep making unfounded comments about President Trump – why don't you comment about Bill Clinton, the rapist? Or obozo the child molester? He had to have beaten his younger daughter to keep her from ratting him out.
          So you post a FAKE MSM story from the FAKE CNN network? And you are stupid enough to believe it.

          And your even dumber post about me never proving anything .. what a crock of crap! You just hate it when I ALWAYS provide links to prove my statements. You never comment or rebut them because you just can't handle the truth can you!

          You've been proven to be a poster of lies for two years at least. I'm still waiting for them to haul President Trump away for "all his illegal actions" didn't happen did it! Why, because your FAKE source was exactly that – FAKE.

          You are a pathetic example of why the Dem party is dying. When will you vindictive, poorly educated and poorly informed losers see that now only 32% identify themselves as Dems. Four years ago, it was over 50%. The unions are swinging to President Trump's side because he is actually saving union jobs. Once that conversion is complete, all that will be left of the Dem party will be old hags like Pelosi and you.

          Poor Elle, no one to blame but your own lack of knowledge.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            Right…I’m dumb but you are the prickface who can’t admit you are EVER wrong?

            Tell us, did you get tired of your tired out old line “Poor Ellie” and so you made yourself vomit because your writing style is so inept, inane and show tell tales signs of your real problem…Insanity?

            Did you approve of Jared Kushyass selling immigration visas to the Chinese for $500,000 a pop? Or Ivanka promoting Daddy’s business on administation time?

            And just why was Trump able to fire Sally Yates in less than 1 day but keep Flynn on for 18 days?

            Did you enjoy Sally Yates testimony yesterday where she FORCED Ted Cruz to walk out of the investigation when she refused to be sucked into his trap? Or when she refused to allow Grassley to trap her into divulging classified information from the FBI investigation into Trump’s links to Putin?

            But the part I love most? Was when the GOP boys tried to make “her” look as if she “disobeyed” Trump regarding his Unconstitutional travel ban and she nailed Cornballs Cornyn who was interrogating her by saying, she always follows the Constitution which “you (Cornyn) specifically asked me during my initial interview for appointment.” Slam dunk!

            She nailed Cornballs ass to the wall by reminding him HE was the one who demanded she “always do her job according to the U.S. Constitution and not the demands of a president.”

            Gotta love how easy it is to chew up and spit out CONmen.

            Now as to your insane accusations about Obama, where are your court documents?

            Here are your Lard Ass in Chief’s from the FL court where he had to pay a 14 year old girl for sexually molesting her and his pedophilia:

            And as for President Clinton, try again. He may be guilty of bad judgment but he NEVER married a whore who got paid to pose in bi sexual nude photos by Hustler Magazine.

          2. InformedVoter May 9, 2017

            Poor Elle, you are called that because you are so poorly informed. You publish your own fake “facts” that then complain you are being picked on when you’re FAKE comments are shredded. What else is new?
            And you just keep up the FAKE comments about President Trump’s fine family. I noticed you never include any credible proof for your stupid clames.
            Yet no comments about Billy C, the rapist, or obozo, the child molester (he’s a muslim, and they approve of child molesting).
            And you are dreaming if you think Yates did anything except damage he own position.
            Your comment about paying the 14-year old is false. She was paid to file the fake claim and then, when pressed, she recanted her story. The court ordered her to pay court costs, but she only had $300 to her name. Thus, to be kind, President Trump asked the court to drop that part of the settlement.
            So, once more, you’ve been caught in a BIG LIE.
            How many does that make now? Duh, like everyone one of your outlandish posts.
            So now you’re ragging (pun intended) on bi-sexuals? Shame on you. And RAPING someone is never just bad judgment! My how you have become even more two-faced! You’re as bad as dpaano and jmprint, who both used racial slurs and then claimed they have “many colored friends”.
            You’re nothing but and uneducated, low information, bigot and hypocrite.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Poor Welfare living Misinformed. Of course, FL made her pay $300 in court costs. That’s why she had the cased moved to NY State’s courts where she knows she will get a fair trial and it will be under the eyes of NY’s AG, Eric Schneiderman, who is hot on Trump’s trail of money laundering to the Russians.

            Your boy is going down. Sally Yates and James Clapper both testified UNDER OATH that Trump is the subject of an FBI investigation.

            That’s why he was in such a hurry to stop the FBI investigation by firing Comey. He figures he’s getting a two fer …Trying to make Hillary the criminal when he is the worst goddamn criminal to hit this country in a century.

            As for you, when you are let out of prison, do us all a favor and go and kiss Putin’s ass.

          4. InformedVoter May 10, 2017

            Sorry, Poor Elle, but, as usual, you are wrong. The case was filed twice in CA, and dismissed twice. She filed in FL, and the case was dropped when she admitted she lied when she filed the complaint.
            The case is going no where. She has admitted she made up the accusation. No lawyer will touch the case now.

            The investigation is over. They have found no connections other than business. Comey testified more than once that nothing had been found.

            Thus, you are left holding nothing but false hopes, just like you did when you claimed that HilLIARy was leading in the polls.

            Even your own link states that the charges were dropped in November, with President Trump paying nothing. And that WAS in NY. The case is dead, just like your low information logic.

          5. InformedVoter May 9, 2017

            Poor Elle, once more you have shown how totally stupid you are. You include a SNOPES link and it does NOT prove your point about paying the liar, but in fact CLEARLY states the charges were dropped when she admitted that Soros paid her to lie. This is at least the 4th or 5th time you included a link and it is obvious you never read or understood what you red.. Why, because the links shredded your argument and proved mine.
            How dumb are you looking now? No wonder you never rose to anything higher than an assistant supply clerk.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 5, 2017

    did the GOP of pinhead (ANY OF THEM EVEN REALL ?) or is it better o say thy could ve a RATS-BUTT what’s in it ? thy set around cheering and partying yesterday for a bill that feeds to the GREEDY BASTARDS of the rich . what’s wrong with the people of the country why don’t thy check out just what these clown running for office really want to do to help them and make their lives better ? the GOP are partying now thy know that the bill will destroy so many peoples lives in the country catering only to a very few . the blame should go on the GOP gang of pinheads & THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW but more so blame the people of the country . thy are too brain dead and blind to see just what’s going on here . and then its the people that cry OMG look what happing how in gods name can this be happening and going on here ? ANWSER PEOPLE its all your fault . you bring and brought it on your self for being so stupid any thing you cry about is only because you let it happen and did it your self’s so blind and stupid . one ask as thy keep stabbing them self’s in the hand why dose this hurt so much and how can the pain be stopped ? EASY STOP STABBING YOUR SELF

  9. Dapper Dan May 5, 2017

    The party of hate just kicked middle America in the cajones ???? Ryan, trump and every Republican who voted for this will not be forgotten at the midterms next year. Everyone who dies from lack of Health Insurance there blood is on your hands. Jesus weeps ????

    1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

      Just more examples of the fact that many Republicans are always willing to commit serial premeditated murder at every chance they get. If the Dems ever get back into full power, one law Dems need to enact, which may require a constitutional amendment, is a law that allows politicians to be sued like any other American for any harr they create, and brought to trial for knowingly voting to pass legislation that puts the lives of any group of American citizens at risk of any form of harm especially death.

      In creating any legislation, politicians should have to prove that the legislation is not knowingly harmful to any group of American citizens. In other words, it should be illegal for Congress to pass budgets that knowingly put people’s lives at risk due to the under funding of exiting social programs. Given that there are thousands of millionaires and corporations that pay zero taxes, there is no logical reason social programs should be underfunded rather than the tax code revised to ensure that every American contributes tax-wise to the running of our country.

      In fact, people living in America and paying zero in taxes should not be allowed. People like Donald Trump have gotten away for years with basically paying nothing for all the benefits America provides; numerous benefits that have been provided to him at the expense of taxpayers such as you and me and many other bloggers here on the NM.

      1. Dapper Dan May 5, 2017

        One more thing that would be nice is to force lawmakers to live with the same insurance coverage they want for Americans including Trump. That’ll change their tune real fast

        1. Independent1 May 5, 2017

          Actually, U.S. legislators really do not have any special health insurance than the majority of Americans who get their health coverage through their employment. And despite what many think, their health coverage is not paid for 100% by us taxpayers. Like most people with jobs, they have to kick in some; for our legislators it’s about 25+% of the premiums. For the past 2-3 years or so Congressional people have been selecting their health insurance coverage from the plans available on an ACA exchange set up for D.C.

          But during this last voting on TrumpCare, they did try to exempt themselves from having to be under the TrumpCare program.

          See this article from The Nation:

           History Will Remember These 217 House Republicans for Their Inhumanity

          North Carolina Congressman Ted Budd cast an indefensible vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with legislation that is so awful that Budd’s fellow Republicans
          were caught scheming to exempt themselves and their staffs from the measure’s draconian provisions. But Budd got one thing right. “I’ll take around 2,000 votes this Congress. Most of them will be forgotten,” the Republican congressman said as the vote approached. “This is not one of those votes.”

          The vote by 217 House Republicans to gut the Affordable Care Act (while 20 of their colleagues and 193 Democrats opposed the move) must be remembered as the shameful
          abandonment of health and humanity that it is. This should become the permanent stain on every member of the House who supported it—the issue that does not to go away. House Speaker Paul Ryan and his caucus abandoned any pretense of deliberative or responsible legislating in
          order to deliver an empty “win” for the flailing administration of President Donald Trump.

          House Republicans simply did not care. The overwhelming majority of them cast their votes as Ryan said they should, and then they ran the gantlet—past crowds of citizens chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!”—on theirway to a White House Rose Garden “celebration” of their partisanship with Donald Trump.

          For much more go here:


          1. dpaano May 8, 2017

            I’m kinda glad that both Issa AND Rohrabacker voted yes on this….we’ve been trying to get rid of these guys in California for years, and I think we NOW have a chance to replace them with Democrats! That’s about the ONLY good thing about the new healthcare plan!!

    2. dpaano May 5, 2017

      What’s really sad, Dan, is that Trump asked Ryan if this “updated” bill would take care of people with pre-existing conditions and whether or not it will lower premiums. Ryan lied like a rug and told him “sure.” Unfortunately, our idiot president doesn’t have the time to actually READ the plan or he’d see that this is NOT exactly correct and, in fact, would hurt more people with pre-existing conditions and would ONLY raise premiums on the elderly or disabled! This will greatly hurt many of Trump’s followers in the Rust Belt even worse than anywhere else! Hopefully, our Senators will not allow this to go forward as it stands, and maybe after the CBO makes their report, they’ll throw it out completely. All that needs to be done is to “fix” the few parts of Obamacare that need tweeking….it doesn’t need to be a major redo!
      As for people listening, you can bet that the citizens of California know EXACTLY which 7 Republicans in this state voted for this ridiculous bill, all of which are up for re-election in 2018. And, the best part, all 7 of them are from districts that voted predominantly for Hillary in 2016. Let’s say “good-bye” to Issa and Rohrebacker…..two totally USELESS senators that we’ve been trying to get rid of for years! This may be their time to say “ta ta!” The most we can also hope for is that Trump’s “followers” see the light and realize that their “clown president” lied to them big time and cares NOTHING about them….at least not enough to actually READ the bill before it went through!

  10. InformedVoter May 5, 2017

    This is an example of the FAKE MSM reporting technique. This story is full of lies and mistakes. These are the same folks who reported that there was not way HilLIARy could lose the election.
    I loved the part about getting reelected. These members will get many more votes that they will lose with voting “yes”. Spoiler alert: how do you think these folks got elected in the first place? Because they said they would repeal obozocare. Duh.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

    Maybe Misformed supports rape? Here is the facts from Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-rape-case_us_581a31a5e4b0c43e6c1d9834:

    “The accuser initially filed the case on her own behalf in California, but it was tossed for not stating an articulable violation of her civil rights. The case has since been refiled in New York, under the representation of a patent lawyer named Thomas Meagher. A patent lawyer handling the case hasn’t inspired the most confidence. (He didn’t respond to a request for comment.)

    Time for Misinformed to admit he is a rapist supporter, a pedophile supporter and a crook supporter, Right Miss?


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