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How Democrats Can Avoid Blowing Their Best Chance To Take The House In A Decade

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How Democrats Can Avoid Blowing Their Best Chance To Take The House In A Decade


If Republicans didn’t think the bill that 216 GOP House Members backed on Thursday could cost them the House, they wouldn’t keep lying about it.

A giant tax break for the rich and their corporations that guts our health care system — by creating massive costs for aging people and massive doubt for those with pre-existing conditions, while carving a $839 million hole in Medicaid so it will end up covering 14 million fewer Americans by 2026 — is so offensive to basic decency that analysts now see the GOP majority is at risk.

Not as much risk as Trumpcare would inflict on families with sick kids, but some risk nonetheless.

Already liberal groups including Daily Kos and SwingLeft have used the GOP’s vote to raise millions in just days from small donors to support Democratic nominees who will oppose vulnerable Republicans. And those Republicans are so scared that only a very few of them are holding town halls or even defending their votes in public. And the ones who are doing it, just keep lying.

Republicans should pay for this vote to unsinsure tens of millions at least as much as Democrats did for insuring 20 million, but Republican strategist Rick Wilson doubts they will.

Wilson has been one of the most vociferous and able-mouthed conservative opponents of Donald Trump. He’s the guy who called Trump’s early diehard supporters mostly “childless single men who masturbate to anime.” So he’s not exactly creaming his Dockers over the current Republican Party.


Sen. Al Franken talked with Esme Murphy Sunday on how the proposed American Health Care Act will affect Minnesota (2:31). WCCO Sunday Morning - May 7, 2017

But he’s even more pessimistic about the Democratic Party, which isn’t shocking given that he beats Democrats for a living.

“If the Dems weren’t a joke party they could blow out 40 seats on this issue,” he tweeted on Thursday. “But they’ll campaign on abortion, gun control, and bathrooms.”

Wilson’s tweet was effective trolling that echoes a lot of critiques of the Democratic Party’s 2016 failings, which tend to fail to note that Roy Cooper, the one Democratic candidate who campaigned against a GOP “bathroom” law, won the governorship of a state Donald Trump won.

So I decided to ask Wilson to put a bit of meat on the skewer he put into Democrats 2018 chances.

“Democrats have a perfect opportunity to be relatable, disciplined, and focused,” he told me. “Does that sound like the Democratic Party to you?”

So what would he do if he were advising Democratic candidates?

“Get on and stay on one message, don’t make it about all the other party-purity issues. ‘Obamacare wasn’t perfect but the GOP made it 1000x worse.’ The ads write themselves.”

Republicans have spent most of a billion dollars attacking Obamacare. But in contrast to the GOP’s hive of scum and villainy known as the American Health Care Act, it has become suddenly popular. And there was always a secret weapon buried inside the bill.

In the lead-up to Thursday’s vote, Wilson warned Republicans testing he did in 2009-2010 about the Affordable Care Act. He found that voters from “EVERY group and I mean EVERY group” loved the ACA’s protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

“…it was the killer app,” he tweeted.

Then how have Republicans taken the White House, Congress and two-thirds of state legislatures by campaigning against it for six years, I wondered.

“Because fear of losing doctor access was a VERY powerful push. Then, rising premiums and deductibles. Complexity is scary.”

Guess what? The 24 million Americans the Congressional Budget Office estimated could lose coverage in an earlier draft of the GOP bill would all lose their doctors. The current bill magnifies the system’s complexities exponentially, with the potential for a different system in every state.

And the bill’s effects seem almost perfectly designed to drive older voters out of the Republican Party by raising their premiums, gutting Medicaid (which seniors rely on in ways that most Americans may not even understand yet), and robbing Medicare.

Wilson sees Democrats abandoning his prescription for constant trumpeting of “Obamacare wasn’t perfect but the GOP made it 1000x worse” for internecine fights about the party’s future that drive candidates to stake out positions that divide the party and confound the general public — like a never-ending 2016 primary. Brian Beutler called this Groundhog Day the party seems stuck in at times as “The Democratic Party’s Existential Crisis.”

The party’s grassroots has a long-held suspicion of the party’s DC leaders that has only been exacerbated by the shock of 2016’s narrow loss to a bumbling, aspiring tyrant.

Beutler offered a pretty simple formula for detente on this crisis by suggesting Bernie Sanders — and more importantly Sanders’ fervent backers who often seem to despise establishment Democrats as much as they hate Republicans — “support the most progressive candidate in every race, primary or general election.”

Daily Kos and SwingLeft are looking past these internal divides and focusing on the party nominee whoever she is. That formula could work, but Wilson might argue that you then end up with unelectable candidates.

However, Jon Ossoff and Rob Quist — Democratic special election candidates who are effectively competing in Republican districts that are not even necessary for the party to take back the House — seem to be doing well in tailoring their messages for their districts, as the GOP’s suicidal instincts do the job of heightening the contrasts between the parties.

And even if Democrats overcome their own divisions and stay fixated on a message that works for their constituents, there’s still a larger problem that Democrats seem to be either ignoring or at a loss to confront.

Since 2010, the GOP has gained extraordinary advantages from gerrymandering, a series of Supreme Court decisions exploding our campaign finance system as typified by Citizens United, and an attack on voting rights unlike anything since the 1960s.

Republicans have picked their voters and their voters keep picking them. They have an extraordinary off-year advantage because voters tend to be older, whiter and more rural and they have a party machine that exists in at least duplicate because of GOP donors’ 50 state “solution.”

Until Democrats confront these pre-existing conditions with a Manhattan Project or Marshall Plan to register and turn out unlikely voters, this whole debate will be as useless as that hour the House GOP allowed before voting on a bill that traded the biggest improvements in our health care system in 50 years for a few stacks of cash for the richest, who have never been richer.



  1. Disciple May 8, 2017

    I love the un-warranted bravado on the floor of the house, where Democrats chanted at the Republicans. Why is it un-warranted? Because the DCCC has found a way to blow all kinds of races, even races where Democrats at the top of the ticket won handily, by backing middle of the road losers who don’t inspire anyone. And it’s all playing out the same as always, as Nancy Pelosi recruited a billionaire sponsored corporate shill to primary the grassroots progressive who almost beat Darryl Issa last year. Other DCCC candidate recruits are self-funding sociopaths or ex-Republicans who don’t care about abortion. Does this sound like a winning formula to you? Just like the blunders by Reid and Schumer, who blew their chance at regaining the senate in 2016 by favoring empty suits like Patrick Murphy in Florida or fracking lobbyist Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania or shameless retread Ted Strickland in Ohio, the Democrats on the DCCC will likely blow the house races even though there are 23 seats they should pick up automatically since the districts lean Democrat. Could they take the house despite themselves? Sure. But don’t underestimate the absolute incompetence at the DCCC because it truly is extraordinary. And if their candidates do win, don’t expect them to stick around long just like 2010.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

      I love how you don’t mind Trump doing Trump Organization business on presidential tax dollars. First of all, take your limps. Issa, Gowdy, Cotton, Bolton, McConnell, Ryan and Chaffetz are nothing more than Koch paid morons.

      There are NO Republicans who care about anything other than their campaign donors. Your boy Trump came into the White House with hundreds of lawsuits and fines, some for money laundering.

      You already have more stains on your panties thanks to Trump the Lard Ass in Chief and his thieving grifter family.

      The DCCC is going to take back the House and Senate because your morons of the GOP are money mad little twits whose only care is for HMOs who are their biggest campaign donors. Take your place in the line up to the toilet. You are about to be flushed.

      1. Disciple May 8, 2017

        First of all the post is about Democrats and whether they’ll take back the house. I doubt it. They might luck into it, but it won’t be because anything Ben Ray Lujan or any of the other clowns at the DCCC do.

        “I love how you don’t mind Trump doing Trump Organization business on presidential tax dollars. First of all, take your limps. Issa, Gowdy, Cotton, Bolton, McConnell, Ryan and Chaffetz are nothing more than Koch paid morons.”

        Again, you got the wrong guy. I would love Democrats to be the party you think they are. Republicans are awful, and as a former New York resident I know first hand that Trump is a clown. That’s not the point of the article.

        To win a lasting majority you need to stand for something. One thing that has been obvious to everyone is that Democrats have no message other than Trump sucks. Yeah he sucks, but what are you going to do? If Democrats could unify behind a message they’d mop the floor with Republicans. But they have no message discipline, no real plans beyond protecting Obamacare, and no plans for how to make life better for workers. In a country where half the population is in poverty or near poverty, you’d think they’d have a message to address that problem. They don’t. Their message is “we’re capitalists”. Swell.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

      As a reminder…Na Na NAH Na Na Nah…Goodbye! When your boy Trump is impeached and Ryan, McConnell, Chaffetz, Pence and Gowdy are taken down with him, there will be dancing in the streets like there was the day Obama and his military took out bin Laden!

      Your right winger in France lost didn’t she? Na Na Nah Na …..Goodbye!

      1. dbtheonly May 8, 2017

        Ms. E, I took disciple to be a left-wing Troll.

        You disagree. Why?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

          Obamacare is NOT law until it passes the Senate. That is where I refuse to capitulate. To allow the House to presume they’ve passed a law exclused checks and balances the Senate approval provides.

          This is a deadly serious time in our country. One tiny omission of attention to what white male Confederates in the House and Senate are trying to do and the US is nothing more than a 3rd world country where pestilence, pollution and epidemics will be imposed on all of us who pay more taxes than the 1%.

          1. plc97477 May 9, 2017

            not only does the senate get a chance to screw their constituents but the toddler-in-chief has to rubber stamp it.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            The Senate is not going to take the risks the 535 in the House take. Already, some of the newly elected in the House are dividing themselves and realizing that just like Obama’s newly elected to the House lost the majority due to voting for the ACA, these Republicans will lose their majority come 2018 and deservedly so.

            When you seek to reduce healthcare accessibility for those who need it most and ONLY offer it to those who don’t, that only proves why the Republicans were dancing a jig on the White House lawn. They got the money they need for their elections by handing more tax revenues to their 1% and corporations who fund their campaigns.

            This is the MOST disgraceful period in our U.S. History…when corporations can direct the course of government in detriment to the health and safety of American taxpayers.

          3. plc97477 May 9, 2017

            I think a large portion of the repugs voted for the repugs don’t care plan solely because they figured the senate would not and then they wouldn’t have to own it.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            Spot on! Lewis J. Gould wrote a really great non fiction, “The Most Exclusive Club.” It is about the Senate, how its members work on the most serious issues and how they don’t always agree with the House.

            Back in the late 80s, one of them stated, “We don’t always go along with what they do over there in the House. We don’t take risks.”

            Speaks volumes of why the number of Senators is smaller than the House Reps and why less is more.

        2. plc97477 May 9, 2017

          left wing trolls who helped trump win by raging about benghazi and emails are no smarter than trump and minions.

          1. dbtheonly May 9, 2017

            Call them enthusiastic. We were young once.

          2. plc97477 May 9, 2017

            true and our being young once gave us tricky dicky.

          3. dbtheonly May 9, 2017

            My memories of 1968 are hazy. I don’t recall “the left” abandoning Hubert in great numbers for a, living, alternative. Mostly, I recall great confusion about what could/should be done about the war.

            I do remember “the left” abandoning large sections of the party in 1972.

            Instead suggest “the left”, deciding that Jimmy Carter was too (?) and giving us Reagan.

          4. Disciple May 10, 2017

            It wasn’t the left. it was labor, which was pro-war and disgusted with the Democratic kids who were anti-war. They switched to Nixon. It’s one of the reasons labor was demoted inside the Democratic tent. They haven’t had a seat at the table since.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            What would YOU know about labor? You of the ideology that Sanders Freebies should be paid by anyone but you?

          6. Disciple May 11, 2017

            You truly are a stupid person. My best friends on this planet are labor leaders you idiot. And your hero Cory Booker is attacking the teacher’s unions by helping Betsy Devos. Bill, Hillary, and Barack attacked unions with their support for horrendous free trade deals. Maybe read a book.

            It’s very revealing how you hate the poor and presume I am poor needing “free stuff” by extension. Very Republican of you. I’m glad Hillary’s and Bill’s poor-hating has worked. If you look at what they did with welfare reform it devastated poor people, but that’s OK with you because Hill’s buddies needed cheap labor.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Sanderistas are really Russian double agents who hide behind Sanders. Their “I love Bernie” site was found by the FBI, CIA and NSA to be paid for by the Russians, namely Putin. It got over 2 million hits. Shows how easy it is to fool some people.

          8. dbtheonly May 10, 2017


            Bolshevik Bernie bought and paid for?

          9. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Sanders prefers to play the “ignorant” regarding that site. But the evidence shows that 2 million of his supporters visited it.

            The part of the Senate investigation I found most pathetic was when Lindsay Graham tried to switch the topic of how Trump was involved with the Russians to who “unmasked” the leakers and the leaks.

            The very fact that Graham, a Republican would stoop to that low proves he is covering up. Sanders, on the other hand, is nothing more than a camera op hog.

            He never once mentioned his ties to Wall Street, all while accusing Hillary of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs connections he is as guilty of.

            He never once “unmasked” who the 2 million, if in fact it really as 2 million and not more hacking to promote Sanders over Hillary.

          10. dbtheonly May 10, 2017

            That’s SOP. To the Republicans, Russian Scandal, is who ratted out the fact that Flynn was on their payroll. Susan Rice seems to be a target, as if a major figure in a political campaign having conversations with a FSA Recruiter, isn’t worth follow-up.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Trump believes he is master over all womanhood. So he always looks for a woman to blame. First, Susan Rice makes Trump’s perfect target. She’s black and a woman. From there, he can imply that as a National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017, she and only SHE had access to the documents that are evidence of Trump’s connections to Russia.

            The reality is far darker and far more easier to prove. Both of his sons have done business for Trump Organization with Russian Oligarchs since 2008. Their quotes about how much business Trump Organization has done in Russia is well documented and is a public indictment that their father is a liar when he claimed he has NEVER done business in Russia. YES. He has. That he got his sons to do it for him makes no difference. The buck stops at the CEOs desk.

            The so called “rat” who outed Flynn was actually President Obama who, after a thorough investigation of Flynn’s post military activities where Flynn criticized the Obama administration in an Al Jezeera interview and a 2015 interview with the Russia Isikoff, Obama warned Trump about Flynn the day after Trump was sworn in.

            Trump, as usual, pulling his Mr. Knows All, routine hired Flynn anyway. Sally Yates warned Trump about Flynn after she received more evidence that Flynn was acting on behalf of the Russians. It took less than one day for Trump to find an excuse to fire Yates and 18 days for him to fire Flynn and only because Trump claimed Flynn lied to Pence, not because Flynn was connected to Russians.

          12. Disciple May 11, 2017

            Sanders doesn’t have ties to Wall St. This shows how full of it you are. He doesn’t get corporate donations at all. All of his money comes from individual contributors and unions.

            Meanwhile we caught Hillary taking money from oil companies and the private prison industry. When we confronted her she said she stopped taking the money, but one quarter later the donations were still pouring in. That’s a Clinton Clintoning. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the Democratic establishment. As if taking money from these horrendous people doesn’t come with strings and won’t influence policy.

          13. Disciple May 11, 2017

            Yeah, that’s some fake news. Eleanore is as unhinged as Louise Mensch.

          14. Disciple May 10, 2017

            For the record, there’s plenty to not like about Hillary without using right-wing fake scandals.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            There is plenty to not like about Sanders. In fact, why did he choose to run against a woman in 2016 and not against his own gender in 2000 or 2004? You know why…He thought having a dick and balls would make him win over Hillary in the primaries. Wrong again.

          16. Disciple May 11, 2017

            Prove it. This is the lamest attack of all. The idea that Sanders is some kind of sexist is absurd. The people who make this attack have nothing to attack Sanders with, so they resort to lazy ones like sexism or racism, even though Sanders has been great on women’s issues and on race issues through his career. By the way, the rest of the Democratic Party has not.

      2. Disciple May 8, 2017

        My boy Trump? You got the wrong guy. Obviously you didn’t read a word I said. And when the DCCC blow it, remember this post.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

          The DCCC isn’t the party you should be worrying about. Remember why Obama lost the majority in 2010? The right wingers and Republicans loved to brag and blowhard how it was because of the passage of the ACA.

          So the GOP and RNC spent the next 8 years trying to create the impression healthcare reform under the ACA was as that Lard Ass in Chief liar stated, “a disaster.” …Until 22 million Americans who couldn’t afford Republican healthcare suddenly had healthcare insurance and loved the way the ACA worked.

          Sorry but rich men in this country will lose every dime over TrumpCare’s arcane, cruel and vicious attack on the sick, frail elderly and children born with pre existing conditions.

          What happens now? Every infant born with a congenital heart defect is allowed to die because the cost of healthcare insurance would bankrupt their parents?

          Is choosing between affording to feed, clothe and put a roof over that sick infant’s head the choice between that and medical bankruptcy to save that same infant’s life?

          Men in this country who act like Lords and Bastards need their heads shaved so when they appear in public women can swarm them and beat their asses.

          1. Disciple May 9, 2017

            I disagree Eleanore. How can Democrats ever be the opposition to Trump that we need if we cede control to the feckless idiots who run the DCCC? If we can’t get better Democrats into office we’ll never get the policy prescriptions we need.
            It’s not just about the ACA which leaves nearly 30 million citizens without insurance (not healthcare, insurance). We need Democrats who are champions of workers, not just shameless careerists who are going to load up on corporate cash. I’m afraid the DCCC and their candidates are the very definition of careerists. The sooner grassroots Democrats come to this conclusion, the better the chance is that we can save the party from itself.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 9, 2017

            Sorry…the only feckless idiots are Trump, Bannon, Spicer, Prince Rience and Snakeface Conway. Couple them with the hick morons like Gowdy, Cotton, Chaffetz, Issa, McConnell and the Corn Pone King Ryan and you have your feckless Republicans.

            My Dems consist of intelligent people like Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, Elijah Cummings, Robert Menendez, Sheldon Whitehouse …need more?

            I knew from your original post you are a Republican or Sanders supporter.

            The grassroots Dems seen on CSpan during Senate and House sessions don’t hold back when they fight like hell for Americans. You better stand by…the Millennials like Joseph Kennedy III, are not going to stand down to grassroots hick Republicans with their Great Depression Era and Pre Civil War ideas.

            It’s time for the Republican Party to stop pretending they are the ONLY power in a democracy will not see a Civil War before we will ever hand over our government to greedy, selfish cronyism hick white males.

            Now you have to wade through women who will not stand down to men in the south or midwest just because they have male genitals they believe is their POWER.

          3. Disciple May 9, 2017

            Sorry again Eleanore but you are completely out to lunch on who the Democrats really are. Yes, some of the people you listed are great, like Senator Warren. And some others are not so great, like Chuck Schumer. Menendez may be tried for corruption and Cory Booker worked hard for Betsy Devos’ school privatization foundation. But that’s neither here nor there. All of the ones you listed except for Elijah Cummings are in the senate and Democrats have 0% chance of getting the senate back this cycle. That’s a fact. They had a great chance in 2016 and they totally blew it. Chuck Schumer bears a lot of that responsibility as I illustrated above. It was Schumer and Harry Reid who cleared the way for some of the worst candidates to ever put a D next to their names and they lost. Wouldn’t a Democratic senate look great right about now? Hell yeah, but Schumer worked hard to make it not happen by his own incompetence.

            You think Joe Kennedy III is a hero? He’s my congressman, and though he’s a nice guy, a hero he isn’t. He ran from activists when we asked him to oppose a natural gas pipeline that runs through his district. I can’t name a single issue that he has made a strong stand on. He’s not for single-payer and we’ve had to fight him tooth and nail on every issue. He has made some good votes, but in this era that’s not good enough. If he’s the #resistance we’ve got problems.

            I beg you to read the following blog post so you get an idea of what we’re up against:

          4. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Senator Schumer and Harry Reid didn’t clear the way for any Dems. WE DID…the last time I looked that’s called an “election” where you walk into a voting booth and make your choice of which candidates YOU want.

            You proved what you are not…a Democrat or an American. Which of the Russian trolls are you? RT? Goosifer?

            Sorry but Sanders is a liar and a cheat and I know the smell and rank odor of who Sanders really is.

            He’s a low life who rose from his Crown Heights Hasidic enclave mostly comprised of Russian immigrants.

            Neither Harry Reid nor Senator Schumer were EVER investigated by the FEC…but Sanders was. For allowing “foreign” donors to donate to his campaign and allowing his female “friend” at Goldman Sachs to donate more than the allowed amount.

            Yes. I think Joe Kennedy III is a brilliant spawn of a family who always put Americans first. It was his uncle John who established Medicare remember? It was his Uncle John who also created the Peace Corp and managed to avoid the Russians attacking the US 90 miles offshore from Cuba.

            You have a lot to answer for and you can hide behind your little games all you like. I am not fooled by you.

            Your posts all prove you are neither right nor left but just another poseur Sanderista who lives off Sanders ideas of FREE FREE FREE.

            Pay for what you want and need like you make the rest of us do.

          5. Disciple May 10, 2017

            So Schumer and Reid didn’t spend $1M to defame Alan Grayson in favor of Patrick Murphy? I guess that’s news to all of us that actually pay attention. It must be normal for the leadership to publicly attack a candidate in their own party in favor of a bank-owned one. If that’s your fair impartial election, good luck with that.

            Since you can’t refute anything I said, you resort to the tired Russian smear tactic. Pathetic.

            Sanders has done more for the US than virtually any Democrat I know. You may not like that but it’s a fact. And he would have won the midwest handily. You want to know who got Trump elected? Look in the mirror. Schumer and Reid? Just look at who gives them money and that’s all you need to know. Sanders is powered by workers, not human scum like Schumer and Reid.

            I know Kennedy far better than you. His uncle John established Medicare? No, that was LBJ. JFK happens to be one of the most overrated politicians of all time. And that has zero to do with Joe who is a mediocre middle of the road Democrat.

            Answer for? I answer to the truth. I don’t bury myself in partisan nonsense masquerading as righteousness.

            So your concept of public services is exactly the same as Republicans. You can’t have things for free that are paid out of taxes that benefit the public. They must cost a lot of money so only rich people can afford them and so they’ll have low taxes. You’re just like Cory Booker. Should we have public schools? Probably not in your eyes since people like me must “pay their share”. Good to know you’re a “real” Democrat. Seems about right these days.

            I bet you had no problem with the bank bailouts that had no strings attached. After all, it’s poor people that crashed the economy, amiright? It’s why Obama didn’t put any banksters in jail, while millions of average people lost their jobs and their homes.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            All you continue to do is prove you are a hateful Russian hacker. So what if they spent $1 million to defame Alan Grayson. Trump said in the 2nd debate he “donated $100 million” to his campaign and NOW HE is YOUR president.

            You are pathetic. And very likely you know nothing about the Kennedy family that the rest of us don’t also know.

            Sanders isn’t powered by workers. He is powered by Crown Heights Hasids who were desperate to get a Hasid in the White House. How do I know? One of my former fellow employees lives in Crown Heights. He would tell you that Sanders is a phony. He isn’t poor. He owns 3 homes in Vermont where homes don’t sell for less than $600,000.

            He also owns 38 Wall Street investments. Sanders won’t ever admit he deliberately ran against Hillary because like you he hates independent intelligent women. Unlike Brainey Janey who got her ass kicked out of her job at Burlington college for selling property to a Catholic diocese who needed the money for a lawsuit for pedophilia.

            You hate Schumer because, unlike Sanders, he is intelligent and by far the classiest, most effective Jewish politician. Why don’t you admit WHY Sanders LOST to Hillary?

            It was because he is as dirty as Trump when it comes to politics. So all of your Sanderista smearing of Dems falls on deaf ears.

            A real man doesn’t hide behind the Democratic Party when he big mouths it that he “is NOT a Democrat.”

            What’s the matter? Your boy from Crown Heights couldn’t fight Bush in 2000 or 2004? The little old coward waited until there was a “girl” in the presidential race to show his aging balls? Didn’t do him a bit of good did it?

            And, the next time you choose a Jewish male or female, look for someone who has the courage of their political convictions and commitment to a party. Not your brainless Libertarian Sanders version of FREE.

            You Sanderistas had two excellent Jewish candidates, Jamie Raskin, D-MD and the woman your boy Sanders smeared to cheat to win: Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

          7. Disciple May 11, 2017

            The leadership wants corrupt cronies in office, that’s the point. You know that but continue to spew your venomous garbage, as if the Democratic establishment is beyond reproach. That you are fine with such behavior, the sabotage of other Democrats, says a great deal about your “virtue”.

            I live in Massachusetts you fool. I don’t know anything about the Kennedys? It’s you who know nothing about anything.

            And you are wrong. Only one of Sanders homes is worth more than $600K and it’s the one that his wife just bought with an inheritance. Meanwhile your hero Hillary Clinton has multimillion dollar mansions in two states. Just one of her homes is far more expensive than all of Sanders’ combined.

            The Hasidem hate Sanders because he isn’t orthodox. They consider jews who aren’t orthodox less than them. They like right-wingers like Hillary. I can tell you think as a former New Yorker who walked through the diamond district every day on the way to work.

            Yeah, Sanders is 74. He has investments. He’s one of the poorest members of the congress because he’s not on the take. I am 51 and have 40 investments on Wall St. I do all my own investing. Is it weird that I want to manage my own money vs letting Wall St skim money off of my savings?

            Sanders run had everything to do with issues. And Hillary’s was all about her. #ImWithHer?!?!? Give me a break. Tone deaf just like you. It’s no wonder the Democratic Party got slaughtered all over the country.

            FYI Sanders hasn’t ever run a negative ad, never smeared Hillary even though he could have, never went negative even a bit. He said one thing that everyone with a brain cell knew, that Hillary is uncomfortably close with Wall St. If that’s enough to bring her down, that says more about her than Sanders. Obama was far more viscous in his attacks on Hillary, but of course he was a “Democrat” so it’s all good. Were you a McCain Democrat?

            Your smear job is as weak as your intellect. Sanders grew up outside the party because they’ve subverted him at every turn. And yet he won. He won as mayor despite Democrats. He won the congressional seat despite Democrats. Yet you think he should be in the party? The Democratic Party is resistant to the kind of change we all need. We’re in a revolutionary time and the Democratic Party is caught flat footed as usual. Sanders has more integrity in his pinkie than $Hillary, Bill, and the rest of the Democratic establishment have in their whole bodies. It’s why they hate him, because he is a critique of their whole ideology of selling us out, handing us crumbs off the master’s table, and calling that progress.

            You think Wasserman Schultz is an excellent candidate? Since when? She’s everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party. She takes money from some of the worst people: big sugar, payday lenders, for-profit prisons. And she does their bidding with glee. She’s literally the worst person in the Democratic leadership for too many reasons to even enumerate. Raskin is great. DWS is not.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            The leadership of Sanderistas is corrupt. Why continue to spew your silly obsessive compulsive addiction to Sanders when you know any day now the axe will fall on his bald head?

            I live in NJ. I know all about Sanders. I know where he came from and I know you are nothing more than a Sanders fanatic.

            Any day now, you nuts of the Sanderista brand will run the Pope out of the Vatican so you can replace Pope Francis with your holier than thou Sanders and his Queen Brainey Janey.

            No the Hasidim don’t hate Sanders. Shows what YOU don’t know. In fact, one of the biggest supporters of Sanders was the Crown Heights Yeshiva boys whose daddies and mommies all poured millions to get a Jewish male for president.

            Sanders is the WRONG Jewish male. If you want highly intelligent, white Jewish males, try Jamie Raskin. This young man is far more ready to move up the political ranks and replace your old geezer any day. Raskin easily relates to the young millennials who are about to put old geezer mentalities like yours out of the picture. Deal with it.

          9. Disciple May 12, 2017

            Keep telling us DWS is great. Just by doing that you’ve disqualified anything further you could possibly say.

            A lot of those Hasidim don’t think Sanders is militant enough about Israel. It’s why Boteach is a big Trump fan. They’d much rather have a right winger who loves Netanyahu and the settler movement, and gives Israel a big blank check to ignore human rights. Sanders courting muslims was a major no no to most of them. Sorry to break it to you but it’s why they mostly went for Hillary in the primary.

            I am not all about Sanders. Sanders is one guy and alone he can’t change anything. The Democratic Party is long overdue for a reckoning over their vast failures over the last forty years. Democrats are just upset that Bernie said what’s plain to all of us: that Democrats need to stop dithering and stand for something. You would think that losing 1000 seats at all levels of government would cause some reflection, but apparently not. Though I like Bernie he doesn’t go nearly far enough with the transformation that’s necessary in this country, but he’s a good start in the right direction.

            Raskin is OK but he’s a freshman legislator. Time will tell who or what he is. Is he a champion like Warren and Sanders or a coward like Schumer, Machin, or McCaskill? Time and his susceptibility to corporate lobbying will tell.

      3. idamag May 8, 2017

        I do not belong to a political party. I believe they are dangerous to the unity of this country. However, I see republicans as evil. They lie, they gerrymander elections. They are selfish. A sick child means less to them than their obsession with money and power. Those supposedly religious ones never stop and think how much did Jesus charge to heal the sick? They are the most hateful people, wallowing in fake news as long as it disses the Democratic Party.

  2. FireBaron May 8, 2017

    Here’s how the Democrats can take back both the House and Senate in 2018. Remember what Tip O’Neill said back in the day – “All politics is local.” Run on the local issues and to hell with what is going on elsewhere. Beat the GOP at their own game by pointing out everything they have done that hurts the local constituents. Not how it hurts people in other states.
    Unfortunately, what it comes down to is Voters in North Carolina don’t care how a bill affects people in Oregon or Utah. They care about how it affects people in North Carolina. And even then, folks in Wilmington could care less how a bill affects people in Ashland. You run on your local constituency and that’s it. That is what the GOP learned and the Democrats forgot.

    1. dbtheonly May 8, 2017

      That and LOLGOP’s “TrumpCare is 1000x worse. I’m in favor of hanging the term TrumpCare out there early and often.

      Then there’s the video of the Republican saying that no one ever died from lack of healthcare. That video ought to feature in every ad we run.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

        Every one including the Senators call it TrumpCare. It is TrumpCare. Whether or not the Republicans and right wing approve.

        My personal favorite photo I’m seeing go viral is Ryan and the boys with Trump facing them on the White House lawn as “IF” they actually passed a law.

        Really? Without Senate approval? That one is going to be the photo of them that sticks in memory when the parents of children born with a congenital disease are told they have to die because they can’t be insured.

      2. Alicerprice May 9, 2017

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  3. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

    Remember when the GOP blamed Obamacare as the reason the Dems lost their majority in 2010? Guess what happens in 2018 with Trumpcare? roflmao.

    What I love is the cowardly Republican BOYS who danced a jig on the White House lawn celebrating their “win.” Is that what healthcare is ALL about? Winning?

    Now, the Dems are smartly appearing at all of the town meetings the Cowardly Republicans are scared silly to attend in their home districts.

    The cry now to all of the Confederate Republicans is 2018! 2018!

    1. idamag May 8, 2017

      Obama was one of the best things that happened to the party. It was not his healthcare bill that made the republicans attack him over and over. All republicans are not racist, but all racists are republicans. Also it it the efforts of things like the Freedom Caucus to destroy the two-party system and people are so unlearned they stumble blindly along to the slaughter.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker May 8, 2017

    They cheat to rig elections. Sabotage investigations to try and shove election rigging under the rug and then bash Dems in the House and Senate who know that Trumpcare is the Republicans swan song.

    1. Johnny five May 8, 2017

      Hillary taught the Republican Party how to rig elections.

      1. Johnny five May 8, 2017

        Sanders never had a chance.

  5. Dominick Vila May 8, 2017

    I have seen Democratic party strategists and politicians miss opportunities to depict Republicans for what they are so many times, that I would not be surprised if they blow it again. The Trumpcare Bill will not only impact millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, and shift the burden of healthcare from the wealthy to the middle class and the poor, it is actually a giveaway to millionaires, and an opportunity for corporations to drop or reduce their insurance plans to increase profit margins. If that was not bad enough, the dramatic reductions in the MEDICAID budget are bound to impact millions of poor seniors who depend on that agency to get the help they need. Not surprisingly, many of the draconian measures in the Bill will not take effect until after the 2020 election to ensure voters are not affected until the Donald is out of office…if he is not impeached first. Hopefully, the Senate will moderate this legislation before it goes to reconciliation, but I would not be surprised if some of its most perverse measures remain in plain to ensure the “Freedom Caucus” remains on board.

    1. plc97477 May 9, 2017

      Unfortunately the voters are different. Dems hate mud slinging in politics, Repug love it. Repugs will come out in force if anyone bad mouths their pols. Dems will not vote if Dem pols throw any kind of mud. You need to find a way to tell the voters what the repugs are without making it seem like mud slinging. Not easy to do really.

  6. pisces63 May 8, 2017

    Listening to NPR as usual, mornings at work. they just aired a report that not only the rich get richer, depending on where you live can dictate how long you live. People in wealthier states like California and Colorado have a life expectancy of 87 years. Those along the Mississippi, lie Kentucky and, West Virginia and Alabama, 67 and the gap is growing. Wonder why!!
    Plus one of the best commercials against the GOP is the one by Tom PERRIELLO, candidate for Virginia governor. He is making a speech while a car compacter crushes an ambulance behind him. He does not look back at it. Not yelling. Talk about stunning in it simplicity because as you watch him, you think you are seeing things with little truck movements!!!!

    1. idamag May 8, 2017

      Exactly the type of advertising I have been trying to get the Democrats to use. Simple, but effective. Lasts in the memory.

  7. idamag May 8, 2017

    The Democrats need to get a think tank going. Their strategy has been: “We’re losing, send money and we’ll let you fill out a canned survey.” It isn’t working and if it isn’t working do something else. I hear the complaint that the media is now owned by special interest groups. It is true, most of it is. So far the U.S. mail has not been privatized. I wouldn’t call not advertising that the contacts are coming from a political party dishonest. If we are trying to destroy the creeping fascism, we do not need to let the enemy know who we are.


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