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How Obama Nailed The State Of The Union


How Obama Nailed The State Of The Union


James, our panel of swing voters, and I all agree: President Obama gave a good speech on Tuesday night. The president was right to focus on the economy and the future of the middle class. By taking on the issues that matter to everyday Americans, he was able to not only shift the polling numbers — but to shift the agenda, from austerity to growth.




  1. Rose February 14, 2013

    The speech was good, but is completely irrelevant. The republicans will not do anything to help our Country, if it helps the President. Sad, but true.

    1. Ed February 15, 2013

      Which means Americans must make their voices heard, let our congressmen know we support the President and there WILL be consequences if they resist, Most Americans do not realise that politicians usually assume that one letter to their office represenr=ts, probably, 100 voters. So it takes a lot of letters to create pressure.

  2. Allan Richardson February 14, 2013

    The Republicans appeal to lower and middle income voters by making them think that what “gummint” does always hurts them. In the case of transition from fossil to renewable energy, if we ONLY add a “carbon tax” to fossil fuel, it actually WILL hurt them in the short run (and the financial burden will hurt them in the long run). The guy who drives a 15 year old pickup truck 30 miles to work daily does not want to pay extra taxes; he wants the price of his fuel (the only fuel he can burn without changing vehicles, which he cannot afford to do) to go DOWN, not up.

    I have thought of a solution, and if anyone (especially the President) wants to hear it I will forward a document describing the ERG Plan. This will help neutralize the legitimate objections of working commuters.

    1. empiremed February 15, 2013

      President Obama delivered yet another speech with skill Tuesday night and, near the end when he spoke about victims of gun violence, emotion. The president’s problem has never been with the theatrics of politics. It’s the substantive and governing side where he continually falls short. So it was with this most recent State of the Union.

      This speech stood in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama’s inaugural address, when he emphasized liberal social issues and climate change at the expense of economic issues. Stung by press coverage that he had ignored jobs and deficit reduction, and with 39% in the Feb. 10 Gallup poll approving of his handling of the economy, the president reversed course Tuesday, devoting almost a third of the State of the Union to these two issues.

      Nevertheless, the president’s suggestions won’t spur job creation and economic growth. His proposals were liberal, stale, unfocused and often counterproductive. For example, raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour would actually cost jobs.

      After he offered such flimsy lines as “good, middle-class jobs . . . must be the North Star that guides our efforts” and “our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing,” the president’s projected payoff—to create 15 “global centers with high-tech jobs” and hazy promises of more research—was pretty pathetic.

      It was jarring when Mr. Obama claimed credit for things he opposed, as when he boasted that America is producing “more oil at home than we have in 15 years . . . and more natural gas than ever before.” This progress has happened despite the Obama administration, with far more new drilling on private and state lands than on federal land or waters.

      As he routinely does, on Tuesday the president asserted things that simply aren’t true, confident he won’t be challenged by the press. Consider his claim that he’s achieved $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction, putting him “more than halfway” toward a $4 trillion goal. Budget experts on Capitol Hill I’ve spoken to put the real deficit-reduction number at around $500 billion once the additional outlays Mr. Obama has added to the budget since taking office (such as the stimulus, the cost of payroll-tax holidays and additional discretionary domestic spending) are factored in.

      The speech’s biggest laugh line was the president’s declaration that “nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime.” It’s hard to say exactly how much Mr. Obama’s proposals will add to the deficit, but it’s a lot. The White House briefing papers for the speech only contained three numbers: $50 billion for infrastructure (his “Fix-It-First” initiative), $15 billion to refurbish or demolish vacant or damaged properties in cities (“Project Rebuild”), and $1 billion for those 15 more manufacturing centers. This $66 billion in new spending is more than the additional revenue that will be generated this year by raising the top two tax brackets (money that has already been committed for Hurricane Sandy relief).

      The White House did not say how much the other new initiatives in Mr. Obama’s speech would cost. But new subsidies for wind, solar and geothermal power; more research into electric, biofuel, and natural gas-powered cars; the redesign of America’s high schools; another mortgage-relief measure; additional funds for mapping the brain, fighting disease, expanding clean energy, and promoting advanced manufacturing; new foreign aid programs; and federal support for preschool for all low- and moderate-income children would all be expensive, easily bringing the tab to $100 billion or more a year. The universal preschool initiative unveiled last week by Mr. Obama’s favorite left-wing think tank (the Center for American Progress) carried a $25 billion annual price tag.

      Mr. Obama again argued Tuesday that prosperity depends upon more government spending. But America’s anemic rates of job creation and GDP and income growth the past four years are evidence that this progressive proposition hasn’t worked.

      For all the gushing of liberal supporters, Mr. Obama’s State of the Union, stripped to its core, made clear that he wants more spending. Otherwise the president’s intellectual engine is running on empty. After his deeply unpopular but historic health-care bill, Mr. Obama has been reduced to shopworn proposals like a higher minimum wage or small-ball ideas like a reduction in the time it takes to vote.

      1. Ed February 15, 2013

        @Empiemed- Your letter ignores history and spreads the seeds of division. History has poven your ideas wrong, as well as the events of the last 11 years.

  3. Dominick Vila February 15, 2013

    In addition to shifting the focus from austerity to growth, he also shifted the mood of the country from doom and gloom to hope. That is what a leader is supposed to do, and it is exactly what we need at the moment.

    1. Gary Graves February 25, 2013

      Yes gloom and doom is the party logo. They will be hiding in their bunkers soon.

  4. Tom S Brown February 15, 2013

    Mitch McConnell is still engaged in the primary function of keeping Barack Obama from being reelected. If the obstructionist congressman could be unseated, a massive move toward progress in the country will be realized.

    1. Beaulieu6 February 15, 2013

      I agree with you at 100% percent!

  5. fidel February 15, 2013

    Many Senators Like McConnell ,McCain and others is Time to Retired,They not look Like Senators,They Look Like Italian Maffia With The Vendetta again MrHagel. The Speech was Irrelevant Good for all The Real American People.Is Time They Accepted ,We have 4 more Years and The Pressident is Black and 98 0/0 of The Real American People Voted for OBAMA and Support The President Agenda.

    1. Beaulieu6 February 16, 2013

      You are absolutely right and I agree with you at 100%!

  6. JaneC February 15, 2013

    Americans have known since before the election that growth should be the agenda not austerity. But, that hasn’t stopped the GOP from their openly grotesque behavior.
    It’s payback time for complacency in 2010, the WORST of all years to not be engaged in the election cycle.

  7. Ed February 15, 2013

    No Tom. They know that Oboma got reelected. Their goal now is to ensure is presidency is a failure and all Americans PAY FOR REELECTING HIM!

  8. judgeglenda February 15, 2013

    well it seems the congress has called a recess for itself.unless the people rise up against the GOP nothing is gonna get done

    1. Beaulieu6 February 16, 2013

      You are absolutely right I agree with you at 100%!

  9. Beaulieu6 February 16, 2013

    On Tuesday February 12, 2013 President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address in which he delivered a powerful message to the nation President Obama, Democrats, and myself believe that we can lift up the poor below poverty line and move them to the Middle-Class 98% percent by giving them a job so they can feed their spouse and Children.
    I stand strong with President Obama agenda in which I believe will lead America toward a lasting prosperity by early 2015, but the House Republicans must and can work with House Democrats, the Senates Democrats and Republicans and President Obama.
    I also believe we must invest in education in which are the job of tomorrow we must also invest in our infrastructure in repairing our crumbling roads and bridges.
    We must protect, preserve, and secure Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for current seniors and future generation.
    Our economy is getting better and stronger and small businesses in which are more confident about our economy.
    I know that together the Middle-Class 98% percent, small businesses the 97% percent and President Obama can and will continue to move our economy forward in which we are on the right path going in the right direction.
    I’m optimistic and have great confidence in President Obama, the Middle-Class 98% percent, and small businesses the 97% percent.

  10. Beaulieu6 February 16, 2013

    House Republicans must be replace by House Democrats in the 2014 Mid-term election and give the gavel back to Representative Nancy Pelosi D-California!

  11. Beaulieu6 February 17, 2013

    President Obama has been leading the country and the economy forward in the right direction since he took office on January 20, 2009, his agenda has help the economy and the Middle-Class 98% percent it’s time that the obstructionist the Republicans in Congress and Senates step up and work with Democrats in Congress and in the Senates and President Obama to get the job done.
    House Speaker John Boehner have said not to long after President Obama won re-election he said “We want the President to lead” therefore if House Speaker Boehner want President Obama to lead, than don’t obstruct him and let him lead America forward in which our economy is getting much better and much stronger, in which small businesses the 97% percent have created or added 6.1 million new private sector jobs in the last 25 months. Businesses have more confidence in our economy, in which are now hiring.
    President Obama believe that we can cut spending and at the same time invest in those area: Education the jobs of tomorrow, Renewable energy, and infrastructure in repairing our crumbling roads and bridges.
    In 2009 I supported President Obama agenda in which I believed would strenghten our economy and the middle-class 98% percent in which it did, and now as President Obama entered his second term I continue to support his agenda as I believe will lead America toward a lasting prosperity in which the middle-Class 98% percent and small businesses the 97% percent, will benefit in early January 2015, we must stay the course as we are on the right path.
    I’m very optimistic and have great confidence in President Obama, the middle-class 98% percent, and small businesses the 97% percent. I have also great confidence in the Democratic party in which are the party of the middle-class.
    I believe strongly that we can lift the poor out of poverty in moving them into the middle-class 98% percent by giving them a job, so they can feed their family.


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