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How The Republicans Blew Their Traditional Tax Advantage


How The Republicans Blew Their Traditional Tax Advantage


In our first video conversation for the Carville-Greenberg Memo, Stan and I talk about the big campaign issue that usually helps Republicans a lot more than Democrats — taxes. This year, however, the GOP has no detectable advantage on this issue, according to our polling data. But why would that be? How has Mitt Romney spoiled taxes for his party? And exactly what did Paul Ryan say that made us both crack up laughing?…



  1. Bunny September 19, 2012

    These two guys are are too much ! ! ! To the point and such characters ! ! !

  2. LigiaR October 15, 2012

    I am sure this newsletter is going to be the most.
    I adore James Carville he uses to tell those republicans what they deserve.


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