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Businesses Close As Immigrants Stay Home To Protest Trump

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Businesses Close As Immigrants Stay Home To Protest Trump


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Dozens of restaurants, bars, and other businesses in cities around the United States shut their doors on Thursday to show support for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a walkout aimed at protesting President Donald Trump’s policies.

Activists called on immigrants to stay home from work, avoid shopping and eating out, and skip classes in an effort to highlight the vital role they play in U.S. society.

The protest was prompted by Trump’s vows to crack down on illegal immigration and his executive order, which was put on hold by federal courts, that temporarily banned travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. Immigrant rights’ groups expressed alarm after federal raids last week in which more than 680 people illegally in the country were arrested.

Many Restaurants, which often depend heavily on immigrant staff, closed for the day in cities including Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago.

Celebrity chefs such as Jose Andres in Washington and Rick Bayless in Chicago shuttered several restaurants in solidarity with protesters. A number of restaurateurs whose eateries were remaining open said they would donate part of the day’s proceeds to pro-immigrant groups.

“People that never missed one day of work are telling you they don’t want to work on Thursday,” the Spanish-born Andres said in an interview at his restaurant Oyamel, which was closed on Thursday. “They want to say, ‘Here we are,’ by not showing up. The least I could do was to say, ‘OK, we stand by you.'”

In New York, the owners of the popular Blue Ribbon restaurants said they would close several eateries despite the economic impact.

“It’s really a show of support for our staff and as a team and a family as a whole,” said co-owner Eric Bromberg.

The nature of the action made it difficult to ascertain how many immigrants were participating, although there were rallies scheduled later on Thursday in Chicago, Houston, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

The protest is the latest in a series of collective actions since Trump took office from women’s groups, immigrant groups, and other activists.

(Reporting by Gina Cherelus in New York, Timothy McLaughlin in Chicago and Liza Feria and Ian Simpson in Washington; Writing by Joseph Ax; Editing by Scott Malone and Bill Trott)

IMAGE: People participate in a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policy and the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in New York City, U.S. February 11, 2017. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 16, 2017

    I for one will search out the businesses that made such a symbolic gesture as today’s boycott and give them my business to help defray the loss for their sacrifice for a just and noble cause.
    This is the sort of action that is subtle, not an in-your-face kind of response but powerful nonetheless. My recommendation to groups in my neck of the woods will be to discuss this method, and similar ones of a non-violent nature, of showing displeasure with the autocracy Trump, Bannon, and the GOP are trying to impose on America.

    1. Dan S February 16, 2017

      I didn’t even know about the boycott until just now. I will wholeheartedly support any businesses that closed today and stand with them in solidarity. I’m sure we’ll see more of these protests until Trump gets out of the WhiteHouse either by resigning or impeachment

      1. dpaano February 20, 2017

        Dan….the really stupid thing is that most of 45’s idiotic followers have NO idea how these people affect our economy. They keep saying that they took their jobs; when, in fact, they didn’t! Most immigrants work at jobs that the average American wouldn’t do……can you see an American worker out in the fields picking our crops? I seriously doubt it…..they wouldn’t last a second!
        The jobs that these so-called “followers” lost were in the coal industry, the steel industry, etc., both of which are no longer really viable. We don’t use coal much any longer since we have natural gas, and bringing back our steel mills will only work if these mills don’t end up using robotics in lieu of hiring back people. The Rust Belt needs to realize that their problems won’t be solved by 45…….they will need to get re-educated so that they can fit today’s manufacturing platforms! And, there’s nothing that 45 can do if they don’t get the picture! They need to get off their barcalounges and go back to vocational school if they want jobs!!! Quit sitting there blaming immigrants for taking their jobs when that’s not the case!

    2. Beethoven February 16, 2017

      I had planned to eat at home today, so if any of my local businesses close to support the boycott, it won’t affect me. Also, it won’t have any impact on my eating in the future, since almost half of the restaurants I have been choosing over the past few years are either owned by immigrants, or have immigrants on their staffs, and I will continue to patronize those restaurants. I hope (but I’m not optimistic) that some of my neighbors will have their eyes opened as to how much their life is impacted by immigrants.

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  2. Jacob Price February 16, 2017

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  3. rome44 February 18, 2017

    My message for the illegals out protesting use the red, white & blue American flag after all the protests are broadcast all over America and please speak english when being interviewed by American TV. I know you’re proud but this isn’t the time or place.
    That’s if you want my sympathy and support.

  4. dpaano February 20, 2017

    I think it’s pretty sad that 45 doesn’t seem to understand that these people are necessary for our economy. Not only do they work in jobs that most Americans won’t do, but they oftimes pay Social Security and Medicare and will never get the opportunity to see any return on those benefits. They’re basically helping the Social Security account grow for those of us who DO benefit and they end up with nothing! I think they should come up with a “work visa” plan for these people so that they can stay and work for their families. Remember, the better the economy in Mexico, the fewer illegals we’ll have trying to come across the border!! Sending 11M back from the U.S. is NOT going to help our economy OR Mexico’s economy! With fewer workers available to U.S. companies, the prices of consumer goods will go up or just fizzle out totally. Without people picking our crops, the farmers will end up having to sell their land and go out of business…..which means, again, higher produce prices for the American consumer, especially if we have to import our produce from Mexico!!! I just don’t see any logic in what 45 is doing! It’s just cruel and unnecessary!


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