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Introducing The Republican Party Project


Introducing The Republican Party Project


Today James and I are releasing the first poll in the Republican Party Project: a look at who Republicans are, what drives them, why they can’t help but keep moving to the right, and why we need not retreat from their extremism.

Republicans seem to believe that they have a mandate for conservative government, but voters disagree. The GOP has grown progressively weaker since the Tea Party emerged in 2010 — and now is the time to fight back.

The results of the first national survey of the Republican Party Project can be seen here. For a closer look at the data, click here. You can read National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason’s analysis of the survey here.



  1. Siobhanne July 24, 2013

    Thanks to both of you. This is what we need to see.

  2. Smeagel4T July 24, 2013

    Hey guys, what’s going to be needed is analysis on what will drive progressive voters to the polls. This should include some serious state-level thinking and not just federal-level. Many states that the GOP has been abusing over the last couple of years are going to need some serious repairing.

  3. Paul_Rosenberg July 24, 2013

    Surprise, surprise, almost everyone outside the Beltway sees the GOP as too extreme. The trick is–what’s the positive alternative? Protecting the welfare state is the obvious answer from decades of polling–see the GSS, for example. But Beltway elites will have none of it.

  4. Stuart July 24, 2013


    Is the Tea Party really getting weaker? Maybe in national politics.

    This McGovern voter’s focus is on the states. Like North Carolina. Wisconsin. Michigan. Ohio. Illinois just relaxed its gun laws. How many Obama states have Republican legislatures? My state, Florida, is one. Doesn’t look like weakness to me.

    My counterpoint is the Article V constitutional convention. Wikipedia gives Republicans control of 27 state legislatures, with 5 more split between the parties. If the splits go Republican, only two more are needed to call a constitutional convention, and four more beyond that to ratify.

    And there’s nothing Congress, or the courts, or the president could do about it. I think ALEC is very encouraged by what’s going on in the states.

    I do hope you guys, like Nate Silver, will tell people what they need to know, not what they want to know. I’m not looking for a progressive version of a Republican unskewed poll.

    1. Colleen Klemp July 26, 2013

      Yes, it’s to the point that we should make a list of our favorite lobbyist & donate our money to them, maybe we’d get what the people want. Look at all the money we’d save not going to large salaries. The elite live in a different world than the man on the street, most of them couldn’t tell you what the minimum wage is. Best part we wouldn’t have to watch all those campaign commercials.

  5. Steve Ramsey July 24, 2013

    This article tends to confirm my supposition. The Republican Party, primarily through the Tea Party, has gone so far to the Right that loosing touch touch with mainstream America.
    Please enjoy.

  6. John Klesmith July 24, 2013

    Hey Smeage14T!! I’m with you, but I think we need to make it even more extensive…not just progressives, but Democrats AND Republicans. If we can meld this together, I think the Republicans would cower at their prospects. And I’ll double down on your comments about state by state — we need congressional districts, and state legislatures (and governor).

  7. Dominick Vila July 25, 2013

    I disagree with the premise that the GOP is getting weaker. That may be a true statement if applied to the Tea Party, but not the GOP. In spite of all the damage the TP has done to the GOP credibility, it remains a powerful opponent in most states in the union, and since every state can elect two Senators, and every district can elect a representative, the GOP is likely to retain control of House and, perhaps, get control of the Senate in 2014, not because they have been doing a great job or because their policy proposals are enthusiastically endorsed by most Americans, but because of the way our political system is designed to work.
    The Democratic party is likely to keep control of the White House for many years to come as a result of most Americans supporting its agenda and appreciating its achievements – if gerrymandering does not change the way electoral college votes are allotted – but making strides in Congress is becoming more difficult than ever. For better or worse, the GOP has managed to convince Southerners and Bible Belt Americans that the social programs and initiative that are beneficial to them are evil concept that must be rejected, and they are obediently voting against their own interests in their pursuit of a mythical Nirvana.

  8. howa4x July 25, 2013

    The tea party is kryptonite to moderate republicans

  9. Beaulieu6 July 25, 2013

    On June 27, 2013 the U.S. Senate has pass an historic piece of legislation a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill by a vote 68 to 32. President Obama has called on House Republicans to pass their version of the bill or the senate version, here we are on July 25, 2013 and House Republicans haven’t made an attempt to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in giving the 11 million illegal immigrants the pathway to citizenship. The Republicans are wasting their time to debate to repeal the Affordable Care Act, in which they should be focusing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in which the President is ready to signed.
    Speaker John Boehner cannot lead is own party he dosen’t understand the word compromise this is the problem of the Republican party, as each time that President Obama have called on Congress nothing is getting done all they know is obstruction and saying no.
    President Obama is a great leader with a strong leadership in leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting prosperity as early 2015. House Republicans must work with the President rather than be obstructionist, as their obstruction are unaceptable and must stop.


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