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#EndorseThis: Is Jared Kushner The Real President?

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#EndorseThis: Is Jared Kushner The Real President?

Jared Kushner

To anyone who knows Jared Kushner, the real estate heir and failed newspaper owner, the notion that he is a top adviser to the president of the United States is astonishing, perhaps even alarming. But the ever-growing list of assignments turned over by Donald Trump to his polite, photogenic young son-in-law has now reached a ludicrous level that the Daily Show can no longer ignore.

Kushner’s updated to-do list includes establishing peace in the Mideast, reorganizing the entire federal government, creating an “Office of American Innovation” across departments and agencies, overseeing US relations with China and Mexico, reforming the criminal justice system and the Veterans Administration, organizing the visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping, plus much more — leading Trevor Noah to ask whether he is, in fact, “The Real President.”

Why would Trump demand that Kushner perform so many vital tasks that are far beyond his competence? As we learn in this segment, it isn’t owing to his worldly experience or deep knowledge (remember, he was unaware last January that the entire White House staff would soon depart with President Obama).

Some say he wants to run for president himself someday, so he’s learning on the job — just as he did in real estate, where his purchase of a Fifth Avenue office tower for an exorbitant price has jeopardized his family’s company. Good luck, Jared! (And good luck, America.)




  1. yabbed April 5, 2017

    Name one competent, qualified, not for sale grifter in this administration.

    1. Dapper Dan April 5, 2017

      Ooooh I think I know this one. His 10 yo kid Barron ? ????

      1. dpaano April 7, 2017

        If Barron is being raised like Eric and Donald, Jr…..I don’t agree! He’s being trained to become as “entitled” as the rest of his family! I truly pity the kid….he has few friends (like his dad) and just has his mom to talk to!

    2. Aaron Zanzibari April 7, 2017

      I’ll have to pass. Might it be the night watchman? Why not—Donald already hired Bannon.

  2. Dapper Dan April 5, 2017

    Hold the phone here I’m confused bigly. Did Trump get elected or did we unknowingly elect Jared Kushner ? Seriously WTF did Trump even run to become President if he’s too damn lazy and or inept to even do the job ? Somehow someway when are the Republicans going to wake up and realize he’s put the Presidency on auto pilot. This is how he thinks he’ll make America great again ? ????

    1. Irenewhoward April 6, 2017

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    2. dpaano April 7, 2017

      We already KNOW that 45 is lazy and that he has NO love of being the actual president, but as I said above, I prefer having Kushner (a Democrat, by the way) whispering in 45’s ear than I do Bannon or Miller or Priece! 45 has a problem in realizing that he’s the president 24/7 and that the “buck stops” at his desk…..he blames everyone but the ONE person who needs to take the blame….himself! 45 seems to think that the president job is a Monday-Friday job, and that he can take the week-ends off…..unfortunately, it doesn’t quit work that way! Hopefully his followers will realize before 2018 or 2020 that this was a MAJOR mistake on their part! He’s actually done very little of the things he promised he would do for them….mostly because he didn’t realize that the government doesn’t work like his business! He can’t just “order” things to be done and have them suddenly get done! I don’t think he likes that part of the job!

  3. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 5, 2017

    Some whisper he wants to run for president himself someday, so he’s learning on the job — just as he did in real estate, where his purchase of a Fifth Avenue office tower for an exorbitant price has jeopardized his family’s company. //// more then likely DONNY DUMP pulled a con & scam on his son in law and charge him for fifth Av. building id bet he screwed him

    1. DeniseHernandez1111 April 5, 2017

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  4. dpaano April 7, 2017

    Actually, from what I understand, 45 is thinking of getting rid of Bannon and maybe Priece. Since Kushner, although basically unqualified, is really a Democrat at heart….he may have a better way of tempering 45’s actions somewhat. It’ll be a toss up to say the least, but I think I prefer him in the Oval Office over Bannon and Miller!!!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 7, 2017

      maybe now Russia’s PUTTHEAD will get upset enough to show what he has and been holding over DONNY DUMP’s head I wouldn’t be surprised if it was video’s of the DUMPSTER having sex with children or also added on all kinds of dealings he has with big time money and all the records and proof of it .

      1. Aaron Zanzibari April 7, 2017

        Which is why it was imperative that Nunes get his behind out of the way so that House investigation can proceed. If Putin spills the beans first, that would speed things up—otherwise, we’ll wait for the disclosures from the documents gathered and gleaned state-side.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 7, 2017

      Analysis: Trump evolved on Syria after chemical attack
      President Donald Trump’s sudden decision to order airstrikes against the Syrian government was an overnight evolution for a president who long warned against deeper American involvement in one of the world’s most stubbornly violent conflicts.//// and he should went to congress first . he is doing now all the think he raged Obama on don’t do this don’t do that back then and now he uses it to say you should of done this and that back then . he is on the move not the circus clown to starting another Iraq war or worse . and the clown still has his DONNY DUMP CARD and he will blame any and all the bad things saying you all knew I never ran for any offices before . so then hell say its all you brain dead idiots that voted me in office . I lied like a rug ALL THE TIME AND YOU ALL KNEW IT but you still voted for me . so people of the country its all your faults and you are all the stupid ones not me . because he still has his first plan and im sure he will be going on that till the end where he will fraud ,con and be scamming as much money he can . I just hope thy catch him . and jail the clown and not in a white collar jail send the POS to a hard cord jail . like the ones that rob con fraud and scammed millions . what ever his name was that last one that got enough time he will rot and die in jail . still to good for him and the DUMPSTER

      1. Aaron Zanzibari April 7, 2017

        Your phrase “an overnight evolution” is far more accurate. There is no mental evolutionary process in Trump’s mind—only snapshots of what to do at the moment.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 8, 2017

          DONNY DUMP has the brain span of a tic

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 8, 2017

    DONNY DUMP is a moron he dosent know if he coming or going I think he just went and never coming back (if the country and world is lucky ) he whines about these baby’s BUT DUMPSTER these are the same baby’s that you stop from coming to the USA to be safe . your bombing is just an EGO thing for you CLOWN . acting the tough guy (you never will be you’re always will be nothing but a women beater rapper draft dodging coward . and what you are doing it just to try to throw off every one of all the BULL-shifting you’re doing to cover up every things else . who ever in our government that thinks what you did was good or right shouldn’t be reelected . DUMPSTER you’re nothing but a addicted junky seeking your only fix of attention . you are on the path to starting WW3 and yes you’re already set for blame of that you will blame all the brain dead people that voted for you and its the country’s fault for all your brain dead doings . you are picking the game . but your clueless of the anti and the stakes of it

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 8, 2017

    ok DONNY DUMP you’re a DUMPSTER filled with bull-shifting what next you tough guy clown big tough guy you attacked a country that at best now is a broken toilet bowl . and what will you do if Syria takes its planes and defends them self from you and bombs the ships that short off the rockets what then ???????? (or you thinking like the COWARD CLOWN you are that Syria is in too much trouble now and thy are only a weak country that’s why you did your BULLY clown attack on them tough COWARD CLOWN . so if thy defend them self and take their plane and bomb the ships that short off the rockets then will you say OMG thy attacked us now ill declare r on them thy have a lot of Stones bombing our ship defending them self (your brain dead thinking right DUMPSTER ) who’s next BULLY COWARD CLOWN Haiti ?

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 8, 2017

    hey DONNY DUMP you act the BULLY CLOWN you think your a tough guy now ? bullying up of a country that’s the same as a broken toilet bowl . you feel good . see you clown you’re addicted to any kind of attention you’re just an attention seeking junky what is Syria like one of the women you beat up and raped ? or ones you sexually assaulted . do you feel like a big tough guy now ? what you’re doing DONNY DUMP is just making the world seeing you as the bag of trash you are . all the time making America look bad . as it is not BULLY COWARD CLOWN your no better then ISIS . as a matter of fact Syria it saying your just helping ISIS now CIA the country needs you to save the country and the world from this human waste DONNY DUMP .. you are an idiot you talk how even beautiful baby’s were killed and you talk all this crap if thy are all you say and you care as you say you do then why are you banning those beautiful baby from coming into the USA ? you CLOWN care nothing about anyone but your garbage self your ego is the only thing you care about and your addicted junky personality seeking your attention fix . your just a BULLY COWARD . that acts the tough guy thinking your tough because you can beat up and bully the weak one of the world . you embarrass the country and you are making America look like the fool

  8. InformedVoter April 15, 2017

    This analysis is from the same group that claimed that HiLIARy would win the election in landslide proportions. How did that work out for them?
    This is a classic example of move along, nothing to see here. Every president has dozens of advisers who cover areas of expertise. Golly, so President Trump is using the same tactics as any good leader would do. What a scandal!


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