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Jeb Bush Asks Audience: ‘Please Clap.’

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Jeb Bush Asks Audience: ‘Please Clap.’


Just when you thought Jeb Bush couldn’t get any sadder as a presidential candidate…

In a town hall event Wednesday in Hanover, N. H., Jeb attempted to speak forcefully on his commitment to national security.

“So here’s my pledge to you. I will be a Commander-in-Chief that will have the back of the military. I won’t trash talk. I won’t be a Divider-in-Chief, or an Agitator-in-Chief,” he declared.

“I won’t be out there blow-hardin’, talkin’ a big game without backing it up,” he continued, inconsistently dropping his G’s. “I think the next president needs to be a lot quieter, but send a signal that we’re prepared to act in the national security interests of this country — to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world.”

He then paused, and said in a sunken voice: “Please clap.”

As the crowd applauded, he smiled with what seemed to be a sense of relief.



  1. Insinnergy February 3, 2016

    Wow. Just… wow.
    Looks like the “smart one” won’t get a shot after all.

    1. Daniel Jones February 3, 2016

      “Trusted leadership”–from a guy that keeps defending the W., yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

  2. RobertSeattle February 3, 2016

    “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death! Please Clap”

  3. FT66 February 4, 2016

    What I can only say is: “desperate people do desperate things”.

  4. plc97477 February 4, 2016

    At what point does he decide he can’t sink any farther and just get out while he can still salvage some self respect?

  5. I of John February 4, 2016

    Bout time for Jeb to cash in his chips and head back Florida.


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