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Jeb Bush For President?



  1. daniel bostdorf February 5, 2014

    Unfortunately, Jeb will be the candidate for the GOP—

  2. Angel Perea February 25, 2014

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Why has no one from the National Press asked Jeb Bush to comment on Stand Your Ground Law? Has everyone forgot, its his bill that he signed to put into law as Governor? Well Jeb, what do you think of your bill now that legalizes Whites to kill black youth? Why have you been so silent? Hum.

  3. coalgateOps February 27, 2014

    Hussein Obama is a destructive force.

  4. JSquercia March 2, 2014

    All I ask is to just remember what happened with the LAST Bush who was President .This is a Toxic brand .


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