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Jeb Bush Tweets Photo Of Handgun With His Name On It

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Jeb Bush Tweets Photo Of Handgun With His Name On It

Photo via Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush will apparently do anything to get Republican primary voters to like him.

Tuesday afternoon, the former Florida governor and now-beleaguered Republican presidential candidate tweeted a photo of a handgun, with his name and official title engraved onto the top of the barrel. And if that’s enough, the tweet bore a simple additional message — though he might’ve misspelled “‘Murica.”



  1. Paul Bass February 16, 2016

    Wow, just wow. Yep, THIS certainly makes me want to go support Jeb!

    1. 1standlastword February 16, 2016

      This is how the Clinton and Sanders campaigns are going to defeat The Donald. In fact this is how he’s going to defeat himself! Tamir Rice was shot for brandishing a replica now here’s the rich white man (campaigning for POTUS) promoting criminal behavior

    1. Paul Bass February 17, 2016

      Again, THIS certainly makes anyone want to support trump!

    2. dpaano February 17, 2016

      This just goes to show what a jackass Trump is…..

  2. rick gureghian February 16, 2016

    These Republicans are some sick, very sick, people. And I don’t think it comes down to many of them simply being off of, or out of, their meds. My sense is that they really, truly, are people who have a profound mental deficiency that meds cannot address. These are people who, under normal circumstances, should be residing in a proper facility where those with deviant mental and psychological ills can be housed, studied and treated.

    And what’s really scary is that, fundamentally, many of these candidates represent the diseased mental capacity and ills of a Republican Party base.

  3. Larry Gagnon February 17, 2016

    What is a fair interpretation of Mr. Bush’s tweet? Possibly: America should be a place where the gun resolves disputes rather than courts? Can someone suggest another more reasonable interpretation?

    1. Independent1 February 17, 2016

      Maybe Jeb’s favorite folk hero is Wyatt Earp; and he’s suggesting that like all Republicans that America should digress backward in time and revert to them make believe cowboy movie days; you know, them ‘Wild, Wild West” days that Hollywood created where gunslingers supposedly tried rule and there were shootouts in the streets. (Problem is that gun lovers in America today like the Bush family, fail to realize that them cowboy movies were make believe; because gun laws back then were far more strict than they are today because of a fabricated 2008 SCOTUS ruling. Gun slingers had to check their guns with the sheriff when they entered a town.)

    2. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

      Guns are a normal part of every day life.

  4. FireBaron February 17, 2016

    Oooh. Jeb! is tough! Jeb! has a gun with his name on it! The only ones in the race that know which end of a gun to point at what they want to hit are Cruz, Sanders and Kasich.

  5. I of John February 17, 2016

    “Would everyone please clap” .

  6. nana4gj February 17, 2016

    He does a really stupid thing and is offended and demands an apology when people Tweet ( or Treat, ie respond to it) his post as a cartoon and such a bizarre foolish setting himself up for the responses makes national news.

    Today, there are law suits against each other in the Republican campaigns, back and forths against each other calling out who is the biggest liar and the worst conservative, blah, blah, blah.

    The entire Republican Party has been all about themselves for almost 8 years now and their primary campaigns are no different. There has been, and still is in this campaign, no focus on the American people and this country. It is all about them.

    Do any of us have the time, energy, focus, and dedication to be obsessed or care one whit about their personal issues? We are doing our part, working, raising families, paying taxes, and most of us trying to get along in constructive ways with each other. We try to inform ourselves on the issues, and it isn’t easy, ferreting out fact from fiction these days, and would love to have informed choice when we choose to exercise our right to vote. I simply cannot take any of them more serious than I do the viability of myself, my family, my country, and the answer has not been them, any of them, because of their self absorbed obsession with their own personal and professional ambitions at the expense of the normal conduct of business of the people and the well ordered function of this country. They have proven, time and time again, to not be concerned about any of that and are unfit to serve, and it’s all about service for ALL of the people who make this geographic place on a map a country. They just don’t have what it takes anymore as a political party with legitimate resources and reason for existence.

  7. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

    In Bernie Sander’s Vermont you can carry concealed without a permit if you are at least 16 years old. If you are under 16 you can do so if you have your parental permission.

    1. Bill February 17, 2016

      Are U bragging or complaining?

      1. Insinnergy February 17, 2016

        Don’t bother. The guy is a black hole of trolling suckage with zero useful things to say. Essentially a 5 year old basement dweller desperate for more people to hate him.
        Ignore him, and enjoy the fruits of his continued flailing for relevance.

  8. CrankyToo February 18, 2016

    Well Jeb, you begged ’em to clap and you showed ’em your gun. What’s next? You gonna whip out your Roscoe?


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