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Jeb Premieres New Radio Ad — Starring George W. Bush

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Jeb Premieres New Radio Ad — Starring George W. Bush

George W. Bush, via Facebook.

Jeb Bush is going big for South Carolina, following his fourth-place showing in New Hampshire and previous 6th-place finish in Iowa. The next step: A new radio ad starring his brother former President George W. Bush.

Jeb’s previous campaign effort was a TV ad starring his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, and a TV appearance in which she told the public how nice and polite he is. None of it particularly worked, especially in a campaign cycle where voters are going for insurgent candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats.

In the new ad, George W. Bush tout’s Jeb’s ability to be a military leader for dangerous times — which might rub some voters the wrong way, after Jeb’s previous inability to reckon with his brother’s legacy on the Iraq War.

(Audio via The Washington Post)

George W. Bush: This is President George W. Bush. We live in troubled times, with the military deployed around the world. We need a strong leader with experience, ideas, and resolve. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jeb Bush will be a great commander-in-chief for our military. Jeb has dealt with crises as the governor of Florida — and he did so with resolve, steadiness, and a calmness necessary in a good leader. He respects the military – he honors their families. He can make the tough decision to keep Americans safe, and our country free. And in a time of crisis, he will be a steady hand.

Announcer: Jeb Bush — trusted leadership for a stronger America.

Jeb Bush: I’m the only candidate for president who is running on my record – not away from it — and the only candidate with a real plan to defeat ISIS, balance the budget, and grow our economy. I’m Jeb Bush, I’m running for president, and I approve this message because I’m ready to lead.

Also notable that Jeb is the one who talked about growing the economy — yet another issue where people might not have the best memories of his brother’s administration.

Photo: George w. Bush, via Facebook.



  1. ray February 10, 2016

    Jeb is ready to lead us into the next great depression.

  2. charleo1 February 10, 2016

    An indication of just how bad it’s getting for, “JEB.” My Brother George..?? Really?
    Look Jeb, at this point, how could it get any worse?

    1. ray February 10, 2016

      That a great video and song,But what does it have to do with Jeb?

  3. 1standlastword February 10, 2016

    See how the rich hate us! How we are regarded with such scorn!!

    The country is still reeling after the Bush recession and the mid east is still on fire and the biggest refugee crisis since WWII is still unfolding and here the rich guy brings his criminal brother on tour to support his chance to finish us off!!!

    UNPHUCKING believable!!!!!

    This is going to prove so disruptive that it might finish him off in SC!

  4. ber6964 February 11, 2016

    Been saving Shoes.
    for ol’W.


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