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#EndorseThis: Jimmy Kimmel, A “Decent Person,” Speaks Out For Universal Coverage

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#EndorseThis: Jimmy Kimmel, A “Decent Person,” Speaks Out For Universal Coverage

Jimmy Kimmel

More than seven million people have watched Jimmy Kimmel’s gripping, heartfelt monologue about his newborn son’s heart surgery — and his message about health insurance for all — on YouTube over the past few days. Predictably enough, the reaction from right-wing Republicans and their media echoes has been obtuse, nasty, bullying, stupid, mean, and beside the point (one idiot on CNN said that nobody has to worry because their babies can get surgery in a hospital emergency room). Concern trolls have suggested that Kimmel’s “political” commentary will harm his career.

The late-night host, who can be funny even when talking about the direst circumstances, can ignore all the boorish insults. He will be fine, and so will his little son. But if you haven’t seen this yet, what he said deserves your full attention — and then your action.



  1. dpaano May 3, 2017

    Just goes to prove that some people in this nation, first of all, have NO idea what they’re talking about since they don’t seem to know that it’s THEIR taxpayer money that pays for people who go to an ER in lieu of a regular doctor; and secondly, that some people in this nation are out-and-out idiots who only care about themselves and NOT for the welfare of others. That seems to be a “thing” nowadays, especially with Republicans!

    1. Dapper Dan May 3, 2017

      I am absolutely appalled at the heartless comments made about Kimmels story of his new son. I swear a lot of these right wing trolls have no soul or conscience to not be moved by what happened. Having affordable healthcare is a right not a privilege or choice. A lot of people without the financial means and no insurance would instead be planning a funeral. And this is the party that wants to deny women a choice to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term but SOL if there are any health complications associated with the pregnancy

      1. Amylthompson May 4, 2017

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    2. Just A Citizen May 3, 2017

      Prove it. I have not used a Hospital in decades.

      My insurance premiums are based on the risk that those of us who own those policies will actually need to use them.

      This idea that taxpayer subsidies is equal to the costs of people not paying their bills, spread over some unknown number of customers is ludicrous.

      Those who demand I pay for them are the ultimate models of GREED.

      1. 11thStPopulist May 3, 2017

        Your greedy grabbers are your taxpayer funded congress. Hypocrites that they are, they want to strip health care access for others while enjoying the best health care for themselves and theirs at our expense.

        Lucky that you and your dependents haven’t needed to go to a hospital in decades. Like car and home insurance, you pay premiums and hope you don’t need to use the service. In a pool, of course, insurance premiums cover catastrophic events for all – the lucky and the unlucky. You may remain lucky and you may not.

        1. Just A Citizen May 3, 2017

          That is why I purchase insurance for its intended purpose. To reduce the risk of major unexpected events.

          I didn’t buy it to make someone else pay for every visit to the Doctor or to buy birth control among many other things.

          You want to reduce health care costs, then pay cash for health care.

          As for Congress, I am not going to argue that they are not hypocrites. That would make me irrational.

          1. Tellthetruth May 3, 2017

            The purpose of purchasing of insurance is not to reduce the risk of any unexpected events. The purpose is to cover the expenses related to those events. You reduce the risk of certain events through preventive care and choices for a healthy lifestyle, and health insurance can cover the costs for preventive care (yearly physicals and screenings, etc.) to possibly avoid a “major event”. How about this- whatever plan Congress comes up with for healthcare, should be the plan that all members of Congress, the President, his Cabinet, and staffers should receive.

          2. Just A Citizen May 4, 2017

            Don’t be deliberately dense and argumentative.

            Insurance is to reduce risk. Risk of financial loss due to injury or sickness.

            No insurance pays for all expenses. And reducing the potential out of pocket expenses is reducing risk.

            I see your of the camp that insurance is an ATM card attached to my bank accounts. Pay your own preventative care. If you want to waste that money go right ahead.

  2. Nativegrammy May 3, 2017

    A very heart felt and emotional response from Jimmy, and so on point and truthful. In the richest country in the history of man to have this constant battle for simple human health care to save any and all and insure the quality of life from the beginning to each and every person to reach every one’s potential should not even be a question to be argued, it should be a given, period! The right wing obsession of every man for himself and their twisted self obsessed ideology of me, myself, and I, sickens me and is an insult to humanity and worse! So many of these “conservatives” are supposedly Christians making their selfishness and cold indifference even more appalling to suffer listening to. I will never forget Paul Ryan’s utter giddiness and delight when he gave his speech at the mere thought that he was going to end Medicaid with no care in the world of who that would impact and threaten. I am certain he will be just as thrilled when he starts his dream of destroying Medicare and Social Security with his lies and twisted indifference. There is something seriously wrong with this man! But then I have been listening to Republicans threaten both these programs for decades and will never understand why the Democrats just to insist both get fixed, because there are several ways it can be fixed, and stop the Republicans from constantly using SS and Medicare/Medicaid as a club to beat the electorate over the head with just because they hated FDR and Democrats for passing it to help the majority of Americans who love both programs and has saved millions of lives!!!

    1. 11thStPopulist May 3, 2017

      Well said Nativegranny. There is karma and these black hearted, immoral fake “Christian” conservatives will regret the day they they voted for Dirty Donald’s Death program, called TrumpCare. They will lose badly in 2018 as there is a avalanche of resistance coming right at them.

      Also each one of these Republicans will face someone they personally know, maybe even someone they care about – if they care about anyone other than themselves – who has a serious pre-existing condition. We, the people, provide them with their health care insurance. Not much longer as all the Trump trash needs to be thrown out (of office).


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