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#EndorseThis: John Oliver Analyzes Trump’s “Tapes” Confession

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#EndorseThis: John Oliver Analyzes Trump’s “Tapes” Confession

John Oliver

How uplifting to have John Oliver break down the madness that now constitutes our daily news feed from the White House — such as the latest emissions from Donald Trump on the “tapes” he brandished on Twitter to threaten James Comey.

In a White House interview with Fox News, Trump finally confessed last week that he mentioned the non-existent recordings of his conversations with Comey as a kind of fake-out or psychological thrust. His word-salad explanation of his suspicions about taping is worth the click if you haven’t seen it already. Has America ever had a president so incapable of expressing a coherent thought?

Naturally, the Fox correspondent flatters Trump for staging this brilliant trick on Comey. To mislead the entire country on a very serious matter, just so he could try to troll the former FBI director — sheer genius!

With uncharacteristic modesty, Trump replies that his maneuver “wasn’t very stupid” — all of which stuns the sputtering Oliver. Not surprisingly, but always hilariously, the Last Week Tonight host has a few parting words for both Fox and Trump.




  1. dpaano June 26, 2017

    This is interesting since Conway just noted on one of the Sunday morning political shows that Trump “left it open” as to whether there were tapes or not.

    1. Daniel Jones June 27, 2017

      Kellyanne has no continuity, so no wonder.

      I do have to take issue with one facet of the story though. Donald J. Trump can express a coherent thought; he just can’t form one of his own.

  2. Nativegrammy June 26, 2017

    I do NOT BELIEVE anything that Trump lets fall out of his psychotic lying mouth! I have never seen such pervasive and constant lying by any human being EVER like Trump lies 24/7…..it doesn’t matter if it is something important or anything trivial, he lies, lies, lies……….while ALWAYS PROMOTING how “great he is” by any criteria he wants to be measured by making it up as he goes along, lies, lies, lies…..truly Alice through the Looking Glass time……Really feel we are living in a completely dysfunctional, mentally, psychologically, emotionally abusive sick and twisted relationship. If this orange narcissist lasts for the remaining 3 and a half years the country will need serious therapy when it’s all over…….

  3. InformedVoter June 26, 2017

    It was pure genius on President Trump’s part! Comey came off as a coward and lacking principles. It also forced Comey into verifying what President Trump claimed that he was not then nor now under investigation.
    Now that the finger for collusion has been pointed back at obozo, it’ll be fun watching all the “sky is falling” sheep scamper around.

    1. Daniel Jones June 27, 2017

      Actually (factually), he wasn’t, Comey didn’t, and Comey said no such thing. But I am sure that’s what you saw on Fox Noise.

      1. InformedVoter June 27, 2017

        Truthfully (I know truth is what lilbs hate), being genius is a matter of opinion. Comey admitted he lacked courage, so you lose. And just listen to what Comey actually said – that he admitted he told President Trump on at least three occasions that he was not being investigated, so you lose.
        It’s obvious you listen to the FAKE MSM and believe their lies. I bet you believed them when they said the polls showed that HilLIARy was leading and would not only win, but in a landslide. How did your believing the FAKE MSM lies work out for you?


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