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John Oliver Details The Anatomy Of Trump’s Falsehoods



  1. Thoughtopsy February 14, 2017

    This is all sorts of awesome.

    Facts matter.
    Facts are not Opinion, that’s why we call them “Facts”.

    If you’re sane and have critical thinking abilities that you actually use then when given a choice between Facts and Opinion…. Facts win every time.

    1. dtgraham February 14, 2017

      The Donald doesn’t care if all of us hater losers call him a liar. Like he said recently, they can call him a liar all they want, but he still had the most tremendously huuuge hands among his former Seal Team 6 and Astronaut Corps fellow members. So take that, haters.

      1. I Am Helpy February 15, 2017

        Maybe you shouldn’t have helped him win then.

        1. dtgraham February 16, 2017

          Yes, I know how this works in what passes for your mind. Anyone who supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries helped Trump to win, even if they later voted for Hillary in the general.

          I know I’m wasting my words and time on the likes of you, but here goes: Did you happen to catch Josh Fox on Chris Hayes the other night? Hillary’s camp not only refused wording which would have banned fracking in the DNC platform, Hillary personally held a fundraiser with fossil fuel companies involved in fracking just shortly after. She agreed to a $15.00 per hour minimum wage, but only if it was “phased in.” However, she wouldn’t elaborate on the time frame. Hillary also insisted that the numbers for Medicare-for-all don’t add up and that people would “be worse off than they are now” with Medicare-for-all. That must have come as news to American seniors as well as people in other countries with single payer. Edit: Hillary also refused to answer whether or not she would extend Obama’s ban on White House lobbyists. That pretty obviously meant that she wasn’t going to extend it or she simply would have said that, of course, she would extend it. Not impressive. Those are just some examples.

          There were legitimate reasons why the progressive/left had a hard time warming up to Hillary. Keep in mind, I said the progressive/left. I know for a fact (based on your own words) that this doesn’t describe you.

          Who helped Trump to win? How’d your primary candidate do last November 8th? You know, the one you pushed so hard to get the Democratic nomination. Give it some thought. I’m a bottom line guy.

          Now, give me your brilliant analysis comeback — “Sorry you’re a fascist who supports Trump.” “I hope that helps.”

          Lay it on me Tourette boy.

          1. I Am Helpy February 16, 2017

            OK, sorry you can’t admit that you were a sucker for Russians and billionaires. It’s because you’re an obnoxious idiot and fake liberal.

          2. dtgraham February 16, 2017

            Another dazzling dissolution. You must just sit at a computer all day waiting for me or others to post something so you can eagerly throw out one of your Tourette boy one-liners. Whenever I reply to you, I can always count on you getting right back to me within seconds, regardless of what time of day it is. Morning, noon or night. Interesting service you run there. The product may be awful but the service is great.

          3. I Am Helpy February 16, 2017

            Oh no, the guy who’s too dumb to understand how he was used to spread utterly fake news about Clinton, and so gross that he thinks that mocking people with disabilities is acceptable, thinks something or other that I didn’t bother to read.

          4. dtgraham February 16, 2017

            Well you must have read something or you wouldn’t be replying. Let’s face it Tourette boy, you hang on my every word and always reply within seconds. You stay at your computer all day waiting for my posts. I can’t blame you. I am flattered though.

            Funny thing about that fake news, including the Wikileaks revelations. Hillary never denied any of it. She just wouldn’t talk about it. Odd behaviour for a supposedly innocent person who was lied about, no? Like Wasserman-Schultz resigning and Donna Brazile being an outcast now, due to Wikileaks. Strange isn’t it?

          5. I Am Helpy February 17, 2017

            See previous post.

          6. dtgraham February 17, 2017

            You know what I told you about Java Script? Breaking my rules here.

            Aaah, deep down you know I’m fond of you Tourette boy. In a John Steinbeck, ‘Of Mice and Men’ kind of way.

            It’ll be ok, Tourette boy. Just look over there and think about the rabbits.

          7. I Am Helpy February 17, 2017

            See previous two posts.

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