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JPMorgan CEO Blasts American Media, Washington In Bizarre Conference Call

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JPMorgan CEO Blasts American Media, Washington In Bizarre Conference Call


Wholly unsurprisingly, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon made financial pages headlines for abstractly criticizing Washington bureaucracy and the American media during a conference call with reporters on Friday. The call was meant to detail the bank’s record-breaking second quarter earnings.

“It’s almost an embarrassment being an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid shit we have to deal with in this country,” Dimon — who’d recently returned from an overseas work trip — complained, repeatedly banging on the table.

“The United States of America has to start to focus on policy which is good for all Americans, and that is infrastructure, regulation, taxation, education,” he went on. “Why you guys don’t write about it every day is completely beyond me. And, like, who cares about fixed income trading in the last two weeks of June? I mean seriously.”

Dimon, a major Democratic donor worth $1.16 billion as of this writing, endorsed a theoretical 10% tax hike for top income earners in 2015 before refusing an offer to be President Trump’s treasury secretary.

Asked by one reporter on Friday if his criticism was aimed at the Trump administration, Dimon said “No,” adding, “That was frustration with you.”

Photo: Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 14, 2017

    The toxic environment festering in America affects all not sensible enough to shield themselves, and who neglected to develop some degree of equilibrium and equanimity.
    The worst examples of this breakdown is still seen from a particular subset of Americans, but all are susceptible to the corrosive influences of inequality, inequities, greed, partisanship, and callousness.

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  2. Fatcatbanksters July 15, 2017

    I cannot stand the criminal bankster, Dimon. However, the boy does have some very valid points in his rant. Ok, for day I will simply hate, rather than hate and detest him.


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