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Judges Across U.S. To Weigh Challenges To Trump Travel Ban

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Judges Across U.S. To Weigh Challenges To Trump Travel Ban

Muslim Ban

BOSTON/SEATTLE (Reuters) – Justice Department lawyers across the United States will on Friday defend President Donald Trump’s order temporarily banning citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations from entering the country, a directive some attorneys general say is unconstitutional.

Trump last week signed the executive order, which affects people holding passports from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, and also halts temporarily the entry of refugees into the country.

The White House contends the moves are necessary for national security. Democratic attorneys general in several states have called them unconstitutional.

Federal judges in Boston, Seattle, and Virginia will weigh lawsuits filed by different states and advocacy groups challenging Trump’s order. The states of Washington and Minnesota are together asking a judge to suspend the entire policy nationwide, which would represent the broadest ruling to date against Trump’s directive.

Should the judge rule that Washington and Minnesota have legal standing to sue, it could help Democratic attorneys general take on Trump in court on issues beyond immigration.

In a filing late on Thursday, Justice Department lawyers argued that Trump was well within his authority to issue the immigration restrictions.

Massachusetts anti-poverty group Oxfam and seven Iranian nationals will ask a Boston judge to extend an order issued on Sunday barring the detention or removal of approved refugees, visa holders, and permanent U.S. residents who entered from the seven countries.

“If an executive order looks like a Muslim ban, acts like a Muslim ban, and has been talked about as a Muslim ban, then it’s probably a Muslim ban,” the plaintiffs said in a court filing.

During his campaign, Trump discussed the idea of banning Muslims from entering the country to protect against terrorist threats, and on Thursday he defended the restrictions as necessary to protect religious liberty.

“There are those who would seek to enter our country for the purpose of spreading violence, or oppressing other people based upon their faith or their lifestyle – not right,” he told a Washington prayer breakfast.

In addition to blocking people from the seven countries from entering the United States, Trump’s executive order also barred resettlement of refugees for 120 days and indefinitely banned Syrian refugees. In an interview with a Christian broadcaster, Trump said an exception would be made for Christian refugees from Syria.

A Virginia judge on Friday will consider whether to allow that state’s attorney general to intervene in another court challenge there.

(Editing by Janet Lawrence)

IMAGE: Demonstrators pray as they participate in a protest by the Yemeni community against U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban in the Brooklyn borough of New York, U.S., February 2, 2017. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

    Spicer, Kellyanne, and all the other slavish devotees of Trump can put all manner of spin on what #45 has done recently, but that has no effect on changing the reality of what this huuuuge mistake of a choice made by the Electoral College represents.
    And on the subject of the ban and of those who support it, there is a lot of lame responses from those surveyed on their reactions to the ban. One curious reason for support goes along the line that the Muslim immigrants don’t support “American Values”.

    Which begs the question— What American values are they referring to? Do those in support of Trump assume he has values that are American? Is abusive action towards women and minorities American values? Was lynching and church bombings considered American values? Is being greedy and wishing to rape the land to satisfy that greed an American value? Is providing a platform for racism and hiring a mouthpiece for Racism an American value?

    The turning away of scores of women, children, and men seeking refuge from the tag-team bombings of citizens in Syria by Donald’s buddies, Assad and Putin, American values? Is professing belief in Christianity while cursing the very idea of putting that Faith into action, with the (im)moral support of many clerics, an American value?

    These are the stark contradictions that are like warts and open sores on the face of America, and points out the utter hypocrisy of Trump and his supporters’ “American Values”.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 3, 2017

    Now seeing that a Federal Judge in Boston has ruled in favor of Trump, Trump tweeted that “we must keep evil out of the country”.

    What the hey is that supposed to mean?

    Seeing that so much “evil” is already in the country, in the form of gun nuts, wife beaters, all manner of alcoholics driving drunk from time to time, murders on a regular basis in the heartland and in cities across the country. And one particular sits in the Oval Office, and others down the hall, Trump’s logic would mean that he should be removed, along with Bannon—first and foremost! What gives an amoral/immoral person the right to say who’s evil, when he has no moral compass to begin with?

    Sheer idiocy!!


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