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Kasich Explains Government Spending To Woman: ‘You Ever Been On A Diet?’

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Kasich Explains Government Spending To Woman: ‘You Ever Been On A Diet?’


At a town hall Tuesday in Dubuque, Iowa, John Kasich gave an interesting answer to a woman who asked the GOP candidate and former chairman of the House Budget Committee his advice on how to keep federal spending under control.

“I know how to do this. I mean, I know how to balance budgets; I know how to cut taxes; I know how to deal with the bureaucracy. I know how to do these things. And I get there, and we’ll get it done — but it won’t be done overnight,” Kasich said, actually sounding at least somewhat sensible. “It’s gonna take years to get there, because the debt is really high. And there’s no way to just slash all these programs — people wouldn’t accept that. But they will accept change.”

Then his answer got interesting. “And then you get there, and once you’re there, then you say, ‘How are we gonna stay here?’ And that’s where things kind of fall apart, because — Have you ever been on a diet?” Kasich said to the woman.

(Video via MSNBC.)

The woman replied, “Many times.” — to which he laughed and responded, “Well, you’re the perfect example!”

“Okay, so we set a goal, and you reach it. And what happens? How about a little spumoni? How about a trip over to Mario’s, an extra — you ever go to Mario’s? We were there last night. How about a little spumoni? How about another piece of garlic bread?”

The key, he said, was to maintain the original discipline — which might also be a good advice for a presidential candidate making personal remarks to people who ask questions at town halls.

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  1. Daniel Jones November 4, 2015

    It was a bad-sounding setup, but it’s not that sexist.

    Guys diet, too. *sighing as he regrets that second piece of polenta*

  2. Otto Greif November 4, 2015

    Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

  3. Joe Steel November 5, 2015

    Diets don’t work. Even if the dieter reaches the goal eventually the pounds come back. The key to weight control is lifestyle changes. Once the dieter understands his lifestyle, he can eat accordingly.

    That works for government, too. Understand what government has to do and then tax accordingly. The problem is, our government is influenced too much by wealthy elites and ideological extremists. They don’t want to pay anything and don’t think the government should do anything. That’s not a healthy lifestyle.

  4. plc97477 November 5, 2015

    Follow up question Mr. Kasich. With trickle down economics does that mean that diets are a waste of time because when david koch eats lots of calories they trickle down to those of us trying to lose wieght?


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