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WATCH: Larry Wilmore Kicks Off Last Week By Blasting ‘Dangerous’ Trump And ‘Spokesgoblin’ Pierson

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WATCH: Larry Wilmore Kicks Off Last Week By Blasting ‘Dangerous’ Trump And ‘Spokesgoblin’ Pierson


Larry Wilmore, heading into his last week on The Nightly Show, took the opportunity to engage in a no-holds-barred tongue lashing of GOP nominee Donald Trump and his team.

According to Wilmore, Trump “stopped being funny” a long time ago.

“He’s stopped being outrageous,” Wilmore continued. “He’s stopped being politically incorrect. He’s just downright dangerous.”

Wilmore’s show was cancelled by Comedy Central on Monday, and while he thanked the network, Wilmore said he regretted that he “won’t be around to cover this truly insane election season.”

Wilmore appears to be fitting as much election coverage in as possible, calling Hillary Clinton “a very smart and capable politician, who many people don’t trust because she spends too much time lawyering her words so she doesn’t lose votes instead of telling us what she actually f*cking thinks,” but stated Trump wasn’t even comparable and that he was, instead, “a psychopathic narcissist who not only has the hands of an infant, he has the mind of one.”

Katrina Pierson, Trump’s campaign spokesperson, didn’t escape unscathed. Wilmore started by calling her a “spokesgoblin” — and went from there.

After playing footage of Pierson (incorrectly) calling President Obama the initiator of United States’ military campaign in Afghanistan, Wilmore felt the need to correct her history: “There was a horrible hurricane — which, thanks to [Pierson], is no longer the first thing that comes up when you google the words ‘Katrina’ and ‘Total f*cking sh*tshow.’”

Watch the entire clip, via Comedy Central, below:

Screenshot via Comedy Central



  1. ray August 16, 2016

    I watched it and it was great. I think Comedy Central should keep Larry on even if the show doesn’t make a lot of money.We need a few shows that aren’t afraid to speak there minds.

  2. Deborah Tinsley August 16, 2016

    Oh Larry, this makes me miss you even more. Maybe you could have a Youtube series or Netflix, or HBO. You cannot disappear.

  3. Jon August 16, 2016

    I will miss Larry on Comedy Central. The man has no fear about speaking the truth without regard to negative consequences like being denied press credentials at a Trump rally. I will give Katrina Pierson some credit. She almost makes Donnie appear credible.

    1. Bonissima91910 August 16, 2016

      Here is one page to learn about Katrina and her encounter with the law: Arrested for shoplifting in 1997 which she justified, an identical malady to the Donald…. Birds of a feather flock together…..http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/12-craziest-things-about-trumps-spokeswoman-katrina-pierson

  4. Don Skog August 16, 2016


  5. Daniel Jones August 16, 2016

    I had to Bing the clip offsite as HAROLD and the WEBMASTER continue to jerk off viewers by allowing the sidebar ads to cover the clip window!

  6. Anne August 16, 2016

    How stupid is the Comedy Central CEO anyway? He complains that Larry couldn’t get the audience that Colbert had attracted but never noticed that Larry’s show is on TV the same time Colbert’s new show is on CBS? How about moving Larry’s show up an hour and then see what happens?

  7. Anne August 16, 2016

    I like Larry, I like Colbert. It bugs the life out me that the two shows are on at the same time. How about moving Larry’s show instead of canceling it or is that too easy a solution for the problem?

  8. Joan August 17, 2016

    I like Larry, did not like shows format. I would have hoped that CC would have given him more time to find his audience. We do not have enough black voices on TV as it is and now we will be losing another, shame.

  9. Joe Rossman August 17, 2016

    great show – if i missed it at night always looked for it early next morning. Actually think his show is better than Trevor Noah’s.

  10. Box August 17, 2016

    If Hillary said what she thinks people would like her even less than trump.

  11. Insinnergy August 17, 2016

    I’m going to miss him. I realise CC can’t bankroll diversity on Late Night TV… but the angle and viewpoint of his show is very sorely needed.


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