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Late Night Round-Up: State Of The Union

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Late Night Round-Up: State Of The Union


On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart looked at not only the State of the Union, but the even stranger ritual of the opposition response speech — and the fact that so many politicians are eager to deliver a speech that pretty much always turns out badly. And so a special award was rolled out: The “Implody.” And this year, the competition sure was fierce.

And on The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his panel pivoted off the State of the Union speech to examine President Obama himself and the American public’s views of him ever since 2008 — both in terms of race, and the various ways that people on either the left or the right have read into him what they wanted to see (or wanted to demonize).

Conan O’Brien’s pointed to some of the key moments of the State of the Union address:

Bill Gates appeared on The Tonight Show, to demonstrate with Jimmy Fallon his latest humanitarian project: A machine that can easily and inexpensively purify sewage into drinkable water for underdeveloped countries — complete with a taste test.

And on a lighter topic — football — Jimmy Kimmel brought on a special expert to analyze the “deflated balls” scandal from the New England Patriots game: Popular sex commentator Dr. Drew Pinsky.



  1. pmbalele January 22, 2015

    I have never seen people so stupid like TPs and Repubs. They voted on Ted Cruz as their WH candidate when they know Cruz is not qualified and
    nor eligible for the WH job. Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father. So that makes him Canadian Cuban. Ted Cruz is in the process of being naturalized as an American. Cruz like all immigrants is not eligible or qualified for WH job. I told you TPs and Repubs are dumb.

    1. MJRinPA January 22, 2015

      Of all the things we can rightly slam Cruz with, his birth is not one, unless you want to start the next “birther nonsense”. Cruz was born to an American mother. Bam – he qualifies, the same as Obama qualified due to having an American mother. Obama did have a bonus – even though Hawaii seems like a foreign country to those undereducated, it is a state in the US. Bam – second qualifier. So, I would expect all the Tea Party nuts that were so hung up on the President’s birth certificate to be howling about Cruz’s birth certificate. They fact that they aren’t shows us even more of the GOP/TP hypocrisy!
      But, let’s skip the conspiracy theories and just deal with facts. Cruz is an ultra-right wing nut, and is not qualified to be President. If you want me to add quotes & links, say so.
      Cruz = unqualified


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