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Late Night Roundup: Sarah Palin’s Bag Of Words

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Late Night Roundup: Sarah Palin’s Bag Of Words


One topic dominated the late night comedy shows: Sarah Palin’s rambling, 20-minute speech where she endorsed Donald Trump.

Trevor Noah marveled at Sarah Palin’s interesting command of the English language — sounding like a broken robot, or a bag of mixed-up Scrabble tiles that have come to life. “You know how Americans loved all those African characters in movies, like The Gods Must Be Crazy and Coming to America? And everyone was like, ‘All those funny sounds that come out of their mouths.’ And now, as Africans, we’re watching this.”

Stephen Colbert: “Sarah Palin just guaranteed Trump the evangelical vote — because I think she was speaking in tongues.” Stephen then responded by delivering his own Palin-style endorsement speech for all the other candidate — after first using a taser on “the part of my brain that understands sentence structure.”

Larry Wilmore tried to find a scientific explanation for Sarah Palin’s appeal — though he didn’t quite succeed.

Conan O’Brien: “While endorsing Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, this is a quote, ‘How about the rest of us right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religions.’ And she said the craziest thing of all: ‘I was almost the vice president.'”

James Corden: “You just now that John McCain is on his couch at home watching the TV, like, ‘Donald, dude, this is a bad idea. Trust me.'”



  1. idamag January 21, 2016

    When I was growing up, we had a neighbor with some mental problems. He climbed up on his shed and spoke in tongues. Sarah, Queen of dumb, you are the reason McCain was not president.

  2. Otto Greif January 21, 2016

    Trump gets clueless liberals to react how he wanted.

    1. Daniel Jones January 21, 2016

      Not so much clueless as equipped with functioning consciences. Unlike yours, Autogrief.


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