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Late Night Roundup: Standing Behind Donald Trump

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Late Night Roundup: Standing Behind Donald Trump


The late night shows were all discussing one topic: The Super Tuesday results, and Donald Trump’s continued takeover of the Republican Party.

Perhaps the single funniest bit came from Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter, who presented their own take on the image of Chris Christie standing behind Donald Trump, feeling all of his dignity slipping away. “He’s clearly standing beside someone he clearly loathes with every fiber his being…Seriously, the guy made a commitment, now he has to support this belligerent madman — day in, and day out!”

Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj explained Marco Rubio’s sheer denial at how awful he’s doing, and his plan at this point to get the nomination: It involves a typo of Donald Trump’s name on the New York ballot, and diverting Ted Cruz with a fake treasure map. “Rubio is either a genius,” Trevor declared, “or the most delusional man of all time.”

Larry Wilmore highlighted Ted Cruz’s very “infla-Ted” view of himself, with the idea that God’s will is for him to be president.

Stephen Colbert declared: “Americans in 13 states voted in Super Tuesday,” making that Wednesday, “‘My God, what have we done’ Wednesday.”

Seth Meyers examined the choice that Republicans now face: “Line up behind Trump and his racist rhetoric — or disavow their party’s own likely nominee.”

Jimmy Fallon presented his own take on Trump’s victory speech and press conference: “In fact, I don’t want to just win the presidency — I want to win the last season of American Idol.”

Jimmy Kimmel set out to get everybody used to the idea of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee — and possibly even the President of the United States — with this special video presentation: The various sounds that The Donald makes, set to the music of “Hail to the Chief.”

James Corden made his audience an offer: If immigration to Canada gets shut down, he might be able to take a few of them to England.



  1. tranz2deep March 3, 2016

    Marco Rubio’s insistence that the numbers don’t mean what they mean is a blatant red flag–against “Dynamic Scoring”.

    I would and will never trust numbers spun up by anyone that against basic reality.

  2. tranz2deep March 3, 2016

    To Seth Meyers–there is no choice, save to back him if he takes it. If the RNC refuses to accept their own primaries’ results, Trump can and certainly will declare it as Breach of contract and take every single delegate with him as an Independent since they will not be treating him fairly.

    1. Cloudherder March 3, 2016

      Good luck with that. Have you ever heard of Super delegates?


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