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Late Night Roundup: Stephen Colbert Takes On ‘NostraDonald’

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Late Night Roundup: Stephen Colbert Takes On ‘NostraDonald’


Stephen Colbert examined Donald Trump’s amazing ability to predict future events — if they’d already been in the news. “How spooky — it’s like Trump has some kind of fifth sense that lets him see what’s in newspapers and on TV’s.”

And Stephen is joining in: “Tonight, I will attempt to predict — the predictable!”

Seth Meyers took a more serious tack, in examining Trump’s newest wave of racist paranoia: “What’s scary is, Trump has crossed the threshold from fun, wildcard candidate who said crazy things and made debates watchable — to someone who is spreading dangerous rhetoric.”

And James Corden talked about Donald Trump’s quest to become the Time Person of the Year: “in a speech he said, ‘I assume they’re considering me, but they can’t do it — even if I deserve it, they can’t do it.’ And that is also the thought process you should have when you’re thinking of voting for Trump for president.”



  1. Cloudherder November 25, 2015

    The deep wisdom of our satirists of the day …. And I say that with no satire intended.

  2. The lucky one November 25, 2015

    “The Duck”, proof positive that you don’t have to be smart to make a lot of money. Of course it does help to have a multi-millionaire father to get you started with a million or so (5 Mil in today’s dollars).


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