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Late Night Roundup: The Colbert Presidential Candidate Town Hall

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Late Night Roundup: The Colbert Presidential Candidate Town Hall


Stephen Colbert pivoted off this week’s Democratic town hall event on CNN, to hold his own town hall meeting with his audience. Stephen got in all the typical candidate remarks and poses, like rolling up his sleeves — and his pants leg.

Larry Wilmore celebrated the indictment in Texas of those anti-Planned Parenthood activists who produced the fraudulent videos alleging that the organization sells fetal body parts. But Larry pointed out the damage has been done: “Here’s the thing about bull@#$t, people remember it a lot more than telling the truth.”

Seth Meyers highlighted the many times Republican presidential candidates have been citing the deceptively edited videos to accuse Planned Parenthood of criminal wrongdoing — with perhaps the worst offender being Carly Fiorina.

Jimmy Kimmel played a fun little game based on the presidential race: Sending a crew down the street, and asking random people if they can recognize a photo of Martin O’Malley. Ouch. (It took them a while, but they finally found one person.)



  1. Independent1 January 27, 2016

    What’s unfortunate, is that the GOP has clearly embraced the modus operandi of creating and spewing lies and even fabrications of reality, and to continue spewing lies and fkae truths, even after they’ve been debunked, because they know that when the truth does come out, the American media will not hype the truth, to anywhere near the degree that they hyped the lies. Which of course ends up leaving millions of Americans with only the lies or half truths in their minds, from which to form an opinion, with respect to how they will vote.

  2. Darsan54 January 27, 2016

    Ouch !!! Ouch !!! Ouch !!!


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