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Late Night Roundup: ‘The Daily Show’ Vs. The Iowa GOP

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Late Night Roundup: ‘The Daily Show’ Vs. The Iowa GOP


The Daily Show was quite displeased when the Iowa Republican Party barred them from their “Growth and Opportunity Party” candidates event this past weekend. Trevor Noah’s response: “As far as I’m concerned, the Iowa GOP can suck its own caucus.”

Jordan Klepper also chimed in: “Look, for Iowans a little ribbing won’t kill them — it’ll be the type 2 diabetes — and that’s the kind of joke they’re afraid we’ll make.”

Jimmy Fallon looked at the controversy over the Republican debates, with the help of a special guest: Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who had his own list of demands to make — such as, “Stop complaining.”

And Stephen Colbert examined the latest threat to national security: The danger that Russia could destroy all the cables that carry the Internet. “Repairing those cables would be a slow process — because can you imagine how long it would take Time Warner to show up at the bottom of the ocean?”



  1. Grannysmovin November 4, 2015

    GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann you don’t need to worry about the Daily Show making Iowa look foolish, you took care of that all on your own.

  2. Daniel Jones November 4, 2015

    Obama likes the occasional beer; why *not* a pizza party? Just order multiple pies–can you imagine trying to get these Yahoos to agree on toppings?


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