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Late Night Roundup: The Friendly Democrats

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Late Night Roundup: The Friendly Democrats


The late night comedians got in their hits at the Democratic debate.

Larry Wilmore took aim at the reality TV treatment of the whole thing — compared to the candidates themselves, particularly Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, being so nice to each other: “Two people who are in an intense competition for the most powerful job in the world — but treating each other like reasonable human beings. But nice moments like that, they don’t stack up ratings-wise.”

By contrast, Larry said, the Republicans sure did have better insults — but maybe we shouldn’t have as our main goal the selection of an Entertainer-in-Chief.

Trevor Noah looked at just how awkward and awful the night was for the two super-underdogs, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb.

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the great David Alan Grier, for a depiction of Donald Trump and Ben Carson watching the Democratic debate.

“This debate is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen — and I’ve seen Jeb Bush,” said Jimmy’s characterization of The Donald. Come to think of it, that really is something that Trump might say!

Jimmy Kimmel lampooned CNN’s opening video segment from the debate.

Seth Meyers examined the efforts by CNN (and the candidates) to try to make the debate exciting.



  1. @HawaiianTater October 15, 2015

    Wilmore disgusted me last night. He used freakin’ Breitbart as a reference and the article itself that he used wasn’t even accurate in it’s numbers. Even worse was his dismissal of Bernie. He and later with his panel was pushing the inevitable Hillary angle and lumping in Bernie with the 3 also-rans on stage. This was no better than the rest of the MSM talking up Hillary like she dominated the debate. Meanwhile, every online poll out there had Bernie winning in a landslide. He had the most mentions on Twitter. He had the most searches on Google. All the focus groups said he won the debate. He gained the most new followers on social media. His campaign received $2.5 million in new donations. Bernie won this debate by every metric available; not that you would know it by watching the pundits and guys like Larry Wilmore. I expect this kind of crap from the MSM. I expect better from Wilmore. Maybe I should be lowering my expectations.

    CNN’s own poll had Bernie winning in a landslide. They took down the poll and replaced it with a pro-Hillary article. Why, you might ask? Time Warner owns CNN and is one of Hillary’s biggest supporters. The news is no longer the news. It’s not in the business of reporting the news anymore. It’s nothing more than a sensationalist propaganda machine.

  2. Otto Greif October 15, 2015

    Not funny at all. What is funny is people watch those shows.


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