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Resisting Trump Is Easy With Michael Moore’s 10-Point Plan

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Resisting Trump Is Easy With Michael Moore’s 10-Point Plan

Michael Moore, Anti-Trump

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, perhaps one of the most visible and active leaders of the Trump Resistance movement, has stepped up with two major contributions to the battle ahead. He has created an easily accessible website—calling it a Resistance Calendar—where people can post news about all upcoming resistance activities and find out what is going on in their community and region:

“I’ve promised you a one-stop site, a clearinghouse of all actions—a RESISTANCE CALENDAR—where you can find every upcoming action, protest, march, sit-in, town hall, anti-Trump, pro-democracy event in all 50 states!”

Moore also unleashed “The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump,” published as part of this article, which contains Moore’s list of tactics for resisters all over the country to take on. Part of Moore’s plan is to take over the Democratic Party, which means to him getting Congressman Keith Ellison elected to head the DNC when it meets this Saturday, February 25.

A key element of Moore’s plan is creating with 5 to 20 friends and family members a personal “Rapid Response Team.” Moore also wants thousands of progressives to run for office and make their own media using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media sites to spread news and information.

He says: “Make sure all your friends and family are signed up.”

—Don Hazen, Executive Editor of AlterNet

Friends, I welcome you to “The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.”

First, let’s acknowledge what we all know to be true: Trump is in deep, deep trouble—in the pocket of Russians, surrounded by Alt-Right idiots, alone in his bathrobe in a mostly-empty White House—and caught inside a disgusting “shit-sandwich,” so said his supporter who turned down the NSA job.

Only one month into his So-Called Presidency—and yet there is good news, as this is what the American landscape looks like:

• Tens of thousands of citizens across the country have stormed Congressional district offices and town hall meetings to express their rage at the Trump agenda (a dejected Republican congressman, after a 3-hour verbal assault from his angry constituents, said on TV last night, “let’s face it—they [the Obamacare supporters] have won”).

• A federal court halted Trump’s first Muslim Ban—actually, make that FOUR federal courts have ruled against him! He’s conceded defeat and will not appeal to the Supreme Court (though he will try a new ban—and good luck with that, you son of a Scottish immigrant).

• Progressive Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison appears to be the front-runner for this Saturday’s vote to head the Democratic Party—and to FIX the whole damn mess! Also, a recruitment drive has begun across the country to find the best local candidates to run for state and federal offices in 2018. Millions are committed to never letting the Debacle of ‘16 happen again.

• Our beautiful Army of Comedy—with its Platoon of Satirists led by Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy—is killing it! The devastating impersonation of White House spokesman Sean Spicer by McCarthy has Trump fuming to the point where he has considered getting rid of Spicer. Politico says he simply can’t watch one of his top aides being portrayed by…a woman!

So the momentum is with us right now—and if we all just take a little time to do the Action Plan below, I’m convinced we’ll succeed in halting the dark force that is Trump. We can tie him up in knots at every turn, and eventually, we can bring him down.

So let’s get started with our…


1. THE DAILY CALL: You must call Congress every day. Yes—YOU! 202-225-3121. It will take just TWO MINUTES! Make it part of your daily routine, one of those five things you do every morning without even thinking about it:
1. Wake up.
2. Brush teeth.
3. Walk dog (or stare at cat).
4. Make coffee.
5. Call Congress.

It is impossible to overstate just how much power you have by making this simple, quick daily call. I know from firsthand experience the impact it has. These politicians freak out if they get just 10 calls on an issue. Imagine them getting 10,000! Holy crap—the dome will pop off that building!

NOTE: if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t need to call because my rep is a Democrat!”—that is NOT true. They need to hear from you. They need to know they have your support. Don’t believe it? Our beloved Sen. Elizabeth Warren voted in favor of Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development! I’m sure no one in Massachusetts thought they had to call her. YOU DO! She and the other Dems need to hear from the boss—YOU! They work for us—and what boss doesn’t have daily contact with his or her employees?

It’s easy to make The Daily Call. To call your U.S. member of Congress or Senators in D.C., dial 202-225-3121 (or 202-224-3121 if busy). It’s even better to call their direct line. For Senators, find each of their numbers here. For the direct line to your member in the House of Representatives.

Someone has created an app to make this very easy: Go to the App Store and get “5 Calls.” The app will dial the friggin’ phone for you and give you talking points for when you speak to your reps!

If you’d rather to write to your reps, you can find the best way to do that for each of them here by typing in your address here.

I will post updates on the actions we’re fighting for each day and week on my Twitter and Facebook pages. If you want to know what to call your reps about, I encourage you to follow me right now on Facebook and on Twitter at @MMFlint. All my social media sites are at my website www.michaelmoore.com.

Remember—A call a day keeps the Trump away.

2. THE MONTHLY VISIT: To add even more pressure, SHOW UP! Your member of Congress has a local office in your town or somewhere nearby. So do both of your U.S. Senators (often in the nearest federal building). Go there and ask to speak to their aide about the issues we’re facing (again, I will continually post them on my social media sites).

Also, don’t forget to visit the local office (or the state capitol office) of your State Representative/Assembly person and your State Senator.

And, if you’re lucky to live within driving distance of Washington, DC, show up on Capitol Hill and pay an unannounced (it’s legal!) in-person visit to your U.S. Senators and your Congressman/woman. They pay serious attention to this. It blows their mind that you’d drive that far to see them. Do it!

I know not everyone has the time to do THE MONTHLY VISIT—but if you can, please do!

3. YOUR OWN PERSONAL RAPID RESPONSE TEAM: You and 5 to 20 friends and family members must become your personal RAPID RESPONSE TEAM. Sign everybody up so that when we need to leap into action (like we did at the airports the hour after Trump signed his Muslim Ban), you can email and text each other and make an instant plan. On other days, you’ll share links to good investigative stories and TV news items. Come up with a name for your RAPID RESPONSE TEAM—mine is called The V for Vendetta Rapid Response Team” and it consists of myself, my daughter and son-in-law (and their new baby!); my two sisters, their spouses and adult children; my cousin; 8 friends; 6 co-workers; and my next door neighbor. That’s 27 of us and we live from Seattle to Michigan to Maryland. And each of them are forming their own local Rapid Response Teams. So that means the 27 on my team are so far responsible 405 new Rapid Responders overnight! And each of those 405 are doing the same—they’re recruiting their own 5-20 people—and BOOM! 4,050 more Rapid Responders tomorrow—and growing!

4. JOIN! JOIN! JOIN!: We all know it’s time for all of us to be part of a greater whole, so let’s actually physically sign up online and JOIN some of our great national groups. I’ve joined Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America, and ERA Action. Some charge money to join, so if you don’t have much, pick the lowest amount ($5 for ACLU for example)—or join groups that don’t charge anything (but if you can help them financially, please do). They will keep you informed of national actions and fight for us in court.

5. THE WOMEN’S MARCH NEVER ENDS: The historical, record-breaking January 21st Women’s March on Washington—and the hundreds of other Marches that day across the US and the world, with over 4 million in attendance—brought massive numbers of people out who had never protested in their lives. It inspired millions of others and ignited so many local movements we still can’t count them all. The day after the Women’s March, another two dozen protests took place. The day after that, 2,000 Utahans jammed into their state capitol in Salt Lake City. Then, on the following Saturday, tens of thousands of Americans occupied their local airports to oppose Trump’s Muslim ban. And on and on and on. Every day dozens of actions continue to take place as if the Women’s March never ended. It hasn’t. Join it!

I and a group of friends have set up THE RESISTANCE CALENDAR (www.resistancecalendar.com) that is updated daily, where you can find out what actions are taking place near where you live. All you have to do is type in your city or state in the search bar.

It’s critical that large numbers of us continue to march, protest, sit-in, and be very visible—to Trump, so he knows we are the majority; to put the Dems on notice that we expect them to grow a spine; to our fellow Americans who live in Boise or Tulsa or Grand Rapids and have been feeling alone and afraid since the election. Our mass presence reminds them the people didn’t elect Trump. And it is good for each of us to operate in concert with each other, to feel the solidarity and the hope.

And the official Women’s March on Washington—they’ve called for a national Women’s Strike on March 8th. Let’s join them!

6. TAKE OVER THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: The old guard of the Party has twice in 16 years presided over the majority of Americans electing the Democrat to the White House—only for us all to see the losing Republican inaugurated as President. How is it that we have won the popular vote in SIX OF THE LAST SEVEN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS—the Republicans have only won ONCE since 1988—and yet, we hold NO power in any branch of government?! That, plus losing 1,000 local seats in this election that the Dems use to hold—plus watching many Dems in Congress unwilling to stand up to Trump—PLEASE, the old leadership has to go. God love ’em for their contributions in the past, but if we don’t enact a radical overhaul right now, we are doomed as far as having a true opposition party during the Trump era. And that, more than anything, will help to usher in the vice-grip of a totalitarian culture.

You must do two things:

Let the DNC know that THIS SATURDAY, February 25th, the Democratic National Committee MUST elect reform and progressive candidate, Congressman Keith Ellison, as the new DNC chair. Keith is a former community organizer, the first Muslim elected to Congress, and a key backer of Bernie Sanders. He not only has Bernie’s support — and mine — but he’s also backed by Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Gloria Steinem, John Lewis, and many others. Sign his petition of support and let the DNC know how you feel.

And locally, you need to start attending your county Democratic meetings. If possible, organize your friends and others and take over your local Dem organization. More on this at a later date.

7. HELP FORM BLUE REGIONS OF RESISTANCE: People keep saying to me, “Mike—I live in a Blue State—what can I do?” If you live in a Blue State, you have one of the MOST important tasks to complete: Show the rest of America what it looks like when Trump isn’t in charge! Blue States and Blue Cities must do an end-run around Trump and create the America we want to live in. That means New York goes ahead and offers Free College for All. California can create its own Universal Health Care. Oregon can stop mass incarceration of African Americans. Hawaii can enact its own climate change laws. Blue States can show the rest of country how much better life can be. Important historical note: Before Roe v. Wade made abortion legal, California and New York passed their own state laws to make it legal. This greatly helped pave the way for CHOICE being the new normal—and the enactment of Row v. Wade.

8. YOU MUST RUN FOR OFFICE: I know, that’s the LAST thing you want to do. But if we keep leaving the job up to the dismal, lame, pathetic political hacks who have sold us all down the river, then what right do we have to complain? This is only going to get fixed when you and I decide we are willing to put in our time—even if it is a brief time—and run for office. I ran when I was 18 and got elected. You can, too. We need good candidates for the 2018 elections—and not just Congress and State Houses, but also school boards, city councils, and county commissions. Why not take out a petition today and run next year? Heck, I’ll bet I’ll even support you!

I realize most of you can’t do this—but there is one office every one of us can and SHOULD run for next year: PRECINCT DELEGATE. Every precinct, every neighborhood can elect x-number of Dems to the county Democratic Convention. It’s on the ballot and it’s usually blank—no one runs for it. So the precinct delegates end up being appointed by the party hacks. And that’s who ends up eventually at the national convention to pick the next presidential candidate. So this is an important position to run for. The time commitment is just 3 hours a year! You attend the county convention—that’s it. Call your city or county clerk and find out how to get on the ballot. If you’ll do it, I’ll do it. It’s the first step to making sure we put a candidate on the ballot who can win.

9. YOU MUST BECOME THE MEDIA: Stop complaining about the media, stop wishing they were something they’re not, find the ones who are doing a good job, and then start your own “media empire” by sharing their work and your work on the internet. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media sites to spread news and information. Make sure all your friends and family are signed up. Yes, I’m talking to you, Baby Boomers. Get over it, put down your postage stamps and your “TV clicker” and find a six-year old to show you how to start tweeting. You can be your own reporter, your own editor. You can curate the news for your friends. And now Facebook lets you have your own network with Facebook Live! It’s all free. Get on social media now. Imagine, your own CNN is in the palm of your hand…

10. JOIN THE ARMY OF COMEDY: Trump’s Achilles heel is his massively thin skin. He can’t take mockery. So we all need to MOCK HIM UP! Not just the brilliant people at SNL or Colbert, Seth Myers, or Samantha Bee—but YOU. Use your sense of humor and share it with people. Get them to do the same. Keep sending around the SNL links spoofing Sean Spicer, Trump, and Kellyanne—there’s no such thing as watching them too many times! Hahaha. I truly believe the final tipping point for Trump will be when he implodes from all the laughter—the mocking, the unbearable ridicule of tens of millions of Americans that will discombobulate him and force him out of the White House. I know this seems like Mike’s fever dream, but I believe it can work. I don’t know what happened to Trump in boarding school at 13 and I don’t care. Whatever it was, let’s use it. He’s used all the other things he picked up over the years—misogyny, bigotry, greed—against the powerless and the unfortunate. It’s time to laugh him outta town. And if there’s one thing we all could use right now is a good laugh—AND the possibility of a much-shortened presidential term.

So, there you go! The 10-Point Action Plan to Thump Trump. Something for everyone. And every one of us needs to do them. Please share this and spread the word. We can stop him. We can nonviolently block and obstruct halt the damage he’s doing. But it’s going to need—and take—ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Let’s make Trump toast again.

—Michael Moore

Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.

IMAGE: Michael Moore at the march against Trump, New York City — Mathiaswasik /Flickr.



  1. Kjoe777 February 22, 2017

    the only thing that needs to be done….is a steady chant of tax returns. whether it is large crowds….or phone calls to representatives….tax returns. tax returns. Trump’s tax returns. michael moore is useless….his agenda is to make things too complicated so he will be useful.

    1. mike February 22, 2017

      Thanks for a good morning chuckle. It’s the economy, stupid! No one is talking about tax returns except little cry babies losers on the left.

      1. Fran February 22, 2017

        You mean the 66 million majority? Yea, why would Russian ties and treason be important?! Sheesh, what does he think this is, a democracy or something? I’m sure the 5x bankrupt con artist who just filled his cabinet with Goldman Sachs executives and has a long history of ripping off small businesses will be able to turn things around for the “little guy.” Obama left him a healthy economy, but he’ll do it all in between golf games from his $200K/year weekend Shangri La that has already cost taxpayers $10M for trips in 1 month. That’s the ticket!

        1. mike February 22, 2017

          Talking through your anal hole I see.
          This is a Republic so the presidential election is determined by EC not majority.
          In your world there is nothing Trump can do right. You can bitch all you want but it changes nothing. As the left constantly complains on everything about Trump your voices become less credible and definitely less effective.
          The anti-Trump rhetoric doesn’t fix a party with no direction, electable leader but importantly no Identity.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            No you are the one talking through your lard ass. Trump lies and you condone it. How sick are you little boy? How much do you get paid by Trump to cheerlead for him?

            Manafort, Sater, Flynn and Trump. 4 men who HAVE had Russian connections aided and abetted by Trump’s top legal beagle. Only idiots like you refuse to accept facts and truth we can prove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn1ZK2kcfQ8

          2. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

            Poor Elle, you still believe the FAKE stories from the MSM about Russian influence. ALL intel agencies flatly state that Russia did not influence the elections. NO intel agency can PROVE that Russia did the hacking, but you low information fools just keep believing the lies the MSM is feeding you.

          3. sharkbait4711 February 22, 2017

            OMG! You Trumpeters are so delusional that even when your demigod is captured on film spewing forth his lies – you still deny the facts! His ties with Russia, his bankruptcies, his demoralizing behavior – he’s HORRIBLE and we are the laughing stock of the world right now. WAKE UP RIGHT SIDE – WAKE UP!!!

          4. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

            You lefties cherry pick sound bites and think that you have “caught” President Trump in a lie. It’s just more of the MSM propaganda. The fact that you are so low information to even mention his bankruptcies speaks volumes about how little you understand.
            NO, WE ARE NOT being laughed at by the rest of the world. We were, however, laughed at when Obozo got elected in 2008. And we were openly mocked when you idiots reelected him 2012. The foreign press did not suck up to Obozo like our MSM lap dogs.
            You’re so low information and indoctrinated that you probably think Obozo did a good job.
            You guys need to wake up. Your party is running in circles. Moore has no qualifications and his statements are a desperate attempt to get him elected to office. Following no know-nothings like him will just keep the DNC down. How I love that.

          5. sharkbait4711 February 22, 2017

            Again with the conspiracy with the media… Oy vey! My eyes and ears have seen and heard the multiple interviews Agent Orange has given, mind you in there entirety not just a “sound bite as you state, and still your demigod lies. Lies about EVERYTHING!!! Are you trying to say he didn’t file for bankruptcy? Is that a lie too? Is that IRS propaganda? Get a grip. He’s horrible on so many levels and you all are turning a blind eye to him. But you got on your high-horses and screamed about all the “things” HRC did but this dork is doing everything right out in front of us and you all are a-ok with it. Simply amazing and it’s truly a double standard.
            Oh and if the world isn’t laughing at us then why is the UK parliament having multiple meetings and discussions about resending an invite to Agent Orange? England is one of our closest allies and has been for decades and they don’t want Agent Orange to visit. What does that say??? Or is that more media bias? I picked England because they are (maybe at this point were) an ally.
            Instead you all think its great he’s in bed with Putin – have you all lost your minds??!!! The Russian ambassador to the UN just mysteriously died… I don’t think this is a mystery at all. He was assassinated because of the Flynn debacle. And yet Agent Orange supporters don’t see an issue here. WTH?
            You are not an informed voter – you’re just really stupidly blind to your new racist king…

          6. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

            Only the FAKE MSM are saying President Trump didn’t have an excellent, lie free, press conference. Overseas news sources are howling at the MSM in the US at how President Trump just took a dump in their hats and then handed the hats back to them and they put them on their heads.
            Yes, as a businessman, four of President Trump’s businesses filed for bankruptcy. If you know anything about stating a business, then filing for bankruptcy is quite normal.
            Hell, Obozo never held a job before being elected president. All that drivel about him teaching is nothing by propaganda.

            And EVERY US intel agency openly states that the Russian DID not affect or hack the election. You out of touch lefties just keep spinning that lie, and the public just ignores you and chalks it up to your ignorance.

            Even the intel agencies that speculated that Russia is the country that did the hacking, are open that they have no proof that Russia was the country that did the hacking.
            By “blaming” the Russians, you are just ignoring the fact that ALL the information in the leaked emails have been proven to be true. If the Dems didn’t want the words heard by the public then they shouldn’t have written or spoken them. So why don’t you try to defend the Dems crooked messages?

            You low information lefties as in self-denial and meltdown mode. You keep repeating the FAKE moniker that President Trump and his supporters are racist, but you have not one shred of evidence to support that LIE.

            Meanwhile, you intolerant dummies continue to burn and loot businesses and disrupt forcibly common citizens activities. Don’t you think these folks will remember that in the next elections and then vote for the GOP candidates? So by all means, rant and rave and burn and loot all you wish.
            The unions are migrating to President Trump if they through their support to the GOP in upcoming elections, it’s lights out for you low information, intolerant, close-minded, bigots.
            The press conference was a yuge success for President Trump.
            The MSM is so full of FAKE stories and lies, they can’t keep their story straight.

          7. JPHALL February 22, 2017

            You are truly delusional!

          8. InformedVoter February 24, 2017

            As usual, your problem is you can’t handle the truth. You believe the FAKE MSM stories and then wonder why the majority of the voters choose President Trump. Perhaps it’s because they seek their news from sources other than the FAKE MSM that you get your information from. And you wonder why your crowd is referred to as low information.
            The following link shows just how full of FAKE news the MSM has been in regard to President Trump. When I told you he was leading in the polls, you called me delusional then too. So how did that work out for you?

          9. JPHALL February 24, 2017

            Wow, you are totally uninformed. Clinton got nearly three million more votes than Trump. For people like you that is 3,000,000 more. Trump won the EC not the popular vote. I get my news from the Christian Science Monitor. You obviously are a Faux news, Breibart loser.

          10. InformedVoter February 25, 2017

            If you discount the fruits and nuts in CA, then President Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million. If you eliminate the illegal votes Obozo encouraged the CA voters to cast, then HilLIARY may have even lost CA too!
            I don’t watch FOX or subscribe to Breitbart. In fact I’m more likely to watch MSNBC or CNN, just to see what FAKE news they are reporting or making up. President Trump won a MANDATE from the voters and he’s keeping his campasign promises, something Obozo NEVER did.
            You lefties are worried he’s succeeding and are totally lost. The unions have started to migrate to him and when they do, it’s going to be lights out for the Dems. 2018 will see many more Dems defending seats and over 10 are in blue states that turned red.

          11. sharkbait4711 February 23, 2017

            It is obvious that YOU only believe and live in alternative facts world. Trump is a racists and that goes back to when he and his father both kept non-whites out of his towers. This is documented in court records – but I guess you will say its a liberal thing.
            Trump demeans women – again documented but you will say its a liberal thing.
            Trump mocked a handicapped reporter – again documented on video and televised for all the word to see – again you will deny and say its liberal propaganda.
            The intelligence leaders all over the world are saying Russia interfered with the US election and I beat it did have a hand on electing Agent Orange but again – you will dismiss this as liberal lies.
            It’s obvious you are an idiot. The End.

            Oh and let me add – you are a GOP paid troll. This is also obvious.

          12. InformedVoter February 24, 2017

            What is obvious is that you’re so low information that you even would post the lies about President Trump mocking a handicapped reporter. That story has been debunked for months! The fact that you still would mention it speaks volumes about your ignorance!
            ALL the USA intel leaders have come right out and said that the Russian did NOT interfere with our election. And, NO, the intel folks around the world are NOT making that claim either. I live outside the US for almost 6 months a year and can tell you first hand that foreign intel leaders are NOT saying that. Caught you again in one of your many lies.
            President Trump, once again, condemned bigotry, but you low information lefties just keep claiming he’s a bigot. PLEASE provide facts…. spoiler alert, since they DON’T exist, you’ll be wasting your time.
            In fact, when President Trump purchased his current hide-a-way in Florida, he was involved in a law suit to allow minorities to enter private clubs. Guess you didn’t read about that, but that is not a surprise since you get all your lies from the FAKE MSM sources.

          13. sharkbait4711 February 27, 2017

            You are NOT an informedvoter – the “debunked” story about the news reporter? Really? I’ve seen the entire video of Trump’s rant about the handicapped reporter – there is NO denying he was making fun of him. You can’t “debunk” that. The mere fact that you even think that was debunked shows what a jughead you are.
            The FBI and CIA are still investigating the Russian hacking and election tampering so again YOU are showing your ignorance and apparently only get your news from Trumps twitter feed.
            There are multiple lawsuits from the 70’s and 80’s in NYC detailing the Trumps intolerance of minorities. Again, you can’t make this stuff up nor bury it nor hide it. Facts are facts but you don’t care about that.
            So name call me all you want – all I hear from you is blah blah blah. Trumps twitter is not news and if you believe everything he tweets – I’ve got some swamp land prime for developing in South Florida for ya!

          14. InformedVoter March 3, 2017

            Sorry shark chum, but you continue to display your ignorance of the truth. So you saw the entire video, well so did millions of others. Not even HilLIARy or the FAKE MSM have made the claim. In fact, they have admitted that he did NOT mock the reporter. During the election process, a left PAC used that video clip and made the false claim. Fact checking services give the story that he mocked the reporter 4 thumbs down – meaning it’s completely false. Yet you continue to make posts like it was true. How dumb does that make you look?
            Oh, those mysterious “multiple lawsuits”, come from the same sources that says President Trump will go to court for raping a 13-year-old. She finally admitted that she was paid to make the false claim. Eleanore from NJ kept claiming that President Trump will drop out of the election because of all the lawsuits. Duh, what happened to all the so-called lawsuits – they never existed! So your so-called lawsuits DON’T exist and you know it.
            The US intel agencies, ALL OF THEM, have stated that the Russians DIDN’T influence our elections. The investigations are if President Trump or others had dealings with the Russians during the election and to what degree if they did.
            NOTHING will come from this. The conservative members of the investigating group have publicly stated that they have found NOTHING. The liberal members, admitting they have found NOTHING, want to investigate more. In the end, nothing will come from this investigation.
            So, once more your faulty posts have done you in. qed

          15. Jmz Nesky February 23, 2017

            You’re wasting your time.. Brain dead zombies can NOT wake up, they can just fall over the cliff with their orange messiah. Good riddance.. They won’t be missed.

          16. sharkbait4711 February 27, 2017

            It has occurred to me that informedvoter must be a GOP paid troll. No one else would be so blatantly ignorant. Thanks for the heads up Jmz!

          17. mike February 22, 2017

            No, only idiots like you think you know what you are talking about. Nothing new though. You were the one touting a Hillary, you remember the smartest women in the world, winning for years.
            Day 34 of 1460 days of the Trump Administration and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. What joy watching you twisting yourself into a pretzel over his new policies and the dismantling of the Obama legacy. How Funny.

          18. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

            Keep up the good posts. The lefties are in self-denial and in meltdown mode. They just keep spinning in circles. All they have is mediocre “stars” who are getting rich, but in the end, they are crying wolf and losing their message.

          19. mike February 22, 2017

            Their diarrhea of the brain keeps spewing out nonsensical, absurd comments.

          20. mike February 22, 2017

            Forgot to tell you to keep up the good work and giving them the real facts.

          21. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

            Two fellows thinking they’re of consequence. “mike” and the informed voter are a two-man team entertaining each other. How amusing.

          22. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

            You and mike make a cute couple—On the Milo Show.

          23. InformedVoter March 3, 2017

            Yes, Mike, me and millions of others like us, will share eternity in heaven. Meanwhile, you will be doomed by your fake religion.

        2. Billie February 22, 2017

          11.1 million

        3. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

          What a crock! Healthy economy? Record numbers on food stamps, record numbers on welfare; record numbers not working (96 million and counting). Wages are stagnant; economic growth 227.

          1. FireBaron February 22, 2017

            No, IV. Trump’s mandate was about 4 million short of a majority. The mandate was the electoral college.
            As for the increased need of food stamps, well maybe if the GOP (which has been in control of Congress since 1992 with the exception of a two year period) had actually come up with the Jobs bills they promised but held off on so as to not make President Obama look successful at anything, we wouldn’t need them.

          2. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

            What a bunch of meaningless drivel. ALL the Obozo economic plans were failures. Even TARP lost billions. The auto bailout lost billions. The RINOs gave Obozo everything he asked for in jobs bills, etc and the plans were so flawed that each and everyone failed. Just like Obozocare that is collapsing under its own weight.
            Look at the true accomplishments President Trump has had in the first month! Obozo didn’t keep even one campaign promise and President Trump is keeping them all. The majority of voters (minus the fruits and nuts in CA) voted for President Trump because of those campaign promises and more and more independents are swaying towards him because of that. Even the unions are migrating to his side because he will creat and save jobs (6000 saved already and 60000 to be created). If the unions back him, it’s lights out for the Dems in the next elections. In 2018, the Dems have to defend many more seats and many in red states, good luck with you dummies still believing the MSM FAKE news stories.

          3. Jmz Nesky February 27, 2017

            Does blatant stupidity run in your family or are you alone in your delusions? Glad it isn’t catching.

          4. InformedVoter March 3, 2017

            So you’re denying that President Trump didn’t get more EC votes than HilLIARy? Are you saying that President Trump didn’t PERSONALLY SAVE 6000 jobs (proven); and that he PERSONALLY helped create possibly 60000 more jobs (PROVEN)?
            If anyone is “blatantly stupid” it would be you and your fellow low information, close-minded, brainwashed bigots!
            I bet you’re still waiting for the trial that President Trump raped a 13-year-old. You probably still believe the FAKE polls that HilLIARy will win in a landslide. You should be so lucky as to catch some intelligence from me.

          5. Jmz Nesky March 3, 2017

            Yes I’m denying it because I can smell fake news as well. As an informedVoter you’re most likely the dumbest, self-important douchbag I’ve ever had the disadvantage to post with.. I can smell your stink all over this forum. There are two types of people.. Those who can count, like me and those who don’t, like you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6573564fb84ca346d9e09e06e208052cda850f89d8993f464ab0cba7cb4f4b70.png

          6. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

            Oh, I just loved the way you “provided facts” to prove or bolster your point. My facts are correct, you can use all you stupid name-calling all you wish. Just remember that during a debate, when an opponent starts name-calling, you know they have admitted to themselves that they’ve lost the debate. Such is the case for you.
            You call me “dumbest, self-important douchbag”, but in doing so, admit that you have NOTHING of value to refute my claims, which, by the way, have been vetted and are correct.
            All you lefties have left are the whimpering words from mediocre actors who make fun of folks for a living. Your party is in disarray and is fast losing their base. You’ve lost over 1000 seats since Obozo was elected. You’re naive enough to reelect Pelosi to a position of power – how dumb was that.
            You lefties kept believing the FAKE polls that HilLIARy and the DNC paid for. Your plan was to discourage GOP voters from turning out since HilLIARy was going to win in a landslide. How did that ignorant move work out for you?

      2. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

        No one? Half of Europe agrees with us Mikeeeeee. What is the reason the UK Parliament just this week rejected a meeting of Trump and their Queen? Get over it. Your bully act is BS.

        For you, up is down, down is up, right is wrong and WRONG is right. Sorry if you need professional mental help for that BS act you can’t control.

        Trump IS connected to the Russians. Deny this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn1ZK2kcfQ8

        1. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

          Sorry Elle, but Europe IS NOT asking for President Trump’s tax returns. Europe is screaming “stop the flood of immigrants, and let’s take back our country!”. Don’t forget, I live outside the US for almost 6 months a years, and the chants for stopping immigration are growing louder and louder.
          Denmark is passing laws that will restrict how many non-Danish can live in an area to prevent hoards of immigrants from turning neighborhoods into little foreign countries. This is just the beginning.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            Wrong lumpy. On Monday, I watched the UK House of Commons session. They are refusing to allow your boy to meet with their Queen. Why? Because as their Labor Leader Flynn stated, they “cannot allow the instability of the U.S. Leader to embarrass the Queen.”

            Sorry but you are wrong. Of course you live outside the U.S. Where? Minski? Chernobyl? Leningrad? Moscow?

            The chants for stopping immigrant are NOT growing louder.

            You are a liar. The Scandinavian countries have always been “neutral” to immigrants and refugees. And before you play your “Mr. Smart ASS” card, my son lived in Sweden for 15 years and traveled all over Europe and spent many vacations in Denmark.”

            By the way, you want to explain why it is your Gangsta in Chief told the world he gets his information from Fox News? Why he tried to make it appear Sweden is a crime ridden country because of their immigrants?

            Wrong again. Muttbrain. Our family still has several Swedish friends who are laughing at your boy Trump. That mosque that was burned was suspected to have been done NOT by an immigrant but by one of the Swedes. The Swedes reacted to that by donating over $1 million according to the Imam of the Mosque to rebuild.

            If you are going to post Gangsta Trump lies, at least try to get something correct.

          2. InformedVoter February 22, 2017

            Golly Elle, every time you make a post, you change your history! The only thing you posted that’s true is the Scandinavian counties being neutral.
            But that is changing rapidly. With all the violence in the areas that the Muslims have taken over after immigrating, the world is waking up to Muslim evils. Here’s proof that Denmark is preparing to throttle immigrants. The second link addresses problems in Sweden.
            Your statement about the UK is a cherry picked comment, and as such, is just more FAKE “news”.


          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

            Just as haughty, ignorant, and full of yourself as usual. Honestly, are you that infatuated with ignorance? Is there any hope that you will outgrow your adolescence?
            You act as though you have an eternity in which to live on earth, while denying that your boorish behavior is being inscribed and you’ll be summoned to account for your habit of being churlish.

          4. InformedVoter March 3, 2017

            Silly AofP, there you go pushing your FAKE religion. Just because I destroy your FAKE MSM information does not make me a terrible person. In fact, it raises me up.
            The average American has grown weary of the failed promises of the Dems. That’s part of the reason for the Dems losing over 1000 seats. It’s the reason that they voted in GOP during the 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections.
            And it was the reason they voted in President Trump.
            As President Trump said to the black community “what have you got lose? You’ve been getting screwed by the Dems for years”.

        2. mike February 22, 2017

          My gosh you are becoming more deranged each day.
          The Funny Farm van is heading back to your cave because your insanity is getting much worse.
          So Britain’s closest ally the U.S.A is telling the President of said country not to come, Right? What an asinine remark. Sorry, I forgot you’re nuts.
          Continuing to give Fake News will hve you at the FF before you know it.

          1. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Ah, OK, the news is fake and you’re not a treasonous Nazi.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn1ZK2kcfQ8. Here is what you can’t face you cowardl dipshit. Is that a fake Trump?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            Really assface? So when I see the House of Commons on BBC all voting to refuse to allow Trump to meet with the Queen, the BBC is fake too? House of Commons Labor Leader, Flynn is a fake? Get a life you ridiuculous hunk of cow flops.


            The only sick dipshit here is YOU.

          4. mike February 22, 2017

            Keep trying dingbat! Show me the vote. Just another of your fantasies.
            Looks like another of your continuing meltdowns since November.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            Here pigface…The UK Parliament just voted to reject a meeting between Trump and the Queen. Eat your heart out asshat. http://alternativemediasyndicate.com/2017/02/21/british-parliament-makes-history-votes-no-trump-bans-visit/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=FB_Biz_Part&utm_medium=FB

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

            Mikey just can’t figure out how to be a man.

          7. mike February 23, 2017

            A-aron still thinking stupidly and trying to figure which bathroom to use.

          8. mike February 23, 2017

            Thanks for the good laugh.
            As usual Fake News has clouded your brain. Show me the vote. Not the debate. The Vote.
            The debate ended without MPs voting on whether the visit should go ahead and the debate will have no impact on the government’s plans.” The Guardian
            Better yet read the whole article.
            He will go to England later this year having received an invitation from the Queen. The British govt. said it will happen.
            Terrible try on your part and definitely no cigar for you to play with.

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

            Mikey, mikey. When will you realize that Trump is aflame in a fire set by himself. Don’t stay too close to Donald, or you’ll be burned as well. And how did you like Milo’s downfall? You’re probably upset that your Emperor Milo got busted. But don’t worry—you and Milo can still get together.

          10. mike February 23, 2017

            The only flames I see is Trumps destroying many, if no all, Obama’s EO’s and AO’s, regulations. Obama’s legacy is turning into a black hole.

          11. Jmz Nesky February 23, 2017

            By his own words I’m sure he’ll give good head to pathetic blocked air turds.

          12. JPHALL February 22, 2017

            Once again you misquote. They spoke against Trump meeting with the queen, not entering their country. Try again!

          13. mike February 23, 2017

            What you ignore is their debate means absolutely nothing. There was no vote and if there had been it was NOT BINDING.

      3. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

        Good news, mike! If you’re worried about the economy, Democrats are objectively far better for it than Republicans. No Democratic President since WWII has left office with (e.g.) higher unemployment than when they entered; no Republican except Reagan has done the same.

        Of course, you have to believe in “facts” and be able to “read” to understand this.

  2. Fran February 22, 2017

    & Moore is qualified to lead the Resistance based on what, his film-making experience? Show us his long history of successful grassroots campaigns electing presidents. Oh, there are none. It’s always good to share information and tips, but beware the self-aggrandizing “leaders” emerging. Focus locally with Indivisible groups springing up and listen to seasoned organizers who are not doing it for self-promotional purposes.

    1. John D'oh February 22, 2017

      Reich wing troll alert… Your fake account is on notice troll…

  3. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

    There are lots of reasons for Trump to refuse to disclose his tax records:
    1. He isn’t as wealthy as he pretends to be and proclaims to be. Anyone in the NY/NJ area knew this back in the late 1990s when he nearly crashed his own empire with a buying spree that had his financial advisors going green around the gills. He was refused credit by top U.S. banks because of his repuations for not paying debts he owes.
    2. If the tax records are disclosed, they might be a clue to just how he got elected. Remember? He said in the 2nd presidential debate as a taunt to Hillary, “I donated $100 million to my campaign. How much did YOU donate to yours.” FACT.
    3. If those tax records show he did in fact scrounge up $100 million to be allowed to run on the Republican ticket, how much of it was handed to the RNC for political patronage jobs AFTER he was sworn in?
    4. If those tax records show that he made hefty deposits from foreign sources like Russia, it would prove beyond a doubt he should be impeached for treason, high crimes AND misdemeanors in his attempt to hide his complicity in getting Russian hackers to infiltrate a U.S. election for the purpose of weakening the U.S. Government internally.

    1. 788eddie February 22, 2017

      Thanks, Eleanor. I’m hoping the “Mango Mussolini’s” days are soon over.

    2. sharkbait4711 February 22, 2017

      All great points Eleanor and FACTS about why he won’t disclose his tax records!

  4. Apostol Pappas February 22, 2017

    Moore is a Liberal Fascist. An intolerant man with no manners, a filthy mouth, and a troublemaker. In fact he is a disgusting individual. He is not qualified to even tie President Trump’s shoelaces. Is that a man to follow, an example to the youth and society? America was built on “guts” and progressive and tolerant minds. This phenomenon is not democracy, it is fascism and it is not being recognized for what it really is. This intolerance and disruption of the losing party is nothing but liberal fascism. This man is a fascist and a maniac. A liberal fascist like many contributors on this site. A new age creation. Democracy in America seems to have “burned out”.

    1. FireBaron February 22, 2017

      But all of those qualities you denounce in him are ok in Teflon Donnie and the thugs he surrounds himself with, right? Realistically, the only differences between the way you describe him and Steve Bannon is around 100 pounds.

    2. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

      Haha ok, sorry you hate America.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 22, 2017

      Tell me, Pappas—Are you into the groping thing like Trump, or are you more inclined to align yourself with the conservative pedophile, Milo?

      1. Apostol Pappas February 23, 2017

        Your response is despicable and your mind clearly preoccupied with filth.

        1. Jmz Nesky February 23, 2017

          Another dingleberry responds.. Ah, the humanity..!!!

    4. kep May 1, 2017

      I’m surprised that he didn’t call for all to be armed at all these protests. Party of tolerance, my ass.

  5. Godzilla February 22, 2017

    Moore is a dick. Useful eater to the Commies that support him.

    1. Jmz Nesky February 23, 2017

      Did you just fart? I think you farted… For shame.

  6. Bill Smith 999935 February 23, 2017

    “But resist we much. We must, and we will much- about that- be committed.”


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