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More Work, Less Pay: Why Working Women Hate The GOP


More Work, Less Pay: Why Working Women Hate The GOP


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Several months ago, the GOP announced that it would begin a concerted outreach program to groups of voters, including women, who consistently vote for Democrats by large margins. So last week, just in time for Mother’s Day, House Republicans offered American mothers the “Working Families Flexibility Act.” The more appropriately titled “More Work, Less Pay Act” would essentially eliminate overtime pay, putting working families on a collision course with rising prices at the grocery store and mounting costs of childcare, rent, and education.

That is not an agenda that works for working women. It is little wonder that 60 percent of women say Washington is not addressing the issues that are important to them. As one women in Denver told us a few months ago, “Oftentimes I worked 5 jobs, never saw the kids. They raised themselves. A majority of politicians don’t understand.

While Washington politicians focus on solving crises of their own invention and dreaming up new ways to squeeze working people, our research has found that working women are intensely concerned about their own pocketbook economies—concerns that somehow eluded supporters of the “More Work, Less Pay Act.”

Our most recent Democracy Corps survey found clear evidence that women want Washington to advance a serious working women’s economic agenda.  This agenda must address the cost of childcare, invest in education and job training, expand paid maternity and sick leave, and finally put resources toward enforcing pay equity.

If Republicans want to put forward policies that will actually work for working women, it should look more like this:

Jobs. Any working women’s agenda must include a plan for good jobs that provide good incomes, employment security, family leave, and health and retirement benefits. Pay equity and raising the minimum wage are necessarily part of this agenda; the Economic Policy Institute estimates that women comprise 56 percent of those who would be directly affected by an increase in the minimum wage. The “good jobs” agenda must also include job training and education to afford women the opportunity to get and keep those good jobs.

Cost of living. The working women’s agenda must address the cost of childcare. For middle-class families, the average cost of childcare is high—about 10 percent of monthly income. But for low-income families (a majority of which are headed by women), the average cost of childcare was 50 percent of monthly income in 2010. Addressing the cost of living also means expanding access to affordable healthcare, including preventive care for women.

Retirement security. Retirement security is critical for women because they live longer and because they are less likely to have jobs that provide pension and retirement benefits. Well over half (56 percent) of Medicare recipients are women. Older women are more likely than older men to pay for health care out of pocket and more likely to be low-income.  For many of these women, Medicare is a necessity.



  1. angelsinca May 16, 2013

    “Why Working Women Hate The GOP”

    Don’t EVER go full retard.

  2. maureen May 16, 2013

    The GOP doesn’t want to “pass” legislation, it wants to “impose” legislation that will line the pockets of their benefactors and continue to keep wages down to the benefit of those at the top: coincidentally their benefactors.

  3. James Jonas May 16, 2013

    Worst Congress in History never vote these people back in office if you want better paying jobs do us a favor

  4. Smeagel4T May 16, 2013

    In truth, the Democrats should take the GOP’s bill, fix it, and run with it — just to point out the real intentions of the GOP. It’d be amusing to see how many of the GOP would vote for a bill that HONESTLY reflected what they are trying to claim.

    #1. Since we all know that the GOP doesn’t actually want to reduce anyone’s income (right?), then clearly what they meant to do is REQUIRE that all companies offer 1.5 hours of comp time for every hour of overtime. That would be the equivalent of 1.5X pay for overtime. Just a simple math oversight on the GOP’s part, right?

    #2. The selection between comp time (at 1.5X) versus pay (at 1.5X) should be strictly up to the employee if the employer wants to offer the option. The employer should have the option of only offering 1.5X pay if the employer is worried about scheduling. The GOP says they want to give women work time flexibility, right? So let’s make sure it’s the WOMEN who are actually given the work time flexibility and not the employer. Just another simple oversight, right GOP?

    #3. WHEN (within reason) the employee gets to take their comp time (at 1.5X) is decided by the employee and NOT the employer. Here again, this bill is all about giving women work time flexibility, right GOP? So clearly you meant to put the power of when the comp time is taken into the hands of the women and not the employer. Just helping out with another one of your “minor” little oversights in designing your bill, GOP. You can thank us later.

    Just to refresh the memories of the GOP, remember the REAL reason WHY there is
    1.5X for overtime? It’s to make sure the employers don’t use overtime as an excuse to not hire additional workers. In other words, it’s for JOB CREATION. Now we all know that you never meant to introduce a bill that was against job creation, right GOP? Just a little mistake? A simple oversight? Again, you can thank us later for catching that tiny little mistake for you.

  5. Roseanne T. Murphy May 16, 2013

    James Carville,

    As a Roosevelt Babe corhort/ya know part of that teeny weeny and dwindling slice of the demographic who has been around the block many times in reference to the political shananigans be they local state or federal. Oh right I am a diehard Democrat/Gender Female who cast my first Presidential vote for LBJ in 1964.I’m gonna attempt to synopse the uber omigod complex theme of Gender Females in the U.S. political arena in time and space in our now Misogynistic Political Context. The year 1964 was also a watershed year of Gender Female power. Of course it went unknown and therefore unrecognised. The Revolution “That Changed Everthing” was launched in the U.S. in the the year 1960. The advent of modern contraception alla the Birth Control Pill/ which gave gender females

    control over and of the SEED OF LIFE(sic) for the first time in human history. Is I’d say a REVOLUTION to beat all REVOLUTIONS! But wait/ gender female control over and of reproduction/ here it comes Guys/ gave gender females control over and of the demographic dynamics of POPULATION.Is a Holy Merde! Gender Female control over and of the SEED OF LIFE (sic) 1960 to 1964/ brought the U..S Gov. Pro/Natalist strategy of “Enforced Motherhood” post WWll ( strategy to address the projected demographic need for Workers in the post war scenario in lieu of changing Immigration Policy/ which had been locked down in the Immigration Act of 1924) to a crashing halt in 3.5 years less the blink of a demographic eye via plummeting Birthrates 1960 to 1963. Which ended the Baby Boom in 1964. U.S. Government/via President Johnson was compelled to open the flood gates Immigration Act was signed in January ta da l965. To address the projected demographic need for Workers. The U.S. has been using Immigration to balance its population needs since 1965. Because and How Come/ gender female control over reproduction/ Birthrates in the U.S.have remained the same for over 4 decades/ hovering around 2.1 give or take a percentage. And birthrates always decline everywhere, in economic hard times/ U.S. Birthrate in now 1.8 which the U.S. shares with France/ the highest Birthrate/in developed world.

    The Republican War Against Women ( here’s an epi 101 snippit 99% of Republican Elected Officials are White Males)These white dudes used the same ol same ol two pronged strategy same old scapegoats of Racism and Sexism( used for over 200 years in U.S. history to sustain and maintain White Male Rule only) in the 2012 Presidential Campaign/ planned to nth degree and coordinated via the gerrymandered Red States/ who launched the War Against Women/ post the 2010 Republican sweep election. John Boehner ( Chip) Speaker of the Republican House/ via Bill HR3 to Close Down All 800 Planned Parenthood Clinics in the U.S. on that February 18, 2011 less the month after they ( Republicans ) were sworn in/ was planned to the nth degree and coordinated/ and then there was ALEC/planned to the nth degree and coordinated/ and then and then. ( 29 Red States ah and 30 States ruled by Republican Governors)All White Dudes. Using the same old scapegoats dual strategy of Sexism and Racism/ to divide and conguer. This is where I gotta say omigod the Dem Guys were slow to even get the gist/ Let alone suit up/ and be ready for the Battle/ most speicifically on the Republicans Draconian/WAR AGINST WOMEN/ which pissed me off bigtime/ Dem Guys. Republicans were like the freaking Roman Legions/ geared up/ at their Battle Stations/ in the Red State capitals/ diehard Warriors for the cause: WAR AGAINST WOMEN. 169 draconian omigod misogynistic Bills were passed/ became Law in these Red States. What rule of law, what protection of the U.S. Constitution/mandatory invasive/ vaginal sonograms/ sanctioned by a bunch of white goon/Representatives/ sans any medical knowledge/training a Medical Procedure/dissed by the entire Ob/Gyn Medical Community/ so what! My Republican Gov./ Keystone State quipped/” if she doesn’t want to watch ( this invasive unnecessary medical procedure/ visuals She can close her eyes” in the year 2012, Is a HOLY MERDE! How’s about the Woman member of Congress/ who was barred from the Floor of Congress ( I now forget which State, there are sooo sooo many/ “Believe it or Not” rants and hissy fits by old white coots/ stomping and shouting about God Almighty’s Plan/ women are reproducers only) ah because she said the word Vagina/ in the year of our Lord 2012.

    Here’s the THEME/ it is now as it has always been all about “S&M” who controls the levers of power over Sex ( gender) ah and M (oney) the lynchpin to all power. Abortion is now as it has always been a Red Herring. Which if anyone is paying any attention did not enter the polictical fray/ until the year 1979 ( Roe v Wade was passed in l973) not a peep almost until yeah it was the anit tax dude Grover Norquist then a young upstart/ and that smart youngin Ralph Reed/ rise of the Moral Majority Organization/ then Focus on The Family/ then it was the Ronny Reagan/all dudes goons actually that used the Religious Right/Politcally Far Right/ and a deal was cut/ for Ronny’s Presidential Campaign 1980/ beginning of the traction/ for the draconian misogynistic anti Gender Female/ ah and Ronny’s good good pal the then Polish Poppi/ urber Anti Communism/ go get em and get the gender females back in place/ Women are Vessels For the SEED of LIFE (sic) Reproducers Only/ Which is God Almighty’s Plan. Yes a deal was cut between Ronny and Poppi/ see Mexico City Language/ U.N. Population Meeting in 1984/ when Ronny cut all U.S. Funding/ to the bare bones/via Poppi’s request just in case a pittance went to any organization/ that even mentioned the word/ Abortion. Mexico that Catholic Country/ was one of the earliest and first country’s to distribute Birth Control/via the Gov. Health Service/ in 1964/Go Figure/politics makes strange bed/fellows.FELLOWS.

    Sorry about the tome/ but I’m just saying Abortion is now as its always been a Red Herring. It’s a side show/! But here’s the really good news/” DEMOGRAPHY BECOMES DESTINY” And the Republican White Male Cabal/ done lost that prefix Supreme alla Patriarchy/ 53 years ago/ when gender female reproductive autonomy rendered Enforced Motherhood/ extinct/ just do the simple math Republican White Male Cabal. All youse got now is just plain old vanilla ( literally) patriarchy, and it can’t and did not cut the mustard in the November 6, 2012 Election/ Where us ATTA GIRLS/gave our Man Obama/ a whopping 15 point gender spread/ over Unfit Mitt. And multi multi millions of American Voters voted NO and NO again to the scapegoats of Sexism and Racism. Oh and in finally closing do tell em Republican white goons/ that REVOLUTIONS DO NOT HAVE A REVERSE GEAR. ON WITH THE REVOLUTION/ thee biggest Revolution in the history of human kind.

    And no Democratic Guys it is not enough to say you’re against the War Against Women/ the only accurate Measure/ over time is ACTION/ What you Do, Not What you say. Whatever your personal belief/ philosophy /religous or otherwise/ not having a uterus renders your Anti/Choice opinion moot. ” ALL MOMMIES ARE GENDER FEMALE” Want to but will stop for real before I go into the Geeze Louise Gender Female SEXUAL AUTONOMY/ only 53 years young phenomena vs 5500 years of recorded HISTORY, sans HERSTORY.

    The answer is No absolutely NO re: the Republican White Male Cabal cannot and will not adjust to the Sharing of Power/across gender or race. It’s not just the “Economy Stupid” It’s all about the “S&M” which is all about the Economy/ alla human capital and financial capital. Human Captial is the high octane fuel that drives the vehicle we call CAPITALISM. “Demography Becomes Destiny” So get suited up Dem Guys/ man those battle staions/ join us Atta Girls/ who have been fighting this war against women/ as most of you watch from the sidelines. Or we are gonna lose/ this round of a protracted on going war/ Jesus Guys/ Man Up. ciao James/ Roseanne T. Murphy

  6. 4sanity4all May 20, 2013

    It is clear, we must elect more women, and we must soon have a woman President!


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