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Now The Republicans Declare War On Pollsters


Now The Republicans Declare War On Pollsters


Republicans love phony wars: the “war on Christmas,” the “war on factcheckers,” and now they’ve started the “war on pollsters.” I always wonder, why do they persist with this nonsense? Maybe to distract voters from the real wars that they start once they get into office.



  1. Smeagel4T October 2, 2012

    Hey James, there WAS a “War of Christmas”. And the capitalists won! The capitalists completely trampled Christmas and successfully turned it into a celebration of consumerism. That’s what unbridled capitalism does. It devours anything it can to make a profit, and it did an excellent job of consuming Christmas.

    1. Jesse Delgado October 2, 2012

      Thank You Mr. Carville….I enjoy hearing your perspectives, Your insight provides America with information we can use to make a sound decision on Nov. 6th.
      Many of us agree with you, the GOP is big on “distraction tactics”…. probably due to a “Lack” of substantial remedy to there newly realized issues before these debates!

    2. Fern Woodfork October 3, 2012

      They Declared War On Everything Else This Sure Be No Surprise To No One!!! War Mongers Always Want Wars!!!

  2. Dominick Vila October 3, 2012

    When pollsters favor Republicans they become champions of the truth, when they bear bad news they are full of B.S.
    There are flaws in the way polls are being conducted, particularly the failure of pollsters to recognize that many Americans no longer have land lines and have switched to cell phones; the problem for Romney is that the cell phone crowd is more likely to vote for Obama than him.
    The polls they hate the most are those focused on the electoral college map, which pretty much say that Romney is dead meat.

  3. BDD1951 October 3, 2012

    I got a call from Calista Gingrich yesterday. At least they said stay on the line for her. I hung up before she came on the line. When someone makes me mad, I tend to get ugly.

  4. Martin Carlson October 3, 2012

    I like a nice capitalist Christmas. Always room for a nice tree that the kids of all ages enjoy. It also gives everyone a reason to buy me more stuff for my train too. If people make a profit, hey they gotta eat and have a Christmas just as my family does.

    Now if you are talking about war mongers and bloated insurance and pharma…I mean my insulin just went up 30% in one week. Guess I’m just a turd waiting to die, so pharma can squeeze more juice out of me before I go.

  5. Elarenal October 3, 2012

    Have the republicans yet said they don’t believe the poll which says that 80%+ of republicans don’t believe the polls. Absurd, more a psychiatric problem than anything else. Evolution in action. They’ve been killed but their tails are still wagging.

  6. Norma D. Burns October 3, 2012

    Sounds like Romney would love to get us into a war with Iran. Republicans love wars because it feeds the “war machine”— product, equipment, and supply corporations owned by billionaires. Historically, this country used wars to boost the economy by increasing production and consumption (read the history books).

    1. Fern Woodfork October 3, 2012

      Another Low Blow tactic Done By The Rich War Mongers Cause That’s Just Another Way They Make Their MONEY!!! The Rich Get Richer And We Get The Dead Bodies!!!

      1. Independent1 October 3, 2012

        Unfortunately, we , the 98 or 99% also get to left to payoff all the bulk of the debt they rack up with these wars because they usually also pass unwarranted tax cuts so these same rich billionaires that are ripping us off get a real break in paying back the debt that they stuffed in their pockets in the first place

      2. grammylynn October 3, 2012

        That is why the republicans are called CHICKEN_HAWKS!

      3. rose mccovery October 3, 2012

        aman norma d. burns

    2. CaptainWes October 3, 2012

      Iran, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, probably all except the Cayman Islands…

      He is foregn relations’ worst nightmare…

    3. Independent1 October 3, 2012

      That’s to some extent what his run for the Whitehouse is all about..making money for Mitt and his cronies. What’s sad is that there are millions with the mistaken notion that Mitt wants to do something great for America when in fact he’s only looking to do great things for Mitt.

    4. Dominick Vila October 3, 2012

      I agree, and it may include an invasion of Syria as well. With us out of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan winding down, the arms complex and Defense contractors such as Halliburton need a new conflict. The fact that the conflict will have to be funded with borrowed money, and that interest on the debt would skyrocket, only matters when a Democrat is in office. All they have to do is hide the cost of the war like W did, wait until a Dem is elected, and blame him for what they did. As for the troops, the GOP has shown time and again that they are as important to them as a pawn in a chess game, if sacrificing a pawn allows them to get a check mate, so be it. After all, most of those soldiers are members of the 47%…

  7. CaptainWes October 3, 2012

    BUT, there never is any mention of the pollsters skewing the results in favor of Obama at the FAUX NEWS poll that had Obama winning… Imagiine that!

  8. Ant Duke October 3, 2012

    Shades of “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave”…

  9. ExPAVIC October 3, 2012

    Face Reality

    The American Taliban Republicans hate everything, but if you were as close to death as the GOP, you would hate everything too.

    Instead of blaming the Democrats for their demise, the GOP should look inwardly to comprehend how that party committed harikari by offering the best out of a selection of the worst they had to offer. From a choice of Cain, Perry, Santorum, Gingrich, Bachman, and Romney they picked Mittens.

    Of course, this latest offering follows picking McCain-Palin in 2008 and let’s not forget Bush in 2000 and 2004, and we all know how that turned out. Question is how they wonder why they can’t win anything or get anything done that’s constructive.

  10. latebloomingrandma October 3, 2012

    Sounds like the Republicans have declared a war on a lot things, except that the war on women is a fabrication. Who can figure out their thinking?

  11. Alan Hutchinson October 3, 2012

    Republicans like other people to fight and die for their beliefs. You may notice that high level Republican/conservative officials have NEVER worn a uniform or put themselves in harm’s way. They are not patriots, they are greedy cowards.

  12. timeforchange321 October 3, 2012

    Yes Norma and Independent 1, it is sad that those who will vote for him truly believe that he will make changes for the better for the people, and 2 those who will vote for him are doing so because they refuse to vote for a black man. Robme does not care for America or those who are not Mormon. I look forward to the debates tonight and Obama for the next 4 years.

  13. Ed October 3, 2012

    The three service academies continue to turn out officers at the same rate as when we were faced with the soviet threat. Then there is ROTC. All of these people owe us 5 years military service. But We don’t have space for all of them in our foece structure. However, the pentagon keeps looking for war to keep the top brass in the job until the fat retiremnts, at which time they sign on with the contractors they have been “managing”.

  14. Alisa Risso October 3, 2012

    What gets me about these war mongers is that war spending is actually stimulus & deficit spending to boot! Guess Republicans only believe in stimulus spending for wars if it lines their pockets not to create a healthy economy and jobs for everyday Americans. Hypocrites one and all. At least be consistent and take a policy to its’ logical conclusion. Government spending is government spending. It seems to me they are actually for huge militarized government, not less government at all. Why Dems are not making this distinction is lost on me. Love to hear your thoughts on this hypocrisy.

  15. muni42 October 3, 2012

    Norma so true. Seems like no one talks about how arragont and filthy rich Chaney was (or became) serving as VP. Even Bush didn’t like him. He was already rich like Mitch, but probably tripled his fortune via Haliburton. When the heat was on to find out what happened to the billions for the Iraq war, he transfered the company to his daughter. After all was said and done both he and his daughter started making rounds in the media critisizing the Obama administration. I couldn’t believe it, but when you have money I guess you can do such sick things. Republicans like Mitt Romney and Chaney are dangerous and only thinking of themselves. They are so greedy that they are ignorant of the harm they are doing to our Country. War can’t solve problems of the obssessions in the minds of people like them, it only places America in a more precarious and vunerable position. It is from this position that Ameica is losing power and respect around the globe. GOD Bless and Protect America.

  16. batavier October 3, 2012

    Some guys are convinced the solution for their ED (and other feelings of inadequacy) is to go and seek a fight anywhere, anytime, with anyone who dares to look a wee bit cross-eyed at them – TYPICAL GANG MENTALITY!

  17. ayayaboy October 3, 2012

    Republicans are war-mongers. They don’t like diplomacy. Romney – the tax-cheater can’t even win presidency in his treasures island – Cayman Islands.

  18. rose mccovery October 3, 2012

    they always say god is good . well i asking please take take care of your children. keep us safe from the war machies. the peole that could care less about their fellow man.rosieforreal

  19. rose mccovery October 3, 2012

    lord i am asking for one of your many miracles.dont let all the tricks and lies work. allthe dirty .pic. and racebaiting and garage thats put out there

  20. Butch October 3, 2012

    get ready for another yet another attempt to steal this election by the republicKKKans. VOTE ALL republicKKKans OUT 2012.

  21. Johnny Hopkins October 3, 2012

    You Go Mr James I m a big fan!!!!!

  22. iamnumbersix October 3, 2012

    Okay, this probably does not pertain to wars, per-se, but I am really curious as to why when Romney was governor of MA and passed HIS health care bill, where was the firestorm from the churches then about religious freedom? Are MA Christians less important than US Christians?

  23. Stephen Reid October 3, 2012


  24. montanabill October 3, 2012

    Just a coincidence I guess, that after the criticism, the polls suddenly got tighter. Funny how that worked.

  25. Theresa R October 3, 2012

    Romney is a cheating, lying, vote registration fraud and supression IDIOT !!!!

  26. ministerdwightsmith October 4, 2012

    All Mitt wants to do is ride the turn around the the President has got in place, The republicans had over 18 years in office and they couldn’t do it Give the President 8 years and let’s see if he can turn it around.

  27. doris October 4, 2012

    And I want to know why “W” is STILL in hiding! Never mind, I know why.

  28. Gordon Minard October 9, 2012

    Like what was said in the movie,”A Few Good Men”, pollsters tell then truth and the Republicans can not handle the truth, GOP,”You can not handle the truth” !!! Romney and Ryan can not add or subtract. All they want to do kill “Big Bird” because Big Bird promotes truth and honesty. Like with people of morals and decency, the Republicans just want us to go away and die. If Adolf Hitler were alive and well today, living in the United States, he would be a Republican because some of the values and strategies used by the GOP and not too different from those of another want to be “Dictator of Democracy”, Mitt Romney. The Republicans have used all sorts of tricks and deceptions enough to make David Copperfield green with envy. Lobbyist and Republicans are all the same, when you are next to one of the other, you still smell a RAT. They want to destroy Democracy and send us back to a feudal system where anyone making under $200,000 years would be a serf and economic slave for life with no change ever. You would buy from the company store and big brother “Republican” would be your Master that you would bow down to and down it where you would be for life. I would not turn my back on a Republican because you would find out where he like to keep his knife,”in your back”!!!!!! Grover Norquist and his plead for Republican not to compromise with Democrats has done more damage to the United States and what the Soviet Union did during the “Cold War” and he has the gall to call himself an “American”. BULL CRAP !!! Herman Goering, Nazi is more like it. And like Goering, he wants to kill democracy and have a one party, the GOP, “Goons on Patrol”.
    The Republican plan would take the country, not back to the “Stone Age” but the “Dark Ages” and George Worthless Bush would arise from the dead and reek terror across the face of the Earth with his family friend Asama Bin La Din. It would make Halloween look like Sesame Street. The Republican party are the new “Anti Christ” in sheep’s clothing. “Beware of the wolf that lurks from within”. And Michigan has the football team called “the Wolverines”. “Beware Snow White, these woods are not safe”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote Republican and you will find out how “Unsafe you will. It will just only cost you, your life to walk on the darkside”………………………………………

  29. Cheryl Nash October 15, 2012

    I’m happy to be receiving this – I love James Carville and his witty, on point opinions. Let’s win this election and keep President Obama in office to lead this country . Thank you for this opportunity to keep up with what’s happening. Sincerely, Cheryl Nash, Democrat.

  30. archangelgirl October 15, 2012

    Right on James! The only wars we should fight are the ones where “nations” directly attack us or for humanitarian reasons when possible and in conjunction with the world community. If we had a smaller, leaner military as their own leaders want, we would save money, protect our country, and be more effective around the world. For example, I wish President Obama had listened to Joe Biden’s advice on Afganistan instead of doing the surge. We’d be out of there with the majority of the troops and already saving money. After all, one of Ben Laden’s goals was to over extend us and bankrupt us and he almost succeeded.

  31. jstsyn October 15, 2012

    The only way republicans can win is to cheat. Why would America even consider a party that does what the republican party does? They are not fit to be in Congress.


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