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Political Frustration Explodes As NYPD Pepper Sprays Protesters At ‘Occupy Wall Street’ March

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Political Frustration Explodes As NYPD Pepper Sprays Protesters At ‘Occupy Wall Street’ March


An estimated 2,000 marchers in New York continued their attempt to launch a populist “Occupy Wall Street” movement this past weekend, and after a week of protests they finally got the attention of the national press. A filmed outburst of police violence — a video of what looked like a cop spraying mace at four women standing behind a cordon has spread like wildfire across the Internet — might not be the most direct way of targeting financial corruption, but the events on Saturday captured a growing sense of populist powerlessness that has found little space for expression beyond the conservative Tea Party movement.

The protests — which literally have been held on Wall Street — began on Sept. 17, following a call by Adbusters in July. According to the movement’s website, it is a “leaderless resistance movement.”

Hundreds of people have been “occupying” Wall Street for more than a week, borrowing nonviolent tactics — like camping out — previously seen at small protest throughout in Europe and the Middle East. They hope their continuous presence will draw attention to corruption and concentration in the financial sector, and kick off a wave of mass mobilization similar to this spring’s political protests in Cairo or this summer’s giant peaceful revolt in Tel Aviv, which targeted skyrocketing prices and a tycoon-controlled Israeli economy.

Patrick Bruner, a protester and member of the Public Relations Working Group, estimated that 96 people were arrested on Saturday alone, and that police used mace on at least six people. Bruner has been protesting at Liberty Square, or Zuccotti Park, but has not been able to sleep there for fear of being arrested. The NYPD has denied claims that people were arrested for just observing the protests.

Bruner said that Saturday’s events reinvigorated the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters:. “They attempted to shut us down in one fell swoop, but they can’t,” he said, noting that hundreds of protestors had flocked to Wall Street on Monday to continue the demonstrations while the police cut down on their presence.

“I think they’ve realized what a huge tactical error they made Saturday,” Bruner said.



  1. pscollector September 27, 2011

    Americans, this is just the beginning.

    The corporate kissing Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C. are to blame for what is going to be a MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM that you’ve seen in London, Egypt and other countries.

    You push people just so far, and they start pushing back.

    I hope this country is ready. I know John Boner & Mitch McConnell & Scott Walker & Rick Perry & Chris Christy don’t have a clue.

    Rush Limbaugh, better stay out of this one, it’s even bigger than you are, and that’s saying something. Bill O the clown, you too, your head won’t fit so stay away.

  2. john3826 September 27, 2011

    The corporate and political greed has been pushing people for quite sometime, if not standing on us and keeping us under their control. It’s about time the people have started to finally push back.

    I think the people are ready…to every extent. Supression won’t last forever, the greedy have to be dealt with. We need what Russia has….solidarity.

  3. CrystalLace September 27, 2011

    They were there for hours protesting. The police were telling them it’s time to leave. Then the protesters refused to go home, so they slowly moved them with barriers until they dissipated. If anyone has ever watched how they move people like rioter’s,Mardi Gras parting in the streets,or after the New Year’s eve’s over in New York off the streets. It was peaceful on how they move them. The people who refuse to go home are the ones who create it themselves. The rest of us living peacefully who are not involved and live right down the street of these conditions are greatly relieved they are told to go home. How would you of handled thousands?

  4. mfladogs September 28, 2011

    I guarantee if you check the cops bank account that sprayed those women you would find that a deposite was made by someone that works at wall street.


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